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OnePlus 7 Pro: 1 Week Later (vs Galaxy S10+)

Published on May 14, 2019 395,677 views

The OnePlus 7 Pro is an awesome phone! Check out my 1 week review as I compare it to the Galaxy S10+ in a few ways.
Time codes:
1. Intro (0:00)
2. Look and feel (00:21)
3. Display (3:23)
4. No notch / pop up camera (6:14)
5. Main Camera (9:03)
6. Telephoto Camera (10:50)
7. Wide Camera (11:34)
8. Speakers (13:22)
9. Improved fingerprint sensor (13:49)
10. Battery (14:59)
11. Performance (15:47)
12. Last cool features (17:39)
13. thoughts and conclusions (19:42)

  • Erica Griffin
    Erica Griffin 1 month ago OIS CAN be turned on and off. It's a misconception that it can't.
  • Heathaze _
    Heathaze _ 3 weeks ago @4 gauge you're absolutely, unequivocally, WRONG about this, and need only do a simple Google search to see the damn factories Samsung OWNS to prove it!! Idiot
  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 3 weeks ago @Heathaze _ YES,Sony DOES make screens for Sonysong phones,I've spoken with Sony a LONG time ago about this and the cameras and screens are built by SONY,sorry.
  • Heathaze _
    Heathaze _ 3 weeks ago @4 gauge I'm not sure where you heard that, but Sony most certainly does NOT make the screens on Samsung phones or on this One+... They do make the camera sensors. At least the main sensor.
  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 3 weeks ago You forgot to mention about lacking a FM receiver in it like in my LG V-20,this is a very important feature because your not having to be connected to your data plan to listen to 🎶⬅music or news. This is a very nice smartphone,but I'm on the"fence"about this newest ONE+PLUS flagship not having a SD memory card capability,this is where ONE+PLUS kinda fell short with me. The cameras and screen on this phone is built by SONY and NOT samesung,even samesungs phones use SONY cameras and screens,I find that interesting. The ONE+PLUS+7 is tough to beat for the money,nearly half the price of the Sonysung S-10+and iPhone 10+.
  • boze ma
    boze ma 1 month ago (edited) I think Oneplus did a great job with 7 pro 👏
  • True J Gaming
    True J Gaming 2 weeks ago @Youtube Nick Maybe because they dont wanna give out features that they cant back up with proof and because they know that youtubers will test that all on their own. Why run expensive tests that will make the price of the phone go up higher, when they have other people testing it for them for free?
  • Youtube Nick
    Youtube Nick 3 weeks ago @skrr yuhh Well it's not certified by them. And windows sticker is different dumbass you dont need a sticker to see that its windows an it's not like you can look at the phone and be like "oh that's ip 68". If it really is resistent why didn't they say "hey were saving u a buck and not getting it check but our people have tested it and it can be submerged under water 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes minutes BET" so I'm not taking a chance at that
  • skrr yuhh
    skrr yuhh 3 weeks ago (edited) Youtube Nick if you actually think ip rating does anything then you are stupid. You are the type of person who needs the windows 10 sticker on a laptop to know it has windows
  • boze ma
    boze ma 1 month ago @Youtube Nick if you are talking about ultrawide camera, i am sure Oneplus will fix it with update, it's probably some software issue...
  • Youtube Nick
    Youtube Nick 1 month ago @boze ma Well maybe you will when you see the perfect ultra wide picture outside to take and you struggle to get the brightness to full and see it but you finally get it and then the picture you took looks washed out unlike other phones and I oop... the battery died cuz the 90Hz refresh rate cuz oxygen os didn't optimize it enough. 😂
  • boze ma
    boze ma 1 month ago (edited) @Youtube Nick I did not say it's a perfect phone, but which one is...for me display is very important and for sure you can't find better, beside that there is design, ram, processor, oxygen os...on my phone brightnes is almost always set to minimum so I don't mind if it's not super shiny bright :)
  • Ryan Hintenach
    Ryan Hintenach 1 month ago (edited) @APhamX interesting!! Good to know, I don't do recording on my phone but I actually am coming from an s7 as well so I'll keep a look out for the lack of compression. Thanks!
  • APhamX
    APhamX 1 month ago @Ryan Hintenach Microphone clips and there doesn't seem to be any attempt at compression in loud noise environments. Therefore in events where I DJ I can't really record the setup nicely on my phone without audio clipping. This also goes for concert setups too. I take my Galaxy S7 with me just to film and use the op6 as my daily driver.
  • Ryan Hintenach
    Ryan Hintenach 1 month ago @APhamX whats wrong with the mic?
  • Ilestun
    Ilestun 1 month ago @APhamX Fixing terrible ram management is more important to me, way more important.
  • Youtube Nick
    Youtube Nick 1 month ago @homebrew The battery isn't crap it's the 90 fps thingy screen that takes it up dumbo so dont call it crap
  • homebrew
    homebrew 1 month ago No jack, crap battery... Zenfone 6 is the way to go.
  • Youtube Nick
    Youtube Nick 1 month ago @Mike Hawk Yea but that doesn't mean you should just buy it cuz of the screen have to say it's a very good screen/phone but the mic quality, ip and brightness are the thing I wish it had or did better and then I would snatch it up. Or I guess it's not the phone for me.
  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 1 month ago @Sagres d'Amor no notch and the cleanest screen you can find
  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 1 month ago boze ma yeah people are talking shit but this is the best phone (mainly because of its value) of the year
  • Sagres d'Amor
    Sagres d'Amor 1 month ago How about a reason?
  • Youtube Nick
    Youtube Nick 1 month ago @APhamX Yea
  • APhamX
    APhamX 1 month ago All i want for them is to fix the terrible microphone :(
  • Old Soul
    Old Soul 1 week ago I'm cross-shopping the S10 plus and the OnePlus 7 Pro and the only thing I'm learning from all the reviews is that I want both.
  • Queen Chelvs
    Queen Chelvs 52 minutes ago The OP7Pro is faster as per speedtests and benchmarks. Im choosing between s10 5g and OP7Pro too :(
  • Damian Moss
    Damian Moss 1 week ago Im the same I haven't been able to decide for weeks, but today I finally decided to go with the s10+.
  • Ryan Correia
    Ryan Correia 1 week ago I'm in the same boat.. The OS and updates are a big plus for the 7 Pro but the S10 has the better cameras.
  • Okoli Chiaza
    Okoli Chiaza 1 month ago As I turned on my Data after a hectic school day, at least 10 one plus 7 pro YouTube notifications flooded my phone. I trust you to deliver the best of them all.
  • AndroidBrick
    AndroidBrick 4 weeks ago " passive aggressive troll" :D So you won't be able to tell where the speakers are if you don't watch this video, or cant't read even when you got one ? Good for you wiseguy
  • undeny
    undeny 4 weeks ago @AndroidBrick Yea she is, unless you didn't watch the video and only like asking dumb rhetorical questions in a weakass attempt to be a passive aggressive troll.
  • Sonia Sonic
    Sonia Sonic 1 month ago @Okoli Chiaza 👌
  • Know theshit
    Know theshit 1 month ago @Okoli Chiaza try mr mobile
  • Okoli Chiaza
    Okoli Chiaza 1 month ago nope... she's an expert in dark magic 😉
  • AndroidBrick
    AndroidBrick 1 month ago @Okoli Chiaza Why you trust her ? Is she an expert about phones ?
  • Okoli Chiaza
    Okoli Chiaza 1 month ago (edited) @AndroidBrick Why the notifications poured in or why her reviews are excellent?
  • AndroidBrick
    AndroidBrick 1 month ago Why ?
  • Henri E
    Henri E 6 days ago My OnePlus 3 and I are very good friends, but I think it might be time....
  • Henri E
    Henri E 3 days ago @Lee Hammond let me know how you like it, was thinking of doing the same
  • Lee Hammond
    Lee Hammond 3 days ago My OP3 just had its third birthday. I just ordered the OP7Pro.
  • WakingCobain
    WakingCobain 1 month ago The Live Wallpapers can be set to 60Hz and 90Hz...nice touch
  • 谢小歆
    谢小歆 1 week ago WakingCobain 兄弟 你头像是柯本?cobain
  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 1 month ago Y U SPEEK HERE? I THORT U DEAD! MAYBE GOAST?
  • Food Republic
    Food Republic 1 day ago If they didnt make the screen curve it would be perfect
  • IDontThinkSoTim
    IDontThinkSoTim 1 month ago This is why I waited all through 2018 to buy anything.
  • Adrian Daliva
    Adrian Daliva 1 month ago The OnePlus 7 has better "bang-for-buck" value than the 6T, legit.
  • Master Drakthorian
    Master Drakthorian 3 weeks ago Still cheaper than Samsung and deliver notifications unlike Huawei who's stupid battery saver is still Bugges and doesn't always deliver notifications .
  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 1 month ago @Emeka Iheanacho umm it starts at $669 in the USA so don't know what you're talking about
  • Emeka Iheanacho
    Emeka Iheanacho 1 month ago @Sabre Vanson $1000 cad is $742 usd... It's actually cheaper for y'all
  • Lauren
    Lauren 1 month ago It really does. So glad I waited
  • Hani Issa
    Hani Issa 1 month ago @Sentōki the nebula blue, the marketed one and the one used beside the price announcement is 750 euros !
  • Nasho Ba
    Nasho Ba 1 month ago @Balla Thug I bought the 6T for $100 cheaper from their Chinese website, had a person in China so didn't need no shipping crap
  • Nasho Ba
    Nasho Ba 1 month ago @Balla Thug Dawg their phones always cheaper in the China online store
  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 1 month ago @Sabre Vanson it should be 800-850cad max. Instead they raised it by $230 when compared with the 6t, no go
  • Zak Shetewi
    Zak Shetewi 1 month ago @Balla Thug underrated comment 😂
  • Sentōki
    Sentōki 1 month ago @Hani Issa 709*
  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 1 month ago @Nasho Ba that's because you live next to the factory
  • Nasho Ba
    Nasho Ba 1 month ago @Balla Thug The Pro is $590 in China
  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama 1 month ago eh, depends
  • Joao Francisco Melo
    Joao Francisco Melo 1 month ago 2.880 BRL without taxes :(
  • Sabre Vanson
    Sabre Vanson 1 month ago 1000 CAD here in canada. Still want it though
  • ttepic76
    ttepic76 1 month ago @Hani Issa 800 € in croatia
  • Hani Issa
    Hani Issa 1 month ago It's 750 euros in europe due to taxes... Fml
  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 1 month ago Maybe in the USA but everywhere else it is now overpriced
  • Claude Desaulniers
    Claude Desaulniers 1 week ago I wish my wife was as tech savvy as you. Her cluelessness drives me crazy.
  • saba rahman
    saba rahman 5 days ago @Claude Desaulniers 😁
  • Claude Desaulniers
    Claude Desaulniers 5 days ago @saba rahman That is fuuuuuny.
  • saba rahman
    saba rahman 5 days ago (edited) Then teach her It would be fun
  • fabutrash
    fabutrash 1 month ago I've watched quite a few first looks and reviews and yours is the most comprehensive and thought out. Thanks!
  • TheDeadwrath
    TheDeadwrath 1 month ago though her photo reference are wrong because she was using a 12 MP camera instead of 48 MP camera at 9:28 She needs to go through the settings of the phone in order to set it to 48MP
  • 101
    101 1 month ago OnePlus are doing a blazing job. As for the camera I bet there will be a Google Camera APK soon enough so there's that option to take on board. Still the native results are looking much better than I was expecting.
  • Just_a_Person _123
    Just_a_Person _123 3 weeks ago @Mike Hawk i just saw a video of someone using google cam on op7pro, hdr and sharpness look better but the colours have some kind of yellow-ish tint, so I'd rather stay with stock camera app.
  • NatsirtMats
    NatsirtMats 1 month ago @fall back placebo? I think not
  • fall back
    fall back 1 month ago had an argument with some naive fools about this some months ago he and a few others SWORE by this app i ASSURED them it's a placebo effect and that if a mere app was THAT magical then a camera from a phone 5yrs old with the app installed could compete with today's and tomorrow's phones they couldn't definitively counter my point at all they began to get nasty and defensive i ended up giving up on them and the argument as there was no helping those morons to see the truth
  • 101
    101 1 month ago @Mike Hawk I am getting mostly good results on my original One Plus 3 with Google Camera APK. It uses the same tech to produce the pics but I guess it depends on the quality of the camera sensor hardware.
  • Kommentar Kommentierer
    Kommentar Kommentierer 1 month ago I somewhere read that the software which was used for the DXScore isn't on the OP 7Pro yet and it should come at the end of the month.
  • Jacob Bleau-Ost
    Jacob Bleau-Ost 1 month ago (edited) DaOne 1 the post processing will be much more improved to probably bring the cameras closer to pixel levels. But ultimately hardware is the main determining factor so it probably won’t quite hit the mark but it’ll be darn close.
  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 1 month ago 101 So with the Google app thing will the pictures be like flagship phones/google pixel photos ?
  • Eugene Bostwick
    Eugene Bostwick 1 month ago 1+ didnt pay for the rating, which keeps the price low. But functions just the same as an ip68 phone. Found out from Flossy Carter...
  • Simplistic
    Simplistic 2 days ago Flossy: cutting a package open Rrwar
  • Ryan Joyce
    Ryan Joyce 1 week ago @Red Hood Neither will any manufacturer. No warranty covers any physical or liquid damage.
  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 2 weeks ago Yeah but when it gets water damaged, OnePlus won’t fix it.
  • Haidar Alghareeb
    Haidar Alghareeb 2 weeks ago I love my white shoes. I love my white shoes. Shoes 👋!!! Calm down
  • Marc BREITI
    Marc BREITI 17 hours ago Hello,very good Video. My English is not so good, but I love your Chanel. Because of your Video I bought a op7 pro. I love it ! You have a Black setting screen, how you do this?
  • Ho Yeewah
    Ho Yeewah 1 day ago Using OP6 watching it ....😭I still love my OP6......
  • CaRnAgE_4_Justin
    CaRnAgE_4_Justin 1 month ago These phones are way too big for your little hands 😂❤️
  • siluah
    siluah 1 month ago This phone is insane.
  • Carson Julvezan
    Carson Julvezan 3 weeks ago Ahmed Ali is a good phone but id rather pay the extra $169 ti get the 7 pro. it's definitely worth it.
  • A. S
    A. S 1 month ago @Ahmed Ali who gives a shit about zen phone
  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 1 month ago Until Zenfone 5 came out
  • Emre Kosmaci
    Emre Kosmaci 1 month ago im really looking forward to an in depth rewiew, especially about the display and all those modes. great video Erica as always <3
  • Jerome Ting
    Jerome Ting 1 month ago wow.. it has been so long since your last video. great video. thumbs up!
  • Möusham Barman
    Möusham Barman 1 month ago after a long time.... nice to see your review.