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Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 5

Published on Sep 21, 2018 3,886,305 views


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Mr. Mind Blow is bringing you AMAZING SCIENCE Toys/Gadgets!
Sit back and relax. Enjoy 10 minutes of oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various engines with candles, ferrofluid toys, kinetic art that uses physics, optical illusions, various forms of dices, math toys/shapes and more mindblowing stuff!

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- Splash of Euphoria
- Euphoria 3

Amazing Gadgets
Amazing Gadgets
Amazing Gadgets

Amazing Science Toys
Amazing Science Toys
Amazing Science Toys

Science Toys Compilation
Science Toys Compilation
Science Toys Compilation

The Most Satisfying Video in the World
The Most Satisfying Video in the World
The Most Satisfying Video in the World

  • Mr. Mind Blow
    Mr. Mind Blow 5 months ago NEW EPISODE 😱➡️
  • fireboy9
    fireboy9 5 months ago (The flying phone is fake)
  • mahmoud farras
    mahmoud farras 4 months ago Mr. Mind Blow first song name plsss
  • The terraria Gameplayer
    The terraria Gameplayer 4 months ago You idiot the flying phone is fake
  • itchy robot
    itchy robot 4 months ago 2:00 c'mon, anyone with any sense at all, knows that's fake
  • itchy robot
    itchy robot 4 months ago BTW... the phone is fake :D
  • Ashish Prajapati
    Ashish Prajapati 3 months ago If they are available anywhere, please share link for purchasing..
  • Aqiul Colombowala
    Aqiul Colombowala 2 months ago Whats the track that this video starts with?
  • yurnick Tucker
    yurnick Tucker 1 month ago remove 2:00 please because it's fake and i don't think you want fake toy/gadgets in your video
  • Hacher Unfriended
    Hacher Unfriended 1 month ago So no one will talk about smart water.....
  • Rick Eman ekaf
    Rick Eman ekaf 2 weeks ago The drone phone at 2:02 is fake, mark rober made a video on it
  • EvoRulz
    EvoRulz 1 week ago he actually built a working one heh
  • sufiyan samir
    sufiyan samir 6 days ago (edited) Check 'Captain Disillusion' on the same topic! He is one of the best debunkers out there!! ❤️
  • AVMP
    AVMP 5 days ago Most of it is fake
  • Cole Wurz
    Cole Wurz 5 days ago Agreed
  • 🌷🌸Spry🌸🌷
    🌷🌸Spry🌸🌷 3 days ago Rick Eman ekaf we didnt need him to say it
  • 🌷🌸Spry🌸🌷
    🌷🌸Spry🌸🌷 3 days ago You should have been able to tell
  • Llama Drama
    Llama Drama 2 days ago (edited) 99.999999999% of comments The drone was fake 0.0000000001% of comments 8:00 Ready player 1
  • SkullField
    SkullField 7 months ago 2:00 is fake.... you fell for it.....
  • 12tallerdreng
    12tallerdreng 7 months ago SkullField the mobile drone?
  • SkullField
    SkullField 7 months ago (edited) yes, it has been thoroughly debunked. and it does not take much to see that it is fake. but here is a good video showing why.
  • Kayne Gray
    Kayne Gray 7 months ago No
  • Juana Fred
    Juana Fred 7 months ago Yea it is you can a see a stick
  • Jak Crow
    Jak Crow 7 months ago Completely debunked. The guy is trying to get people to use his Amazon affiliate links to make money off people too stupid to realize it's fake
  • Cube
  • Cube
    Cube 7 months ago opps
  • sushi is life 35
    sushi is life 35 7 months ago Fake af his finger goes gets erased
  • J tet
    J tet 7 months ago 2 propellers means 2 dimensional movement, left/right and up/down. It cannot tilt towards or away from camera. Dji makes QUADcopters for a reason.
  • Ascher Lafayette
    Ascher Lafayette 7 months ago No, didn't believe it for a second
    R33PER GAMING! 7 months ago Lol was about to comment the same thing then i saw this😂😂
  • Charles Almqvists
    Charles Almqvists 7 months ago @R33PER GAMING! Yeah. Same
  • RZX
    RZX 7 months ago I already know it’s fake because I watched mark rober
  • Blkninjaking
    Blkninjaking 7 months ago Uea it wae debuncked by disilusion
  • Vinyl Record
    Vinyl Record 7 months ago Actually I already knew it was fake so jokes on you
  • Trugster50
    Trugster50 7 months ago Right at 2:10 if you pause it you can see a small black spot on the left side of the phone. Probably green screen glove
  • Leon O'Briant
    Leon O'Briant 7 months ago XXxX
  • Indigo Raven
    Indigo Raven 7 months ago Not only is it fake, but its entirely impossible. two motors of that size running off of the batteries of a phone could in no way create enough lift to keep it hovering in midair, let alone let it be that stable.
  • Squirtle1423
    Squirtle1423 7 months ago i was going to leave the same comment but ya beat me to it
  • JUST WESLEY 1209
    JUST WESLEY 1209 7 months ago Na who is stupid enough to believe that 2 engines can carry a heavy phone
  • Dco Greenhills
    Dco Greenhills 7 months ago Theres a video of this proving its fake
  • Dco Greenhills
    Dco Greenhills 7 months ago Im pretty sure some of us got juked
  • Jim Henderson
    Jim Henderson 7 months ago Yep. Very fake, Much not real
  • Jean-Francois Turpin
    Jean-Francois Turpin 7 months ago well those two motors are far from strong enough to hold this cellphone!
  • Whityj
    Whityj 7 months ago lol
  • tora
    tora 7 months ago And remember Love with your hearth. Use your head for everything else!
  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 7 months ago @sushi is life 35 lol cant see that. Probably because im watching on a quite huge tablet with only 720p max
  • Mr Retro
    Mr Retro 7 months ago I knew it was fake
  • Can I hit 100,000 subscribers
    Can I hit 100,000 subscribers 7 months ago Yea
  • Koby1092 Gaming
    Koby1092 Gaming 7 months ago I know
  • draco dueler
    draco dueler 6 months ago I watched it and i 👍 his better because hw shows facts.
  • YGYO-hasan umiter
    YGYO-hasan umiter 6 months ago SkullField a
  • Mihai Budau
    Mihai Budau 6 months ago It is so messy! it is the worst editing skill.
  • Adam N
    Adam N 6 months ago I wouldn't have phrased it that way, but it was disappointing to see this on here after already seeing it debunked.
  • A Doggie Boi
    A Doggie Boi 6 months ago SkullField I watched that Mark Rober video too!
  • A Doggie Boi
    A Doggie Boi 6 months ago RZX same
  • Absinthe
    Absinthe 6 months ago Yeah
  • RyTube07
    RyTube07 6 months ago No
  • Skylander Chin
    Skylander Chin 6 months ago Mark Rober
  • Gabriel sobczak
    Gabriel sobczak 6 months ago It’s fake
  • GD cats Eye
    GD cats Eye 6 months ago I did not
  • Xtrullor88
    Xtrullor88 6 months ago ya i know its fake. i didn't fall for it though
  • Brokenears20
    Brokenears20 6 months ago you can see little black dot appear and the ocean wave not moving .
  • lauri ei mun sukunimi
    lauri ei mun sukunimi 6 months ago @R33PER GAMING! same
  • DDD Ddf
    DDD Ddf 5 months ago it is also a scam
  • breana brown
    breana brown 5 months ago Its not fake he flipped a switch and the propellars are on top
  • Jacqueline Voss
    Jacqueline Voss 5 months ago I was about to put 2:00 No one beleiving your bullshit
  • Maximillian Mus
    Maximillian Mus 5 months ago I watch captain disillusion
  • Geablet Animations 2
    Geablet Animations 2 5 months ago i didn't, i saw the Mark Rober video on it
  • Maximillian Mus
    Maximillian Mus 5 months ago @Geablet Animations 2 same
  • Void Ramos
    Void Ramos 5 months ago It sure is fake there's a whole video explaining it
  • Roberts & Draper Trucking LLC
    Roberts & Draper Trucking LLC 5 months ago I dident
  • Chandelure F-5
    Chandelure F-5 5 months ago @Indigo Raven maybe have 4 bladed propellers on a bigger battery strapped to the phone.
  • MelonSlayer78
    MelonSlayer78 5 months ago not me
  • Thorondor
    Thorondor 5 months ago I actually did not. I fly RC, and I know when something is being held up.
  • James Smith
    James Smith 5 months ago Yeah mark rober debunked the mobile drone
  • Red Dragon 2467
    Red Dragon 2467 5 months ago breana brown watch captain disillusion
  • X Gen
    X Gen 5 months ago Wrong. I already knew it was fake.
    FNAF PLAYER 5 months ago This can gat made it
  • Jacob Mixon
    Jacob Mixon 5 months ago It's fake bc how the hell can the fans not turn at all but still make the phone tilt some
  • Vinster ;p
    Vinster ;p 5 months ago No I didn't I already knew that it's fake
  • Morgan Ronal
    Morgan Ronal 5 months ago They can't hold that much any row the phone is too hevy
  • Ayham abdul latif
    Ayham abdul latif 5 months ago @12tallerdreng yes that that was fake
  • Ayham abdul latif
    Ayham abdul latif 5 months ago @Kayne Gray yes it was
  • [WUT]Dante
    [WUT]Dante 5 months ago this isn’t his only fake
  • v red
    v red 5 months ago I was gonna say the same thing
  • v red
    v red 5 months ago @breana brown the propellers are real and they are spinning but those propellers are only strong enough to lift 5 nickels. Also look closeley you can see a bunch of times they messed up editing
  • Aaron Sperry
    Aaron Sperry 5 months ago Mark rober debunt it
  • The Random Gamers
    The Random Gamers 5 months ago True it is
  • the big kid
    the big kid 5 months ago No i didnt
  • J Rocks music
    J Rocks music 5 months ago Ya
  • Tacokoer
    Tacokoer 5 months ago @Kayne Gray its a fecking scam get over it
  • Mr Waffles
    Mr Waffles 5 months ago SkullField I have seen the video about mark rober
  • ImNotAUsername
    ImNotAUsername 5 months ago you need 16-17 rotors to hold the thing.
  • I'm Lucid
    I'm Lucid 5 months ago Came to the comments as soon as I seen this one lol Obviously impossible, if it was actually floating with things literally for "Stabilization" there would be a different occurrence in movement, the movement looks so artificial and suspended , with a dangling motion.
  • Tacocat King
    Tacocat King 5 months ago Ha i didnt but yes a lot of people did i was just about ti comment that.
  • Tacocat King
    Tacocat King 5 months ago @12tallerdreng yes its fake
  • Tacocat King
    Tacocat King 5 months ago @Blkninjaking and mark rober
  • Tacocat King
    Tacocat King 5 months ago @Trugster50 no, i think ya stick but yeah mabe idk
  • Patrick Berger
    Patrick Berger 5 months ago Captain disillusion anyone?
  • LemonBird
    LemonBird 5 months ago i didn’t fall for it, it looks fake af
  • {}leofleimsYT{}
    {}leofleimsYT{} 5 months ago lies u are a poor jealous
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 5 months ago Yeah its fake mark rober proved it
  • Fask
    Fask 4 months ago guys, theres a video that debunked it, stop saying thats fake, everyone know '-'
  • Deboomp
    Deboomp 4 months ago i know its fake. i saw a debunking video for it. and,the person who debunked it made a real one. boom.
  • Tech Freaks
    Tech Freaks 4 months ago that sucks
  • Ultra Galaxeye
    Ultra Galaxeye 4 months ago Debunked by Mark Rober I knew that
  • MXH
    MXH 4 months ago MARK ROBER
  • RoÆther
    RoÆther 4 months ago Many of them are fake, same with the "conductive paint"
  • Roberto de Jesús Rangel
    Roberto de Jesús Rangel 3 months ago the people who say it's real is because they do not know anything about it, putting a pair of propellers in that way is not going to do anything to fly. First study about that and then think. It is obviously false
  • Nyan_cat 101
    Nyan_cat 101 3 months ago You can see the stick holding it for a split second and I saw the debunking video
  • Not John
    Not John 3 months ago Yeah, most of us know it’s fake
  • DominusGlitch
    DominusGlitch 3 months ago Captain disalusion explained it
  • Malakhi Lindsay
  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen 2 months ago i dint mark rober told me so
  • Tomy Sonardi
    Tomy Sonardi 2 months ago @Kayne Gray u dumb or something
  • Many Much Subs With One Vid
    Many Much Subs With One Vid 2 months ago No we didn't, we watch Captain Disillusion too
  • Chance Milburn
    Chance Milburn 2 months ago Mark Rober proved it
  • Koodge
    Koodge 1 month ago I was lookin to see someone mentioning this as soon as I saw it in the video.
  • Aušra Vinokur
    Aušra Vinokur 1 month ago @Kayne Gray YES Watch this
  • Wolf Family
    Wolf Family 1 month ago It's fake, some body is holding.
  • Le Phong Nguyen
    Le Phong Nguyen 1 month ago SkullField o i see too watch My comment
  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 3 weeks ago Kayne Gray actually yes, moron
  • Zahavi Areeb
    Zahavi Areeb 2 weeks ago Its actual bs
  • Tinzalix
    Tinzalix 2 weeks ago sad to see
  • Andoran
    Andoran 2 weeks ago not gonna lie, mark rober did a video on this
  • Maria Camilla
    Maria Camilla 2 weeks ago 12tallerdreng yeah Too heavy(the phone)
  • Jhay ivan Robles
    Jhay ivan Robles 2 weeks ago I didn't tell for it not everybody fell for it
  • Emerson Sheggeby
    Emerson Sheggeby 1 week ago SkullField I did know that was fake
  • Ghiry Wolff
    Ghiry Wolff 4 days ago Kayne Gray stupid
  • Kalapala Vishnu
    Kalapala Vishnu 2 weeks ago That’s fake!! 2:04 and its a scam that motor can’t handle the weight of the phone, and the left side of the river is freezed
  • Eric Swansboro
    Eric Swansboro 5 days ago Or you could just give credit to doc dissillusion...
  • The Crafter
    The Crafter 4 days ago 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️the mobile drone is fake😂😂
  • mal siaosi
    mal siaosi 7 hours ago why would you need any of these when you have FidGeT SpInNeRs
  • Universegaming
    Universegaming 3 days ago BTW The Mobile Drone Are Not Real, It Already Debunked Because There Is No Way A Motor That Small Can Lift A Phone That Big
  • Best of CSGO
    Best of CSGO 1 day ago Mobile drone is fake....... Go and watch Captain Disillusion
  • Addy
    Addy 1 day ago 2:32 looks like a BTS concert
  • Lezereth X10
  • Leta gamerz
    Leta gamerz 7 months ago (edited) 2:03 ..nooo someone fell for it.. watched a vid proving its fake yesterday -_-
  • lildeviousdude
    lildeviousdude 7 months ago the motions kinda give it away tho
  • Arber Shuli
    Arber Shuli 7 months ago Yea
  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 7 months ago Cap d or mark r
  • Mitch_ Camo
    Mitch_ Camo 6 months ago mark Robert or captaindissilusion?
  • TheOnlyAbacus
    TheOnlyAbacus 6 months ago I watched Captain Disillusion
  • A Doggie Boi
    A Doggie Boi 6 months ago TheOnlyAbacus I watched mark rober
  • Diamond Yoshi101
    Diamond Yoshi101 5 months ago Both Capt and Mark
  • Dj_wonder412 awesome
    Dj_wonder412 awesome 5 months ago Captain disillusion
    BILLY MCBILLY 5 months ago mark rober?
  • JJ -419
    JJ -419 4 months ago Captain disillusion?
  • MyVanir
    MyVanir 4 months ago Metal Gear?
  • Kaitiger 1507
    Kaitiger 1507 4 months ago Mark?
  • Vlad Khmel
    Vlad Khmel 4 months ago Well, what's the name of the vid
  • Shade YT
    Shade YT 3 months ago OMG IKR!!
  • bacongaming365
    bacongaming365 2 months ago Same
  • Harley Me
    Harley Me 1 month ago I already know its fake, if the ball is a constant weight, then once it passes a gravity curve, it will stay there. unless they believe a pendulum will go back and forth forever.. Pretty obvious something mechical useing energy is tipping the board back and forth..
  • scott brady
    scott brady 7 months ago the first one the clock is for sale for $8,300 WTF, yeah i will buy two thanks
  • Evan M
    Evan M 7 months ago (edited) You can probably build one using a micro controller and some electromagnets in under a week. A day or two if you have someone that has even a little experience with arduinos.
  • 5 e TEK T
    5 e TEK T 4 months ago hi, where to find or buy that clock
  • Kyojin_9
    Kyojin_9 7 months ago 8:00 this will work perfectly with the VR 😍
  • Mr. Mind Blow
    Mr. Mind Blow 7 months ago 🙏🏻
    THE1FIREHAWK 7 months ago That’s what it was made for but ok
  • Kyle Blake
    Kyle Blake 7 months ago Redy Player One IRL? LIKE FOR THE OASIS CONSOLE.
  • Димитрије Андулајевић
    Димитрије Андулајевић 7 months ago That is literally it's porpoise
  • The Alaskan Potato
    The Alaskan Potato 7 months ago @Kyle Blake IKFR?!! AAAAH!!!
  • Petrovo SCP Foundation.
    Petrovo SCP Foundation. 7 months ago Oasis RPO
  • Shawn Yang
    Shawn Yang 6 months ago Ready player one!!!
  • sebastian ortyl
    sebastian ortyl 6 months ago like but i wana pictires
  • sebastian ortyl
    sebastian ortyl 6 months ago @Kyle Blake no whats that
  • bigtime music
    bigtime music 5 months ago @Kyle Blake i k r
  • 8-bit Damien THAT DUDE
    8-bit Damien THAT DUDE 5 months ago Kyojin_9 THATS what it’s for
  • Lyricim
    Lyricim 5 months ago they actually used this in the movie Ready Player One watch it again to see the infinadeck but without the harness
  • Aliencool
    Aliencool 5 months ago The future is now !!!... ya estamos listos para el VR =D
  • the big kid
    the big kid 5 months ago Thats the point of it
  • Conrad Jack
    Conrad Jack 5 months ago Geez, I wonder what it'll be like to be walking in an anime world! 😵
  • ABH-Vlogs
    ABH-Vlogs 5 months ago Kyojin_9 You can see it in use in the movie ready player one
  • Madlybrain Yeet
    Madlybrain Yeet 4 months ago I think it was made for that
  • Guven Marangoz
    Guven Marangoz 4 months ago Kurankerlm
  • Raphael Strobl
    Raphael Strobl 4 months ago Kyojin_9 Ich
  • chuck9723
    chuck9723 4 months ago that's what it was made for yah dum dum
  • BaconRain41
    BaconRain41 1 month ago Ready player onnnne
  • PARAX Yxnnq
    PARAX Yxnnq 1 month ago Ready Player One? :;D
    EVIL JOE 1 month ago (edited) Kyojin_9 i'll tell you more. This is the future of games. In 2040 almost all games will be compliable with this stuff
  • Tiriaq
    Tiriaq 3 weeks ago My problem is... is it extremely light to do or you will be done very soon with your game. Normally I already have the problem that I want to change the soft cushion for another after 2 games because it gets wet from doing all kinds of actions.
  • Tejas Pophale
    Tejas Pophale 5 months ago (edited) 8:15 So this is the perfect science and technology gadget 😂
  • Soviet spy
    Soviet spy 5 months ago Yeah?! Everyone knows that
  • Vxwkxosqrtj xzkljyt
    Vxwkxosqrtj xzkljyt 4 months ago *poop*
  • Fask
    Fask 4 months ago 50% of the comments are about the hover phone '-'
  • Jazzin8r *
    Jazzin8r * 4 months ago mark rober made vid out it being fake
  • Bahadır Yerlikaya
    Bahadır Yerlikaya 7 months ago 7:09 short circuit. Fake
  • the morido 99
    the morido 99 7 months ago 6:36 it's called magnus effect, not bernoulli e-e
  • Jsp 193
    Jsp 193 8 months ago 2:33 shut up and take my money
  • CrazyKaliKids
    CrazyKaliKids 8 months ago Jose Solano Pineda look up phozee on instagram
  • filipposSdred
    filipposSdred 7 months ago the name of this POLYGON BALL WITH LED AND MIRRORS?? anyware in net for DIY?
  • filipposSdred
    filipposSdred 7 months ago carl
  • Fortnite 2019
    Fortnite 2019 7 months ago Cube full glass ca. 80$. Leds 200$(ws2812b speciak keds like 1000 off then: Powersource like 80$.
  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 7 months ago I’m trying to build that ASAP
  • ghostbanni
    ghostbanni 7 months ago Omg yes epilepsi is fucking worth IT
  • Friedrick Michel
    Friedrick Michel 7 months ago Meet Carl.
  • Akirien
    Akirien 7 months ago All destiny players want this now
  • Marrim van Doornen
    Marrim van Doornen 7 months ago @Akirien fkn everess engrams
  • Chilli Godlevel
    Chilli Godlevel 7 months ago @Doctor Spaghetti your wife nearly gave me hepes cunt
  • Kiko Moseley
    Kiko Moseley 6 months ago Jose Solano Pineda
  • Lil Abilit.y
    Lil Abilit.y 6 months ago Jose Solano Pineda YES STROBES FOR MY ROOM!!
  • TTNF_BlondFro
    TTNF_BlondFro 6 months ago @Akirien yea its an engram
  • gabikaa kántor
    gabikaa kántor 6 months ago U
  • Rick
    Rick 6 months ago two way mirrors, rgb led strips + controller, 18650s as a power source. voila.
  • Void Ramos
    Void Ramos 5 months ago Akirien ITS AN EXOTIC ENGRAM
  • SpicyJuul
    SpicyJuul 5 months ago (edited) There's a guy on YouTube named coltography and I believe he has a video on this
  • Sarah Pursley
    Sarah Pursley 5 months ago I know! What is it?
  • Andre Pamart
    Andre Pamart 4 months ago <3
  • Dalton Stipek
    Dalton Stipek 4 months ago I got to see this beautiful creation first hand. The guy that made it is a festival goer and it's his totem. He named it Carl, if you go to festivals, you will understand.
  • durre plays
    durre plays 2 weeks ago Yoooo
  • Tigran Stepanyan
    Tigran Stepanyan 4 days ago The ultimate future gadget is photoshop