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Easy Smartphone Mic: Comica CVM-VS08 Unboxing and Review

Published on May 15, 2019 37 views

Comica CVM-VS08 is a smartphone mic that's easy to use and really delivers on audio quality. Comica is the budget friendly brand for all budget microphone recording needs. Phone vlogging needs great audio to stand out, and this might be the right one for you.

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Ease of use, audio quality, and budget are the three biggest factors when deciding a microphone purchase. This mic does well in all three categories.If you record video mainly on a smartphone, but want bigger and fuller audio quality this might be the mic for you. It attaches directly to your phone and stays in place while filming. The audio is directly synced with the video so that makes post production easier. The quality is quite good for how small and portable the microphone is. The price is on the higher end of budget microphones, but really steps up the quality of a vlog or home video or school project, or whatever else you want to record on your smartphone.

The downside is that most smartphones now are built without a headphone jack for this to mount on. This still works with a usb or lighting to headphone jack adapter, so that is a nice feature.

The included windscreen is a necessary feature if you record outdoors. Any amount of wind will ruin audio without a thick wind screen in place. This includes both an indoor and outdoor windscreen.

As always, shot on the Fujifilm X-T2 :

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