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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Unboxing (English)

Published on Jun 11, 2019 133,817 views

English Review on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Unboxing. How is it This Phone?
#Xiaomi_Mi_Band_4_Unboxing , #Mi_Band_4_Unboxing

  • MMH
    MMH 2 weeks ago Terminator is that you?
  • ksawix
    ksawix 1 week ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • 탕카폐펜
    탕카폐펜 1 week ago voice look like t-800
  • Jay Varma
    Jay Varma 2 weeks ago Haha... programmed to convert Chinese to English!!🤣
  • Dhirendra Verma
    Dhirendra Verma 2 weeks ago His sound is very scary!
  • Mark Joshua Yabut
    Mark Joshua Yabut 2 weeks ago Stop it JARVIS.
  • Dhirendra Verma
    Dhirendra Verma 2 weeks ago Why does he sound like Ultron?
  • Musa Islam
    Musa Islam 2 weeks ago Hahaha
  • Tan Zhao Feng
    Tan Zhao Feng 2 weeks ago It'd be an insult for Ultron
  • Dhirendra Verma
    Dhirendra Verma 2 weeks ago (edited) Call the avengers!!!
  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet 1 week ago Damn it , I just ordered my mi band 3
  • Jaya Tekwani
    Jaya Tekwani 1 week ago Cancel it
  • Benas Stašaitis
    Benas Stašaitis 1 week ago I am giving You One Yike. You may use this One Yike to Yike Once, when You think it's needed. Actually, just try to sell it if you can right away and wait a couple of months for the prices of Mi Band 4 to maybe go down a bit and yeh! Good luck!
  • Manavv Chhabra
    Manavv Chhabra 1 week ago Guy used a voice translator
  • xlnc 2608
    xlnc 2608 2 weeks ago It is basically voice translation of Chinese unboxing video
  • swaran c santhosh
    swaran c santhosh 2 weeks ago WILL we get voice assistant with the normal version
  • Chiller Fx
    Chiller Fx 1 week ago When he says 'Rs'. (Rupees) 😀
  • Dmitry Full
    Dmitry Full 1 week ago You could at least edit a little bit the "voice" track. Clipping man...clipping.
  • movie mania
    movie mania 1 week ago Is it good visibil in sunlight
  • 5M Gadget
    5M Gadget 1 week ago yes
  • Virendra Kumari
    Virendra Kumari 2 weeks ago Terminator detected.. Initiate unsubscription now.. Unsubscribed!
  • Jouz
    Jouz 2 weeks ago Lmao
  • Sai gamer
    Sai gamer 2 weeks ago (edited) 🙏💕 video
  • Júlia Lins
    Júlia Lins 1 week ago Does Chinese version have Portuguese language?
  • 5M Gadget
    5M Gadget 1 week ago No
  • Warren Pereira
    Warren Pereira 2 weeks ago is he talking underwater????
  • Dhirendra Verma
    Dhirendra Verma 2 weeks ago How did u got this band mi will start selling these watches from 16 June is it real??
  • The electro WIZ
    The electro WIZ 2 weeks ago It will release on 16 june only in india,it has been aldready lounged in china
  • Noobie 乡 Gaming
    Noobie 乡 Gaming 1 week ago Are you a robot ???
  • andika sujanadi
    andika sujanadi 2 weeks ago Using robot sound, loserrrr
  • sz0516
    sz0516 2 weeks ago its literally google translate with autotune
  • Sameer Dewan
    Sameer Dewan 1 week ago When will band launch in India and price