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Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Published on Mar 27, 2019 1,393,421 views

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A comparison of specs, cameras, battery, price, and more. Which Smartphone do YOU think wins in 2019?

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss 3 months ago (edited) Got a 🔥 Camera comparison cooking up - This P30 Pro at night is going to BLOW. YOU. AWAY...Stay tuned Edit, made a typo in the video - Samsung screen resolution is 1440x3040, not 1140x3040 !
  • karthikeyan M.V
    karthikeyan M.V 1 week ago Are you using exynos version ??
  • Ice Monarch
    Ice Monarch 2 weeks ago Mister if you would be so kind to give me 1 Huawei p30 pro? To gift it to my hardworking loving mom❤️🎁
  • Sytse Kempenaar
    Sytse Kempenaar 1 month ago My phone has 4k res. Only pro on more resolution is better screenshots. The con on it is, besides double res size, double battery usage. So coming to display resolution, i would go for the huawei. Phones are not ready for resolutions over qhd. They may never be (not counting battery usage in that statement).
  • Avila Cesar
    Avila Cesar 1 month ago awesome, just liked and subscribed...
  • Sakarias Karlsson
    Sakarias Karlsson 1 month ago Now i like huawei more.
  • Ha Akbari
    Ha Akbari 2 months ago And in addition to that Huawei works better with Dual Sim as Samsung. Samsung doesnt show LTE although my providers has LTE conditions.
  • Ha Akbari
    Ha Akbari 2 months ago Mrwhosetheboss I have made a comparison between these two. I have to say that the S10 Plus has a terrible charging time and its battery is a disaster. Huawei has the option a normal user needs immeditely. The software of Samsung is better and the pictures are more realistic but this all isnt enough compared to the battery. Huawei has a fantastic night mode. The ultra standby mode has more functions. The hype of the S10 Plus was pretty exagerated.
  • Shahzeb Raja
    Shahzeb Raja 2 months ago Mrwhosetheboss I like both smartphones hard to pick one over the other !
  • Daisha Jimenez
    Daisha Jimenez 2 months ago Who else imagined his voice while reading his comment? hahaha 🤣 damn sexy voice!
  • RaviTeja Dara
    RaviTeja Dara 3 months ago Be more louder in your videos!!! Be bold in your opinions @Arunmaini
  • elvyra yap
    elvyra yap 3 months ago So which one you think won?
  • razor total
    razor total 3 months ago Mrwhosetheboss Can you test S10 plus vs P30 Pro vs Mi 9, but use Google camera pro on Mi 9 O:) Xiaomi havent that good camera application O:) it can be just pictures, mustn't be full video.
  • pushpop2002
    pushpop2002 3 months ago When will the test be ready. Some claim P30 Pro is better for night time photos but S10+ i better for videos? :D
  • Paula Marie Ruiz
    Paula Marie Ruiz 3 months ago I actually love the Samsung Galaxy S10+ but sad to say I cannot afford this kind of value because I am poor HAhahah
  • Ramon Castillo
    Ramon Castillo 3 months ago Dude 4k is not 4 times better than 1080p just twice much since 1920x1080 and 3840x2160 for the front facing cameras.
  • Abhijeet Kumar
    Abhijeet Kumar 3 months ago I beg to differ. Huawei P30 pro is almost complete smartphone. iPhones are not required any more. This even beats Galaxy s10+. Super zoom will be useful in wildlife photography. This will actually change the DSLR game totally.
  • pinoytvshows full episode
    pinoytvshows full episode 3 months ago hello, goood video ^_^ 4542260
  • Make Everything Free
    Make Everything Free 3 months ago Hi, could you please include the H.mate 30 X when it is released.
  • Ivan Najera
    Ivan Najera 3 months ago @The Ocean Q i know i am but what am i
  • Avron gomez
    Avron gomez 3 months ago Can you please compare s10e vs P30... It would be really good
  • Kira Kira
    Kira Kira 3 months ago @G deherkar What da fak
  • M.Danytein Khan
    M.Danytein Khan 3 months ago No man😂😂😂
  • Emre O
    Emre O 3 months ago Note, the P30 synthetically blurs too much the background, and the images are way too saturated looking fake and not realistic. We lose proper image control with the P30 thanks to the software.
  • Alex Michael
    Alex Michael 3 months ago Congrats for your balanced approach 👍
  • Syed Rehan
    Syed Rehan 3 months ago I actually want to know about ois on huwaei p30 pro
  • DarknessShadowGaming
    DarknessShadowGaming 3 months ago Compare the P30 Pro with the P20 Pro in terms of camera please!
  • themadkiller101
    themadkiller101 3 months ago @Shane Carroll lets not go there. my comment was suppose to be just a joke telling china makes a lot fake products like plastic rice for instance specially phones and you jumped into terrorism ..whoah
  • Shane Carroll
    Shane Carroll 3 months ago @themadkiller101 stupid thing to say. Unintelligent not liking something because it's Chinese when the Americans are the most corrupt terrorist, spying country in the world and you like their products. Absolutely ridiculous😂 American products aka cell phones, just can't compete with superior Chinese and Korean brands.
  • themadkiller101
    themadkiller101 3 months ago @Shane Carroll china fakes a lot of products..
  • Abdulwaduod Tago
    Abdulwaduod Tago 3 months ago markatkinson167 to make top notch small as possible
  • Abdulwaduod Tago
    Abdulwaduod Tago 3 months ago Battery test battery test battery test please
  • markatkinson167
    markatkinson167 3 months ago Why huwaei did you not build in a slim top speaker!!!!!
  • Mark X
    Mark X 3 months ago Pixel 3 of 2018 cannot record in 60fps 4K
  • Mark X
    Mark X 3 months ago While watching content on the S10+ all i notice is that cutout tbh
  • Charles D' Gomes
    Charles D' Gomes 3 months ago please make a battery drain test
  • Shane Carroll
    Shane Carroll 3 months ago @Syed Kashani Huawei give you the adapter in the box so it's no big deal
  • jobin Joseph k
    jobin Joseph k 3 months ago Cant wait for the camera & battery performance.....this is gonna be epic.....🥰🤩😎🤟👍
  • Syed Kashani
    Syed Kashani 3 months ago Samsung has won with its 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Shane Carroll
    Shane Carroll 3 months ago @themadkiller101 apple is American and a more terrorist county than China so what's your point
  • wonders of the earth
    wonders of the earth 3 months ago Mrwhosetheboss give away😉
  • Joel’s Media
    Joel’s Media 3 months ago Try unbox the Oppo F11pro 😁😊
  • Sinan Mamed
    Sinan Mamed 3 months ago SAMSUNG🔥
  • PyCoder
    PyCoder 3 months ago How is the call quality?
  • Minjabanica _107
    Minjabanica _107 3 months ago (edited) Sorry but you made a mistake...Two times..You can change the resolution from the settings to 3444×4664.Samsung set it to shitter resolution to get better results with battery.
    CHIP OFFTHEOLDBLOCK 3 months ago @Rashed Mahmud Olive Yep. In the mean time on my Note 9 I downloaded the Google gcam apk and now have night sights. It works well. Plus better selfies. I use Sammy's app for everything else.
  • Mir Faisal
    Mir Faisal 3 months ago Huawei p30 Pro is the real beast🐅
  • S k
    S k 3 months ago Compare p30 with s10 exynos version please coz its only available in our country
    CHIP OFFTHEOLDBLOCK 3 months ago Best comparison video so far on these two flagships. Very detailed. Thank you for pointing out the differences. To me Samsung is more intuitive when it comes to customers needs. More refined and elegant.
  • Lukas Dvorok
    Lukas Dvorok 3 months ago P30 PRO optical fingerprint scanner is actually faster than S10 or at least same speed. Please watch some other reviewers impressions. Even Lue was surprised how fast it was in his unboxing video. It's next generation of optical scanner, better than one found on Mate 20 PRO. Almost as fast as regular FP scanner.
    DEDS3C CH4NNEL 3 months ago Mrwhosetheboss battery test
  • subas thapa
    subas thapa 3 months ago The superiority on gaming of s10plus over p30 pro is true only for SD 855 version otherwise that exynos version is the same crap.
  • Arfuz Zaman
    Arfuz Zaman 3 months ago Plz shoot some full moon pictures with p20pro
  • TechBvN
    TechBvN 3 months ago Ya both r awesome
  • II DS II
    II DS II 3 months ago Hey please try to keep the new airpods between the p30pro and S10 like a sandwich. And then try to charge the airpod. Will the airpod change faster the usual?
  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo 3 months ago S10 is better OVERALL. Huawei software is not upto the level and that UGLY NOTCH with no stereo speakeres, headjack .
  • Guilherme Lunardi
    Guilherme Lunardi 3 months ago Mrwhosetheboss you’re the man thanks for always being in touch with your fans
  • Shamin Entertainment
    Shamin Entertainment 3 months ago Eagerly waiting sir.
  • Mani Wasaki
    Mani Wasaki 3 months ago looking forward to it
  • Lingstone Chiume
    Lingstone Chiume 3 months ago @mrwhosetheboss, why you no mention the x50 zoom on the P30 Pro?
  • Shaldon Mentoor
    Shaldon Mentoor 3 months ago Compare the Samsung galaxy s10 plus with the xiaomi mi 9 pro
  • norbert vontszemu
    norbert vontszemu 3 months ago Try the milky way shot
  • [Me as Joswin]
    [Me as Joswin] 3 months ago Dear Mrwhosetheboss You should check out the new Samsung phone Samsung galaxy m20 .
  • Cpt Mithrantir
    Cpt Mithrantir 3 months ago Is bright night of s10 series coming to s9 plus? its a shame a good camera in s9plus not having one !! :/
  • Marko Ristić
    Marko Ristić 3 months ago 256gb no 128gb
  • Live For Speed
    Live For Speed 3 months ago @Rashed Mahmud Olive not on regular s10?
  • himanshu bisht
    himanshu bisht 3 months ago (edited) @tshepang escobar i already own mate 20 pro.. god knows on what basis are you claiming this.. and only huawei privides you with option of capturing photos in vivid mode or in natural mode..
  • Robert Banu
    Robert Banu 3 months ago 2:39 LOL NO. The classic fingerprint scanners ware way way better than these new in display gimmicks.
  • Tanvir Shahriar
    Tanvir Shahriar 3 months ago Pixel night mode vs p30 night mode!!
  • tshepang escobar
    tshepang escobar 3 months ago @himanshu bisht should try Huawei phones, they can't differentiate between different colour schemes, they take gray dull photos. And that's awful right there.
    DUDE VS TECH 3 months ago What are you plans since the article 13 and 17 has been passed?
  • Aaron Dmelo
    Aaron Dmelo 3 months ago Can't wait to see that!
  • udbhav singh
    udbhav singh 3 months ago Hey Arun plz do complete camera comparison....with iPhone X's Max and pixel 3 and s10
  • themadkiller101
    themadkiller101 3 months ago @tshepang escobar who cares..huawawie is still china made and they suck lol
  • himanshu bisht
    himanshu bisht 3 months ago @tshepang escobar lol awful have you never owned a samsung phone. all photos produced by it has yellow tint in it.. how is it any better than huawei??? wait for comparison see for yourself then
  • Vishnooraja Loganathan
    Vishnooraja Loganathan 3 months ago Just two question.... include them in your camera review 1) P30 pro - Can it do optical zoom of only 5x ...... or optical zoom works for whole range of 1x to 5x 2) can telephoto camera be used in portrait or aperture modes?
  • himanshu bisht
    himanshu bisht 3 months ago please do a speed test to show your claim of putting s10 faster than p30. please please. didn't expect you to being biased
  • Rashed Mahmud Olive
    Rashed Mahmud Olive 3 months ago Night mode is also coming on S10+ next month.
  • tshepang escobar
    tshepang escobar 3 months ago @himanshu bisht since when it's being compared to all Huawei devices that takes awful daytime photos. just wait and see.🙌🏾😭 But we could all agree in nighttime photography Huawei and Google are top dawgs.🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Baba ChomuLol
    Baba ChomuLol 3 months ago Security of Samsung is better as its has Knox and is not a Chinese spy
  • himanshu bisht
    himanshu bisht 3 months ago a 5g version wow how does it makes s10 better?? you are talking about a phone that's not commercially available yet... and samsung produces natural colors????? since when?????
  • MikeyPczuk
    MikeyPczuk 3 months ago Looking forward to the best comparisons I've seen!
  • Marcus Malmberg
    Marcus Malmberg 3 months ago Well done Boss! Hope you are doing ok.
  • Johnrod Panganiban
    Johnrod Panganiban 3 months ago Hi
  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 3 months ago That's what we wanted
  • Anokhi SassyAnokhi
    Anokhi SassyAnokhi 3 months ago Excited!!!show us some samples soon amd giveaway too
  • The Ocean Q
    The Ocean Q 3 months ago You are amazing and cool😎
  • kaviyamudan ramesh
    kaviyamudan ramesh 3 months ago (edited) Ad in my video was from Samsung Edit:I meant the ad that came while I was watching this video was Samsung's
  • Roronoa Zørø
    Roronoa Zørø 3 months ago Ok
  • timeless ツ
    timeless ツ 3 months ago early
  • G deherkar
    G deherkar 3 months ago (edited) Hii (sorry for the bad english)
  • Jon Samuel
    Jon Samuel 3 months ago This guy has one of the nicest voice/accent ever. It's loud and clear yet very relaxing.
  • Muhammad Rouhan
    Muhammad Rouhan 1 day ago Like a voice assistant
  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power 1 week ago Jon Samuel he has no accent
  • ful mato
    ful mato 1 week ago Very professional
  • Mario
    Mario 3 weeks ago The guy has one of the most annoying and fake sounding voices. You people must be Americans if you think this sounds cute. It sounds like he's up his own ass. Not pretty
  • crandf
    crandf 1 month ago Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap Fap Fap Fap FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP, aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Bryan Pena
    Bryan Pena 1 month ago Also, like the softest eyes...and I'm not into dudes
  • Youtuber
    Youtuber 2 months ago @wobz that voice tou
  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 2 months ago Hahahah
  • winrx
    winrx 2 months ago Agree it's nice to listen someone with an "accent" that's actually not annoying......
  • alexander sinclair
    alexander sinclair 2 months ago @spiegel Hmm hold my beer least, we forget the dumbest accent in the UK the Birmingham accent.
  • EViLKiDD187
    EViLKiDD187 2 months ago Put your dick away ...
  • Lander
    Lander 2 months ago Dave Lee hear him?
  • Raywen R
    Raywen R 2 months ago Have you heard jerry rig everything's voice
  • spiegel
    spiegel 2 months ago (edited) @Tanbir Rashid Yes, an upper class British accent makes people sound the classiest and most intelligent of any accent in the world. But the British accent used by the lower classes (Cockney etc.) make them sound like about the least intelligent people in the world. So the British have quite the range.
  • Sweet Summer
    Sweet Summer 2 months ago Lol I agree. I want to sound like that. Though use his name. More polite
  • Tanbir Rashid
    Tanbir Rashid 2 months ago thats because he is british. they have a really nice accent.( not all of them, but most of them)
  • spiegel
    spiegel 3 months ago @wobz Come on. That's a little presumptuous. I'm sure he just wants to give him a quick handjob.
  • wobz
    wobz 3 months ago Sounds like you want to fuck him
  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago I have to agree
  • Solomon Tirwomwe
    Solomon Tirwomwe 3 months ago definitely would be Suitable for audiobooks
  • Thomas Hackner
    Thomas Hackner 3 months ago (edited) Love watching comparisons of phones I'll never be able to afford. Lmao. (EDIT) Damn guys why yall gotta be so senti about money? I was just making a joke
  • Brian Abuta
    Brian Abuta 1 week ago Never say never!👍
  • Thomas Hackner
    Thomas Hackner 1 week ago Well I came very close, just copped the standard p30
  • N9ne Nation
    N9ne Nation 2 months ago Same here😔😅
  • Christian Chandra
    Christian Chandra 2 months ago Wait for a year or two and you should be able to afford them. If not, then wait for 5 years or more and you will be able to afford them. It's quite the wait but it's not never.
  • Vladimir Adoshev
    Vladimir Adoshev 2 months ago may i ask where are you from?
  • Charmelai7
    Charmelai7 3 months ago 😂 same
  • Lozan Zana
    Lozan Zana 3 months ago Thomas Hackner I know your feelings bro!
  • Phantom ghoul 113
    Phantom ghoul 113 3 months ago And if you never believed on that goal the you'll never get to it.
  • Phantom ghoul 113
    Phantom ghoul 113 3 months ago @hello there he's saying that if you don't work toward your goal then you'll never get it. Nothing about what you just said
  • highborn superb
    highborn superb 3 months ago Same here!
  • Omar Tayyab
    Omar Tayyab 3 months ago Better this way then to buy something u cant afford. Good on u for that. One day when u can ull realize how its a waste of money:p
  • Madam Vivienne
    Madam Vivienne 3 months ago Thomas Hackner 😭
  • hello there
    hello there 3 months ago (edited) @Boxing Inc. Honestly, I'm more worried about your mentality. You should never plan just having a lot of money. You plan doing something specific otherwise it's just dreaming. That being said it was probably just a joke.
  • Boxing Inc.
    Boxing Inc. 3 months ago @Prashob Aravind yes but if you have already given up before you will never succeed
  • Prashob Aravind
    Prashob Aravind 3 months ago @Boxing Inc. it's not about attitude. It's about situation... Do not compare yourself with others. If you can afford such an expensive phone, great! But it doesn't mean all can do that.
  • Boxing Inc.
    Boxing Inc. 3 months ago With that attitude you will never be able to afford it..
  • Statue
    Statue 3 months ago I always do these kinds of things xD
  • Noah Maulani
    Noah Maulani 3 months ago 🤣🤣
  • dan k
    dan k 2 months ago Think I'll buy both and take them apart and build an sp10+30pro out of them
  • Avlon Maynard
    Avlon Maynard 3 hours ago I had the same idea, but by the time I'm finished with it you'd be better off with a Motorola 8500X lol
  • deduzz
    deduzz 1 week ago PPAP style? Ill show myself out...
  • buddy gaming
    buddy gaming 2 weeks ago @takeshi696969 -_-
  • takeshi696969
    takeshi696969 2 weeks ago Harvard:Ni🅱️🅱️a you want a scholarship?
  • Radomir Yusufov
    Radomir Yusufov 2 weeks ago sp40pro+ xdddd
  • buddy gaming
    buddy gaming 2 weeks ago You will get 100000000000 if you sell one because that smartphone is gonna be more than amazing
  • Mobile News Asap
    Mobile News Asap 3 weeks ago S10+ + p30pro = p30 pro
  • TheHottestOoferBoi
    TheHottestOoferBoi 2 months ago People living in 2019 buy one phone. People loving in 2069 buy both and make the best about them
  • King Kenroy
    King Kenroy 2 months ago Lol
  • Oskar
    Oskar 2 months ago IQ 300
  • MrRaikhurram
    MrRaikhurram 1 day ago No compare to Huawei it even give tough time I was a user of iphone xs max but believe me even mate 20 pro is class.
  • kishona69
    kishona69 3 months ago + Headphone jack + Better screen (resolution) + Dual Speakers Personally, I need those more than better picture quality.
  • anti virus
    anti virus 6 days ago @Avinash Avi s10 is the beast
  • Avinash Avi
    Avinash Avi 6 days ago @anti virus yes bro nano SD card slot
  • kemal gibran
    kemal gibran 1 week ago S10 Plus is the best for wrok wait for Note 10 is for Work too lol :V
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 weeks ago @Tian Qiu lol please give me your evidence.. lol idiot hauwei..nobody like it
  • Tian Qiu
    Tian Qiu 2 weeks ago @anti virus ok when talking about Samsung government apple dat becomes 'DIFFERENT.THING' hahaha u make me laugh too
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 weeks ago @Tian Qiu hahah thats differnt u makes me laugh...hauwei has many issues, backdoor ,lying its true... its very severe. That is the reason why people dont use hauwei
  • Tian Qiu
    Tian Qiu 2 weeks ago @anti virus ive been living in Canada 5yrs and i went to US couple times before i switch to huaweip30 i ve used iPhone for 8 yrs and i never tried Android before. objectivly you dun really need to every company is doing modifying lying spying of course your government is doing this so hardly since a long.time ago. it's basically a common sense now
  • K Ryusan
    K Ryusan 2 weeks ago @Hasim 030 lol great comeback, I got rid of the POS and went back to the note 9. All and all the damn cutout in the screen annoyed the shit out if me. And I wanted my notification led back. Also the POS fingerprint scanner was so so so slow.
  • Dark Prince
    Dark Prince 1 month ago anti virus I would choose s10 5g it’s better than p30 pro especially after huawei ban😅
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago @InfiniteDuck kk don't need to reply to this guy... I provided numerous articles links and he's still in denial lol
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago InfiniteDuck kk moon shoots, lava shoot, sales rate ,edge tech is from samsung and also p30’s display is from samsung but they said galaxy fold’s tech is far behind us wtf ... samsung already developted it 3years ago..except this they always lie
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago InfiniteDuck kk lol thats true but there is no country like hauwei... hauwei is king of lie... always liying
  • InfiniteDuck kk
    InfiniteDuck kk 2 months ago @anti virus Huawei ain't the only company who lie and have backdoor issues.
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago InfiniteDuck kk nobody like modify, lie, backdoor issues company
  • InfiniteDuck kk
    InfiniteDuck kk 2 months ago @anti virus you don't hate the P30 Pro, you hate the company. and releasing tantrums on every device they make.
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago (edited) ​@Yao Jason De quoi tu parles lol ? Mon profil indique clairemement que jviens de Montreal, Canada criss.... And where do you see me commenting on other huawei vid. I am curious tho on how someone can be so retarded in thinking at lying on something so fucking stupid and insignificant hahahaha Yes I am a representative of Huawei and I am task at commenting in every yt vid that is calling us out hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Someone is going to be on r/quityourbullshit;) Be gone Yao dai
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago @LekiPlays lol . Think about it. Hauwei cant use android os anymore ^^ and s10 has much more features. Its your choice. And also in my country s10 is much cheaper
  • LekiPlays
    LekiPlays 2 months ago @anti virus lol you soooooo wrong,p30 pro is cheaper almost everywhere,p30 pro is more value for money but no headphone jack is kinda a deal breaker,im gonna buy a p30 cause its cheap for what it is,the s10+ looks stupid but both are awesome
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago (edited) @Yao Jason lol chinese is chinese.. Dont care about it
  • Yao Jason
    Yao Jason 2 months ago @anti virus He's an advertising man from huawei because I found serveral similar comments in other video and the time he comment waa in Chinese timezone.
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago And I am not even trying to put Samsung on the same boat as Huawei. I am just saying that it is extremely hypocritical for people to criticize Huawei as much because of the recent tensions between America and China. And then portray a Company as "cheat,modify and lie" when there is no evidence of such things. Even if they did, they were extremely successful as the company share grew more than 50% this year while all other companies were down. Oh btw, have we forgotten the numerous design, ui scandals when Samsung initially release the Galaxy?
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago ​@anti viruswhat? I think you're confused. I simply pinpointed that all manufacturers have once had issues similar to the backdoor and Huawei is, unfortunately, part of it... never even hinted once that none issues and issues were the same lol
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago @Oscar Guo oh ok but none issues vs issues is definitely different
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago (edited) so what it’s not a chipset, it was a programming error. Huawei and Microsoft already sent patches to fix it.... that was it. It’s happens, just like Asus this year.
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago Oscar Guo no it does not... then why there is a backdoor chipset on hauwei,s laptop?̊̈?
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago (edited) so what but all these other manufacturers have had or have worse issues then huawei as you can see with the articles I provided
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago 邹海波 ?̊̈. Miracle of what?̊̈?̊̈ lol miracle of modify, lying?̊̈
  • 邹海波
    邹海波 2 months ago @anti virus Take a look at the Huawei Ark compiler, which will revolutionize the Android system. Let Android be as smooth as IOS, Huawei will continue to create miracles.
  • anti virus
    anti virus 2 months ago @Oscar Guo alright but issues are the is definitely not saftier then none issues
  • Oscar Guo
    Oscar Guo 2 months ago @anti virus No i am saying that every company is providing data to the authorities. Arguing about Huawei taking personal info just because it is from a communist country when Samsung has been exposed to offering bribes and corruption to the south korean government which led to the dismissal of its president... Also there are virtually no proof of data impeachment from Huawei yet.