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Blackview BV5500 Review - Decent Cheap Rugged Phone

Published on Feb 15, 2019 6,512 views

Blackview BV5500 Review - Decent Cheap Rugged Phone
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  • Kendell James
    Kendell James 2 months ago Thank you for this review, been waiting for a while now..
  • ik osato
    ik osato 1 month ago I love this kind of product
  • Roni Alush
    Roni Alush 3 months ago Finally an acceptable design for a Chinese rugged phone
  • JiuN Yap
    JiuN Yap 3 months ago (edited) The back of the phone Looks like black shark🤔
    DNPR YOUTUBE 1 month ago Yeah i think too
  • caio carugati
    caio carugati 3 weeks ago Really bad phone and shitty company i would not recommend
    RASHID MEHMOOD Azad 3 weeks ago For money it's worth it
  • caio carugati
    caio carugati 2 weeks ago @RASHID MEHMOOD Azad i dont think so man its better to spend a little more on stuff like processors ei snapdragon 68...0 rather than the shitty ones they use