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For years, I’ve been recommending OnePlus phones as the best value you can get, period. Well, I've just spent a week and a half with the all-new OnePlus 7 Pro, and it’s the best value you can get … comma … in a certain buyer segment. Let’s see what it means when OnePlus goes Pro in the OnePlus 7 Pro Review!



MrMobile's OnePlus 7 Pro Review was produced following eleven days with a OnePlus 7 Pro review sample provided by OnePlus. Preproduction device running prerelease software.

Disclosure: OnePlus provided travel and lodging reimbursement to some members of the media to attend the OnePlus 7 Pro launch event in NYC, including MrMobile. No other compensation requested or provided; no copy approval requested or granted.


OnePlus 7 Pro Review [Android Central]:


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    Tomanna 1 week ago Got like 12 notifications at the same time lol this is the first one I'm watching
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    C.D. Riley 1 week ago It's a sad world that's some people do not know what Jerry-rigged is.
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    Charles Hall 1 week ago @Tomanna Not if you're 12. Very common if you're over 45. My dad and granddad used it all my life, ergo, my brother and I use it too. I guess soon you'll be banned from YouTube since the term comes from the way the Germans (Gerry's) patched their equipment during the war. It's not PC.
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    leolionhunt 1 week ago so wait, I cant take a selfie while base-jumping because the camera would just pop back in? :(
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    Prabin Gupta 1 week ago Lol, i never thought about it. Guess I'm not buying it lol 😂😂
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    Saitama 1 week ago Who even uses a phone in those cases...I would prefer to record it with a go pro
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    SerdarCS 1 week ago @Saitama thats the joke
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    Wi_Zeus 1 week ago It might actually work, depending on how the free fall detection is implemented. If it uses acceleration to detect a fall you could probably use it once you are falling with a "constant" speed
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    Achirag Chirag 1 week ago @Wi_Zeus constant speed motions are really hard to come by
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    Wi_Zeus 1 week ago @Achirag Chirag fair enough but if you are basejumping you hopefully don't accelerate the whole time (at least not as much when the phone is falling), that wouldn't end well... From a technical standpoint the protection might even kick in when you experience negative acceleration since the phone can't really differentiate up from down
  • Achirag Chirag
    Achirag Chirag 1 week ago @Wi_Zeus it would indeed be accelerating all the way at 9.81 m/s^2 all the way through during free fall. Until you get pulled by the bungee cord. And yeah I guess would also kick in during negative acceleration.
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    azialif aziz 1 week ago I agree it's completely unacceptable
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    MR YUP 1 week ago @joe oppong r/wooosh is stupid. How does one know how stupid ppl are
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    saptarshi sarkar 1 week ago just disable it smh smh
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    leolionhunt 1 week ago (edited) @Wi_Zeus you mean we can only take selfie when we reach terminal velocity? Great, now I'm buying.
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    Tepid Orange 1 week ago Maybe if you open it once you jump the phone won't know it's falling
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    Alex Armani 1 week ago @Mohammed Fuadh Your mother Rwoooossh
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    noyeahno 1 week ago I was thinking buying this phone for my morning bungee jumping selfies too. Have to pass.
  • Ankush Zade
    Ankush Zade 1 week ago There may be an option to disable it.
  • jetman24
    jetman24 6 days ago So we can't do that?!?! Then it's a no for me
  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 6 days ago it's a software thing so they can have the option to overtire it
  • Bojan Tomic
    Bojan Tomic 6 days ago You can, because it gives you a pop-up notification asking if you wanna keep using the camera. ;)
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    ilscutta 5 days ago ​@JazibOfficial r/subredditsashashtags/
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    meowy meow? 5 days ago @Wi_Zeus terminal velocity?
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    Sprite 4 days ago Mohammed Fuadh r/itswooooshwith4os
  • Mido Reigh
    Mido Reigh 1 week ago Wow. That's some real honesty in there. Nice criticisms. Keep up the good work, Mr.Mobile
  • Travis McP
    Travis McP 1 week ago I was so hyped to get this after the keynote but now after this video, I'm cooled off. Appreciate your honesty as always
  • Nischal Bohara
    Nischal Bohara 1 week ago Same here
  • Cris Cozy
    Cris Cozy 1 week ago Travis McP Satisfies my needs I’m coming from a iPhone 8.
  • DuGanDaTa
    DuGanDaTa 1 week ago you stole my words
  • jimmiegie gie
    jimmiegie gie 1 week ago (edited) The camera issue is small. I had the same issue on my op6 . Piss poor. A simple gcam mod and I can take on any smartphone
  • Dijon
    Dijon 1 week ago Yeah but just like on the 6T you will more than likely be able to use a much better GCam port. Does that make it better? For me, probably. But I'm not interested in upgrading from my 6T till we get 7" phones.
  • [Pz] chiu
    [Pz] chiu 1 week ago I was so hyped when I saw the dxomark rating, but I guess Pixel is the real king in camera.
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 1 week ago @Cris Cozy Travis don't roll that way bruh, just joking. It's just funny the way you phrased it🤣
  • IDontThinkSoTim
    IDontThinkSoTim 1 week ago Really? I find it hard to get hyped by anything with basically every single detail leaked before hand
  • efrain kennedy
    efrain kennedy 1 week ago This is a bad review in my opinion, I like the Marques Brownlee review more!
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 1 week ago (edited) @efrain kennedy it's not a bad review, it's an honest review. The cameras still aren't that good...especially at these prices. Also the argument that the IP rating would make the phones cost more doesn't hold much weight now the price has increased by a lot.
  • Bwamo
    Bwamo 1 week ago @franklingoodwin considering what you get for that extra $100 from the 6T, 2k 90hz display, bezelless display, 3x camera and Ultra wide. $100 increase isn't that much considering how much more premium it is.
  • efrain kennedy
    efrain kennedy 1 week ago @franklingoodwin I agree with the camera statement. But Marques has better description of the incremental improvement, and his review is more complete for my taste. Can you live with that. Regards!
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 1 week ago @Bwamo it's worth it for fans of OnePlus phones...but not so much for everyone else. The Samsung Galaxy S10e can be bought cheaper on Amazon and it has better cameras, headphone jack, microSD card slot, wireless charging and IP68 water resistance. I'd take all those things over a 90hz refresh rate screen.
  • Nik Pappas
    Nik Pappas 1 week ago @franklingoodwin its not Just a 90hz refresh rate over the S10e. Higher Resolution and larger screen. UFS 3.0 Storage. No notch. Dual Sim (This one is a big deal for me) The Dual Sim and UFS Storage Alone for me would be enough to pick it over the S10e. And, While the S10e has an IP rating, Does Samsung warranty water damaged phones? I watched reviews already of the OnePlus just sitting in a water tank. I think it will be fine.
  • Nik Pappas
    Nik Pappas 1 week ago Also, The Alert slider. So Under Rated
  • super boy
    super boy 1 week ago (edited) 90hz notchless and quad hd justify enough for me to get the phone
  • Faisal Anwar
    Faisal Anwar 1 week ago OnePlus continues to be overpriced Chinese trash. Thank you for the honest review Mr. Mobile :-)
  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal 1 week ago Oppo Reno 10x probably overall better
  • Ryan Christensen
    Ryan Christensen 1 week ago (edited) @[Pz] chiu Dxomark notes in their review that OnePlus provided their unit with specialized firmware that they used in their testing which won't be available to consumers till the end of the month from OnePlus. So their is still hope that the camera will be great once that software update comes out
  • McApple 32787
    McApple 32787 1 week ago @Maxismaximal Oppo reno 10x has better camera with much cheaper price..90ghz and quad hd display isn't essential for me...
  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
    Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector 1 week ago @franklingoodwin don't forget all the bloat that comes with every Samsung.
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 1 week ago @Cris Cozy iPhone 8 is still a strong performer I question the need to upgrade from it or my S9+. Both phones are still quite fast, game well, good cameras, and etc.
  • MexiCoreaPonesa
    MexiCoreaPonesa 1 week ago Likewise
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 6 days ago @Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector depends what you think is bloat. I actually prefer some Samsung apps like Samsung Internet over the Google apps, however I'm not so keen on having Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint on my phone... and don't get me started on Facebook which Samsung has decided is mandatory.
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 6 days ago @Dennis Pietrandrea I agree, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 and have yet to see a smartphone that does anything my phone doesn't do, sure it does things slightly better or faster than my phone...but not that much better or faster to justify paying £900 for a new phone every two years. I will use my Samsung Galaxy S8 until it literally dies or Foldable phones are more affordable.
  • Cris Cozy
    Cris Cozy 6 days ago Dennis Pietrandrea I’m over the screen size from The iPhone 8📱
  • Shaffan Mumtaz
    Shaffan Mumtaz 6 days ago Mkbhd really hyped it up alot saying it has the best display and all which i doubt
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 6 days ago @Shaffan Mumtaz Displaymate have already said it has the best screen before all the reviews came in, I don't doubt it has the best screen (it's a Samsung panel) but the Samsung screens on the S10 going all the way back to the Samsung Galaxy S8 are all excellent.
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 6 days ago @franklingoodwin I mean I used to upgrade every year I will still upgrade if one of a few factors get met. One being 5G coverage expanding in which case I will get a 5G capable phone, new Bluetooth standard, if I upgrade my home wireless network I will upgrade to take advantage of the ax standard, or if a phone comes out that is significantly more powerful/power efficient.
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 6 days ago @Dennis Pietrandrea in the UK we don't have 5G yet, Vodafone are launching 5G in a couple of months...but the other mobile network providers haven't announced anything about 5G yet. I doubt I'll even get a good 5G signal in my London apartment as I can't even get a decent 4G signal at the moment (half of the carriers have no or patchy 3G and 4G indoor coverage and the carrier I'm with has somehow made the coverage worse). I'm definitely not paying extra for 5G when I struggle to get 4G where I live.
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 6 days ago @franklingoodwin fair enough i just meant that when 5G coverage does come to my market I would definitely upgrade. I live in a rural part of the US so 5G would likely be much faster than my ISP or close in speed. I mean LTE has been pretty solid . I usually get between 30mb down to 100 depending on time of day.
  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 6 days ago @Dennis Pietrandrea you can get 100mb down on LTE, I don't think I've ever got higher than 80mb down...that's still faster than my broadband which is about 72-74 down
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 6 days ago @franklingoodwin I have actually seen LTE speeds as fast as 300mb down but that was when I was in the Detroit airport and in South Korea. Also yes bandwidth is solid my main concern is the latency. It usually hovers between 20-80ms. My ISP where I grew up actually is really good for being in rural America but I moved into a apartment after college and the internet here is good aweful. 50/50mb with a freaking 42 ping.
  • Erebos
    Erebos 6 days ago It's an opinion, there are many reviewers who loved the phone. I personally think YOU have to decide what's important for YOU. I know i love nearly anything about this phone (with the exception of the curved display) and ordered mine hours ago :-k
  • Erebos
    Erebos 6 days ago @franklingoodwin 30 dollars more are no cause for you? For me it is, and quite a big one...
  • Marlon deVera
    Marlon deVera 6 days ago How can there be a headphone jack in s10e thats almost 2/3 the size of this. Really sad how all 'flagships' are now tablet size.
  • Sij Cecilio
    Sij Cecilio 6 days ago @Shaffan Mumtaz it really does. mkbhd knows his stuff and has tested every possible device out there. i trust his review more than this nitpicky one.
  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
    Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector 6 days ago @franklingoodwin every Samsung app to me is bloat. I don't want another browser or photos app. I don't want the edge apps or the Microsoft suite seem to re-install themselves somehow after every update that comes with the damn phone. Why they don't have Google Play editions like they used to? Like I want a choice to have a stock experience without going with Google's boring phone designs.
  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran 5 days ago I'll wait for the OnePlus 8. I love my 6t, & the battery is what killed it for me
  • Hafidz Zakaria
    Hafidz Zakaria 5 days ago @Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector if you want stock android, just buy pixel phone. Also, samsung won't make another google play edition because it was a failure and doesn't sell well. It looks like you are in minority that doesn't like samsung apps. For me, I like samsung apps and their customization, better than stock android.
  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
    Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector 5 days ago @Hafidz Zakaria pixel design is boring.
  • kumar rahul
    kumar rahul 3 days ago Nik Pappas so does s10e have a notch? S10 definitely has better cameras. The display is good enough for most people and is HDR 10 certified. And it has IP rating and a headphone jack. It has better wifi capabilities as well.
  • Dave Elzacky
    Dave Elzacky 3 days ago Yoo.. what's up mate 😁
  • Alex Armani
    Alex Armani 1 day ago Don't judge a product without even using it.
  • Ivan D
    Ivan D 15 hours ago Wait for the software update they will release. The camera will get better. Watch the dxo mark camera review for this phone. They uses the latest software update which will be release soon
  • leolionhunt
    leolionhunt 1 week ago only tech youtuber i've seen who's genuinely honest about this phone.......
  • khalimany
    khalimany 1 week ago I came here to say the same thing. All the others are praising it as if it's the second coming of Jesus and simply glossing over its flaws but Mr.Mobile said it like it is.
  • Murtaza Poonawalla
    Murtaza Poonawalla 1 week ago Couldn't agree more . Honest as always !
  • Kannan A
    Kannan A 1 week ago Straight points. Respect for the unbiased reviews
  • warlock_sm
    warlock_sm 1 week ago ltt was less detailed, but he said pretty much same.
  • Kkmm 5454
    Kkmm 5454 1 week ago i guess you dont know flossy carter
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 1 week ago Seriously everyone else is salivating over this. Screen seems amazing and speed seems great, but Michael knows how to stay level headed and keep it real.
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 1 week ago @Kkmm 5454 did flossy review this yet? I love his stuff and he makes us all laugh
  • mmj
    mmj 1 week ago There are many
  • mmj
    mmj 1 week ago @Kkmm 5454 roaster
  • Sanoku
    Sanoku 1 week ago @Jose Lopez he did check the channel
  • Aggravated a salt
    Aggravated a salt 1 week ago (edited) He didn't he was grossly undetailed and didn't compare the price to other compettiors enough other than just barely going over it. this review feels incomplete
  • HonestBrotha
    HonestBrotha 1 week ago leolionhunt for real 👍🏾
  • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia
    Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia 1 week ago Dave2D's review was good as well.
  • Louis
    Louis 1 week ago I used to fuck heavy with flossy carter but I don't understand his hype around this very phone. It's more expensive and has basically no features compared to the LG G8
  • The Domber
    The Domber 1 week ago I really love how he compares it to phones in the same pricerange. He said the S10e costs almost 100$ more but here in Europe you can get it for 585€ on amazon and the 1+ starts at 709€. In my opinion this phone is hugely overhyped for its price.
  • Patrick
    Patrick 1 week ago @Louis HA.....LG phones are trash. This is an amazing phone.... except cameras are dogshit lol
  • Louis
    Louis 1 week ago @Patrick Ok why do you think that they are trash? Have you ever used one? :)
  • Descript O
    Descript O 6 days ago @Patrick I don't get it, the pictures looked great to me. Are you sure you're not just over exaggerating a tad bit?
    ASIF CRA 6 days ago Yeah every other YouTube channel is talking about battery and display and skipping camera as much as possible.
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 5 days ago Ok I hate myself . I bought the highest specked out version and I love it! Really the best of android you can get for this price. Camera is not pixel level but it is an excellent shooter in good lighting conditions. Review is still spot on. This is a go!
  • Insert name HERE
    Insert name HERE 4 days ago No, he covered the exact same thing as EVERY other reviews. Just did it with a bit of a disappointed tone than others.
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 4 days ago @Insert name HERE this phone rocks ! Mr. M. Was dissapointed, but when you see so much tech on a daily basis, some begin to develop a dissapoinment because they are already in their heads looking for the next best thing. Camera is actually great on this. Low light is not ugly by any means. This camera is definitely not a Mate 20 Pro or P30 pro level, but you won't hate what you take with this one. Truth. Software, screen and speed have no exact rivals right now.
  • Versatile Knowledge
    Versatile Knowledge 1 week ago So you say, 7 generations of One Plus devices, Camera is still OK?
  • ಠ_ ಠ
    ಠ_ ಠ 1 week ago It is oversaturated and soft.
  • jimmiegie gie
    jimmiegie gie 1 week ago They need to get a whole new team on the camera software department. Thank God for gcam
  • Nir Kopp
    Nir Kopp 1 week ago I am not that picky, so I find my OP6 camera pretty good, even better with pixel camera app. All I an say that my friend with a galaxy s8 who I asked to take my picture said it was his pleasure to use my OP6 camera (very well lit scene though)
  • Péter Friedrich
    Péter Friedrich 1 week ago Especially since the LG G8 exists.
  • Alejandroide
    Alejandroide 1 week ago @jimmiegie gie atleast their problems is mostly software and not hardware, so they can fix it in an update
  • TheReal Sprint
    TheReal Sprint 1 week ago @Alejandroide sadly they will never do
  • Matthew Ng
    Matthew Ng 1 week ago ACC 6 gen but yeah
  • Deepfriedpillows
    Deepfriedpillows 1 week ago Versatile Knowledge camera standards have gone up over the years though
  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 1 week ago If you’re coming from an iPhone or Galaxy, you’ll be disappointed with the camera.
  • roguenode
    roguenode 1 week ago @Red Hood or Pixel, or higher end Huawei phones.
  • stranger danger
    stranger danger 1 week ago They need to drop the mega pixels around 12.
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 1 week ago @Nir Kopp I honestly must be blind but I find that almost all high end phones take equal quality pictures with the only difference at this point being how saturated the colors are.
    MRTOWELRACK 1 week ago @Dennis Pietrandrea Low light performance is a big distinguisher nowadays.
  • Hani Issa
    Hani Issa 1 week ago (edited) @Dennis Pietrandrea all pictures look equal on the small screen, but once you start zooming out details/ or watching your photos on a tv for example you will notice the differences Oneplus photos are a bit blurry and soft and if you zoom close enough you will see that all the details look like they were water painted and not captured by a 2018/2019 camera sensor !
  • Dennis Pietrandrea
    Dennis Pietrandrea 1 week ago @Hani Issa I still feel like that's true for any phone. I mean it is a tiny sensor after all. Now if you were to tell me to compare a flagship from today to one from 3 years ago I have a much easier time. All I was trying to say is that for me personally, I don't find the camera to be the deciding factor anymore. To start many Android phones especially use the same sensors from the likes of Sony. I feel that the big factor for me is software support. Then again I don't take as many pictures as I used to when I was younger.
  • Ashish Kalam
    Ashish Kalam 1 week ago I mean the 6T camera was great, maybe it's pre production software.
  • danthetechguru 1
    danthetechguru 1 6 days ago To be totally honest no wireless charging is a deal breaker for me 😂🤣 god for bid I somehow break the charging port 😅 then the phone is useless 😠
  • Hsein Shabshoul
    Hsein Shabshoul 6 days ago "OK" is always relative to the available flagships at the time.
  • Descript O
    Descript O 6 days ago The OP7P is a media powerhouse and I'm thankful to see a company put money in the right places (for my taste). All of the stuff you drones complain about mean jack squat to me. If you're looking for a camera, go buy a real one. For day to day pictures, being as good as it is is already unnecessary. I'd hate for them to listen to you people and dump money on a camera normal people will just use to take worthless pictures they thought looked cooler in the moment that has passed. OnePlus is trying to make a product the people need. All of these big companies make a grand phone full of bells and whistles just for it to perform like dog shit in 1-2 years. OP had been making products that last (a rare standard today) and you drones are begging them to pack it full of expensive, short life, shit. This phone and this company is not for you, you can keep buying your 1-2 year flagships because you don't need them to last that long anyway. You'd gladly buy the newest adaption just because your screen is not as smooth after a month of use and finger sweat has stripped away the factory new coating. I can guarantee you that's not far off at all on the kind of mindset those non customers have.
  • danthetechguru 1
    danthetechguru 1 6 days ago @Descript O also by the way I do have a OnePlus 6T .... but at the same time the phone and the new one leave a bit to be desired. And the Razer 2 phone is only 500 dollars. That's $170 less and I get quite a bit more. it's a deal-breaker for me for no wireless charging. If I accidentally break the USB port the phone will dying then so useless paperweight.
  • Brazord
    Brazord 4 days ago I think this ok means junk :O
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex 4 days ago @Descript O Calling people with different preferences and opinions to yours "drones" makes you sound childish.
  • Descript O
    Descript O 4 days ago @Tyrannosaurus Rex QQ
    FORD FRS 11 hours ago I have the OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB coming from the Note 9 & side by side, can't see the difference with picture quality.
  • Aaron Bealert
    Aaron Bealert 5 days ago I don't understand you, or the comment section. Phone's fast, smooth, great display, and premium. Camera isn't great. That equals a bad phone? What about for those of us who don't care about the camera? Would your opinion change then?
  • Fos
    Fos 1 week ago Three cameras and a mechanical selfie camera, but no headphone jack.
  • Ezugo Obuekwe
    Ezugo Obuekwe 1 week ago Fos Eh, I just bought a dedicated DAP since it’s better than smartphones anyway.
  • antonio ajucum
    antonio ajucum 1 week ago @Ezugo Obuekwe I need one of these Could you recommend me one ?
  • krunal mangrola
    krunal mangrola 1 week ago @Fos cuase they want to sell bullet earphone
  • RHK
    RHK 1 week ago No expandable storage or 512 GB Phone either.
  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes 1 week ago Headphone jack for what? You can use your headphones in the USB port. It's better to save space and have a bigger battery.
  • Shmink
    Shmink 1 week ago @Joel Fernandes um literally all of my lead phones have a 3.5
  • Chris Troxtell
    Chris Troxtell 1 week ago @RHK Just out of curiosity, what on earth do you store on your phone that you'd need 512GB for?
  • Chris Troxtell
    Chris Troxtell 1 week ago I haven't used a headphone jack on the phone in a long time, got a bluetooth headset so no wires are getting in my way, and as mentioned the usb port can handle the headphones.
  • Peter Dinoy
    Peter Dinoy 1 week ago @Chris Troxtell people need it if they take a lot of videos and photos, and dont want to delete any it
  • Ezugo Obuekwe
    Ezugo Obuekwe 1 week ago antonio ajucum Sony NW-A45 Walkman. It can drive even the likes of the Sennheiser HD 660s while my Xperia XZ1 (from the same company) can’t.
  • Ezugo Obuekwe
    Ezugo Obuekwe 1 week ago Chris Troxtell Well Bluetooth doesn’t work everywhere and while I do use it I travel a lot so on a plane if I use in-flight media I do it with a wire (only option to begin with). Also listening to music without the possibility of a single crack is something I don’t compromise on.
  • Kareem Hussaini
    Kareem Hussaini 1 week ago @Ezugo Obuekwe around 5 years ago, I really loved the Xperia brand... ☹️ I never used one, but they really looked luxury class.
  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes 6 days ago @Shmink yes, me too, but you get an adapter for free. It comes with the phone.
  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes 6 days ago @Chris Troxtell 4k videos
  • Shmink
    Shmink 6 days ago @Joel Fernandes but then how charge with headphones
  • RHK
    RHK 6 days ago @Chris Troxtell I work in Media. So I always need bigger Storage phone. Using Note 9 512 GB now.
  • MrFreshchico
    MrFreshchico 6 days ago Get a fucking adapter or just get a cheaper phone.
  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes 6 days ago @Shmink This depends on the use of each person. I do not think it's a disadvantage for many people. I never use headphones and I charge at the same time for example, for me it would be no problem. Charging is very fast so you will not waste much time on it.
  • The Evil Triggers
    The Evil Triggers 6 days ago Fiio m9\m6 really versatile daps
  • Ezugo Obuekwe
    Ezugo Obuekwe 6 days ago The Evil Triggers Those too, as well as Astell & Kern.
  • Leszek Serweta
    Leszek Serweta 6 days ago @Chris Troxtell 4k videos
  • Hsein Shabshoul
    Hsein Shabshoul 1 week ago Dude, you are the MOST UNDERRATED tech Youtuber. Nevermind the numbers, you are up the very top! Waiting for that 10M mark you deserve!
  • Luis CG
    Luis CG 1 week ago Stop copying and pasting the same fucking comment.
  • Hsein Shabshoul
    Hsein Shabshoul 6 days ago @Luis CG what!
  • Arlisson Rocha
    Arlisson Rocha 3 days ago Você estava em outro vídeo também
  • Jameel Rahhal
    Jameel Rahhal 2 days ago All he has to do is LIE and hype things, like every other youtuber does lol. Love this man!
  • MrRandomGuy
    MrRandomGuy 1 week ago This is the last one I've watched from all of my notifications... Why? Because SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST
  • Sij Cecilio
    Sij Cecilio 6 days ago Mkbhd exists...
  • What
    What 1 week ago (edited) Verdict : sort of Meh.
  • SayToe Charles
    SayToe Charles 6 days ago What do you mean? Phone is exellent for the price. Just that if you're very critical of your smartphone camera and use wireless charging often then those are downsides.
  • What
    What 6 days ago @SayToe Charles Don't get me wrong, I never said I disliked the Phone. "Meh" just means that it has not got that "wow" factor it had way back when OnePlus started. And since the Price of the S10e is dropping quickly ( at least in Europe it is) I think that the only thing holding the OnePlus 7Pro up, is the software, which is sad because it used to come in a much better package for a better price in my opinion. Because i have no experience in Phone manufacturing and the cost of all the components, I can only speak as a consumer and can therefore say that it is a nice phone, but sadly not one which will make headlines as much as the older OnePlus Phones did.
  • SayToe Charles
    SayToe Charles 6 days ago @What I see what you mean.
  • sdlatino
    sdlatino 5 days ago Never thought I would hear you saying that you wouldn't recommend the latest OnePlus phone WOW.... but this is why I love your videos, always keeping it REAL regardless of what brand you're talking about. Thanks for your review...
    EL JEFE REVIEWS 1 week ago I love hearing your perspective on this device Michael! Awesome work as usual.
  • Nuno Herdeiro
    Nuno Herdeiro 1 week ago Ayyyy it's you again ahah. Are you going to review the oneplus 7 pro too?
    EL JEFE REVIEWS 1 week ago @Nuno Herdeiro Nope. OnePlus doesn't seem to notice smaller tech channels unfortunately.
  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 1 week ago This seems like it should be called a camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro review lol
  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 1 week ago Because OnePlus phones are amazing... Except the camera
  • Samuel Baird
    Samuel Baird 6 days ago Yeah, he did rip on the camera a lot on this. And, imo, after reading and watching over half a dozen camera comparisons, he made it seem much worse than it actually was.
  • L Monty
    L Monty 2 days ago Agreed, and no mention of the enormous SOC speed difference when he mentioned the Pixel 3a.
    JONEZ 4 days ago An honest review indeed, appreciate that greatly. New Asus ZenFone 6 has me seriously considering avoiding the OnePlus 7 Pro all together.
  • David Allen
    David Allen 4 days ago Just got this phone, I think his critiques are valid. I feel like you get the phone for the screen and not the camera.
  • Jack Teo
    Jack Teo 1 day ago Do you think they will launch a 'Special' edition like the Oneplus 6 Mclaren edition?
  • thesmart1
    thesmart1 1 week ago I'm a simple man, I see a Mr.Mobile video I drop everything and watch
  • Jameel Rahhal
    Jameel Rahhal 2 days ago The only youtuber who reviewed the phone, rather than advertised/showcased it. Hats off champ
  • Alberto Gomez
    Alberto Gomez 1 day ago I'm watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro