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OnePlus 7 Pro review

Published on May 14, 2019 254,540 views

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the OnePlus 7 Pro's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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▶Reviewer: Angie Zampona: instagram @ang_is_charged

  • Nawfal Hassan
    Nawfal Hassan 2 months ago (edited) Gsmarena 2:56: I would hesitate to submerge it. Dave Lee: hold my jar.
  • Bayan Naga
    Bayan Naga 2 months ago Matthew Moniz: hold my jar. The dude kept his Oneplus 7 Pro for 30 minutes under water and it still worked fine.
  • Samuel O'Dan
    Samuel O'Dan 2 months ago @b8e5n that he didn't pay for it doesn't mean he'd be happy to see it break. Don't you think he'd want to keep it working well for future videos?
  • b8e5n
    b8e5n 2 months ago My oneplus 2 was never rated for waterproofing either, and I dived in swimming and river few times with it (by accident ofc). It still works no problem.
  • b8e5n
    b8e5n 2 months ago @Mohammad Qunbos He did not even pay for it... It was obvious over-acting...
  • Mohammad Qunbos
    Mohammad Qunbos 2 months ago But he was about to have a heart attack.
  • ycz04x02
    ycz04x02 2 months ago Damn that display is so sick, it certainly will be a joy to watch my por... my portafolio of classic literature in it.
  • Viseth Hom
    Viseth Hom 2 weeks ago Can't wait to check my portafolio XD
  • Claude The BOOF
    Claude The BOOF 1 month ago Naughty ...
  • Tech Support Conn0
    Tech Support Conn0 2 months ago ycz04x02 slap slap slap ahhh, nothing like the noise Of me bea- beating my papers, yeah...
  • U H89
    U H89 2 months ago Thanks for the review and the battery test at 60 AND 90 Hz showing the differences... 👍
  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago Yes, that was great. I’ve not seen that mentioned anywhere else.
  • baha Shajrawi
    baha Shajrawi 2 months ago (edited) Reviewers forgot that oneplus 7 exist
  • RD Policarpio
    RD Policarpio 2 months ago U H89 nah you can't assume that coz i like the normal oneplus 7 than the pro version
  • Technical Shaikh
    Technical Shaikh 2 months ago @ItsNootyNoot 20th June Heck 😁🙄
  • Adeel Shah
    Adeel Shah 2 months ago Because it's not out yet and won't come to North America anyways
  • Pitis86
    Pitis86 2 months ago (edited) They forgot it's the only one we can afford
  • Scuff Studios
    Scuff Studios 2 months ago (edited) @U H89 the pro version sucks it's literally a phone for basic phone buyers who buy into modern smart phone trends
  • XxXStoneFingerXxX
    XxXStoneFingerXxX 2 months ago prolly still an embargo over those regular op7s
  • Omar Arab
    Omar Arab 2 months ago OnePlus forgot the OnePlus 7 exists
  • Trevor Martin
    Trevor Martin 2 months ago I mean, a lot of the bigger reviewers are US (or at least North America) based, and the regular OP7 isn't releasing in North America, soooo...
  • K Veeder
    K Veeder 2 months ago The base model is only available in some markets.
  • Amir Alavi
    Amir Alavi 2 months ago It's clear that OP is making a huge effort to push the Pro. Considering the price, they might be selling it at a higher margin as well.
  • ItsNootyNoot
    ItsNootyNoot 2 months ago @Peter Ping When does it come out
  • Peter Ping
    Peter Ping 2 months ago OP 7 will come out later.
  • ItsNootyNoot
    ItsNootyNoot 2 months ago @U H89 the oneplus 7 comes out on the 20th june??
  • U H89
    U H89 2 months ago ... will exist from 20th June onwards ... 😉👍 so no reason to talk about today, as we all will buy the PRO version only 😉😎🤗
  • Arcade the Husky
    Arcade the Husky 2 months ago I liked the upbeat music in the background, I love GSM arena for its unbiased and no BS style of review, keep up the amazing work guys!
  • YPO6
    YPO6 2 months ago @TommyBlaze13 Tailosive has admitted that he is heavily biased Apple sheep, maybe he does that just to get more views from people who dislike most Apple products. More views = more money for him.
  • RD Policarpio
    RD Policarpio 2 months ago TommyBlaze13 really?
  • Lars Shawlan
    Lars Shawlan 2 months ago @TommyBlaze13 exactly lol
  • TommyBlaze13
    TommyBlaze13 2 months ago (edited) @Jus Ski You want a garbage review? Watch all of Tailosive Tech. He's the most garbage and biased tech youtuber on this site
  • Star Seed
    Star Seed 2 months ago (edited) Other reviewers: hands on with the Oneplus 7 Pro. GsmArena: hold my beer
    CHANNEL BLACK 1 month ago Hold my beer. is this a dialog from a movie are what? it's all over YT
  • lavishlyDecorated
    lavishlyDecorated 2 months ago @Michael Xz I'm pretty sure that was because OnePlus embargoed reviews until like a week before official release 🤷‍♂️
  • Mehul Kalra
    Mehul Kalra 2 months ago @Michael Xz ikr
  • Michael Xz
    Michael Xz 2 months ago (edited) @Mehul Kalra they all had the phones for weeks and released videos at the same time, because many people are only going to watch the first couple of videos about the phone they see.
  • Mehul Kalra
    Mehul Kalra 2 months ago Mkbhd and verge uploaded review too
  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever 2 months ago I agree about curved edges, it's silly and useless, just adds glare and color shift, also tougher to hold. Either way, the display looks amazing, much improved along with 90hz refresh rate. Also no notch or a hole in it!
  • BarbarianKingGamer
    BarbarianKingGamer 2 months ago @tggt00 Dont be rude. I can say too that people who dont like curved edges are retardet just because you said it but its not right. People have different opinions and we dont have tu judge them by their opinions XD
  • tggt00
    tggt00 2 months ago People who like the curve are retarded.
  • Guy Scott
    Guy Scott 2 months ago @BarbarianKingGamer yup
  • BarbarianKingGamer
    BarbarianKingGamer 2 months ago I really like the curve- it gives a futuristic look and it makes it comfier
  • captain india
    captain india 2 months ago Who saw the redmi ad of Killer 2.0 in the beginning of every technical videos
  • aman mehta
    aman mehta 2 months ago I enjoy her voice as compared to others 🙂
  • aman mehta
    aman mehta 2 weeks ago @Jaime F I don't have a sister, you must be confusing it with your mom
  • Jaime F
    Jaime F 2 weeks ago @aman mehta I was with your sister a long time. LOL
  • aman mehta
    aman mehta 2 weeks ago @Jaime F buddy took you one month to think that ? you really are the stupidest Lannister Jaime
  • Jaime F
    Jaime F 2 weeks ago @aman mehta sleeping with your sister? LOL #got
  • aman mehta
    aman mehta 2 months ago @Jaime F you are one to talk Jaime, sleeping with the sister.... #got
  • Jaime F
    Jaime F 2 months ago Perverts.
  • Jayanand Supali
    Jayanand Supali 2 months ago Same here.
  • Kyrie Gu
    Kyrie Gu 1 month ago I don't know why. But watched on OnePlus 7 pro, she is beautiful.
  • Batman
    Batman 2 months ago Angie and her cap ❤️
  • Mayur
    Mayur 2 months ago Premium flagship segment is not for me as midrange phones are getting so good since last generation...
  • Ronin R
    Ronin R 2 months ago @Samuel O'Dan place I am from it is expensive to s10e and around 60 usd less to s10. So people who can afford 7 pro can get s10 too (country specific since galaxy phones are manufactured here and oneplus phones too)
  • Samuel O'Dan
    Samuel O'Dan 2 months ago @Ronin R the S10 launched at $899 The 7 Pro launched at $669 So why do you still say they launched at the same price Can you not see the over $200 price difference? (I'll not acknowledge price drop)
  • Ronin R
    Ronin R 2 months ago Real me 3 pro uses the same imx 586 sensor as 7 pro. There are also other budget phones using flagship sensors which takes decent quality images. Oneplus should have really worked for their camera when they have bumped the price same as s10.
  • Samuel O'Dan
    Samuel O'Dan 2 months ago Don't worry, you can get the non Pro version
  • Thristan Selma
    Thristan Selma 2 months ago @Frusttrinker lol i think they will choos the p30 pro as smartphone.
  • Ande Yashwanth
    Ande Yashwanth 2 months ago @Frusttrinker lol yeah.
  • Frusttrinker lol
    Frusttrinker lol 2 months ago @UPootis is it really...I think photographer would choose DSLR
  • UPootis
    UPootis 2 months ago @Renat its not "camera addicted people" its photographer
  • Renat
    Renat 2 months ago @Bruce Wayne Pixel 3a is made for camera addicted people. I don't care about camera. I need bezel-less phone
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago Agreed. Actually ordered a Pixel 3a ln. The Nexus phones were my absolute favorite, and now they've finally made a pixel that harks back.
  • Prabhat Attreya
    Prabhat Attreya 2 months ago I enjoyed watching you Angie..... Great review..... Do you face any slight lag due to 90 Hz although it is designed to offer smooth experience.
  • Diogo Valente
    Diogo Valente 2 months ago The phone can be waterproof without being certified. Without certification the manufacturer avoids responsibility in the case we put the phone underwater and it dies and avoids the cost for certification. All testing, all the correspondence with an accredited entity to approve the design and give the IP rating to the equipment, all that costs money. They give us a cheaper phone by not certify it but it doesn't mean it can't handle water.
  • Diogo Valente
    Diogo Valente 2 months ago @Louis Agree, the phone is expensive and it doesn't add that much from the 6T
  • Louis
    Louis 2 months ago the money they saved with the lack of IP certification, they could have spent in other necessary features of a 750 dollar phone, such as wireless charge, headphone jack, micro sd card slot, notification led, quad dac. Or maybe investing in a better camera. (All of these features (and more) are in the 619-dollar LG G8...) OnePlus spent the money on marketing
  • FB Kensar HD
    FB Kensar HD 2 months ago ... Betty Angie is back. ❤️
  • Kunal Panday
    Kunal Panday 2 months ago You know what, you are damm cute 🥰
  • LRFV 18
    LRFV 18 2 months ago OMG ur back! We miss3d u
  • Crisley Sena
    Crisley Sena 2 months ago Great review Angie! I expected at least a Pixel quality camera on 1+7 Pro but hopefully we'll get a gcam version very soon for that purpose. Cheers!!
  • PersonalBD
    PersonalBD 2 months ago @Crisley Sena the best compromise is on performance, i mean the p30 pro is no slowpoke just not the best (again). To do real photography you need a dedicated camera, I still think phones won't be able to get that kind of performance for a while if not ever. I am ok with taking decent shots with my phone, I prefere performance over camera. But this op7 pro is a bit too pricy for what I want to spend now. The mi 9 is taking the lead for now, waiting on honor 20 pro and redmi k20.
  • Crisley Sena
    Crisley Sena 2 months ago @PersonalBD as a photography fan, I always do. It would be so perfect to get the best screen, performance and camera on a single device. Maybe that's asking too much...
  • PersonalBD
    PersonalBD 2 months ago Why did you expect that? They never had the best cameras. They are not bad, just not the best.
  • Aurélien Heinrich
    Aurélien Heinrich 2 months ago Thank you GSM Arena, for such a first review. Watching as I am typing.
  • garn100
    garn100 2 months ago Who else caught the jerry rig plug, awesome!