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OnePlus 7 Pro Almond Unboxing & Over 30 Days Later Review!

Published on Jun 11, 2019 40,131 views

Unboxing the OnePlus 7 Pro Almond and review over 30 days later. OnePlus did a few things right with their first Pro device but how does it live up 30 days later? Watch for the full review!

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  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz 2 weeks ago Here it is the OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing in Almond. What colour do you like better Nebula Blue or Almond? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!
  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes 1 week ago What's your current daily driver?
  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz 2 weeks ago I don’t want my audience to be turned on to much
  • Jack Chong
    Jack Chong 2 weeks ago Pls unwrap the phone slowly...
  • DobbyHouseElf
    DobbyHouseElf 2 weeks ago Nebula Blue looks so much better!
  • Dragos Pahontu
    Dragos Pahontu 2 weeks ago No one Matt: Finger Orgasms
  • Gwyn Ejase-Tobrise
    Gwyn Ejase-Tobrise 2 weeks ago F I N G E R O R G A S M S
  • Shiv kap
    Shiv kap 2 weeks ago Wtf lmao
  • amin fallah
    amin fallah 2 weeks ago 0:31" you have a cable, a cable charges your phone" thanks i didn't know that :D
  • Trevor Beckett
    Trevor Beckett 2 weeks ago @Shyam Patel Lol. Win.
  • Shyam Patel
    Shyam Patel 2 weeks ago Actually it's the charger that charges the phone, the cable transfers the current.
  • Raka
    Raka 2 weeks ago Ah, my favorite feeling F I N G E R O R G A S M S
  • Boristien405
    Boristien405 1 week ago 2:45 Only two companies are doing Android well? Guess Samsung and One UI doesn't exist anymore.
  • OurNewHorizon
    OurNewHorizon 1 week ago They're getting there, this is coming from a Samsung fan and Samsung user.
  • Abu Huzaifah Bidin
    Abu Huzaifah Bidin 1 week ago Bloatware and bixby
  • Abhay Kumar Official
    Abhay Kumar Official 2 weeks ago The retail unit also gets a Power Button coming inside the box? 🤣 Awesome Video.
  • Johnathan Crump
    Johnathan Crump 2 weeks ago Never less than 6½ hours sot on mine.
  • Ali Alawadhi
    Ali Alawadhi 2 weeks ago Same. I disagree with this guy
  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 2 weeks ago Same. 90hz and auto resolution.
  • Tarun Viknesh
    Tarun Viknesh 2 weeks ago Same it is doing really good ❤️
  • Juice M
    Juice M 2 weeks ago Same
  • Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez 2 weeks ago Wouldn't finger orgasms be good 👀🤔🤔
  • Ja Lee
    Ja Lee 6 days ago My battery lasts 24 hours with 7-8 hours screen on time. Screen at 90hz with auto resolution.
  • shubham jana
    shubham jana 2 weeks ago Great content as usual, bdw any improvement in camera after the oos 9.5.7 update ?
  • Shyam Patel
    Shyam Patel 2 weeks ago I liked it due to the finger orgasm line 😂 😂.
  • Aland Faraidun
    Aland Faraidun 2 weeks ago Could u please review the redmi k20 0ro it looks so good, Nice Vid brother 😍❤
  • Danny Winget
    Danny Winget 2 weeks ago Thumbs up for stained thumbs and finger orgasms
  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz 2 weeks ago We all need a good finger orgasm every once in awhile
  • Note book
    Note book 2 weeks ago Samsung's OneUI is one of the 2 best android skin versions that exist. Has everything plus more intuitive features than oxygen OS.
  • Matthew Moniz
    Matthew Moniz 2 weeks ago ONE UI is solid but i still prefer this or Pixel
  • Sebanicus
    Sebanicus 2 weeks ago (edited) Different color, better baterry😎
  • Marc
    Marc 2 weeks ago Go download Fluid Gesture Navigation from the play store. U can then easily use this huge device with just one hand. Btw the next Oos update will have its own side nav gestures, as well as the upcoming android q, good day
  • Lukas Dvorok
    Lukas Dvorok 2 weeks ago Regarding video color. Only Final Cut Pro messes it up. Try uploading directly to YouTube or using different editing SW it will look fine. :)
  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh 2 weeks ago (edited) One ui is much better in customisation than boring Oxygen os
  • Gunjan Shrestha
    Gunjan Shrestha 2 weeks ago One Plus 7 Pro Almost over 30 days later review is what I saw in the title lol