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Hands-on with the $249.95 Beats Powerbeats Pro. These truly wireless headphones featuring earhooks and eartips that provide a much more custom fit than the AirPods. The Powerbeats Pro also feature tactile buttons for controlling volume and music playback. In this Powerbeats Pro unboxing and review, video we discuss the Powerbeats Pro top features. How are the Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods 2? Should you buy these instead of Apple's AirPods? Read full hands-on for the details:

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  • Ali Dôsh
    Ali Dôsh 1 week ago Nice review .. but I’ve got some points With all the cons in mind ( size, price, no wireless charging, extremist sport oriented design.. etc ) .. Yet I still prefer Power Beats Pro for traveling .. simply because they provide acoustic seal and they’re harder to lose thanks to the hooks ... they’re gonna seal you from environment, hence better for public transportations but not when you’re driving .. better for Gym and wait rooms ... but not for hanging out with a friend or in the living room with family around, so they’re better when you’re alone in a noisy place . Not ideal for office/business/suit style, not all ladies gonna love them ( design-wise .. a business lady will find them hard to fit their style ) .. One pro feature is that they let you listen to music in much lower volume ( they isolate ambient noise so you don’t have to turn volume up ) so your ears will get some rest Yet the in-ear design put them on the edge when considering hygiene and ear health Battery life is better , yet, again, in ear design makes it hard to continue listening for 9 hours ( some soreness around the ear piece and hooks )
  • RaiderDeepBall
    RaiderDeepBall 1 week ago (edited) I think I might get these. The Air Pods make me nervous, just my luck one will fly out of my ear and a bird will like take it back to its nest or something.
  • anupkumarrao
    anupkumarrao 6 days ago RaiderDeepBall took my three days to get used to AirPods...but after putting on silicone tip, it’s very sturdy, minimal design adds to AirPods advantage...easy to carry anywhere ...always
  • S C
    S C 4 days ago They literally never fly out your ear
  • Wessel
    Wessel 4 days ago @S C depends on what type of ear you have, for most people they don't, but for some people they do fall out
  • Whatster87
    Whatster87 3 days ago Did you get a surgeon to fix your ears so AirPods will be comfortable?
  • Eye Dupppz
    Eye Dupppz 7 hours ago I wear safety glasses all day, and I don't start noticing the ear hooks nor in-ear buds until after about 5 hours.
  • 9to5Mac
    9to5Mac 1 week ago 360p crew, stand up.
  • TECH
    TECH 1 week ago 9to5Mac first
  • Indie Guy
    Indie Guy 1 week ago 144p here
  • 007
    007 1 week ago Apple vs Apple 🍎
  • goku ultra instinct
    goku ultra instinct 2 days ago Apple is shit
  • Vlone Julio
    Vlone Julio 1 day ago goku ultra instinct android is trash
  • goku ultra instinct
    goku ultra instinct 21 hours ago @Vlone Julio and yet apple i scopying everything from samsung so your basically calling apple trash cause they have no ideas but to steal from their competition
  • Br0wnN!nj@
    Br0wnN!nj@ 1 day ago Got mine in the other day, I like these just a little uncomfortable to wear for long period of time. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to workout in these are awesome.
  • MayhemMatthewsFamily
    MayhemMatthewsFamily 1 day ago Bigger product has a bigger case? No way. Not possible.
  • onepiecexx toriko
    onepiecexx toriko 2 days ago Cuz of yours glasses so Aipod would be more suitable for you
  • Carlo Mason
    Carlo Mason 1 week ago The size of the case is a non-issue for me. The inability to wirelessly charge is also not an issue for me. I like the design, I believe this will fit me well.
  • kennethshapiro
    kennethshapiro 6 days ago This size of this case is massive compared to the Airpods, clearly something Apple missed on. These fit in my pocket, but are so large and uncomfortable that it might need to be carried somewhere else. Also, you can't just put the PBP in your pocket without the case as it stays connected and even plays music while in your pocket.
  • Gill T-Rex
    Gill T-Rex 1 day ago Just so it's clear, it should be obvious why the case is bigger. The power beats have those ear pieces that are going to need room. Plus it has alot alot more battery than the air pod case. We can sure say that these powerbeats are way better in my opinion
  • Louis Luzuka
    Louis Luzuka 3 days ago What lens are you using when you film your head? Much love from Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦
  • Dave Conatty
    Dave Conatty 5 days ago Title of video- "I'm keeping my airpods" Within a minute - "these are still really hard to get your hands on. I ORDERED MINE ON DAY ONE. Shout out to my friend for sending me theirs" 🙄
  • Ramon Noodles
    Ramon Noodles 3 days ago He's saying that the powerbeats are hard to get. He didn't say that it was better than airpods
  • Jon Zee
    Jon Zee 2 days ago I think he wants them both
  • 9to5Mac
    9to5Mac 1 day ago @Jon Zee bingo.
  • GamingKing225,
    GamingKing225, 1 day ago Jon Zee the title is very confusing tbh
  • UneekFoto
    UneekFoto 1 week ago I always enjoy your videos. Just your style is perfect
    Gary THE WONDER MOOSE Snook 6 days ago Can you comment on volume level vs AirPods? (I purchased AirPods and had to return due to inadequate volume for my needs.)
    SERIOUSJONES 1 day ago Watching this video using my PowerBeats X!
    SERIOUSJONES 1 day ago I use my Earphones for music and video consumption and that isolated feeling is what I want, just me and my music. The Airpods suck when it comes to music quality I'd prefer Skull candies over the Airpods when listening to music.
  • justsendit
    justsendit 1 week ago Nice video! Jeff, you’re FIRST, i.e. the first YouTuber to showcase how the buttons look close up and most importantly, how they actually work. I’ve been asking YouTubers that very question since early on with no answer to be found... “The case is really big, they come with a sticker, they have buttons, blah, blah, blah”... I finally got fed-up and ordered a pair to see for myself, they’re due to arrive in early June.
  • Roy Avitia
    Roy Avitia 1 week ago I love how in depth he went with everything
  • 8kings23
    8kings23 2 days ago Wow 9 hour battery life! One of the main cons for me was the size of the charging case. But with battery life like that I can just leave the case in the car. Also volume control!