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Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media

Published on Nov 12, 2013 15,184,229 views

At the MIT Media Lab, the Tangible Media Group believes the future of computing is tactile. Unveiled today, the inFORM is MIT's new scrying pool for imagining the interfaces of tomorrow. Almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away. And that's only the beginning.

Created by Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer and overseen by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, the technology behind the inFORM isn't that hard to understand. It's basically a fancy Pinscreen, one of those executive desk toys that allows you to create a rough 3-D model of an object by pressing it into a bed of flattened pins. With inFORM, each of those "pins" is connected to a motor controlled by a nearby laptop, which can not only move the pins to render digital content physically, but can also register real-life objects interacting with its surface thanks to the sensors of a hacked Microsoft Kinect.

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    FRISHR 1 year ago Now make it portable and you can be a Big Hero 6 villain!
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    Consagrado 1 year ago FRISHR Hahahaha, very good !
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    MoViEsHD TFRoYaL 8 months ago FRISHR like in big hero 6😂
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    Neukdae's FullMoon 8 months ago FRISHR microbot? Haha
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    Oblivion 6 months ago 1:14 I'm too immature for this video
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken 6 months ago Oblivion I didn’t even see that lmao
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    Mark D'Gama 6 months ago First thing that came to my mind as well. I'm pretty bad
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    Kool-Aid Man 6 months ago Explain plz?
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken 6 months ago (edited) Kool-Aid Man it’s a duck
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    lolsa123 5 months ago @Kool-Aid Man there can be a lot of usage with this during longdistance relationships, they will just need to make this a bit robuster and less edgy ;)
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    Buffalo Wingz 1 month ago OHHHH I GET IT, ITS A PENIS
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    wᛙnnᛙe 1 month ago I just pooped myself.
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    A Person 1 year ago But does it have a headphone jack...🤔
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    Eran Sanderatne 5 months ago lol
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    webtrekker UK 5 months ago A Person Yeah, right next to the floppy disk.
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    Bevsworld04 1 month ago A Person yeah
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    Alex Sal979 1 year ago I can’t wait to show people the middle finger with these
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    asia 6 months ago Alex Sal979 my thoughts exactly
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    Newby Ton 7 months ago But we just wanted the music to continue playing when we clicked out of YouTube
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    Kacey Vlogs 1 month ago Lux Ace I got the joke I was replying with another joke :/
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    A. AMAYA 1 month ago I'd tell you how to get YouTube background playback, but ya'll most likely using stupid iphones.
  • xtc94x
    xtc94x 2 years ago Now make each square the size of human cells and you can really start something
  • Heinrich Bolleurs
    Heinrich Bolleurs 2 years ago Same thing I was thinking
  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago With the way that technology is currently at, there would be no problem, since it demonstrated the positioning of the pins in complex mathematical formulas... Logistically would be a nightmare though, because it depends on the resolution of the kinetic device AND the size of both the actuators AND the medium used for the pins, and, well, this demo is from November/2013, nearly 2 and 1/2 years ago, they may have made significant progress.
  • xtc94x
    xtc94x 2 years ago Nah, i think the ideas and any potential developments have been scrapped.
  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago @xtc94x There's a link for a 2015 video right at the start of the video though, ROFLMAO. We are both blind.
  • xtc94x
    xtc94x 2 years ago :o
  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago @xtc94x And the medium used for the 2015 video is STILL the same size AND a very similar construction as the one in 2013. it's a shame that "technology and science" have already evolved so much since 2013, but the project continues to use the same materials and sizes ;__;
  • Nixatra Nyxatra
    Nixatra Nyxatra 2 years ago Exactly, but even with the size of nails you can accomplish much more complex executions. I am very curious as how this feature will evolve the next years. Nice work. This 3D tech might actually prove to be very useful.
  • DaCheapChimp
    DaCheapChimp 2 years ago was able to fap to this
  • Spiked Pigeon
    Spiked Pigeon 2 years ago You would also have to make it so its not a part of a table...
  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago @spiked pigeon For the time being, they haven't found any other way to transport the information of the total percentage of movement from the actuator to the pins besides using "nails", and they need to be hidden somewhere.
  • Tom C.
    Tom C. 2 years ago Or, you know, actually use cells. This is far less complicated than your nervous system.
  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago @Tom C. Please elaborate.
  • Ismo Seppo
    Ismo Seppo 2 years ago same
  • SumBoedy oncetoldame
    SumBoedy oncetoldame 2 years ago (edited) xtc94x a robot can you start or your own house that walks or a car
  • Bullshitarium
    Bullshitarium 2 years ago xtc94x thats the reason this concept is shown. off course the blocks sizes will be much smaller in reality
  • SumBoedy oncetoldame
    SumBoedy oncetoldame 2 years ago @Nadhim Ali i know
  • Darren Neblett
    Darren Neblett 2 years ago and that's how the villain was created in big hero 6
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    Bruno Almerares 2 years ago xtc94x ...Yes..maybe....
  • Charles Pwnage
    Charles Pwnage 2 years ago xtc94x sex services with it? lmao jk
  • Nikson
    Nikson 2 years ago Feanor KIU That is what we'll see in 15-20 years, chill out, man.
  • Ungureanu Bogdan
    Ungureanu Bogdan 2 years ago Feanor KIU there is no zero lag not even in for humans mainly because the brain still requires a minuscule amount of time to send signals to the body so not zero yes very close and a negligible amount of time but not zero same for electronics or other living creatures . A more realistic request would be for it to have human like reaction time
  • Kamauoha_
    Kamauoha_ 2 years ago molecules*
  • ItsRiivan •v•
    ItsRiivan •v• 2 years ago what are you guys talking about, dont you see that? arent you amazed? this is AWESOME just the way it is, dont expect perfection, the BEST technology i have EVER seen
  • Maximum Tim
    Maximum Tim 2 years ago (edited) TuftyRaptor55 That is not how we progress. The stuff we have right now is great and all, but if we want to advance as a society we cannot be satisfied.
  • H3nrY
    H3nrY 2 years ago xtc94x LOL
  • Seafy
    Seafy 2 years ago xtc94x who cares about humans? we're talking about technology.
  • inanimation
    inanimation 2 years ago It's been done. Beijing Olympics opening ceremony
  • Stephen Andrews
    Stephen Andrews 2 years ago yeTenszi simple human cells are really small
  • mike johnston Bob
    mike johnston Bob 2 years ago (edited) fapping involves wrapping around, which isn't possible given 1 surface. 2/10 add more surfaces or use a manoeuvrable membrane
  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 years ago xtc94x yep if they do that it means they could create enytging
  • ヤイキ/\F
  • TotallyChillRobloxPiano
    TotallyChillRobloxPiano 2 years ago AFKDUDE 0422 naw this ain't a lie -_-
  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 years ago h
  • Work In Progress Podcast
    Work In Progress Podcast 1 year ago I cant wait to watch porn using that.
  • SmokeWeed69
    SmokeWeed69 1 year ago Future Generations Will Laugh At This Technology...
  • Sojourn Soul
    Sojourn Soul 1 year ago At the moment it takes a good amount of extra space to run, but It might become so refined that it practically becomes invisible.
  • ahmad alzghoul
    ahmad alzghoul 1 year ago true
  • Popo Bawa
    Popo Bawa 11 months ago As if laughing were a bad thing.
  • Aaquib Javed
    Aaquib Javed 8 months ago sensible will not,people like you for sure
  • Soko Moko
    Soko Moko 6 months ago thats like saying our current generation laughs at the people who invented the wheel. No one laughs at the people who invented the wheel.
  • Herdîr-o i Ñoldor
    Herdîr-o i Ñoldor 6 months ago they're also gonna laugh at your shit capitalizations
  • Nicholas Rickhoff
    Nicholas Rickhoff 6 months ago Soko Moko We laugh at early computers though. The wheel is a bad example.
  • Jamie O'Brien
    Jamie O'Brien 6 months ago (edited) I'm laughing at it now, it's proper shit.
  • B4 freedomfighter
    B4 freedomfighter 6 months ago Self fulfilling prophecy
  • abloogywoogywoo
    abloogywoogywoo 4 days ago Everything we're building is leading up to sex robots, so duh, of course they'll be laughing at present-day cavemen us.
  • Sebastian Keano
    Sebastian Keano 1 year ago Title should be: "Weird table built by MIT Visionaries -The purpose of this table is still to be discovered!."
  • srinath bhagavatula
    srinath bhagavatula 8 months ago Such a retarted thought. Think of it... at the start it was just a single led which emitted very less light and very thick now you cannot even see it on your phone screen and it is way more intense than a single led. Similarly, with this if you scale each of the bar's size you cannot even see any stick like thing coming out, rather you would see a continum which can be used in homes and other stuffs to automate many things.
  • Elizabeth Beurling
    Elizabeth Beurling 7 months ago Okay but what are the odds of the machining to make something with that level of fidelity coming before energy field manipulation
  • Sentient2x
    Sentient2x 7 months ago srinath bhagavatula Yeah but that technology was something extremely useful that the public was yearning for. Just the fact that he and a lot of other people don’t see what this is good for is enough to say that there’s a low chance this will be developed.
  • Arnar Erlingsson
    Arnar Erlingsson 6 months ago In the video it showed that it could be used to illustrate math and charts for instance
    WHAT THE FUG :-DDD 6 months ago I can definitely see that be used in virtual realities to simulated realistic floors and in the future maybe touch, the design is rudimentary but the way it translate visual datas to "precise" moving parts will likely have a lot of applications in sectors where feedback to human is needed.
  • asia
    asia 6 months ago 😂😂 true
  • Long Shot
    Long Shot 5 months ago That is the VR floor, it moves when you walk and run, and even better it creates different land structure such us hills, valley, steer case and etc
  • leo joy
    leo joy 5 months ago Electricity was considered useless when it was discovered
  • Sir Esquire
    Sir Esquire 4 months ago Attach a dual modulation feedback sensor/s and sample the data. Now use the feedback data to command the I/O of a 3D structured light environment and you have touchable holograms which can be implemented as buttons or switches, in real time in and the real world. Especially given that human hands are the perfect instrument for exploring non visible shapes and reconstructing them from touch via the brain. Its like we are purpose built for technology of any kind.
  • TheFlyingE
    TheFlyingE 1 year ago BUT CAN HE DO T H I S
  • PPSC Goalie
    PPSC Goalie 11 months ago (edited) TheFlyingE bet he can
  • PPSC Goalie
    PPSC Goalie 11 months ago (edited) can u do this?
  • Xaver Marth
    Xaver Marth 3 years ago wow! imagine a bed made from those boogers... every morning at 6:30 it automatically kicks you out on the floor :-)
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    Hot Patootie 3 years ago Never sleep again.... 😩
  • United Communications unltd.
    United Communications unltd. 3 years ago @Xaver Marth I could imagine I would break those as I'm heavy.
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    Faisal Akbar 3 years ago @Xaver Marth so funny isn't it?? :D :D
  • Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma 3 years ago @Smit Thakkar @smit thakkar @Udeet Solanki good 4 moms that too with click of a button n obvio couple of 10^__ bucks
  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 3 years ago +Xaver Marth colinfurze did that...
  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 3 years ago +Xaver Marth colinfurze did that...
  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy 3 years ago I should buy a bed like that for my friend she sleeps pass sch time which sch starts at 7.15 and she sleeps till 10am wtf
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    Lillian J. C. 2 years ago I would just... continue sleeping on the floor
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    Cat Rawr 2 years ago Xaver Marth lol
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    Omar Ahmed A-omar 2 years ago Xaver Marth that was good one 😂😂😂
  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos 6 months ago (edited) puts down clarinet lies down on the floor begins to do sit ups fuuuuture.....fuuuuuture.....
  • Daniel Highlighter
    Daniel Highlighter 6 months ago Cant believe i actually got the joke
  • ya nee
    ya nee 5 months ago Daniel Highlighter me neither
    UP INTHESMOKE PIE 1 month ago Well this technology is great.... It can be used easily to create models of further future technology easily if used wisely 👍
  • mazimadu
    mazimadu 6 months ago This is NOTHING! (Buys projector and Legos) See, I can do that too !
  • Shibλ
    Shibλ 8 months ago “Remember: Testing is the future, and the future starts with you!”
  • Quasi
    Quasi 6 months ago “ That said, if you are simple-minded, old, or irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you, please return to your primitive tribe, and send back someone better qualified for testing.” I’ve played that game so much I know all the quotes lol
    FROST _KNIGHT 6 months ago Hey wait you just stealed that from portal 2 lol
  • lakhwinder97
    lakhwinder97 3 months ago Future starts with an 'f' and not 'u'
  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 2 years ago It's 4 years old.. It's probably sleeping in a random MIT lab now. Sad
  • TheBindingOfNorris
    TheBindingOfNorris 1 year ago Tyler Durden Well there’s nothing you or me can think to practically use this for so they’re not going to waste time on this when they can research new cures/ more efficient life changing machines.
  • GOT Fan
    GOT Fan 1 year ago +TheBindingOfNorris who says this can't be used for something...they just need to put more efforts and I think think this technique can be used for doing stuff at far place just sitting at that guy is making hand movements which are picked up by the sensors and those pillars following same motion...this may be useful in military or many other fields
  • Amos Dinh
    Amos Dinh 1 year ago TheBindingOfNorris Wtf not everything in this world has to be of use
  • The Gamer King
    The Gamer King 1 year ago (edited) Servus I agree, I mean look at yourself You arn't of use at all
  • Amos Dinh
    Amos Dinh 1 year ago The Gamer King Be quiet, u probably just sit in ur room playing videogames all day. U wont help anyone by making the most kills in any of these shooters😂. And i think i didnt write it clearly eniugh(for people like u at least). Of course everything has a meaning and use in this world. But things like Art and Music arent labelled as ,,Useful". They help to free your mind and let u be creative. Just as this experiment does. People like you seriously piss me of :)
  • Amos Dinh
    Amos Dinh 1 year ago The Gamer King also who the hell edits his comments and still has mistakes in it :'D
  • Dusty Animations
    Dusty Animations 1 year ago This is future of touchscreen displays, all cars now have touch controls, in future these will be hires tectile touch controls, we will again be able to control the radio of car while driving without having need to look at it.
  • NHK
    NHK 1 year ago (edited) GOT Fan military? seriously? is that the first thing you could think of man?.... -_- I think one usage can be remotely helping elderly needing care or controlling some stuff for your home such , just off the top of my head
  • Lolicon
    Lolicon 1 year ago Servus playing videogames isnt useless at all u help the creator and other people in the game too it makes you happy and sometimes dying of laughter and you gives the other player some entertainment too what can i do im good at it,it doesnt mean that just sitting all day and playing vdeogames means that youre useless its just fun 🙂 and everything doesnt have to be labelled as useful some things are just really useless
  • Amos Dinh
    Amos Dinh 1 year ago Spud well i wouldnt say that it is more useful than the thing presented in the video.
  • Un Usuario
    Un Usuario 1 year ago Servus "art and music aren't useful, they only serve the purpose of..." smh. Also, this discussion is stupid. Everything we make has a pupose, if it's technological development or just entertainment is not relevant in the statement.
  • Doan Tran
    Doan Tran 1 year ago Your jumping to conclusions you don't know that. Your statement is not valid
  • Lolicon
    Lolicon 1 year ago playing is more useful cuz millions of ppl doing it right now than the thing on the video 😏
  • Amos Dinh
    Amos Dinh 1 year ago Spud yeah and having cancer is also more useful because more people have it...
  • Reuben James
    Reuben James 1 year ago lol it's actually still on display at the media lab. Not forgotten at all.
  • StarLordz
    StarLordz 1 year ago Servus enough*
  • Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro
    Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro 1 year ago hi You gives the other player? Man, that's some grammer-nazi-making shit right there.
  • Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro
    Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro 1 year ago hi Doing something doesn't mean it's useful. If that was the case, we would have labs full of people watching porn.
  • 001 002
    001 002 1 year ago Take you for instance
  • Ann Brewer
    Ann Brewer 1 year ago Ha ha ha ha , oh man ,u got that right.
  • Azure Ablaze
    Azure Ablaze 1 year ago GOT Fan FUCK military! You understand?!
  • Ann Brewer
    Ann Brewer 1 year ago +Azure Ablaze No ,i dont, understand, sorry.
  • Azure Ablaze
    Azure Ablaze 1 year ago Ann Brewer ~ From all the things in the world you found its usefulness in the military... What's wrong with you people? Wars should be behind us just like occultism, and those kind of shit if we want to prosper and live a life worth living
  • Lukas Schuurman
    Lukas Schuurman 1 year ago TheBindingOfNorris Yes, but this is simply way cooler than a cure for cancer.
  • Dan Lokemoen
    Dan Lokemoen 6 months ago If I owned one of these it would be sitting unused in my basement right now on a slow trip to the garbage can.
  • Anastas1786
    Anastas1786 5 months ago Well, yeah, that's how technological advancements work. Some guy in a lab somewhere discovers something, and then other people learn from and add to that something over and over until they have something advanced enough for regular people to care enough to buy and learn to use it. You know it took humanity around 63 years to get from the first permanent photoetching to the first flexible photo film? Not color, not even particularly clear, just the most basic form of film. It was a coating on a roll of regular paper that you had to remove yourself during development. Anyway, my point is, this is fascinating and all, but it still needs significant work. The pins are too thick for fine detail in relief or manipulation, and the device in its entirety is massive. You're not going to hear much about this or similar technologies in just four or five years; it's still in the metaphorical photoengraving stage, and as neat as it is, there's not much incentive to devote much to further research.
  • ender 123
    ender 123 1 month ago 2019 boi
  • Mr Mille Tante
    Mr Mille Tante 5 months ago Too bad i'd be dead before all of this is implemented
  • flrgblrgrstienr flrgblrgdlrg
    flrgblrgrstienr flrgblrgdlrg 6 months ago (edited) Vat19 be like: But does it have a bottle opener?
  • Memeatron 9000
    Memeatron 9000 6 months ago Sean Sollano lol
  • abloogywoogywoo
    abloogywoogywoo 4 days ago Long-distance relationships don't work, unless you have one of these.
  • Wassim Ibrahim
    Wassim Ibrahim 6 months ago Taking Cyber Sex to another level.
  • Memeatron 9000
    Memeatron 9000 6 months ago Wassim Ibrahim XD