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  • Sorcerer Max
    Sorcerer Max 2 weeks ago First phone with a punch hole and a LCD display from Honor? who made view 20 then? aliens from Mars?
  • Alak
    Alak 2 weeks ago Honor v20 also had a lcd display with a hole punch.
  • boycool coolboy
    boycool coolboy 1 week ago now we need to show our support to Huawei. I hope Huawei will give us someting competative to will be advantageous to us as consumers.
  • Auto hub
    Auto hub 2 weeks ago Side mounted fingerprint sensor is first show in Sony
  • Irteza Golandaz
    Irteza Golandaz 2 weeks ago Arijit Singh Spotted 😆
  • Arindam Panda
    Arindam Panda 2 weeks ago (edited) Great Review Sir. Really Appreciate Your Hard Work. Punch hole Display looks Dope.
  • Tushar Malhotra
    Tushar Malhotra 2 weeks ago A good and objective review:)
  • Bhavin gr8
    Bhavin gr8 1 week ago Nice work.!! Keep it up
  • Anuj Malik
    Anuj Malik 2 weeks ago A honest and best review 💗
  • Мультфильмы stok
    Мультфильмы stok 1 week ago онор л.юб.л.ю угу
  • Rahu\_ 0493
    Rahu\_ 0493 2 weeks ago B E A Tiful..
  • UB's tech
    UB's tech 2 weeks ago What will I do with a phone which won't even get any future Android Updates
  • Adinarayana Reddy
    Adinarayana Reddy 2 weeks ago I think most oppo vivo redmi and even Samsung barely sends any updates except for their own UI updates.
  • UB's tech
    UB's tech 2 weeks ago I hope so!
  • vaibhav rathi
    vaibhav rathi 2 weeks ago this one would, also would get security updates... also google might lift the ban soon
  • nidhi shetty
    nidhi shetty 1 week ago Wtf hw can it not have a headphone jack???
  • Surya Gannarapu
    Surya Gannarapu 1 week ago (edited) I think it's an payed video by Honor ....
  • Wayne Spendlove
    Wayne Spendlove 1 week ago Does it have face unlock
  • Naimish valani
    Naimish valani 2 weeks ago sir aap baut bolte hai
  • Safar Pannippara
    Safar Pannippara 2 weeks ago Include details about sim slot in your videos
  • Ritesh Baranwal
    Ritesh Baranwal 2 weeks ago Non expandable
  • Hassan M Kannu
    Hassan M Kannu 2 weeks ago Haven't you seen lenovo z6 pro.. honor 20 is just copying it...
  • E OB
    E OB 2 weeks ago How is it copying the Lenovo z6pro? They are not that similar
  • star gamer 8055
    star gamer 8055 2 weeks ago Gud review
  • Best Playlist Ever
    Best Playlist Ever 2 weeks ago Is it worthy to buy honor 20 where we know that Huawei is in under threat?
  • sudip daw
    sudip daw 2 weeks ago Not at all, I exchanged my honor 6x with mia2