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OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Most powerful smartphone OnePlus has made till date

Published on May 14, 2019 5,978 views

OnePlus 7 Pro truly stands as the best and the most powerful smartphone from OnePlus till date with a Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with oodles of RAM and storage. But the flagship falls short in the camera department with Pixel 3 taking the lead. Here's Ankit Vengurlekar with the complete lowdown with OnePlus's new champion smartphone.

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Check out the complete review by Anirudh Regidi here:

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  • Apurv Prajapati
    Apurv Prajapati 2 months ago Choomeshwari Review, as usual Ankit ji. Yes I agree with you for higher side of price of 1+7Pro . It might be good choice if comes near 40K. Anyway still it's a great device
  • Tech2 Gaming
    Tech2 Gaming 2 months ago (edited) Let us know if you have any questions about the phone below. We would love to hear from you!
  • Naman Vora
    Naman Vora 2 months ago The phone is epic...!!
  • Soham Naskar
    Soham Naskar 2 months ago (edited) 2:10 Stop spreading lies. Quad HD 90hz mein ek din bhi full nahi chalega.
  • mukesh agarwal
    mukesh agarwal 2 months ago Awesome video Bro, but is difference specific description between OnePlus 7 and 7 pro
  • Roft Gaming
    Roft Gaming 2 months ago I am the first disliker 😂
  • abhinav maurya
    abhinav maurya 2 months ago 42000 would have been a good price for it
  • Tarun Shukla
    Tarun Shukla 2 months ago S10e for 46k is the deal
  • Junaid Nazki
    Junaid Nazki 2 months ago Amazing stuff .. #oneplus user
  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar 2 months ago Why this manufacturer dont make good small screen phones...
    S P BISWAL 2 months ago I too not a fan of pop up cameras. My top priority is camera, I will never go for it, I may be happy with Pixel3a after a price drop or wait for more launches going happen this year.
  • abhinav maurya
    abhinav maurya 2 months ago Everybody has given it a bad camera review. Its not comparable with s10 camera
  • Asad Zafar
    Asad Zafar 2 months ago Pixel 3a from USA rs 28000
  • Prateek MaHakul
    Prateek MaHakul 2 months ago 2 din toh bilkul nahi chal ne wala he, thats a bummer, lots of international reviewer or MKBHD's last aboout 4 hours of screen on time how could u stretch that to 2 days, says truth things buddy, otherwise u r a very nice guys , i follow u since gadget guru program.
    YATHARTH B 2 months ago Clever OP no doubt OP7prp is great in terms of speed but really disappointee with its camera and video samples OP i think you need to compete Pixels please improve camera
  • kirti kumar prajapat
    kirti kumar prajapat 2 months ago Love ❤️ this phone
  • Arman Malik
    Arman Malik 2 months ago Nyc one sir
  • Shoaib Boat
    Shoaib Boat 2 months ago Best tech reviewer ever
  • Viral Modi
    Viral Modi 2 months ago stay away
    DEVIL GAMING 2 months ago Boht hard price