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Amazing Automatic Wood Sawmill Machines Modern Technology - EXTREME Fast Wood Cutting Machine

Published on Mar 11, 2019 12,723,452 views

Amazing Automatic Wood Sawmill Machines Modern Technology Cutting Big Tree easy
- Biggest line wood cutting machine

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  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago Removing the trees 🌲🌲 🌲 very fast with latest technology.. can you grow up the tree with the half of this speed...
  • D S
    D S 1 month ago You can plant as many as you want.....
  • Daddy SmokesYams
    Daddy SmokesYams 1 month ago With hydroponics YES!
  • srimaruthiceramics ceramics
    srimaruthiceramics ceramics 1 month ago With out trees how will we live save 🌲🌲🌲
  • Harshad Dawkar
    Harshad Dawkar 1 month ago Thought is great
  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago @D S yes we can plant but the speed of vanishing the trees🌲 is faster than the planting..
  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago @Daddy SmokesYams then there should be a organization who defeat this timber mafia...
  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago @Harshad Dawkar thanks..
  • D S
    D S 1 month ago @Dildar Hussain most companies use the trees they've planted lol Don't worry it's all going to burn anyway.
    Royal STASTISTA 1 month ago I can see that you are a kind of worker , isn't it an irony
  • Daddy SmokesYams
    Daddy SmokesYams 1 month ago @Dildar Hussain lol THERE ARE!! No offense but someone so passionate about the topic should be familiar with organizations like -Trees for the Future who alone in 2008 helped plant 250,000 trees globally or The Arbor Foundation who literally plants 5 million trees PER YEAR in the United States alone.. According to Bugwood. org 1.6 billion trees are planted in the US each year. It's not like trees are being cut and nobody cares as some would try to make it seem.
  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago @Royal STASTISTA yes I am an Electrical engineer and I love the machines, tools etc. But the "tree killer" machines are still question mark for me...
  • Dildar Hussain
    Dildar Hussain 1 month ago @Daddy SmokesYams my dear, I was just saying that the speed of cutting is faster than vanishing it... You can cut or burn a jungle in few days but you wait years to see it again in the same condition... We are also listening about a billion tree project in our country but who care about it...
  • D S
    D S 1 month ago @Dildar Hussain you've got to be a woman 😂
  • patrick bateman
    patrick bateman 1 month ago @D S yes, but there is a little problem with that. It is, when the deforestation is too fast, you are also destroying the natural habitat of many species. It will lead to extinction. It is not a solution to plant different types of trees in a rainforest, where you cant find them naturally
  • D S
    D S 1 month ago @patrick bateman meh. As long as I get to wipe my ass 💩👋🚽
  • Mohammed Shahid
    Mohammed Shahid 1 month ago @Daddy SmokesYams pass Feldman work relief to have eluded keyless entry
  • bubenegre
    bubenegre 18 hours ago (edited) we cut the trees, they cut the oxygen.. who will win? Legalize weed world wide and save the trees!
  • Saneesh Kumar
    Saneesh Kumar 1 week ago Its an ordinary machine and I saw many times these type wood machine
  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 2 days ago Was anybody else as appalled as I am by the utter disregard for safety of the most basic kind? Around the saw with no hearing or eye protection, spinning blades fully exposed, no safety helmets; At the end of the line, again no hearing or eye protection, no shirts of any kind, SANDALS! That's a reason we pay $10 for that dress instead of the $40 if it were made here.
  • Mr lehoy
    Mr lehoy 1 month ago pray for trees
  • Free Dom
    Free Dom 3 weeks ago (edited) No PPE at low wage income and what did they care
  • patrick delos reyes meneses
    patrick delos reyes meneses 1 month ago All trees go to heaven
    GETLUCKY101 1 month ago Trees 🌲 stand no chance!! Just subbed to your channel!!!
  • Jyoti KISHAN
    Jyoti KISHAN 1 month ago GETLUCKY101 fuv
  • Bag Gass
    Bag Gass 1 month ago Jadi ingat si Supri bagian tukang kupas kulit kayu waktu kerja di PT. TIMBER dulu... soal ngupas kulit kayu dia jagonya.. balok diameter ukuran 7x 150 cuma hitungan menit..
  • Rakesh Kushwaha
    Rakesh Kushwaha 1 day ago Bag Gass
  • Pranesh R
    Pranesh R 1 month ago please plant trees while cutting the same..
  • Vaghela Viram
    Vaghela Viram 1 month ago 😣😣😣😤😱😱🙏🙏👹👹👹👎👎👎
  • Crisalyn Jabil
    Crisalyn Jabil 1 month ago Sorry I promise not doing again please back the massenger2
  • Jyoti Rani
    Jyoti Rani 1 week ago @Crisalyn Jabil this is not funny
  • Troxyn IV
    Troxyn IV 4 days ago y
  • Syper Video
    Syper Video 1 month ago китайцы наш лес обрабатывают.
  • Isha Arogya
    Isha Arogya 3 weeks ago Syper Video manethen korati Ames seavandum
  • Yaxyo Umarov
    Yaxyo Umarov 1 day ago Вы китайс
  • Eco Tree
    Eco Tree 1 month ago Health and Safety.. Zero
  • Josh
    Josh 1 month ago "modern technology" Shows 1970s sawmill technology in 3rd world countries.
  • Dr. Finny Theo
    Dr. Finny Theo 1 month ago Rip oxygen😓
  • Masood Habib
    Masood Habib 21 hours ago This is no good, but gora is dont care about this he need money only, he dont care any body.
  • Justdoit
    Justdoit 1 month ago You motherfkrs gonaa pay for this one day
  • pepe the printer
    pepe the printer 1 month ago Pay for what making wood that has already been harvested into a useful and useable product You dont even know if this is mass deforestation or if they are planting more You are going to pay for this comment
  • ThePixelGamer53
    ThePixelGamer53 1 month ago pepe the printer Most trees take many years from planting to be able to reach their maximum height. Unless they are using a tree breed that quickly sprouts up, this is destroying the habitat for plants, animals.
  • pepe the printer
    pepe the printer 1 month ago @ThePixelGamer53 i dont mean they are farming trees i mean they may be replanting trees in place of the ones they cut down so in time they will grow back
  • inge görhan
    inge görhan 2 months ago nybis,,haha
  • Yara Murga
    Yara Murga 1 month ago And I thought that the lumber mill where I works 10 years ago was too old but this sawmill is from the prehistoric era!!!
  • Cristian Nool
    Cristian Nool 1 month ago napadansasabogan mainagsisigawan
  • Godwin Amevor
    Godwin Amevor 1 month ago This is why if we are thinking of fast technology we also have to think of how to preserve nature too Technology is good for the enhancement of humanity and preserving nature is also good for sustainable of humanity! Lets think quick!
  • pepe the printer
    pepe the printer 1 month ago I love that you end a comment about making humanity long term by saying, "LETS THINK QUICK"
  • Godwin Amevor
    Godwin Amevor 1 month ago Sharp dear 👌👍
  • Carlos Carrion
    Carlos Carrion 2 months ago Don't cut the trees Niggaaas 💩💩💩💩
  • mdnor matnor
    mdnor matnor 1 month ago (edited) All countries in the world already destroy the forest tree business billion of dollars😔 :pal they don care animal Place
  • XX crump
    XX crump 3 weeks ago Don't live in your house🏠=🌳niggaaas
  • Carlos Carrion
    Carlos Carrion 3 weeks ago my house is concrete but the trees are the life of the planet think to answer my comment little brain
  • Ramesh Jangra
    Ramesh Jangra 2 weeks ago We need a Real 'Thanos' who could wipe out all 'racist' people like you. Earth will become more full of life
  • Carlos Carrion
    Carlos Carrion 2 weeks ago @Ramesh Jangra What you need is to think what you say nobody speaks to you with racism