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The Real Reason Chinese Phones are so Cheap in 2019...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Published on Jan 25, 2018 1,574,355 views

How can chinese companies sell phones for $100 and make money? 5 Reasons why!
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In the last point, reliable and reliability play a big role in why parts are so cheap.

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  • Zi Reviews Tech
    Zi Reviews Tech 1 year ago Hey guys I'm giving away TWO cell phones worth $369 & $269, link below! β–Άβ–Άβ–Ά
  • Bob Han
    Bob Han 1 month ago lier Zi, other phones are expensive because they dont steal technology, wait it's not stealing it's open source in China LOL. Zi mentions Samsung and LG marketing budget which includes TV, fridge, washing machine, smartphones and many more stuff. Typical Chinese trick, lies with partial truth. Samsung makes it's own memory chips. And Samsung uses crappier memory chip than Apple, another lie. I couldn't finish this garbage lies, good bye lier Chinese. Hope your emperor paid you a lot for lying.
  • Macdeep
    Macdeep 1 month ago @Free Speech they are fully sponsored by Chinese govt
  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 1 month ago chinese version of taqqiya. Liars. They basically stole everything from apple manufacturing. Period. Anyone open a factory in china..the product design will be all over china next day making clones.
  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 1 month ago i dont like you steal zreview name...chinese are thiefs. whole 1.5 billion chinese are scammers and thief.
  • Macdeep
    Macdeep 1 month ago I badly need sonim xp8
  • Pra vv nick cy
    Pra vv nick cy 2 months ago Por-Bajin = TARTARIAN EMPIRE? Ps Project Disclosure, Igor Witkowski Eng, Lagiewka bumper, Lechian Empire, European Sasanids and Angelos, Convex Earth Documentary...
  • jozzerful2
    jozzerful2 3 months ago Have I missed your phone giveaway?
  • John King'ori
    John King'ori 3 months ago I haven't even seen the first thing and here you are, telling me not once but twice
  • John King'ori
    John King'ori 3 months ago You fuckin keep telling me to subscribe and like after almost every one minute. This is why I won't subscribe
  • George Carlin
    George Carlin 3 months ago Hey bro if you want to make money one thing you might do is keep your cost down really low where you make a small profit off of doing stuff like this and focus your attention towards the truth movement the 9/11 truth movement in America this is where you will start to see that the truth movement is fighting for the people not for the Zionist corporations all ran for the state of Israel for world domination this is a really big deal and I know that if we all work together we can win this war it's a war for our minds and for our freedoms we can stand up for the people
  • yahya sunyday
    yahya sunyday 6 months ago in my country algeria 2 coorporations condor and iris phones here cost from 20dollars to 1000 accoarding to the type and quality good but not so grite phones cost 150 100 dollars
  • EdmondEnterprises Group Inc.
    EdmondEnterprises Group Inc. 6 months ago Ok
  • DΓ€s Viva Handy
    DΓ€s Viva Handy 7 months ago Give them to ur mother the bitch
  • Siris
    Siris 8 months ago @Megan Telliano It depends, but most of the time the band is the same for US and China.
  • he he
    he he 9 months ago because you are cheap , so you only see the cheap phone. mate20 rs is 2000 euros.
  • Bob Han
    Bob Han 9 months ago Chinese phones copy other patents without paying for the license. So they can sell cheap but they can NOT export to USA. Zi, can XiowMi export to USA?
  • Bob Han
    Bob Han 9 months ago Samsung buys cheap RAM? Samsung makes their own RAM, own CPU, own display, and own camera sensor. Chinese buys Samsung rejects after Apple buys second best from Samsung, LOL.
  • Joseph Stott
    Joseph Stott 9 months ago (edited) Will Glass just saying "note" technology isn't self explanatory, you mean polymer bank note technology right? They actually still pay Australia a license to print that money too.
  • Megan Telliano
    Megan Telliano 10 months ago Can I buy a phone in China and use it on ATT in the US?
  • Paya Chinglish
    Paya Chinglish 10 months ago good comment. TLDR: buy xiaomi before they get too famous like samsung and jack up their prices.