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Huawei P30 Review: Better Than The P30 Pro?

Published on Apr 12, 2019 80,074 views

The P30 Pro seems to be main star of the show for Huawei’s latest P-series smartphones but you guys are really missing out on a real gem here! The P30 is pretty awesome in its own right. Watch the full video to find out!

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  • Azku
    Azku 3 months ago Flat screen. Smaller form factor. Cheaper. Headphone jack.
  • No03Kazehana
    No03Kazehana 3 months ago Azku agree, 3.5mm is so important!
  • Christian Schmidt
    Christian Schmidt 3 months ago i got the normal p30 and i dont regret it.
  • Christian Schmidt
    Christian Schmidt 2 weeks ago @Oxi Clean verry good,, even if the battery is weaker over the p20 pro i still can handle a full day on normal/heavy ussage. the software just seems better optimzed and the new cpu helps alot here.
  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean 2 weeks ago Christian Schmidt hows the battery life?
  • Holy Slav
    Holy Slav 2 weeks ago Is it good for gaming?
  • Christian Schmidt
    Christian Schmidt 3 weeks ago @Oxi Clean its good for a mono speaker, the highs get annoying when the volume is at max. but i have had worse before
  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean 3 weeks ago How’s the speaker for the P30?
  • Awais Sulehria
    Awais Sulehria 2 months ago @Christian Schmidt i was Using Note 9 i switch to p30 because of note 9 edge design, and i never ever change beauty mode on any device.
  • Christian Schmidt
    Christian Schmidt 2 months ago also remember to turn off that damn beauty mode if your are unhappy
  • Christian Schmidt
    Christian Schmidt 2 months ago @Awais Sulehria why? my front camera is perfect, a huge upgrade overr my p20 pro.
  • Awais Sulehria
    Awais Sulehria 2 months ago I am also using P30 same colour but very disappointed with front Camera otherwise no any issues back camera excellent
  • B L
    B L 2 months ago Me too
  • Happy Cupcake
    Happy Cupcake 2 months ago @ahmed ewis should have gone for pro
  • ahmed ewis
    ahmed ewis 2 months ago Christian Schmidt me too
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago (edited) I switched to the P30 after using Samsuck Galaxy S10e for 2 weeks. Gosh, I'm blown away by the snappy performance, way longer battery life, faster charging, better camera of the P30. While it lags wireless charging and IP68 rating as compared to S10e, the Pros is just too much and too good over the cons. I've never looked back after switching from Samsuck to Huawei. Exynos 9820 is so bad and so outdated when compared to Snapdragon 855 or even the Kirin 980. Huawei for the win here, IMO.
  • Onyx Lim
    Onyx Lim 4 weeks ago You definitely took the thoughts out of my mind. Thank you
  • _ doomkr6ft
    _ doomkr6ft 2 months ago Exynos is a huge pain. Snapdragon S10e is fantastic though.
  • harris yunan
    harris yunan 2 months ago I may consider take P30 as my 2nd phone. Currently on pixel xl2. My s10e is my daily driver
  • rafid sadman
    rafid sadman 3 months ago After 1 week of usage this phone is amazing the battery is amazing as well I have a video I posted 3 days back I'll be able to reply to all of your questions and reply to you guys with samples through email as well
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @Gielie Hey, you're welcomed. Glad that you've made this decision and is not looking back. Too bad Samsuck is so rich and spent so much money to advertise their Sucky line of S10 series of devices. The supporters are going strong, just like Apple Fanboys.
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @crybabyN Mobile phone should be in our hand and not plug in for charging whole day long. I wonder what Samsuck engineers were thinking when they design the phone. Glad that you switched Huawei and is enjoying the longevity of the battery life. :-)
  • Gielie
    Gielie 3 months ago @MrElfblade i have the pro version i swapped my s10 plus for the p30 pro and never looked back.Thanks buddy
  • crybabyN
    crybabyN 3 months ago (edited) @MrElfblade totally agree! Such a massive difference! I have been using it all day with heaps of updates and app installations, screen on, photos etc and now it is still on 47% after 2am! It's crazy hey! So glad I got it !
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @crybabyN Yup, I can do without IP68 rating, 50X hybrid zoom and 5X optical zoom, no wireless charging(reverse wireless) , 22.5W instead of 40W Super Charging, 128gb storage instead of 256gb, no TOF sensor. What I'm getting in return is a better form factor phone, a 3.5mm audio jack, and $400 savings in SGD. 😀
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @crybabyN I'm glad that you managed to get a refund from Samsuck, and is enjoying using your new P30. :-) Not only is the battery long lasting, the Super Charging adapter and cable can top up real fast. With all my apps syncing and widgets running in the background, I can still get the phone charged from 9% to 61% in 30 mins. Can the S10e do that? Absolutely not! Slow charging + quick discharging piece of crap.
  • crybabyN
    crybabyN 3 months ago @MrElfblade I am totally agree with you not spending more than 1K on phone, it's not worth it ! Besides, I am not a fan of curved screen so P30 is perfect and just a right size !
  • crybabyN
    crybabyN 3 months ago @MrElfblade I have returned the S10e today and got P30 ! Never been happier lol battery is absolutely great! I was too stressed out with Samsung! It was awful! I had to fight with head office for refund but got it in the end. Dual sim in Huawei P30 and flat screen just what I needed. It showed me the battery expectation of 54 hours without switching everything off like I'm Samsung lol Woohoo
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @Ai Yang Edwin Tan You're welcome, mate. As of now at 11pm, I'm still left with 54% battery life after unplugging the phone at 7am in the morning. 16 hrs and the battery is still going strong. S10e's battery would probably die on me by 3pm, and requires a 3rd charging by now. Go for Huawei instead of Samsuck, you'll thank me later. :-)
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @crybabyN Glad that you can return the piece of Samsuck junk in Australia. Go for the Huawei P30, or if you have a little more to spare, go for the Pro version. For me, I am not willing to spend more than $1k SGD for a phone, so I settled for the P30 only. I'm very satisfied with the phone after using it for one week. Huawei should thank Samsung for creating such a bad user experience.
  • Ai Yang Edwin Tan
    Ai Yang Edwin Tan 3 months ago @MrElfblade Thanks for the reply.. Planning to get one soon..
  • crybabyN
    crybabyN 3 months ago @MrElfblade thank you so much ! I am going to return it here is Australia as I have already returned my first S10e after a week of use, thinking it was faulty. But now, I am certain it was just rubbish for all those modes
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @fang lin You mean you love Samsung phones. Or the name I've given them for producing Sucky gadgets and selling as Premiums?
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @crybabyN Tell me about it. I've used the S10e for 2 weeks and almost ended up smashing that piece of junk onto the floor. Constantly worrying the the battery will die on me. When I unplug from the charger, the battery will deplete by 2% within 10 mins. Samsuck is paying reviewers tonnes of advertising to promote this rubbish phone. I would advise you to return the phone if it's possible in your region. For me, I trade-in Samsuck S10e for a Huawei P30.
  • MrElfblade
    MrElfblade 3 months ago @Ai Yang Edwin Tan I don't like EMUI, but there is an easy fix. I'm using Nova Launcher Prime over EMUI. Battery life was great, easily last me for a full day without having to worry that it'll run out of juice. Camera was fantastic.
  • fang lin
    fang lin 3 months ago I love the samsuck
  • crybabyN
    crybabyN 3 months ago Omg let me know ! I have bought Samsung s10e two weeks ago and hate the battery ! It's awful! I am certainly thinking to switch my to Huawei p30
  • Ai Yang Edwin Tan
    Ai Yang Edwin Tan 3 months ago I’m considering the P30.. Is the software okay? How long is the battery life? The photo is great for sure.. but how is the video?
  • Venâncio Chaves
    Venâncio Chaves 3 hours ago I’m not afraid about price I’m afraid about curved edge screen... Looks weak
  • Zackluma Hoowoo
    Zackluma Hoowoo 3 months ago (edited) Finally a P30 review !!!A lot of hype over it's pro version but not it's smaller brother. Also is it recommend Ed to upgrade from mate 10 non pro to p30 non pro?
  • O .T .G
    O .T .G 1 month ago @Lim Reviews is the volume loud when playing music using earphones ?
  • edric kaw
    edric kaw 2 months ago @Lim Reviews , if comparing between p30 non-pro version and mate 20 pro, which camera is better?
  • Toxicity At its FINEST
    Toxicity At its FINEST 3 months ago got the non pro version... still takes godly pictures with that RYYB sensor and 30x zoom
  • themickey
    themickey 3 months ago I have the mate 10 pro and I will be getting the regular P30.
  • Lim Reviews
    Lim Reviews 3 months ago My exact thoughts. People need to try the non-pro version. From Mate 10 sure but upgrade to the P30 non-pro is enough.
  • Toxicity At its FINEST
    Toxicity At its FINEST 3 months ago (edited) Finally w non pro "proper" review... Already took a bite weeks ago... Love it like hell, specially the camera. No complaints (except maybe no wireless charging support)
  • enricovids
    enricovids 1 month ago P30 doesnt have OIS. Did you find it more difficult to focus/not blur in night mode? I'm also curious how it compares to the S10/S10+
  • David Zeng
    David Zeng 3 months ago Actually the smaller size is a great idea!
  • Hussein Kefel
    Hussein Kefel 3 months ago Hi Lim, thanks for this review of the Huawei P30. I agree with you I also don't like the curved screen and this was sad for me to see the P30 Pro with a curved screen. I just wished it was straight flat.
  • Lim Reviews
    Lim Reviews 3 months ago Always glad I could help.
  • tehblizz
    tehblizz 4 days ago Would it be a big jump from a S8? I found it at 350€ and was wondering if I should wait another year before changing phones or if it already makes sense
  • Thomas Hackner
    Thomas Hackner 1 week ago I'm happy with my p30, however I do wish they kept the ois, even with the cut backs of the ip68 and wireless charge. But over all this is probably the best device I've ever had
  • Walldo Lifaniça
    Walldo Lifaniça 2 weeks ago Hi mate. In terms of battery life, which is better? Mate 10 PRO or P30?
  • nomi raja
    nomi raja 3 months ago Watching on my p30😍😍😍
  • u know
    u know 3 weeks ago @Oxi Clean it's not the best but it's ok
  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean 3 weeks ago nomi raja How’s the speaker for the P30?
  • Toxicity At its FINEST
    Toxicity At its FINEST 3 months ago Me too! Got the aurora w/ the free watch gt w/ matching bands
  • u know
    u know 3 months ago @Dritan Rustja it's really nice.
  • Dritan Rustja
    Dritan Rustja 3 months ago How do you find it?
  • Szacallpl Yt
    Szacallpl Yt 1 month ago Change the settings to Performance Mode and do benchmark test again👍
  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี
    คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี 3 months ago Fancy Skiing is a sports game that uses the Tof-camera of Huawei P30 Pro
  • Lim Reviews
    Lim Reviews 3 months ago คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี Haha I’ve tried that one. It’s pretty cool but not something I’d do all day :)
  • Lefteris Sasloglou
    Lefteris Sasloglou 3 months ago hello there and thanks! Can you test and tell us if it supports Emui Desktop mode?
  • Siva Shankar
    Siva Shankar 3 months ago Mi9 vs p30 vs iQoo ?? Review....if u can can u put will be helpful for many people.😅... And u r doing well
  • Toxicity At its FINEST
    Toxicity At its FINEST 3 months ago @ismail abdelrazek agreed... P30 is a "medium" sized phone not a phablet
  • ismail abdelrazek
    ismail abdelrazek 3 months ago Actually the size of mi9 and iqoo match the pro version , so i think that the p30 is for another category maybe !
  • Lim Reviews
    Lim Reviews 3 months ago Let me try haha
  • O .T .G
    O .T .G 1 month ago @Lim Reviews +Lim Reviews when playing music with earphones is the volume loud ?
  • Ralf Henning-Venske
    Ralf Henning-Venske 3 months ago Question: Is this Phone able to provide pictures and its GPS location on STRAVA?
  • Siva Shankar
    Siva Shankar 3 months ago Waiting for u r review Mr.Lim