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Lenovo may have just dethroned the biggest budget friendly phone brand in the world. The new King on the block? - The Z6 Pro!

Starting at just $430, it comes packed with an ALL-screen teardrop notch super AMOLED HDR10 display, 48MP rear camera paired with a 125 degree ultrawide senror, telephoto lens, 3D TOF camera, and dedicated video camera, 32MP selfie cam, dual stereo Dolby Atmos speakers, 7nm Snapdragon 855 Chipset, 6/8/12GB RAM, 128/256/512GB storage, microSD card support, a 4000mAh battery, headphone jack, under display fingerprint sensor, and snappy facial recognition, there are barley any other phones at this price to give it a run for it's money.

I review every aspect of the device with my own professional opinion on each point.

Make sure you also check out my full camera review on the handset:

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  • Anime Senpaiii
    Anime Senpaiii 1 week ago Nah, the UI is trash but generally it's beautiful ♥️
  • Thoufi rahman
    Thoufi rahman 5 days ago No Xiaomi K20 and pro coming king is coming
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Guys, it's gonna be 360p for the first couple of minutes but I can assure you it has been uploaded in crystal clear 4k60fps. YouTube like to take their time processing our clips and it's out of our control. I hope you enjoy the video!😎
  • RMPlaysXx
    RMPlaysXx 1 week ago (edited) Could you please check if the Z6 Pro supports project treble with "treble check" app? I am planing to buy it
  • Lulinha
    Lulinha 1 week ago It has headphone Jack, say no more
  • Raimundo Maia Júnior
    Raimundo Maia Júnior 2 days ago Thank you very much for your review!! I have some questions, does it have "Always on display"? How about slow motion? 1080-120,240 and 960 fps? And 4k 60 fps?
  • Rajesh Babu
    Rajesh Babu 1 week ago How about a comprehensive review on ZTE AXON 10 PRO
  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco 1 week ago X2
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago That's exactly what I'll be doing 😎 will be getting the device within the next 2 or 3 days hopefully!✌️
  • Caleb Moore
    Caleb Moore 6 days ago @Tech/NickBrazer what website did you order it off and will it do shipping to Australia?
  • Anders
    Anders 4 days ago You said it doesn't have NFC but the settings menu at 6:12 shows NFC. Can you please clarify this as it will decide whether I buy it or not
  • Michael Heins
    Michael Heins 6 days ago Lenovo 💪👌😍 Nice
  • Daryl Duhilag
    Daryl Duhilag 6 days ago (edited) Well xiaomi shouldn't lenovo should worried of the Redmi K20 Pro/Poco F2 #RedmiKiller
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 5 days ago Yeah, can't wait for the K20 pro!
  • Sarder towfi.zunayed
    Sarder towfi.zunayed 6 days ago Most underrated phone this year I guess
    NTH THN 1 week ago If the aftermarket/official software support is half as good as Xiaomi's then they should get worried. As it is now, hell no. Xiaomi Hardware + xda ROM = Unbeatable value.
  • こめっこKomekko
    こめっこKomekko 1 week ago True...
  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 1 week ago (edited) Lenevo UI 10 functions and 5 don't work properly. Xiaomi UI 50 functions and 99% work flawlessly.
  • FlossyHD
    FlossyHD 1 week ago Im currently deciding between Lenovo z6 pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 or ZTE Axon 10 Pro. If the Lenovo or ZTE supports Bootloader Unlock and Root im going to choose that one.
  • Bore games
    Bore games 1 week ago Choose mi 9, better community
  • FlossyHD
    FlossyHD 1 week ago @Bore games i know, but i need that sd card slot and want that 4000 mah. I will wait and see if there is a community developing on zte. i would even be happy if i only had stock rom + magisk root.
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Let's see what happens. I'll be getting my hands on the Axon 10 Pro pretty soon so stay tuned and I'll give you a better suggestion at that point in time. As for now both the mi 9 and z6 pro are great. They both have their own specialties and I guess it comes down to what you want more of in your phone and it seems like your leaning toward the z6 pro. Either way you will make a great decision but I'm really excited to see what the 10 pro is all about 😎
  • superstealth
    superstealth 1 week ago Let me add to that OnePlus 7 Or the 7 pro
  • Chris1998
    Chris1998 6 days ago Big battery doesn't mean it's better Mate. there's battery drain tests on YouTube where the mi 9 beats the S10 by quite a big..why ? Because Hands down Xiaomi optimisation is one of the best out there. Even the 9 SE performs well. It's a shame MUIU comes with ads otherwise I'd easily hands buy this device .But as it stands I'm waiting to see what Honor does with the 20pro . Looking to get either OnePlus 7, Honor view 20, Mi9 or 20pro. OnePlus7 with that SD855 and oxygenOS you know the optimisation is gonna be amazing
  • Snapdragon 700
    Snapdragon 700 6 days ago @FlossyHD WITH THE MIUI A 500 Mah BATTERY WILL BE EQUAL TO A 4000 Mah OF ANOTHER PHONE!!! NOTHING IS AS OPTIMIZED AS MIUI! It has a huge community, beautiful software, and is Xiaomi!
  • Snapdragon 700
  • FlossyHD
    FlossyHD 6 days ago @Chris1998 Im done with Huawei/Honor. I don't think their products are bad, since im still rocking my Honor 9, but they stopped giving the bootloader unlock codes in May 2018. That means that all Huawei/Honor Smartphones after this cannot be rooted. And I need root. So that's why I'm going to wait a month and see how the ZTE Axon 10 Pro develops. If there's no rooting capability im probably going for the Mi 9.
  • beatspopo
    beatspopo 1 week ago No ir blaster? Then whats that thing next to the 2nd microphone?
  • Anilkumar B
    Anilkumar B 1 week ago Yes true
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 5 days ago No idea, but I've looked all over the net, check through IR blaster APPs, settings, and more and trust me, it's not an IR blaster 😂
  • goodness jonathan
    goodness jonathan 1 week ago Why didn't you just do a one on one battle with the mi9
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Wanted to give the z6 pro its own perspective and throw some mi 9 comparisons into the mix. The z6 pro needed its own spotlight if you ask my personal opinion.
  • Kiady Niaina
    Kiady Niaina 1 week ago Can you do the test of zte axon 10 pro ?
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Yes! Getting one before the end of the week🤙 stay tuned 😎
  • Kiady Niaina
    Kiady Niaina 6 days ago Thanks !!
  • Funny Titles
    Funny Titles 1 week ago bro,one plus 7 pro is out...why don't you review that?
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Trust me, if I could I would. Im not yet getting sent review units and have to buy phone's myself so unfortunately I can't get my hands on the 7 Pro just yet. Hopefully I'll get one within the next week if I'm lucky.
  • Funny Titles
    Funny Titles 1 week ago @Tech/NickBrazer hmm....dude,you live in china?
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago @Funny Titles yeah I'm in Beijing, but the strange thing is the bigger Chinese companies like OnePlus and Huawei are starting to launch their phones in Europe and the states before China. The 7 Pro is only getting launched in China tomorrow and will only be up for presale then.. the P30 Pro took 3 more weeks to hit China after launch. It kinda sucks. I mean I understand OnePlus because oddly they actually aren't popular in China, but Huawei is massive here but yet they don't care much about their home country anymore lol. Guess it's always been about the money. Strange thing is in China, even the homeless rock iPhones lol.
  • Funny Titles
    Funny Titles 1 week ago @Tech/NickBrazer 😂😂...bro your cool..I live in India,is there any way to import Lenovo z6 pro from China? because it's not available in India 😔
  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir 1 week ago Great review keep it up as always
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Thanks mate!
  • Elyas Motamed
    Elyas Motamed 1 week ago Hi bro 👋 Lenovo Z6 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S10 plus speed test please
  • Anilkumar B
    Anilkumar B 1 week ago Z6 pro
  • Anilkumar B
    Anilkumar B 1 week ago Z6 pro will win for sure
  • Elyas Motamed
    Elyas Motamed 1 week ago @Anilkumar B I think so too ....But seeing this video is very important to me.Because I'm going to buy ... .
  • Anilkumar B
    Anilkumar B 1 week ago Same here I am also goin to buy that
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 5 days ago Doing a serious speed test which includes these two phones. Will be out later today so stay tuned my friend
  • M Usman Saleem Malik
    M Usman Saleem Malik 1 week ago I subscribed for battery drain test
  • Tech/NickBrazer
    Tech/NickBrazer 1 week ago Great, will have it up soon as I can!