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OnePlus 7 Pro BEAST! Pop-up Camera & 90hz Madness!

Published on May 14, 2019 533,653 views

OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Review In Nebula Blue! Insane hidden camera & 90hz refresh rate display! This phone exceeded ALL expectations.

iPhone 11 Latest Leaks.

Perfect Fake AirPods 2.

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    EverythingApplePro 1 month ago 1 like = 1 tan for my camera man
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    Lance Nostrum 1 week ago Tragically the camera man died of skin cancer
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    Mr assassin beastboy 3 weeks ago @EverythingApplePro tell me about the monie how much monie abd per month im spending
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    Mr assassin beastboy 3 weeks ago just tell me about the moniee
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    A. S 1 month ago @Jorge Enriquez don't beg it
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    RandomDna 1 month ago I think he’s gonna turn into an Ash cause that’s a lot of tanning
    HAWXLEADER 1 month ago 7:00 You should really enable gesture navigation on the Oneplus phones you try... They literally copied Apple almost 1 to 1 so you'll feel at home.
  • Charlie Cherfan
    Charlie Cherfan 1 month ago Have you heard about what's happening with Intel CPU's? there is a thing called ZombieLoad and all Intel CPU's from 2011 and above are affected by it. I suggest you research it to keep yourself safe.
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    alex alexander 1 month ago @everythingapplepro what is on side of your Apple Watch?
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    Serious Smashing 1 month ago He’s burnt from all this tan now xD
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    swoop 64 1 month ago Ryan Kwarteng it was filmed with an iPhone
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    spamtelevision 1 month ago @Mr. Walrus Maybe they come with 120Hz OLED display
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    كرار كاظم 1 month ago guy 📪📦kcfy ccc dar xif💸
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    John Kung 1 month ago EverythingApplePro fk u Philip jerk
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    Auzair Asad 1 month ago check out the (Oppo find x)
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    It's Nick 1 month ago Marcos Rodriguez then apple will bump the price up even more lol
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    Shivdeepaklin B 1 month ago Home and you forgot to say everything Apple Pro
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    madhav rao 1 month ago @EverythingApplePro hello sir i need a laptop and cant afford a good one for programming. Do you have one lying around catching dust? Even an old one would do
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    Saurabh Shivam 1 month ago Please try speed test iPhone xs max vs OnePlus 7pro with 12GB ram varient.
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    vijay raj 1 month ago I'm the thousand liker☺☺☺☺
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    Sheik Dhawood 1 month ago By default its at fhd.... change it to qhd and review it.....
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    Nokia Fan Club 1 month ago You apple guy Unboxed OnePlus
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    4 2 0 s m o k e 1 month ago 788 tans.... sheeeit.
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    Sam 1 month ago EverythingApplePro your antutu score was rather low... I typically see 360,000+ on my Xs
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    Garpet Flarpet 1 month ago Jeishwidh
  • Mc12Demonkiller
    Mc12Demonkiller 1 month ago I prefer the iPhone camera. The one plus didn’t look good during video but it could be video compression
  • SuperGamingKing
    SuperGamingKing 1 month ago There is some on the left side for you of the big box when you open it there are 2 cases
    TBG HAWK 1 month ago Not the smoothest phone actually the razer phone 2 has a 120hz refresh rate
  • Jonny
    Jonny 1 month ago IS there still security concerns about OnePlus as a company as well as all the other concerns the company has caused over the last few years? Issues with taking user data over non secured networks no less, data breaches etc?
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    LonelyGamer 1 month ago Review the Umidigi f1 play
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    tre azad 1 month ago EverythingApplePro lol
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    Daf4Life 1 month ago @EverythingApplePro Okay ;)
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    team Ricardo 1 month ago Can u please do iPhone 6s giveaway please
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    Lumumba B. 1 month ago popup camera is so cool want it in laptops also
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    sherri moquin 1 month ago EverythingApplePro I have a iPod touch 6 and whenever I use it. It always shows a low battery system and idk why
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    Du Flanke 1 month ago (edited) Whats this plastic Thing on His Apple Watch?
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    David Ackley 1 month ago Apple is so behind.
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    Daredevil Gamez 1 month ago (edited) I got two questions. 1 When is this coming out???? 2 How much will it cost???? I would greatly appreciate your support
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    Raj Anand 1 month ago Brother, Sir,,, Please give me a iPhone X.. + 91 8294141111
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    BABLI Sharma 1 month ago Wtf
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    My Beautiful Cat 1 month ago I am still using Samsung note 3 ......,.....sad lifestyle
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    Lit Movies 1 month ago Please notice me
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    Alifi Supreme king 1 month ago I'm an all time Android devices hater, especially on Samsung phones but the new onePlus is not bad, don't mean I'll buy it. It's cool but it's android.
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    Alan J 1 month ago EverythingApplePro what’s on your Apple Watch?
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    Vishal Agarwala 1 month ago Don’t wanna leave ios
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    Vishal Agarwala 1 month ago Confused between this and xr
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    itsme Andy 1 month ago How many phone did you have bro ? Hehe
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    Mr. Walrus 1 month ago Apple should take note....... 😂
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    mr popcorn 1 month ago I only have 360 p
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    Matemuse Music 1 month ago (edited) I might see you in 10 years in real life
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    Jared Z 1 month ago (edited) 360p squad
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    EverythingApplePro 1 month ago @Daf4Life It's not a super amoled display, this is even more impressive!
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    Naveen Garge 1 month ago Lagging ...Nice try Oneplus
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    Matemuse Music 1 month ago Do a Samsung Galaxy A80
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    Daf4Life 1 month ago Try Razer Phone with 120hz
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    EverythingApplePro 1 month ago @dRT Right? Apple skimps so much on accessories.
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    Marcos Rodriguez 1 month ago That rhymes
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    dRT 1 month ago You get so much from the box though 🥵only if  would do something like his🔥😕
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    Ryan Kwarteng 1 month ago Why is the video 360p?
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    Jorge Enriquez 1 month ago EverythingApplePro 😂😂
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    gert jansen 1 month ago this will be the best phone for this year!
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    Marcos Rodriguez 1 month ago It’s like a race to see which tech YouTuber uploads a OnePlus 7 Pro video first. 😂
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    D'Andre Manigo 2 weeks ago Because that's what they reviews. You should expect this by now. It's 2019...
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    N00B tube 1 month ago No shit, Sherlock...
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    Dr. Savage 1 month ago Not really
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    julbert palma 1 month ago Yaj even rhis channel that pro iphone is engaging in the hype...just for views...
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    Joking Gamer YT 1 month ago Marcos Rodriguez I was 1K like Next reply: no one cares
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    Big Bad Boi 1 month ago Everybody posted at the same time. Right after the presentation stream ended
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    peter legit 1 month ago PastTime777 but Philip takes the lead when it comes to iPhone releases
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    PastTime777 1 month ago Unbox Therapy has 2.4 million views, Jerry Rig has 936K, this channel has 168K. This channel deserves more views. I guess it takes time.
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    GradedCookie997//Caleb 1 month ago And jerry rig everything reviewed it
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    ayaan haryani 1 month ago The first one was from unbox therapy
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    futureskeletons 1 month ago Underated feature of the camera: FBI can't see you when it's inside the phone
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    DerpyDoge 3 weeks ago TheReal_ist id rather stick to the fbi knowing I watch porn than see me jerk off to it
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    Funnyduck 3 weeks ago Lol more like china
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    Bill You Chi 1 month ago @TheReal_ist shut the fuck up you motherfucking subhuman
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    Noah R 1 month ago *NSA
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    Noah R 1 month ago @Alameda County Sheriff's Office Edward Snowden?
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    Robert 1 month ago They can see through glass :))
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    NeonGamerLP 1 month ago futureskeletons That‘s what I thought 😂
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    jaee hovaa 1 month ago @TheReal_ist lmao . This guy the gov doesn't care about regular ppl like you .
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    TheDragonboy2001 1 month ago Do they wanna see me tho? Like I’m so ugly that their eyes would bleed as soon as they lay eyes on ne
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    FBI 1 month ago Ah Shit!
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    FBI 1 month ago Damn
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    Rosegold Beats 1 month ago Fbi can suck my dick
  • Alameda County Sheriff's Office
    Alameda County Sheriff's Office 1 month ago (edited) futureskeletons no the fbi can’t tap into ur camera and mic that’s just a wild conspiracy theory. Right now millions of criminals are using iPhones and having illicit conversations using them and I don’t see them getting arrested. Hell I don’t see anybody arrested after the feds tap into their mic or cam and find out incriminating stuff. If that was the case then the San Bernardino shooters would have been caught because they planned out the attack weeks before in the presence of an iPhone 5c. The police can only track ur phone see only green text messages and tap into ur phone calls. All the other shit is false. Smartphones been around since 2013 and I haven’t heard of one news article that shows an arrest using a tapped iPhone mic cause it’s just not true. You can’t back up these claims anyways
  • It3
    It3 1 month ago you know Pedophillars can use the Camera as well...
  • tx flips
    tx flips 1 month ago True lol
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    muske tier 1 month ago @TheReal_ist fbi open up
  • TheReal_ist
    TheReal_ist 1 month ago H_opexx It’s the same sh*t as key logging. As long as u connected to the internet once. U were then compromised because the software had time to get to your device. Your location is irrelevant u could be on the f*cking moon or mars as long u connected the internet ONCE. U had the chance of being exposed. Best is advice is don’t worry about the only people governments come after anyway are jack offs like @H_opexx are. So your fine since your not him.
  • TheReal_ist
    TheReal_ist 1 month ago Hymenaios r/get out of your moms basement
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    H_opexx 1 month ago @TheReal_ist what if you're not from America? Can they still spy you for example, if you're European?
  • Hymenaios
    Hymenaios 1 month ago @TheReal_ist r/woooosh
  • TheReal_ist
    TheReal_ist 1 month ago futureskeletons they can still hear u and since they know what each tap on a keyboard (and hence the letter or character). They now know everything u ever type in. Let that sink in.......
  • Aniket Garg
    Aniket Garg 1 month ago (edited) Apple would give us something like the OnePlus 7 Pro for like $2000. Fast Charger separate!
  • Ritesh
    Ritesh 2 days ago It'll still have 4GB RAM and still come with Airpods made for the tone deaf, that'll break in a year, just like their bargain basement in-the-box (slow af) chargers and cables.
  • D'Andre Manigo
    D'Andre Manigo 2 weeks ago And no screen.
  • Lee Jintau
    Lee Jintau 3 weeks ago Pop up camera coming to a IPhone in 3 years times, I can see the queues already.
  • Yerlin Morel
    Yerlin Morel 1 month ago No lie detected
  • B007
    B007 1 month ago Inb4 apple calls it iPhone pro.
  • VJ Timothy
    VJ Timothy 1 month ago Not until 2024
  • loser 3009
    loser 3009 1 month ago and without battery obviously. its 2019.
  • Bayu Ardiansyah
    Bayu Ardiansyah 1 month ago One plus = new design same price Apple = same design new price
  • The backwards guy
    The backwards guy 1 week ago @Ādi-Kartā Dāsa The mi 9 has an amoled from samsung too
  • Ādi-Kartā Dāsa
    Ādi-Kartā Dāsa 1 week ago @Kazuya Mishima No amoled is a deal breaker, at least for me.
  • GodofDebate
    GodofDebate 3 weeks ago New Apple foothold is $1000, fuck my ass...
  • Kazuya Mishima
    Kazuya Mishima 1 month ago just to kick it I am using a huawei mate 20 not an iphone. Now to the comment. How are apple users "blind sheep" when it's clear all the haters are seemingly buck teeth hillbillies. Why you ask? well, apple introduces an product at higher cost ohh the hate ohh the damnation. OnePlus does it year after year and users say: same price. This oneplus is the most expensive one to date and is strongly entering premium price territory and only a moron would call it "flagship killer" because for that price it better be a god damn flagship. Xiaomi is the flagship killer with its Mi 9 with snapdragon 855 and in screen finerprint scanner for almost half the price of this oneplus "affordable phone"
  • lothar laishram
    lothar laishram 1 month ago Painfully true
  • Clickbait Pro
    Clickbait Pro 1 month ago 😂😅
  • edrian vincent marte
    edrian vincent marte 1 month ago Iphones prices sucks really
    RAKIB 1 month ago And XR is more expensive with a LCD display which is less then 1080p. Apparently that's budget
  • TFC HyperBlade
    TFC HyperBlade 4 days ago Bruh im no iSheep but from my experience at apple numbers dont matter, the screen looks pretty good even with that low res and it allows for a much better battery life. Cant wait for these toxic little shits to start shaming me for defending apple tbh 😂😂
  • fall back
    fall back 3 weeks ago 100% true but the i-sheep won't care. they'd pay double the price of the xr for a rock if the rock has an apple logo on it believe me
  • Angry HD
    Angry HD 1 month ago I’m an apple fan but this phone is fire 🔥All screen, no notch & 90 Hz refresh rate.
  • Angry HD
    Angry HD 3 weeks ago Sahil Singh almond or “gentle brown”. LOL I still like my XR but this other phone i can’t ignore.
  • zach films
    zach films 3 weeks ago Isaac's Random Thoughts true
  • U mad Bruh
    U mad Bruh 3 weeks ago Belphegor T it’s closer to 7 hours and you can make it even more by setting your phone to 60hz.
  • Ash Cohle
    Ash Cohle 1 month ago (edited) @Belphegor T First, 10~ hours with average usage, apple gives around the same. And it takes 1/3rd the time of apple to make it all the way to full again.
  • Nathan Pickering
    Nathan Pickering 1 month ago @Belphegor T 3 hours? There's people getting 6-7 hours on screen time under extreme stress sooo idk where you got your facts from.
  • Belphegor T
    Belphegor T 1 month ago Enjoy your 3 hour on screen time lmao
  • Isaac's Random Thoughts
    Isaac's Random Thoughts 1 month ago kaboombaby I agree, it is better than the XR
  • kaboombaby
    kaboombaby 1 month ago @Isaac's Random Thoughts much better than the XR since they both cost the same.
  • Manny M.
    Manny M. 1 month ago @Sahil Singh if you have XR
  • Manny M.
    Manny M. 1 month ago @Isaac's Random Thoughts and sound recording for video recording
  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh 1 month ago They will release one in a rose gold finish called almond and after seeing that finish, I really want to switch from my iPhone XR
  • Isaac's Random Thoughts
    Isaac's Random Thoughts 1 month ago It has poor battery 🔋 life and a 💩 crappy camera 📷
  • vines
    vines 1 month ago samsung makes the screen
  • Manny M.
    Manny M. 1 month ago Except for accidental touches on sides and flares because it is not flat.
  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan 1 month ago (edited) iPhone users begging for those features. "Please Apple give me this" 🤣🤣🤣
  • Brandon 2SS
    Brandon 2SS 3 weeks ago Android users - talk about the new features they got. iPhone users - talk about features they hope they get in the next iOS beta release. 😂🤣😭
  • RAVE Toothbrush
    RAVE Toothbrush 4 weeks ago Right? Just forget apple and buy and support others!
  • David Bleach
    David Bleach 1 month ago and if apple would give them that it wouldd costb 2000 bucks
  • Ashwin Choupoo
    Ashwin Choupoo 1 month ago Apple : Our phones are butter smooth.... OnePlus: Hold my beer!🍺
  • kuriakose jim
    kuriakose jim 1 month ago No no OnePlus: “hold my fast charger”
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago @N00B tube bro. It was my experiance as a custummer
  • N00B tube
    N00B tube 1 month ago @ashutosh ashish you are missing the point here.... Read the comments again. Besides that; very nice you have a couple of phones but I work at an software development company where we develop for iOS as well as for Android, so I kind of know what I'm talking about ;)
  • Alex545
    Alex545 1 month ago @Taj Lewis i have lol
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago AMR15H that is a tab bro. We talking about phone
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago N00B tube so what after one year that 90hz will come down to 40hz😂😂😂😂
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago Alex545 that’s why apple feels smoother than android
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago Alex545 actually that’s the main reason behind 70%of android users.i have seen so many android user when they can’t afford apple they say its bullshit..but if they have enough cash to buy an iphone they buys it without a second thought.
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago N00B tube apples 60hz feels like 60+hz screen if i compare my oneplus 6t with my xs max...i am damn sure if apple implement 90hz its will be awesome and better than any android. I am ownner of oneplus 6t , galaxy note 9, and iphone xs max
  • A. S
    A. S 1 month ago @Lady.Whatever hold my penis
  • Taj Lewis
    Taj Lewis 1 month ago @Alex545 u never even hold the phone in ur hand or even used it how would u know?
  • Summboddi
    Summboddi 1 month ago Lady.Whatever hold my butter beer
  • Henry Godbolt IV
    Henry Godbolt IV 1 month ago (edited) All of you guys in these comments are not being logical. For starters, 90hz is OBJECTIVELY smoother and faster than 60hz. Secondly, iPhones prioritize animations over speed, which is why the animations appear "smooth", which isn't quite the case, just the animation time is LONGER. If you want to replicate the same, going into Developer Options and changing the Animation and Window Speed to perhaps 1.5x or 2.0x will do the trick, as @Velocity said. @N00B tube is correct in his statement, iPhones are still 60hz and that is less than 90hz and will inherently be slower, point blank period. Keep shit to numbers and facts, leave the personal remarks off the internet and to yourself.
  • Velocity
    Velocity 1 month ago @Alex545 go into developer options and you can increase animation time or decrease it on android
  • Velocity
    Velocity 1 month ago @AMR15H but that's not a phone we are comparing phones
  • AMR15H
    AMR15H 1 month ago Well the iPad Pro has an 100hz screen for 2 years already.
  • N00B tube
    N00B tube 1 month ago @Alex545 120Hz touch sample is still 60Hz boiii... And with a custom launcher on the one plus you can do whatever the fck you want with the animations, so: STFU right back at ya ;) <3
  • Alex545
    Alex545 1 month ago @N00B tube and it's a 90hz refresh rate while iphone has 120hz touch sample rate
  • Alex545
    Alex545 1 month ago @N00B tube not necessarily the iphone opens and closes apps way smoother while the 7 pro opens em instant which I don't like but you probably can't afford neither so stfu
  • N00B tube
    N00B tube 1 month ago ​@Alex545 One+7pro has a 90Hz screen sooo.... NO! You can't beat that in software. One+7pro is smoother.
  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever 1 month ago Hold my butter
  • Alex545
    Alex545 1 month ago apple doesn't say that smh but it is and the animations on the iphone are still way smoother
  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama 1 month ago 4:32 Girls on instagram: im about to end this mans whole career
  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama 4 days ago badfeminist you’re not supposed to, you’re a feminist
  • badfeminist
    badfeminist 4 days ago Ahmed Osama .........i don’t get it....🤨
  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 1 month ago (edited) Samsung: we made an all screen phone Oneplus: Hold my notch
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 3 weeks ago J J have fun with ya hole
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 3 weeks ago jacky yo yet they can't hide the hole punch
  • robotaholic frolic
    robotaholic frolic 1 month ago Sorry, Samsung did it first!! Haha you majorly lose
  • Cumulus Humilis
    Cumulus Humilis 1 month ago it's all samsung amoled screen. onplus just add 90hz.
  • Andy Van Elverdinghe
    Andy Van Elverdinghe 1 month ago Laur we have a real crapsung gayboy here.... the only thing that they are manufacturing for iPhones are the screens... thats it...
  • NiqueLeus
    NiqueLeus 1 month ago Sammy: I'll punch your hole!
  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu A80
  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 1 month ago jacky yo, OnePlus designed it way better hahaha. OnePlus for ever
  • A or Z
    A or Z 1 month ago They made a rotating camera with all screen so shut u mouth
  • M lll
    M lll 1 month ago Sam fanboys think a pill hole looks better then? None of the pop ups have had any issues since Vivo nex...
  • M lll
    M lll 1 month ago @Doctor Brain how??? 2 moving parts = twice breaking chance
  • Marv Marv
    Marv Marv 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu They made the screen tho lol
  • Marv Marv
    Marv Marv 1 month ago Samsung made that screen
  • Midhun #007
    Midhun #007 1 month ago "Hold my notch" 😆😆😆👍
  • CchyDee
    CchyDee 1 month ago Binu Raj well, Apple has a bitch for a reason and not like the copycats you fandroids defend 😂
  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 1 month ago yh but one plus isnt waterproof ,there is consequences for everything ,and oneplus isnt the first to have motor camera ,way year later than others so its nothing to boast about
  • Dantedijon1
    Dantedijon1 1 month ago Samsung could easily accomplish this too if they used a motorized camera but they will never risk something like this for they flagship devices, only they midrangers as you see with the A80.
  • Doctor Brain
    Doctor Brain 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu The Galaxy A80 is an all screen display phone with a better camera rotation mechanism
  • What's up 44566 Golden
    What's up 44566 Golden 1 month ago Bill Russell One plus : we made a pop out camera Samsung hold my under screen camera technology
  • Su Yini
    Su Yini 1 month ago but they did, the A80 😂
  • Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu Check out the Samsung galaxy A80
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 1 month ago @Ryan Kariminia galaxy 11 ima get that one
  • Laur
    Laur 1 month ago @Max Dec. some are ugly and unnecessary,the Pixel 3 has a camera that competes with the S10 and P30 and it only has 1 camera.Also that nokia pureview crap has like what 5 or 6 cameras and still gets beaten by pixel 3 s10 and p30
  • Muhammad Noman
    Muhammad Noman 1 month ago One plus has moving part. if no notch or punch hole
  • TRG
    TRG 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu the galaxy a90
  • TRG
    TRG 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu A90 hold my bessles
  • Max Dec.
    Max Dec. 1 month ago @Laur What's wrong with having multiple cameras in the back?lol
  • Laur
    Laur 1 month ago @Young Savage bruh you do know that most iphone parts are made by samsung right? along with "new" ios features that are on android for years now. stop being a retarded sheep
  • Sleepy panda
    Sleepy panda 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu the samsung a80, though not out yet.
  • I Am Prometheus
    I Am Prometheus 1 month ago (edited) Lol Samsung made this screen they supply everyone with displays because they make the best ones.
  • Binu Raj
    Binu Raj 1 month ago Bill Russell Meanwhile apple: Give that notch. 😆😂
  • Lil Chromoson
    Lil Chromoson 1 month ago Oppo reno?
  • amin fallah
    amin fallah 1 month ago Literally 😂
  • Young Savage
  • Sajed m
  • Genesis X
    Genesis X 1 month ago Vivo nex: sadness noises
  • Laur
    Laur 1 month ago @J J yeah,it's mechanical....something that can now also fail. If it locks itself inside and the motor dies kiss your front camera goodbye. Still everyone is overexagerating with cameras and bezzels. I have a Note 8 and the bezzels are really great,no stupid notches,punch holes or pop up cameras. Also with back cameras they go crazy some manufacturers go 4+ cameras on the back....jesus people if you want to take better pictures just buy a real camera
  • Ryan Kariminia
    Ryan Kariminia 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu actually they make pretty much all. they supply apple buddy.
  • J J
    J J 1 month ago @Andrew Konadu pop up camera is a joke.
  • Andrew Konadu
    Andrew Konadu 1 month ago When has Samsung made a ALL SCREEN phone
  • Ryan Kariminia
    Ryan Kariminia 1 month ago @Laur true but even if the new galaxy (probably s11) maybe 8 megapixels of quality in a built in camera it will still be good because then it's a new generation of no notch, hole punch, etc. so it will start with sort of a low quality camera but it will get better. my s7 has 5 megapixels on the front camera so 8 megapixels on a built in camera is really good
  • Laur
    Laur 1 month ago Well yeah but the S10+ front camera is still better even if it's ugly
  • jacky yo
    jacky yo 1 month ago Samsung made the screen on the OnePlus 7 pro
  • Ryan Kariminia
    Ryan Kariminia 1 month ago an* samsung is still making one that will have a camera built inside the phone (in the display)
  • Awol9
    Awol9 1 month ago (edited) Next vid: Switching to OnePlus 7 Pro One month later: I switched back to Apple because of the scrolling lag even though it's worse on the iPhone 😂
  • fall back
    fall back 3 weeks ago @Awol9, once again what you said is 1001% true but there is no longer help available for an i-sheep
  • zach films
    zach films 3 weeks ago abdul junaid cheap android laggy sucks don’t even get updates on the operating system 😂💩🤦🏻‍♂️
  • FX
    FX 1 month ago Not all games on android flagships run on 60fps. That's why ios is still better than android.
  • Pankaj Ahuja
    Pankaj Ahuja 1 month ago E A you would think right? I tried leaving iOS , holy fuck most confusing 8 months of my life.
  • Belphegor T
    Belphegor T 1 month ago Beni 51 enjoy your 3 hour screen time lmaoooo
  • Praveen Chandran
    Praveen Chandran 1 month ago There won't be any scrolling lag on oneplus
  • Ying Ho Ting
    Ying Ho Ting 1 month ago He cannot let it go! Allie hit it: Let it go, let it goooooooo!!!! ,🤣
  • E A
    E A 1 month ago @AMR15H lmao you just looking for something to complain about. Those are dumb reasons to switch, but to each their own
  • AMR15H
    AMR15H 1 month ago Still, the small things in Android build up to be irritating. It’s about the small placements of options in certain apps and the smoothness of the system overall that made me switch back to iOS after 1 month using stock Android.
  • abdul junaid
    abdul junaid 1 month ago @R.7 996 iPhone 😑😫😓😭🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 Android 🤑😎😎😎😍😍😘😅😍🤯
  • princeofpersia
    princeofpersia 1 month ago What else can you expect from an apple sheep lol
  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui 1 month ago Beni 51 truer words have never been spoken
  • Levick
    Levick 1 month ago (edited) @R.7 996 Are you five years old?
  • Beni 51
    Beni 51 1 month ago @R.7 996 yeah no they can't even use that as an excuse apps load faster fingerprint scanner better screen better refresh rate more ram faster charging bigger bettery and if you look at in depth videos the camera is even better in many situations the camera pops up and loads faster than the iPhone xs max and it's motorized literally everything is better than on the iPhone for 700$ compared to 1100$ come on os there even a comparison i meam i understand why people say they like apple but literally nothing is better on iPhone so at this point its just fanboying
  • R.7 996
    R.7 996 1 month ago Oneplus uuuuuuuu333 🤢🤮 Iphone 📱 💪😘
  • Silent wraith
    Silent wraith 1 month ago He won't do that because He knows that Oneplus 7 pro is better
    PiCABLESKY 1 month ago this is why you are not switching, duh
  • Bernardo Gaona
    Bernardo Gaona 4 weeks ago You know Apple fell off when a big Apple reviewing channel says "Apple will get here eventually" or "even Samsung doesn't have this". I think it's time for me to switch☹️
  • Lakhvinder singh
    Lakhvinder singh 1 month ago Video:*internal screaming of applefanboi while urge to switch*
  • VJ Timothy
    VJ Timothy 1 month ago Lakhvinder singh same exact thought 😂😂😂
  • Firas Obaidy
    Firas Obaidy 1 month ago It's funny how people beg apple to bring features that other phones already have lol.
  • eastlondonhustler
    eastlondonhustler 1 month ago @FX Apple slows down iPhones over time.
  • Noah R
    Noah R 1 month ago @FX Android is a whole OS that hundreds of different phones use so that doesn't make sense. Android only lags over time on midranges and unoptimized phones. These problems don't really exist on OnePlus, Galaxy, or Pixel
  • Robyro Nz
    Robyro Nz 1 month ago android lags overtime ??? its 2019 flagship androids stopped lagging since 2016
  • FX
    FX 1 month ago Because iphone will be better if they have those features because of the stability of ios. Android still lags over time.
  • lante07
    lante07 1 month ago Nah, we just want Apple to be innovative. As they once were. Models 6 through 8Plus were exactly the same. And I'm sure we won't see a hardware design for another two models after the 11 drops this Fall. Apple should strongly consider an OS redesign also.
  • Skull AMV
    Skull AMV 1 month ago iPhone: If u want to have that the price must 2000$
  • Shatadal Mandal
    Shatadal Mandal 1 month ago Your iPhone with the battery case is huge .....looks like almost a brick 🤣🤣🤣🤣 compared to S10+ and 7 pro
  • Henry Godbolt IV
    Henry Godbolt IV 1 month ago @first name last name 60hz screen*, it has a 120hz touch sample rate, which is not the same thing. So its even worse than you stated lol.
  • first name last name
    first name last name 1 month ago It's almost a brick with 120hz screen with shitty specs
  • DeadlyHydra8630
    DeadlyHydra8630 1 month ago Galaxy That's it idk why he needs it lol my XSMax gets me the whole day
  • Helyx
    Helyx 1 month ago about the cooling: the iPhone renders at 60FPS while the OP7P goes all the way up to 90. If you limited the GPU at 60 on the OnePlus it would be much cooler than the iPhone.
  • prizmerizer
    prizmerizer 3 weeks ago @ashutosh ashish they did it for quality. I'm sorry that you don't realize that companies do like putting out good products, and that you're just unable to accept it, but apple just isn't as good as it used to be.
  • ashutosh ashish
    ashutosh ashish 1 month ago Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!! If its bigger than one plus should have make a smaller one its bullshit excuse about 90hz and bigger screen
  • Helyx
    Helyx 1 month ago @Abhijit Kunjiraman obviously it is a difference. The GPU renders the Antutu footage at up to 90 fps on oneplus 7pro, while the iPhone is locked down at 60 because no more is needed.
  • Abhijit Kunjiraman
    Abhijit Kunjiraman 1 month ago it's just a refresh rate for the screen it doesn't hurt performance, you can set it to 60 or 90 doesn't make a difference to the gpu.
  • Clickbait Pro
    Clickbait Pro 1 month ago @Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!! Definitely
    Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!! 1 month ago Also it has much bigger display and I think higher resolution
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 1 month ago If OnePlus had better color science I would like their cameras way more
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 1 month ago DaOne 1 me too a have a google pixel 3 and note 9
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 1 month ago DeadlyHydra8630 yeah the audio quality is pretty a**
  • xXuidmod
    xXuidmod 1 month ago Aligatorxx3 to me it just looks really dull and not sharp but the pixel camera app actually helps it a lot
  • Henry Godbolt IV
    Henry Godbolt IV 1 month ago @Aggravated a salt I'm sure he didnt record the video in 4K60fps, it looks phenomenal in that resolution. But with that aside like DaOne 1 said, iPhone's camera quality has always been top notch.
  • Aggravated a salt
    Aggravated a salt 1 month ago I agree I wonder if he had some filter cause it looked way fucking different
  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 1 month ago xXuidmod Yeah im not gonna lie im an android fan, but everytime Apples photos look realistic and better
  • DeadlyHydra8630
    DeadlyHydra8630 1 month ago Aligatorxx3 and blurry in the video and worse audio quality
  • Aligatorxx3
    Aligatorxx3 1 month ago yeah looked more warm/saturated? less realistic than iphone camera
  • Dasrix
    Dasrix 1 week ago I'm shocked like OnePlus did such a phenomenal job they could sell this for 1000 dollars if not more and for them to sell it at the price that they do is incredible
  • Ashfaque Siddique Abir
    Ashfaque Siddique Abir 1 month ago Imagine trying to record a bungee jump on selfie mode and the camera turns off