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Which Samsung Galaxy S10 is Right For You? S10e vs S10 vs S10+

Published on May 3, 2019 282,731 views

Samsung has released 3 versions of the Galaxy S10 and there is one that is perfect for you! While each phone is very capable there are a few differences between the S10e, S10 & S10+ that will make one more fitting than the other. Which once did you choose?

Galaxy S10e:
Galaxy S10:
Galaxy S10+:

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  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 2 months ago I love how pocketable the S10e is but I just gotta have the S10+ screen size. Which one is right for you?
  • Joshua Z
    Joshua Z 4 days ago S10e it fits so good and it's has an €200 sale on t mobile
  • Audi Winn
    Audi Winn 1 week ago @Bill Boudreau I'm still waiting. From what I see its alot stronger. But idk if i want a curved edge any more because the screen protectors dont fit and stay when i put a case on
  • Bill Boudreau
    Bill Boudreau 1 week ago @Audi Winn I'm interested in that same information as you. If and when you get info can you send it to me thank you in advance
  • Audi Winn
    Audi Winn 1 week ago How much stronger is gorilla glass than the s8 screen? Mine has broken 4 times over 2 years
  • Aniya The Queen
    Aniya The Queen 1 week ago I'll have to go with the s10+ too because of how nice the screen is which is good for watching YouTube and Netflix
  • Void_Ravenclaw
    Void_Ravenclaw 2 weeks ago I will get s10e is possible, I’m broke as hell.
    BKDDY 3 weeks ago Theres so little difference that there is no difference in use.
  • Franciss
    Franciss 3 weeks ago S10e
  • martin torres
    martin torres 4 weeks ago Actually the third camera is 16 megapixels.
  • Matt H
    Matt H 1 month ago @Toni Estes look at Mr "i got money" (link to young jeezy - i got money)
  • Toni Estes
    Toni Estes 1 month ago I'm going to get the S10plus and the 1TB/12GB and the 1TB SD card upgrade and the Galaxy watch in the 36mm black and black bezel and the Bose budz and a few of the covers and I have to get a dex however I am not sure how to get to it. Oh and I got the Pearl White obviously from Verizon only have a 1TB option to my current knowledge. I choose to get the Bose over the Samsung budz for obvious reasons. Expect to pay for the extra internal and 12GB ram. However if you are interested in the dex you would be interested in the position you have available for the ultimate. the watch is the 4GLTE version as the inevitable that you are in need of a new flagship watch.
  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 1 month ago S10 plus
  • Ssauci ._.
    Ssauci ._. 2 months ago I'm definitely going to go with the S10e.
  • Richard
    Richard 2 months ago Tech With Brett should I get the s10e or the s9+? Because they are the same price in my area. I mainly use phones for watching movies
  • stream stray kids miroh
    stream stray kids miroh 2 months ago link to the s10e and s10 wallpapers pls!!
  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 months ago @Tech With Brett thank you!!!!!!
  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 2 months ago Iron Man Galaxy S10 Wallpaper
  • Aaron Conway
    Aaron Conway 2 months ago @Lord Vader lol you was thinking the same
  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 months ago Link to iron man wallpaper pls
  • Aaron Conway
    Aaron Conway 2 months ago The s10 plus is a beast. I got it. My gosh its hardcore dope.
  • chappie Chap
    chappie Chap 2 months ago Have been used my s8 bout 3 year with the edges and curve display that really nice to hold but mostly accidentally touches or navigate few apps with kinda annoying the main reason i get the s10e that suit in the hand with the flat screen making it feel just nice . But honestly Samsung shouldn't remove those heartbeat sensor . For the Samsung health user it really disappoints .
  • V8AmericanMuscleCar
    V8AmericanMuscleCar 2 weeks ago I use iPhones for years but life is too short for iOS!! Tomorrow I will order S10!!
  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 1 week ago @V8AmericanMuscleCar u got scammed boiii
  • V8AmericanMuscleCar
    V8AmericanMuscleCar 1 week ago Darkwear GT I did and today I got a package with a wrong phone! 🤬 Now the hassle about replacing but let's say it’s on my way! I can’t wait!!
  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 1 week ago U order it yet
  • AOFsm95
    AOFsm95 2 weeks ago yea buddy time to upgrade that lol.. welcome
  • V8AmericanMuscleCar
    V8AmericanMuscleCar 2 weeks ago schlau kopf thanks! 😃 I’m going to order S10! 😃
  • schlau kopf
    schlau kopf 2 weeks ago And the unboxing is very nice
  • schlau kopf
    schlau kopf 2 weeks ago @V8AmericanMuscleCar yes, because it's very good
  • V8AmericanMuscleCar
    V8AmericanMuscleCar 2 weeks ago schlau kopf would you recommend it?
  • schlau kopf
    schlau kopf 2 weeks ago I have the s10
  • Welly
    Welly 2 months ago (edited) Great side by side comparison. I went for the S10e and must say that coming from a note 8, I just love how compact and yet powerful it is.👍👍👍
  • Seth Taylor
    Seth Taylor 1 month ago @phil brown i got the s10e and im loving it 😂
  • phil brown
    phil brown 1 month ago @Seth Taylor it's like an S7 same screen size but not as well made as S7
  • Seth Taylor
    Seth Taylor 1 month ago Is it a decent size for viewing media as I like to watch netflix but want a small phone. I know he compared it to the s6 and u have an s7 but I want a consumers view
  • Javy Natarén
    Javy Natarén 2 months ago I would pick up the S10e for a flat screen and the dedicate fingersprint scanner.
  • Joshua Z
    Joshua Z 1 week ago Whos watching on an cracked screen s8 ?
  • Anajeel Kami
    Anajeel Kami 2 days ago Galaxy tab 4 for ha boi
  • Joshua Z
    Joshua Z 4 days ago @Jennifer Vahle same
  • Jason Reist
    Jason Reist 5 days ago Cracked S7 edge, but going to go edge again.
  • Jennifer Vahle
    Jennifer Vahle 6 days ago ME! Looking at the video to decide which one to order to replace it!
  • Fart Knocker 77
    Fart Knocker 77 6 days ago iPhone 6
  • Alisha
    Alisha 1 week ago S7, freshly cracked, 1st time ever in life have I cracked a screen. Brings me to this video.
  • Navy
    Navy 1 week ago Scratches, but no cracks.
  • Audi Winn
    Audi Winn 1 week ago Me!! I've replaced my screen 3 times since 2017
  • Sanoku
    Sanoku 2 months ago S10 is just fine. S10+ is too big for my hands and has a bigger camera cutout. S10e is a bit too small for me.
  • Justin Seang
    Justin Seang 6 days ago Yes. S10 is well-balanced
  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 1 week ago @Jo Kraugherschmitz 1080 vs 1440
  • Jo Kraugherschmitz
    Jo Kraugherschmitz 1 month ago CastrejonHDTV the display is more or less the exact same
  • Syd Bailey
    Syd Bailey 1 month ago @CastrejonHDTV s10e has the wide angle camera what it lacks is the telephoto
  • CastrejonHDTV
    CastrejonHDTV 1 month ago I agree. S10e would be good on small pockets but lacks the display and wide angle camera.
  • Dia Ayala
    Dia Ayala 1 month ago I’ll pass on the curves edges. I’ll take the s10e
  • H D
    H D 23 hours ago @usersky007 Just do like I did and download Nova Launcher.
  • usersky007
    usersky007 1 month ago I did exactly that and 10e is rather small. Plus the fact that I really dislike OneUI (not that I am a stranger to Samsung but OneUI turns me off completely). That makes for a return for the money, possibly going for an LG G8.
  • Gian Carlo Carmagnani
    Gian Carlo Carmagnani 2 months ago the S10 has the right dimensions ......... it was my choice
  • Vad grisigt
    Vad grisigt 1 month ago I dont like this comment because its have 69 likes
  • Candy’s Channel
    Candy’s Channel 1 month ago (edited) AfgOmar 619 Says the person who liked a nursery rhyme video. Hmmm, trying to make fun of a person's individual personal opinion and yet you yourself liked a child's video. So does that make you weak or dainty?
  • AfgOmar 619
    AfgOmar 619 2 months ago Enjoy your pink case danty hands.
  • Bret Hudgens
    Bret Hudgens 4 hours ago As someone who has owned galaxy phones since the S3. I must say I do not like the curved screen. I can be rough on phones. 1st purchase phone case(love spigen) . My 2nd purchase a screen protector. that being said my previous phones with flat screens are able to take much more abuse than the curved ones. my current S9 has a crack right on the curve. That is a good place to crack it if you're going to. it's not very noticeable with a screen protector.
  • Caroline Algotsson
    Caroline Algotsson 3 days ago Great review! I still got the S6 and love the size, so the S10e is a blessing. I'm no fan of the round edges-phones!
  • Aaron Mckinlay
    Aaron Mckinlay 1 week ago Just got the s10+ during the Amazon Prime event for $699. Great deal, jump on it.
  • gowron6453
    gowron6453 1 day ago @Supreme and Astute unlocked are advertised that way. You have to pay for the phone up front (from what I understand and in my case) as carrier branded or carrier specific you can spread payments out over 2-3 years. Unlocked you can (generally) use on any carrier. Verizon and Sprint are the more restrictive usually in the US, but the S10e I got works with even Verizon so I didn't have any concerns.
  • Supreme and Astute
    Supreme and Astute 1 day ago @gowron6453 what's the difference between locked and unlocked version. And how can I check? I'm about to buy a S10 this week
  • Ryan Kearney
    Ryan Kearney 2 days ago It was $599 at BestBuy during Prime Day.
  • Aaron Mckinlay
    Aaron Mckinlay 5 days ago @gowron6453 O wow nice grab. I know the Amazon event forced competitors to throw up some sales as well, I guess you found a good one !
  • Aaron Mckinlay
    Aaron Mckinlay 5 days ago @Fart Knocker 77 Black was the only one for that price.
  • gowron6453
    gowron6453 5 days ago Picked up the unlocked S10e from BestBuy for $349...another great deal!
  • Jack Britland
    Jack Britland 5 days ago Does it ship to countries such as Australia and new zealand?
  • Justin Seang
    Justin Seang 6 days ago @Fart Knocker 77 I like white
  • Fart Knocker 77
    Fart Knocker 77 6 days ago What color should I get?
  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 1 week ago Such a great price!
  • Jack Hackett
    Jack Hackett 1 month ago In the uk I'm stuck with exynos version so think I'm going to have to get the s10+ for the battery life.
  • missionnad1
    missionnad1 1 month ago I have S10e,small and powerful
  • Peter Cunningham
    Peter Cunningham 2 days ago I have s10+,huge and superior
  • Tsablis Thoj
    Tsablis Thoj 2 months ago I got s10e's, since I got fed up with the curve screens (me and my wife never broke any phone screens before breaking 4 curve screens note 8's to s9+)
  • Péter Márkus
    Péter Márkus 2 days ago I don't like the curved screen.
  • jeffries1
    jeffries1 3 weeks ago (edited) Great well laid out review explaining the points of each phone ,without talking too much lol Some other great reviewers just talk too much about packaging and general who cares stuff I think the S10e is perfect for me..You helped me choose mate Thanks
  • carrie white
    carrie white 3 weeks ago think I like the s10.thanks for the info
  • DFKnightmare
    DFKnightmare 3 days ago Dolby atmos on a phone. Lol
  • Twiddy Cent
    Twiddy Cent 1 week ago I'll tell u which one is better for me as soon as the price drops until then my s8 plus will do just fine
  • MoonCake :3
    MoonCake :3 1 week ago @Claudiu Stanciu uhmm... Maybe because the website has 3,7 stars on reviews?? Boi, you should not trust this site, it's low stared for a reason
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @MoonCake :3 Look the base model is 699€ here
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @MoonCake :3 the 128 gb 8gb ram is even cheaper here in spain...
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @MoonCake :3 look closely. What i sent you is the 1tb 12gb ram model. That's why it's more expensive.
  • MoonCake :3
    MoonCake :3 1 week ago @Claudiu Stanciu I also searched the website on trust pilot, and it had 8,7/10 stars in reviews 😂✨
  • MoonCake :3
    MoonCake :3 1 week ago @Claudiu Stanciu ok... Lmao, search on the website "coolblue".... 😂 You can find it for only 729€ 🤣👌
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @MoonCake :3 but as you can see it even comes with 2 year warranty...
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @MoonCake :3 I think it's only here in spain tho... So sry if you can't buy it form here
  • MoonCake :3
    MoonCake :3 1 week ago @Claudiu Stanciu wich website?
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago Now you can actually get the best model 12gb ram 1tb internal storage for 1000€ so it's basically what the basic model used to be...
  • Claudiu Stanciu
    Claudiu Stanciu 1 week ago @Ben Rosenthal already found the s10+ for 700€ so yeah. Drastic drop in price...
  • Ben Rosenthal
    Ben Rosenthal 1 week ago The galaxy s10+ has already dropped to 799 euros in Europe and the s10 costs about 689 euros. After the launch of the note 10 they're probably gonna drop some more.
  • hipsterdoufus
    hipsterdoufus 3 weeks ago I still have an S7 and the S10e is the same size...I'd be happy with that.