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Huawei Mate X Review - The BEST Foldable Smartphone 2019 !

Published on Mar 14, 2019 60,937 views

The Huawei Mate X is one of the hottest Smartphones of 2019 - But is it worth the hype ? Checkout my Mate X Hands-On Review ! Full Review of the huawei foldable phone soon.
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The Huawei Mate X Pro isn't going to be the first foldable phone to launch, but it might be the first you seriously consider paying gobs of money for in 2019. Its solid-feeling hinge allows this handset to fold up, transforming from full 8-inch tablet into a more-traditional-looking 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch smartphone with a screen on either side. It feels like you're holding the future in your hand, just know that your transformative euphoria over this phone comes at a very high price. (Techradar) #Huawei #MateX #HuaweiMateX
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  • mingoucz
    mingoucz 1 week ago Big screen is life saving. Yesterday evening, GPS guided my car into an dead end. My cellphone screen is too small to clearly see the Google map. At that time, I really wish my cellphone could have a screen as big as mate X , so that I could see clearly on Google map where I was and how I could get onto the highway.
  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 1 week ago Huawei Mate X has so many hands on videos, but nobody can touch Samsung galaxy fold.
    THE BOIM 6 days ago galaxy and matex witch will launching first it not important hands on videos more
  • Matt K
    Matt K 5 days ago Huawei is way superior
  • campkira
    campkira 5 days ago They are all early release video. wait half a year and there are going so many. I waiting see the moto one.
  • SpitSomeThinGood
    SpitSomeThinGood 5 days ago That Samsung Fold looks like trash holy shit, outdated looking foldable phone. I want this Mate X tho
  • Blade Blade
    Blade Blade 4 days ago Yes huawei looks better, but youse bot a year and you will see witch is better
  • Blade Blade
    Blade Blade 4 days ago @Matt K He is onlie superior in design, but not in practic, its like a lamborghini and a bugatti. Lamborgihni is superior in design but bugatti you know what i mean .
  • 정동환
    정동환 4 days ago Don't worry galaxy fold will be on the market much earler than mate x.
  • FakedStick
    FakedStick 3 days ago @THE BOIM The CEO of Huawei said they can launch it today during MWC 2019. The limitation is 5G network.
  • 江湖人称伟神
    江湖人称伟神 3 days ago 정동환 lol
  • wolf ninja
  • Talal Awad
    Talal Awad 2 days ago when it comes to practicality and everyday use its clear which is the best foldable
  • Ryan I
    Ryan I 4 hours ago @정동환 nasty crease on the fold I'd still pick the fold for the better drop resistance
  • MasterPiece 1419
    MasterPiece 1419 4 hours ago @Ryan I the fold also has a crease.
  • Lelouch V Britannia
    Lelouch V Britannia 1 week ago High price is due to 5G. But you didn't mention it in the video. 😕
  • TechMagnet
    TechMagnet 1 week ago (edited) Well Richard said the time where you can charge premium prices for foldables is limited. Everyone will charge alot before it gets mainstream. Huawei isn't making any money from the phone as they did put 3 years of RND and plenty of money in this device. Sure 5G phones are more expensive, but also Samsung is charging alot for their Lte version.
  • Haruto Isshiki
    Haruto Isshiki 1 week ago bananas, the mix 3 5g ver. is €500
  • Jing. R.
    Jing. R. 1 week ago @Haruto Isshiki I have to say xiaomi is an exception.
  • campkira
    campkira 5 days ago What do you expected form the guy saying "THE BEST"
  • conworldus
    conworldus 2 days ago No, it is not due to 5G. Huawei makes in house 5G modem Balong 5000 which is actually quite cheap. The high price is due to the folding screen, because I heard that only 26% of the screens made to the specification pass the quality test to be sold. This means 3 of 4 screens made must be discarded, and that cost goes into the final price of the phone.
  • Lelouch V Britannia
    Lelouch V Britannia 2 days ago @conworldus balong is not cheap. Its costlier than Qualcomm x55. But your 2nd point is correct.
  • conworldus
    conworldus 2 days ago @Lelouch V Britannia The X55 is not available yet, right? Where did you get the price? Balong is not available to any non Huawei phones so it is impossible to know the price. As far as manufacturing cost goes, Huawei is now a major TSMC customer so they have a lot of pricing power. I doubt that Balong would cost more than the X50.
  • Lelouch V Britannia
    Lelouch V Britannia 2 days ago @conworldus balong is already shipping on CPE s. Ryan ding said 10M balongs are ready. X55 is for all vendors unlike Huawei, so price is little lesser.
  • Shaofeng Song
    Shaofeng Song 2 days ago The person who buy it don’t care about the price or quality they just need the first fordable phone.
  • Metin Senler
    Metin Senler 1 week ago Honestly - This was by far the best video on this phone. I also liked that you’re not all in the hype and also have a critical view on it. Great job!
  • TechMagnet
    TechMagnet 1 week ago Thank you very much metin. Great motivation :) Take care bro !
  • Leatherkid01
    Leatherkid01 6 days ago I hate over hyped reiews..glad youre so chill 😁
  • Victor B
    Victor B 1 day ago Foldable gorilla glass? That would be amazing!
  • Lawrence Chen
    Lawrence Chen 2 days ago That’s why Trump have to bended Huawei, otherwise there’s no room for Apple to survive
  • pushpam xerox
    pushpam xerox 6 days ago Can't wait to buy one from ebay used for 150usd in 2025
  • randy romualdo
    randy romualdo 5 days ago pushpam xerox 🤣😅
  • SpitSomeThinGood
    SpitSomeThinGood 5 days ago I'll be looking for one on Swappa later this year 😂.... I wish
  • diamond prince
    diamond prince 3 days ago You'll have 300 bends left by than before it breaks into 2
  • Jimmy Ling
    Jimmy Ling 2 days ago iPhone6 is still 200usd, wake up!
  • Ryan I
    Ryan I 4 hours ago @Jimmy Ling Apple products stay at a higher price for longer for a realistic devaluation check Android devices
  • ganlinxia
    ganlinxia 5 days ago The price is too high, otherwise I really want one, the first time I saw such a heart-warming electronic product.
  • Carmen Minichberger
    Carmen Minichberger 1 week ago Really good video. Best video I have seen on the Huawei Mate x !
  • final X
    final X 11 hours ago Can the glass crack after droping??
  • Judi Tenemp
    Judi Tenemp 1 day ago Schönes Gerät ist besser als Samsung!
  • prod. kvrvsu
    prod. kvrvsu 2 days ago so its this or the Samsung folding remote Huawei all the way
  • WJ isme
    WJ isme 14 hours ago But then, the feel of using this is questionable, since glass cant fold, they gotta use plastic materials
  • EinPercy
    EinPercy 2 days ago Wow, du bist der Youtuber den ich kenne, der eins in der Hand hat, krass 😨 Tolles Video!
  • TechMagnet
    TechMagnet 2 days ago Danke fürs anschauen 😁🤟
  • D & P Steel
    D & P Steel 1 week ago (^,___,^) Huawei Mate X "5G" ( ^,___,^) Amazing (^,___,^)
  • jimmy chia
    jimmy chia 5 days ago I like how we just only have 2 model and something instantly become the best ever. /S
  • Alfie Rivera
    Alfie Rivera 17 hours ago what in the devils name is this
  • Linus Eson Nilsson
    Linus Eson Nilsson 3 days ago Review.... a few hours of handeling on a prototype. Fu
  • Lars loves Tech
    Lars loves Tech 1 week ago and here with my special guest star...FLO KAHELI...LOL