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Redmi Note 7 Review: Noteworthy

Published on Jun 11, 2019 1,552 views

Attractive design, attractive price.

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Camera samples from the Redmi Note 7:


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  • Sudip Chatterjee
    Sudip Chatterjee 2 weeks ago I really like this kind of condensed reviews! You've covered almost every major point within a four-and-a-half-minute video. Kudos! On the other hand, Xiaomi is not having a good time in the after-sales department. Many Note 7 and Note 7 Pro users are complaining buggy software and Xiaomi's nonchalant attitude toward them. If Xiaomi does not address them and focus solely on launching new products, that will not augur well for its future.
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 2 weeks ago Thanks man! Yeah, actually i think in singapore, I'm seeing less interest in their phones. :/ they still price their stuff well, but people are catching on that the cheaper price comes at a cost, which is poorer software support. They've been launching so many phone recently. 😕
    TAYA SUNTER 2 weeks ago Performance drop in budget is due to storage which is EMMC 5.1 instead of UFS 2.1 or 3.0 on flagship phone
  • Hassanuddin Ishak
    Hassanuddin Ishak 2 weeks ago Awesome video, Alex! What's your current daily driver,
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 2 weeks ago Currently i'm back on an Essential phone for a while. Then will probably go to the OnePlus 7 next? haha.
  • mr froggie
    mr froggie 1 week ago (edited) Love your videos! Always clearly explained and also a neat style of presenting information. Keep it up! You’ve earned a new subscriber :D
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 1 week ago Thanks for the support!!!
  • PhatPhunk
    PhatPhunk 2 weeks ago Wow thanks for reviewing my current daily driver lol. I was thinking of switching to Mi9 which I just acquired few weeks ago. Somehow I'm quite hardened to make the switch. I think its because of the convenience of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the long lasting 4000mah battery. Oh yeah, and the camera is SURPRISINGLY excellent for a budget phone. I took many great photos with it during my last China trip. Also it's capable of video recording at 1080p 60fps.... Tough call for me. Haha..
  • jelena belleza
    jelena belleza 2 weeks ago great video, alex :)
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 2 weeks ago Thanks!!!
  • good night moon
    good night moon 2 weeks ago great short vids as always!
  • krishna vamsi
    krishna vamsi 2 weeks ago alex m still n always there😉🤗❤️
  • krishna vamsi
    krishna vamsi 2 weeks ago Your biggest fan ever!! ll definitely meet you someday😊
  • ツæsthetics
    ツæsthetics 2 weeks ago have you tried installing gcam mod in the redmi note 7?
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 2 weeks ago yup. it improves the image quality quite a bit actually, and it's able to keep a lot of the details that gets processed out with the stock cam. haha. but then, i don't feel like it's fair to judge the camera based of an app that users have to side load. Most consumers buying this phone probably will be using the stock camera app. Also most of the ports I've seen had like their own minor bugs, and it's a bit like chasing after the latest build of a custom rom back in the days. haha
  • Beniyeal krrish
    Beniyeal krrish 2 weeks ago Get mi a2 for the same price its a better deal
  • Mehdi Chtibi
    Mehdi Chtibi 2 weeks ago Why?
  • ahmad idrees
    ahmad idrees 2 weeks ago is the mi a2 better in camera ?
  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong 2 weeks ago i think they're really similar actually. Mi a2's camera is not bad as well.