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AGM A9 Rugged Smartphone - JBL Quad Speaker - Review

Published on Apr 14, 2019 155 views

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  • Yasin Sk
    Yasin Sk 2 days ago The phone Is very good, It has nice features, even I liked the Camera quality of it is so well...👍👍
  • Ismail Yadgir
    Ismail Yadgir 4 days ago Nice review, phone looks very rigid. IP68 and military grade material.... simply built for durability..
  • ajay karthik
    ajay karthik 4 days ago this is really intresting and new product
  • Ismail Yadgir
    Ismail Yadgir 4 days ago (edited) Speaker sounds really good and fairly loud.
  • Shubham Shivpuje
    Shubham Shivpuje 4 days ago Bahot hi achha review deya aap ne.... Mujhe shayad aise hi majbut aur tikaau phone ki jarurat hai 😂
    MOHAMMAD. UMAR 4 days ago Wow ¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!! U bought new??
  • rohit dilbar
    rohit dilbar 4 days ago good review and informative
  • Affan Shaikh
    Affan Shaikh 4 days ago Good review bhai