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OnePlus 7 Pro UNBOXING & First REVIEW! This video is my official OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing and first look hands review! The OnePlus 7 Series live launch has just happened, so should you buy it on the release date? This video looks at the specs / specifications, camera, battery life and much more! Comparison videos coming soon, vs OnePlus 7, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone XS Max, Huawei P30 Pro and much more! Let me know your early thoughts in the comnments!

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  • Rayan
    Rayan 1 week ago (edited) This is what I was waiting for... Respect one plus seven pro 🎩 Unbelievably incredible... Amazing phone 😍😍😍
  • 5m4llk1ng
    5m4llk1ng 1 day ago I heard that the oneplus 7 pro doesn't include the charger with the phone.. is it true?
  • Ивайло Илиев
    Ивайло Илиев 2 days ago Cmoon that is discrimination ! Some people do not use tweeter or instagram...
  • JB Rocks
    JB Rocks 1 week ago Loved the review! I was eagerly waiting for it to be honest 😁 The phone looks Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (yes that's a word).. I will hopefully be able to check it out this weekend at one of the oneplus outlets Thank you for addressing the front camera drop thing... That was the first thing I thought of... Being the clumsy goof I am 😎 Spectacular review... . Will be waiting for your video on the Oneplus 7 👍 Thanks a bunch
  • Samuel Adekola
    Samuel Adekola 1 week ago That full display tho🤩
  • Scott Marquez
    Scott Marquez 56 minutes ago Great review...I’m loving these specs 👍🏼
  • kirty M.
    kirty M. 11 hours ago Im looking for a new phone. My huawei phone got death threat recently. 😢
  • rk Balaji
    rk Balaji 5 days ago I like oneplus😍😍😍 for gaming playing video song quality fastest flagship bill quality fasting charger in the market best mobile😘😘😘
  • N S Rahul
    N S Rahul 1 week ago Opening with a SPOON Yap it is a great THING of Way... Hail 1+ SEVEN Hail The Reviewers...👏🙏
  • Raju Oraganti
    Raju Oraganti 5 days ago Nice video oneplus 7 Pro unboxing smart phone bro
  • Rhys Preston
    Rhys Preston 15 hours ago Late to this vid but gotta say that back is one sexy beast
  • Eurovision Euphoria!
    Eurovision Euphoria! 4 days ago They're selling the OP7 Pro @ $699, how come in Europe for the same Nebula Blue 8 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage @ a whopping price of EUR 749?!?
  • Khalig Rzaev
    Khalig Rzaev 1 week ago My favorite techno-viewer in the world!!! Thanks @ASBYT for that cool unboxing of 1+7 pro! It's really beautiful! Waiting for full review! Peace ✌🏾
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago Never got the money to buy oneplus 6, not for 6t and not for this one too!! That's life for me!!
  • Lolcat
    Lolcat 1 week ago You can get the 6 very cheap now. It's a fantastic phone for the price.
  • Tali jamir
    Tali jamir 1 week ago Same here bro. I feel you lol
  • Dado D.R.
    Dado D.R. 1 week ago You didn't miss much, there are so manny phones for less that are actually better in the key area like audio, camera, video and features like meizu 16s,xiaomi 9,nubia x, galaxy a80, amazing vivo x27, lenovo 6z pro, future asus z, xiaomi mix3, honor v20....
  • Ranjeev Joseph
    Ranjeev Joseph 1 week ago Sorry bro, never lose hope and never settle.
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @Lolcat yeaah it is but still can't convince me to spend a lot on a phone!!
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @Tali jamir yeaah bro!!
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @Ranjeev Joseph yeaah maybe!! or whatever!!! lol
  • PC PC
    PC PC 1 week ago Same
  • Kaiome Wilson
    Kaiome Wilson 1 week ago Beyond the revenue speed of my wallet thumbs up everyone
  • Khalig Rzaev
    Khalig Rzaev 1 week ago (edited) Once you will achieve the opportunity to buy yourself whatever you want! JUST NEVER GIVE UP!!!
  • Emmanuel Manu
    Emmanuel Manu 1 week ago I still have my Oneplus 6 since launch still Superb on me and crazy fast
  • SaAdIii 47
    SaAdIii 47 1 week ago Same here
  • supernova 25
    supernova 25 1 week ago Cant you pay monthly?
  • Mr. Gadget
    Mr. Gadget 1 week ago not even a single youtuber have yet done a one plus 7 unboxing (not the pro version) don't know the reason why?
  • Mr. Gadget
    Mr. Gadget 1 week ago i want to buy one plus 7 128gb ram 6gb 32,999 but no one did the unboxing why?
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @Kaiome Wilson yeaahh 😂😂😂 it's way too fast cuz when we'll have saved the money for op 7, op8 or 9 would be launching 😂😂
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @Khalig Rzaev yeahh bro!! Gotta earn it!!
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 1 week ago @SaAdIii 47 😂 that's kinda sad u knw 😂😂😂
  • SaAdIii 47
    SaAdIii 47 1 week ago (edited) @vishal gandotra Yea..also very heart breaking😢😞
  • Ken Guidry
    Ken Guidry 6 days ago (edited) Just something that I've noticed. On videos covering Samsung or Apple devices. If someone says that they can't afford what they're offering right now, so many people will bash them and say stuff like "it's not for poor people" ...but the OnePlus community (or even just people who are interested in OnePlus) will say stuff like "keep on working hard or never give up, hope you can get what you want"'s kinda nice
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago @Ken Guidry yeahh bro!! Actually the market is shifting to budget market by bringing best tech of premium segment to target mid segments like pixel 3a but this is way much costly. I feel you !! People would criticise every other brand but if oneplus gives something and raises the price it's normal for them and they'll appreciate it like - "Never settle" Just imagine this company is never going to make to settle 😬😬😬 and will always convince you to spend on the newer models 😂😂😂
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago (edited) @SaAdIii 47 😂😂 don't worry it isn't the only one thing you can't afford, there are many other things too, now how many hearts you've left to broke. 😂😂 Don't bother about it.
  • SaAdIii 47
    SaAdIii 47 6 days ago @vishal gandotra Hhahhhahh nice advice ..😂
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago @SaAdIii 47 😂😂
  • rayana
    rayana 6 days ago One plus 6 camera is garbage.. Why would you want a smartphone with a crappy camera..
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago @rayana to shoot crappy pics of crappy people 😝😝
  • Alex Romero
    Alex Romero 6 days ago I got the 3t, 5, 6t , and now gonna buy the 7 pro
  • NoobFin
    NoobFin 6 days ago I could buy that phone, but it just feels stupid to spend so much money on a phone :p
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago (edited) @NoobFin yepp that's what it is bro. Once you've spend it, the next day if you were to sell it you'll get 5k less or $70-80 less So why to block so much money 😂😂😂
  • vishal gandotra
    vishal gandotra 6 days ago @Alex Romero Good luck bro, the link must be in description!! 😬 😏
  • Carmilla Wong
    Carmilla Wong 5 days ago The reviewer's unit is so thoughtful. =D Oneplus7pro looks gorgeous with the nebula blue. That 12G is a sur'plus' from OnePlus. ^^
  • Kimo A
    Kimo A 5 days ago They just keep out doing themselves!! Thank you for this I've been waiting since I very first heard about it months and months ago what a gorgeous phone!
  • juan vazquez
    juan vazquez 1 week ago im watching the video at the moment and was able to watch the whole launch event!!! im gonna make it my next cellphone :D greetings mate, from texas (usa)
  • Namrata Chauhan
    Namrata Chauhan 1 week ago Oneplus really living upto their new tagline "beyond speed"
  • Saju Rs
    Saju Rs 1 week ago Hows the Performance of op7pro??
  • Jacobus Mostert
    Jacobus Mostert 1 week ago With Android P (Newest Google OS), Snapdragon 855 (Fastest CPU), Adreno 630 (Fastest GPU from Qualcomm), Liquid Cooled, 8GB of RAM, UFS3.0 , 90Hz Display and the legendary OxygenOS. This phone's performance is insane!
  • Communist Tim
    Communist Tim 3 days ago @Jacobus Mostert it has adreno 640
  • Tech Mech
    Tech Mech 5 days ago Hi Mate, something of topic. I was just wondering which benchmark software do you use when you review a phone?