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I'm not mad, just disappointed... - Galaxy S10/S10+ Review

Published on Mar 27, 2019 2,227,246 views

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  • Alden's bro
    Alden's bro 3 weeks ago I’d rather go with the punchhole display than the jackless phone.
  • Shareef Naeem
    Shareef Naeem 2 weeks ago Same here dude
  • Kaosmaster Bassline
    Kaosmaster Bassline 2 weeks ago I tought that too... But it makes no difference in the end
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 2 weeks ago Yeah don’t buy the Galaxy Fold
  • Shareef Naeem
    Shareef Naeem 2 weeks ago @Xean Xedrik Torculas not worth my money.
  • Shareef Naeem
    Shareef Naeem 2 weeks ago @Xean Xedrik Torculas besides I use S10 Plus and I love it
  • Alden's bro
    Alden's bro 2 weeks ago Xean Xedrik Torculas Well you cannot buy that because A. It’s basically a flip phone that breaks so technology is going backwards B. Who needs a $2000 phone that flips?
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 2 weeks ago Shareef Naeem okay
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 2 weeks ago Shareef Naeem in the Philippines the S10 is so not cheap
  • Alden's bro
    Alden's bro 2 weeks ago Xean Xedrik Torculas also Filipino, S10 here costs 55,000 php, the S10e 36k still expensive. Try opting for the s8, much cheaper with same experience as the s10
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 2 weeks ago Alden's bro 4000 pesos for my iPhone 5S kaya ito nalang pinili ko.
  • Alden's bro
    Alden's bro 2 weeks ago Xean Xedrik Torculas pwede na rin, pangmatagalan din. Lagay mo si Cardo as wallpaper para mas matagal
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 2 weeks ago Alden's bro 😂😂😂🤣😂😂
  • Shareef Naeem
    Shareef Naeem 2 weeks ago @Alden's bro Makes sense and you have a wonderful point.
  • Unknowん
    Unknowん 1 week ago I don’t get why people make so much fuss over the headphone jack not being on the iPhone, wireless headphones are becoming the big trend now that you can get for almost any price
  • Shareef Naeem
    Shareef Naeem 1 week ago @Unknowん for reals? Not only did I not buy them due to their expense, but also due to their susceptibility to being lost
  • Eugene M
    Eugene M 1 week ago the hole, don't bother me at all
  • America's Team
    America's Team 1 week ago Ikr
  • LI RV
    LI RV 1 week ago Not for me. The jackless phone can be fixed with an adapter, usb type-c headphones or bluetooth headphones. A notch or hole or whatever can´t be fixed in any way. So, no thanks ;)
  • averwaverz
    averwaverz 1 week ago Yeah lol
  • Billy Morgan
    Billy Morgan 5 days ago Alden's bro I would rather have a jackless phone.
  • Hanry Chua
    Hanry Chua 4 days ago True
  • Hanry Chua
    Hanry Chua 4 days ago @Xean Xedrik Torculas But the box have a wireless buds but still not worth it 2000Dollars 😭😭😢
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 4 days ago LI RV good a person that gets it!!!!!!
  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas 4 days ago Hanry Chua really?????
  • Hanry Chua
    Hanry Chua 4 days ago @Xean Xedrik Torculas Yes. You dont know?
  • Hanry Chua
    Hanry Chua 4 days ago @Xean Xedrik Torculas Rhen WTH We spend for 2000 Dollars just buying a piece of plastic screen? Hell YEAH it have wireless buds in the box.
  • F B I
    F B I 2 days ago Same
  • Luka
    Luka 1 day ago It's not even an issue, people just like to complain about the most trivial of shit.
  • grounding123
    grounding123 17 hours ago wrong it was a tablet that folded into a phone... but it was badly implemented and failed...
  • grounding123
    grounding123 17 hours ago Apple started both those stupid trends. They make so much money selling wireless earpods. The bottom line is that music will always sound better with wired headphone/earphones.
  • IamNoone2727
    IamNoone2727 7 hours ago @Unknowん u dont have to charge wired headphones end of discussion
  • Christian Rea
    Christian Rea 1 month ago Why do I get the sense that Linus is disappointed by every product?
  • Onam King
    Onam King 1 month ago because phones nowadays are all the same and companies improve phones in the wrong direction, i'm not a tech reviewer but i agree with him, i hate the direction that tech is heading towards
  • LombaxJBL
    LombaxJBL 1 month ago He's more of a computer guy.
  • Piyush Gupta
    Piyush Gupta 1 month ago This is imperfect world. I really like that he speak of what he doesn't like.
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 1 month ago @LombaxJBL phones are computers too,
  • snowy
    snowy 1 month ago @Nightmare Core no, computers are computers, phones are phones.
  • Nightmare Core
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 1 month ago (edited) @snowy You sound like a kid with a tantrum, if your going to come at me with that nonsense and no facts your better off no saying nothing , I made it easy for you and googled it since you're brain can understand.
  • Dream Academy
    Dream Academy 1 month ago Nightmare Core So... my grandpa’s flip phone from the year 2004 is a computer then?
  • Dream Academy
    Dream Academy 1 month ago Nightmare Core By the way, the use of “your” is spelled incorrectly as well as the several grammar mistakes.
  • Dream Academy
    Dream Academy 1 month ago Nightmare Core Not to mention the source you ‘googled’ was published in 2009, so your information is outdated, making your point invalid.
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 4 weeks ago @Dream Academy who said I was referring to that one article, there lots of content there,
  • Muhammad Anhar
    Muhammad Anhar 3 weeks ago Dream Academy sorry man, we call it Smartphone, not your typical phone for phone calling only
  • Connor G
    Connor G 3 weeks ago @Dream Academy He's a complete fucking moron. Clearly an insecure little bitch boy with a tiny penis who thinks attacking people over tiny issues of semantics (while ignoring the point they were clearly trying to make) makes him appear intelligent. I agree, the saddest thing by far is his dumbass actually thought googling something meant he's speaking from a strong, factual position.
  • Greggers Grunderson
    Greggers Grunderson 3 weeks ago because most products suck balls?
  • Austin Warfel
    Austin Warfel 3 weeks ago Does a smartphone have ram / motherboard / processor / etc? Then it's a computer retards
  • A person
    A person 3 weeks ago @Nightmare Core he means pc
  • A person
    A person 3 weeks ago @Connor G bruh
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 3 weeks ago @A person I'm not mad in fact lol , what ever it is i feel like a sjw came to defend the dude.
  • WhiskeyShotsV8
    WhiskeyShotsV8 3 weeks ago (edited) He is the typical guy that doesn't like anything anyone else does, he thinks he is perfect.
  • Steven Leyson
    Steven Leyson 3 weeks ago owned!!!
  • Betalpha Gaming
    Betalpha Gaming 3 weeks ago Hes just very strict
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 3 weeks ago linus is right ,or what are your thoughts for future phones?
  • LonghornFinch
    LonghornFinch 3 weeks ago He is exactly the opposite of iJustine. they should collab review products.
  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 2 weeks ago Why do I get the sense that you're a salty Galaxy fan?
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 2 weeks ago Not a PC though
  • snowy
    snowy 2 weeks ago @Nightmare Core dude, i know what im talking about, im 21, and im probably older than you so shut the fuck up
  • hbihu
    hbihu 2 weeks ago Calm down guys. This is the definition of a computer according to google: "An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program." That would make all phones since you had to go through an operator a computer.
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 2 weeks ago not a PC though, which is very different in design than a phone
  • hbihu
    hbihu 2 weeks ago @LordZeusCannon yes, a phone is not a pc. Doesn't stop it from being a computer though.
  • Mario José Bp
    Mario José Bp 1 week ago He wants a perfect phone like me The lg g8 is the solution
  • Eugene M
    Eugene M 1 week ago His hoping, Samsung will listen to HIS complaints..
  • Mixzy
    Mixzy 1 week ago He's trying to be different and edgy...
  • bleh
    bleh 1 week ago Coz he is a dickhead who doesn't appreciate things.. Go watch reviews on other channels and not on this stupid shitty channel
  • Scaredscorch
    Scaredscorch 1 week ago Because he is I don't like his phone reviews anymore they just seen to NEGATIVE now
  • Sotyka94
    Sotyka94 1 week ago Unrealistic expectations. He wants different things from a phone than most people.
  • Infinityxtx
    Infinityxtx 1 day ago @Betalpha Gaming he's just very stupid!!! He recently reccommended a molecular scanner which turned out to be a hoax he did more research on that than he does on most products, he is controlled by his sponser boys. Thunderf00t utterly DESTROYED him, knocked his back doors in and it was funny watching him trying to wriggle out of it instead of being a man and saying "guys I failed, I didn't research this product I'm very sorry it won't happen again " But no, he's never wrong!! Sponser bitch
  • grounding123
    grounding123 17 hours ago Because phones are getting stupidly expensive and progressively whack...
  • call me Rocky
    call me Rocky 1 month ago (edited) Everyone: holepunch display Linus: Exit wound
  • Zagisa
    Zagisa 1 month ago I would actually love a phone without front camera, just pure display.. Never use it anyway.
  • Merry Waverider
    Merry Waverider 1 month ago Also Island Notch
  • SewerCat
    SewerCat 1 month ago I had to stop watching at that. It’s just not that big a deal but every damn phone he acts like it’s the end of the world.
  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 3 weeks ago @SewerCat its a dumb design from a performance view point. It acts as a display blocker as well as a stress concentration on one of the most easily breakable parts of the modern smart phone, the screen. So yeah, to some it is a huge deal if im paying close to $1000 USD on it.
  • SewerCat
    SewerCat 3 weeks ago @Anthony Garcia I wonder if it's as inefficient as spending the intro of the video complaining about one feature we can not only clearly see, but which the market clearly doesn't care about. When someone invents a camera that can see through the screen, fine, complain about notches.
  • Properso :D
    Properso :D 3 weeks ago @Anthony Garcia it's not 1000$... its 999$
  • Meter StickBoy9705
    Meter StickBoy9705 3 weeks ago @Anthony Garcia Most people's brains just fill in the blank of the camera, because it has reference points surrounding the whole camera. With a traditional notch this would not happen.
  • Mitch R
    Mitch R 3 weeks ago notch is a megalodon bite
  • Dirty Asian Mafia
    Dirty Asian Mafia 3 weeks ago Properso :D its comes out to over 1000$ after taxes
  • incredit
    incredit 2 weeks ago it looks terrible
  • Xenom Ryzen
    Xenom Ryzen 2 weeks ago Zack: cheerios
  • Felipe Flores
    Felipe Flores 2 weeks ago @Anthony Garcia Sometimes, when I am playing Minecraft (yes, Minecraft) on my phone, I like to watch a video while playing, and sometimes, after the video has already ended, I don't really care about it. To me, even a half in squared area of dead space, isn't annoying, I just don't pay attention to it. So, for me, I'm ok with a 78.5 mm squared area of dead space. Though, in fairness, the plus pill is just dumb, and the 5G's carrot is beyond comprehension.
  • Properso :D
    Properso :D 1 week ago (edited) @Dirty Asian Mafia if you order it it's still 999$ if you dont have to pay for shipping 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👌👌👌👌👌👌 (from Amazon with Amazon prime)
  • Aki Giladi
    Aki Giladi 1 week ago Fuh puh tuh: butthole display
  • Imback 2killu
    Imback 2killu 1 week ago @Zagisa buy one plus pro then
  • NexGenTek
    NexGenTek 3 days ago @Imback 2killu you're a month late
  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 weeks ago Idk what you did to your phone, but my camera is working amazingly
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 1 month ago this dude is sliding his fingers and then saying it doesnt work wtf lmao just tap it go to settings and enhance it smh im not mad just disappointed
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 month ago Linus doesn't know anything about phones. He simply made a video for views. S10 is actually with no doubt the best phone
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 1 month ago @shivankit ss i mean it could be better but yeah for now it is the best phone
  • Eric Arneson
    Eric Arneson 1 month ago @shivankit ss I've tested it before and after the update and it's still very inaccurate. Everyone's just trust trying to justify their purchases instead of being honest. If it were the best phone it would have zero competition but hey it will be a paperweight in 2 years when they stop updating it so there's always that to look forward to.
  • Brandon Bumgardner
    Brandon Bumgardner 1 month ago Can be fixed with a software update, you can swipe down when adjusting volume in almost every application but for some reason when in YouTube you can't.
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 month ago (edited) @Eric Arneson best compared to other phones. Of course new tech will come in future but im telling as of now
  • Edwin Beta
    Edwin Beta 1 month ago he really isnt, and he’s SHOWN how much better OnePlus’ version is
  • Mystic
    Mystic 1 month ago @Eric Arneson I've seen other youtubers who've reviewed the s10 saying they had that same problem, until they updated the phone. So you're probably doing something wrong if it's not accurate all the time.
  • Lohann Malan
    Lohann Malan 1 month ago I got the S10+ and I don't have a problem with fingerprint scanner It works fine and it is really fast
  • Raynish Dhauntal
    Raynish Dhauntal 1 month ago @Eric Arneson register the same finger two times
  • Adam A
    Adam A 1 month ago (edited) @shivankit ss You clearly also don't know anything about phones. P30 pro is the best phone out there right.
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 month ago @Adam A can't trust it for privacy reasons. I trust Samsung . I'm a heavy Samsung pay user. Who in the world uses 50x zoom anyway. Maybe forts day when you buy the phone you'll use it a couple of times. But after that ...
  • Vince
    Vince 1 month ago deporte chacon “enhance it”
  • High Biscuit
    High Biscuit 1 month ago shivankit ss Samsung release unpolished phones to get their foot in the door first.
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 month ago @High Biscuit oh and huawei copies Samsung's body design and makes it polished
  • C3lloman
    C3lloman 1 month ago @shivankit ss At least Linus isn't paid by Samsung like every other reviewer it seems. Whenever a new flagship smartphone comes out, the only thing I read and watch is praises from reviewers.
  • nikol_oza
    nikol_oza 1 month ago apple fan i guess :D
  • PattyMayonnaise
    PattyMayonnaise 1 month ago @Lohann Malan "really fast" Have you ever used another phone? Its incredibly slow compared to any phone I've ever used. Even compared to my s8+ which was fairly average. Most phones now are instant unlock so if you think the s10 is "really fast" your mind will be blown.
  • PattyMayonnaise
    PattyMayonnaise 1 month ago @Eric Arneson I dont know why it's hard for people to admit it's awful. The phone is nearly perfect but the scanner has me contemplating returning the phone. I'm at a nearly 50% unlock rate and most times I hit the 5x limit. Its terrible.
  • Lohann Malan
    Lohann Malan 1 month ago @PattyMayonnaise Well the S10 has a new fingerprint that is more advanced than the normal fingerprint scanner and it uses sound waves and doesn't take a not very secure picture like other in display fingerprint scanner and it is fast for what it is.
  • Lohann Malan
    Lohann Malan 1 month ago @PattyMayonnaise and my S10+ fingerprint scanner even if my finger's are dirty or wet , so in my book that's really good and reliable
  • Lohann Malan
    Lohann Malan 1 month ago @PattyMayonnaise If its that bad why did you buy it and if you got a problem with your s10 go buy an iphone and give your s10 to someone that would be happy and grateful for it.
  • Kouyen'dou N'Da
    Kouyen'dou N'Da 1 month ago if you have to go to the settings, to add the same fingerprint to enhance it was never good. it's called a solution to a problem they created
  • monster king
    monster king 1 month ago This sucks
  • monster king
    monster king 1 month ago I mean this guy fucking sucks lmao
  • Yerlin Morel
    Yerlin Morel 1 month ago yeah, I have absolutely no problem with the fingerprint sensor
  • Jason Vasquez
    Jason Vasquez 1 month ago My fingerprint sensor works just fine on my galaxy s10 when my finger is not sliding
  • Nicholas Karassavas
    Nicholas Karassavas 3 weeks ago He is smart shut up I bet you don't even know the base clock speed of a threadripper 2990wx is loozer
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 3 weeks ago @Nicholas Karassavas 😂😂😂👌☠🐑
  • Conker
    Conker 3 weeks ago @Eric Arneson I know a coworker that Is still rocking the Galaxy S4. The phone still works great. What you talking about?
  • Flurp
    Flurp 2 weeks ago @Eric Arneson samsung galaxy s7 released on march 11, 2016. Still getting updates on that phone
  • abella benigno
    abella benigno 1 week ago Hahaha i was thinking the same thing lols
  • BTICronox
    BTICronox 1 week ago ​@Eric Arneson finally somebody with a brain that doesn't suck TIm Cooks or DJ Kohs dick. Seriouly to all of you, they're just making tech devices. No need to defend them, they're not yo mama.
  • BTICronox
    BTICronox 1 week ago (edited) @shivankit ss it simply isn't, deal with it. The S10 is best at nothing except the slow motion mode in the camera department. The LG G8 has shown to be more color accurate in the display department, the P30 Pro has a MUCH better camera system for photos, the iPhone Xs makes better non-slow motion videos at both 30 and 60fps, both the P30 Pro and the LG G8 show far more pro camera features with the G8 topping everything (far field mics, manual photo and video mode, mic adjusting while filming, wind filter, use of external mics etc.), The G8 has the better headphone jack, the Oneplus 7 is nearly out and will have the faster UFS storage and current phones are on par, the G8 has a better hardware protection with 14x MIL STD 810G test procedure achievements, the Oneplus 6T and P30 Pro both show better in display finger print scanners, battery life is better on the 6T and P30 Pro and the 6T, P30 Pro and G8 show up at lower prices (at least in Germany, where i live). The Galaxy S10 (+) is a jack of all trades, but a master of none ;)
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 week ago @BTICronox oh ok.
  • HeavyProfessor
    HeavyProfessor 2 days ago @Eric Arneson never had one miss with finger print scanner
  • Luka
    Luka 1 day ago He's also saying you can accidentally press Bixby instead of the lock button when they're literally not even on the same side of the phone...Finding it hard to take anything he's saying seriously.
  • The3rdID
    The3rdID 1 day ago Lol wtf are you talking about?
  • shivankit ss
    shivankit ss 1 day ago @Luka true
  • HeavyProfessor
    HeavyProfessor 1 day ago @The3rdID and I will be there at the same time as the one I have is a good time to come by
  • MrTiktok4
    MrTiktok4 1 day ago @Adam A Too bad google banned them xDDD
  • David Metcalf
    David Metcalf 1 day ago @Nicholas Karassavas that's irrelevant you fucking moron.
  • Diego D
    Diego D 1 month ago 7:40 when you find the PERFECT video
  • Oozywolf
    Oozywolf 1 month ago Yeah idk if that was a joke or a really poorly planned motion
  • Rennie Kimutai
    Rennie Kimutai 1 month ago 😂
  • iPpBG
    iPpBG 1 month ago Lmao
  • marclee82
    marclee82 1 month ago Yay! I'm not the only that noticed that looked "suspicious". HA
  • iHCSx
    iHCSx 1 month ago XD
  • RedesCat
    RedesCat 1 month ago finally on page 79
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 1 month ago 🥶🥶🥶🥶👻
  • Kizito Onyeagusi
    Kizito Onyeagusi 1 month ago 😁😁😁
  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza 1 month ago always the best one is the one in your best video's related videos box.
  • Dennis
    Dennis 1 month ago Thank you for reminding me not to jerk off
  • jason luzy
    jason luzy 3 weeks ago Thanks fck I'm not the only one who was like uhh what's he up to linus
    CASTRO45ACP 3 weeks ago I'm so fucking dead right now😂😂😂😂😭😭😭💀💀💀
  • Suprememan
    Suprememan 2 weeks ago up
  • BadaSS Joker
    BadaSS Joker 2 weeks ago Wa do u mean eh 😂
  • 0LAF2046
    0LAF2046 1 week ago 😂 😂 😆 😝
  • inflameslp311
    inflameslp311 6 days ago He found the video at 7:26 with the pantsless Thanos thumbnail.
  • Russian Badass
    Russian Badass 2 days ago Omg ahahahaha 😂
  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph 1 month ago Notches are super ugly honestly a little bit of bezel is not bad I don't get it 😠
  • Karol Bajorek
    Karol Bajorek 1 month ago Ben Joseph its better to have xperia xz than notch
  • How to Change name?
    How to Change name? 1 month ago (edited) @Karol Bajorek Sony doesn't even give a shit about notches lol, they puta full fucking bar on a phone.
  • Synaris
    Synaris 1 month ago I actually really dig the pop-up cameras
  • Dan Green
    Dan Green 1 month ago (edited) @Synaris Me too.
  • Dan Green
    Dan Green 1 month ago I dare to say, they actually look pretty cool when the status bar is black. You can achieve this easily with the dev settings or Nacho Notch. But without it, notches are absolutely terrible. And they don't look particularly attractive when the phone is turned off either.
  • martin jean
    martin jean 1 month ago I don't get it that you don't get it
  • Yashvin Tackoory
    Yashvin Tackoory 1 month ago That why i am chossing the note 9 instead of the s10
  • B L A C K H O L E
    B L A C K H O L E 1 month ago @Yashvin Tackoory if you do more research, you might be able to find newer better phones than the note 9
  • Jorge B.
    Jorge B. 1 month ago You never will.
  • denzoned
    denzoned 1 month ago @How to Change name? At least it does look symmetric and you have some place to touch your phone without touching any of the display. Especially when watching videos.
  • B L A C K H O L E
    B L A C K H O L E 1 month ago @Jorge B. just keep looking
  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade 4 weeks ago (edited) @Yashvin Tackoory same here. But I still don't like the infinite edges. If they can lose the pin hole cut out and the infinite edges Samsung would have a solid phone
    TEASER MAN 4 weeks ago notches are better
  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade 4 weeks ago @TEASER MAN crack is better
  • spamtelevision
    spamtelevision 3 weeks ago Yeah, but even more worse are the cameras, they shots Alien-faces ! do you want that. I don't ! ⚠️
  • How to Change name?
    How to Change name? 3 weeks ago @denzoned yep I agree.
  • David Blue
    David Blue 3 weeks ago Totally right. We need Sony 21:9 display to be the next trend.
  • Michael G
    Michael G 2 weeks ago This is also why iPhone 8 Plus has high value and high demand as used phone because some people just want a notchless smartphone, 1080p 16:9 aspect ratio or some Apple users are used to the home button and Touch ID.
  • Alex Demidov
    Alex Demidov 2 days ago How do I have the same profile picture as you??? I found you brother!!!!!
  • deadly weapon79
    deadly weapon79 1 month ago (edited) So we just not gonna talk about that thic thanos picture on the feed
  • Jordi Gutierrez
    Jordi Gutierrez 1 month ago Same
  • Chad Dimmack
  • Devin Welch
    Devin Welch 3 weeks ago Slide up motorized camera, no thank you. Moving parts = more problems. I like the pill cut out.
  • Lyphentis
    Lyphentis 3 weeks ago thing is, it is more likely to dysfonction after a certain amount of time, but almost everyone keep their phone for 2 years or so and not longer, so it wouldn't really matter
  • Wonder Lamb
    Wonder Lamb 3 weeks ago Actually, the pill cutout is ugly, a normal notch would've been nicer, but even better if there was no front facing camera at all, you don't need to take selfies, and if you do you don't deserve a high end phone.
  • BlitzHD
    BlitzHD 3 weeks ago Wonder Lamb actually is used to deny facts
  • Betalpha Gaming
    Betalpha Gaming 3 weeks ago Then the samsung fold accident comes out
  • I
    I 3 weeks ago @Wonder Lamb I think a notch is more ugly especially when you consider that there are often channel logos in the top left (or bottom right) corner on TV and on YouTube, so you are naturally more used to such an offset "thing" on the screen, definently better than a fat notch in the middle in my opinion. And when you watch 16:9 content there are black bars on the sides anyway unless you zoom in.
  • Janis Creció
    Janis Creció 3 weeks ago You are an idiot, people much smarter than you and I have figured it out.
  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 1 week ago @Wonder Lamb video conferencing and calls need the front camera.
  • Jayc Bonfils
    Jayc Bonfils 1 week ago I recently found one of my old slider phones that were popular before touchscreens became ubiquitous. You'd be surprised how sturdy those moving parts are. You can slide the damn thing up and down all day and it'll still work just fine. I think MKBHD said the same thing about the slider can you're talking about too.
  • C:/Users/WindowsNT
    C:/Users/WindowsNT 4 days ago @Victor Lin Yup
  • Maunil Patel
    Maunil Patel 2 days ago The one plus is fine
  • H Marc Bower
    H Marc Bower 1 month ago 7:39 - thank you for cutting away just after he shoved his hand under the covers...
  • KeonXD
    KeonXD 1 month ago Plus, naked thanos was there
  • chronousnemesis
    chronousnemesis 1 month ago Admit it, at some point we all did it. And imagine how hard it will hit your face, if it slipped.
  • Harjith Logandha
    Harjith Logandha 4 weeks ago If samsung used motorized camera they would loose ip rating very important
  • Sion212
    Sion212 3 weeks ago Yes but that other phone with the backwards camera second screen is genius
  • KhaosFTW
    KhaosFTW 3 weeks ago @Sion212 - yea it's nice and all, but still impractical for daily use. who wants to go to their settings, press a button, flip their phone over, then be able to use their phone when they could just go to the camera app and not waste time...?
  • Andrei Harris
    Andrei Harris 3 weeks ago Technically the A30 and the A50 have motorized cameras, maybe Linus will do a review and change his mind
  • Owen Tan
    Owen Tan 3 weeks ago @Andrei Harris A30 and A50 doesn't have Motorized camera , neither the A70. The one with Motorized camera is A80 , which A30 , A50 and A70 come with Infinity U display
  • theunknown
    theunknown 3 weeks ago that. plus moving parts are more prone to failure over time. good at first but technology progresses better towards non-moving parts like SSDs
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 2 weeks ago SSDs also have limited number of writes, Hard Drive better for storing anything important and last way longer
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 2 weeks ago moving parts for the win
  • sdmv
    sdmv 1 week ago @LordZeusCannon ya if u use your phone for 10 years 😒
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 1 week ago (edited) @sdmv guarantee my SSD Will not last 10 years of use, but my hard drive will. Sure an SSD can last, if you don't use it
  • sdmv
    sdmv 1 week ago @LordZeusCannon I've been using SSD on my PC for the past 7 yrs with no problems and is wayyyyyyyy better than hdd...So no
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 1 week ago your laptop is an oddity of nature
  • sdmv
    sdmv 1 week ago @LordZeusCannon So you've nvr used an SSD and judging it's legibility by watching some forums and YouTube videos lmao
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 1 week ago @sdmv I have a 240gb ssd as my boot drive
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 1 week ago After having a slow hard drive on my previous computer as the boot drive, SSD is without a doubt better for booting windows. Although I wouldn't trust it with my precious data
  • Medusa's Pubes
    Medusa's Pubes 1 week ago @Sion212 not to mention it also drains battery more. Of course dependent on how much you take selfiez
  • C:/Users/WindowsNT
    C:/Users/WindowsNT 4 days ago @theunknown On the other hand, a cheap hdd lasts longer than a cheap sd card despite having 2 moving parts
  • HeavyProfessor
    HeavyProfessor 2 days ago Good point
  • C:/Users/WindowsNT
    C:/Users/WindowsNT 2 days ago @LordZeusCannon Most HDD's have a failure rate that follows a bathtub curve. In general, the failure rate of HDD's is extremely low except for two periods of its life cycle. The beginning (Infant mortality because of manufacturing defects) and at about 4-4.5 years after manufacturing (End of life. The failure modes typically are head crashes, or the bearings finally become too loose to keep the platters aligned properly). SSD's have a more constant failure rate, but individual sections of the memory can fail, resulting in data loss. However MTBF of ssd's is in the range of nearly 100 years. I wouldn't recommend trusting all your important data to a single HDD. They can give at any moment just like every other component.
  • LordZeusCannon
    LordZeusCannon 1 day ago I'm not going to argue on that, nobody should trust their data to any single component
  • Silent 1969
    Silent 1969 3 days ago I love that everyone else is like: 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 with the S10 Linus: I'm just disappointed
  • Scorebat
    Scorebat 3 days ago The hole punch-out is tons of miles better than any notch, like when you see a phone with a notch it's instantly the iPhone X, but a hole punch-out INSTANTLY says S10 with barely any Real Estate loss
  • Ilestun
    Ilestun 2 days ago Both hole lunch and the notch look old gen now the so many phones are doing without those (OnePlus 7pro and Zenfone 6 lately, even flagship killer K20 will do without those).
  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams 3 days ago (edited) I'm sure you've been told this, but you can just tap on the freaking volume slider and adjust it normally. Also you forgot to mention the ultrasonic sensor makes glass screen protectors unusable.
  • Eli
    Eli 1 month ago Interesting to see how Linus' phone reviews differ from mobile-centric channels like MKBHD. His take is always a little different
  • asianskywalker
    asianskywalker 1 month ago That's cos hes not afraid to upset the brands and has some balls. MKBHD plays it too safe. Just watch his new air pods 2 review. He doesn't even criticise the non improved sound quality.
  • Retrograde Beats
    Retrograde Beats 1 month ago Because people are different and look for different things that best suits them. Crazy right.
  • LichKing786
    LichKing786 1 month ago MKBHD probably just straight up reads the script they give him out of the box. He shouldnt be a critic
  • Cmd56000
    Cmd56000 1 month ago @LichKing786 Reviewer not critic, but yes its alot more of a showcase
  • Ramon Rios
    Ramon Rios 1 month ago I dont think is different, hes just more jaded, thats all
  • I Am Prometheus
    I Am Prometheus 1 month ago (edited) How is it different it's the same exact shit like the others.
  • Informative Gamer S
    Informative Gamer S 1 month ago @asianskywalker MKBHD is dreadful at reviews, great cinematography but terrible reviews. He basically gives you the basics and that's it. Watch other reviews for more detailed content.
  • PerfectDark
    PerfectDark 1 month ago @Informative Gamer S that's also why I always get the impression that MKBHD doesn't know so much about the tech and just presents the specs
  • Retrograde Beats
    Retrograde Beats 1 month ago MKBHD says decide for yourself if you like certain things such as the hole punch and Linus gives his personal opinion. everything else is the exact same but people think you’re more “real” if you come off as douche as linus sometimes even though they literally say the same shit
  • Tony Ngwenya
    Tony Ngwenya 1 month ago For real reviews, watch Flossy Carter
  • Anonymous Troll
    Anonymous Troll 1 month ago It was a rant not a review
  • Eli
    Eli 1 month ago @Tony Ngwenya +1 to flossy carter
  • Fuck
    Fuck 1 month ago He nitpicks, but he's fair.
  • Ameer Ayesha
    Ameer Ayesha 1 month ago Different experiences, different views, and different focuses. It's definitely good to have a different take all and all for the consumers.
  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 1 month ago MKBHD has an audience to cater. An audience which like shiny stuff more than the nitty gritty details. His channel is a showcase channel
  • César Clavería
    César Clavería 1 month ago With the latest airpods stuff I think that was just a "what's new" and not a review, he has been doing that lately, makes a video about X feature of a new device (S10 screen, P30's camera) and then does the full review, I guess he gets more views for the same subject that way, the non-review videos are pretty safe and positive similar to Linus' "showcase" white on the review he would be more honest, even if lately he does have been getting softer.
  • BoltMix
    BoltMix 1 month ago @PerfectDark Mate he defently knows more about tech then we do
  • Uriel Suarez
    Uriel Suarez 1 month ago MKBHD is just a YouTube-safe tuber so his reviews are a little easy. I don't like that
  • liteoner
    liteoner 1 month ago MKBHD releases one video every week, so he can't be very harsh to avoid losing viewers. LMG releases at least one video per day, so it doesn't matter if one video is negative.
  • Josh L
    Josh L 1 month ago I like it. It's interesting to see someone with a different perspective
  • 2muchjpop
    2muchjpop 1 month ago I'm the 666th like... 😈
  • moebius eight
    moebius eight 1 month ago 3:53 Linus has battle fatigue from fighting in the phone review wars, he needs some RnR. #peaceforlinus
  • hemu kurra
    hemu kurra 1 month ago asianskywalker yup, only davelee and Jonathan got those kind of balls
  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 1 month ago His take is always retarded.
  • Robbie Wank Games
    Robbie Wank Games 1 month ago by different do u mean broken
  • Akshay Anand
    Akshay Anand 1 month ago @hemu kurra Dave Lee used to let Apple off the hook a bit too easy, but he's been more critical of them since the last year. Yet he does admit that he's an Apple fan, at least of the older stuff they did.
  • Vilavain
    Vilavain 1 month ago hmm maybe hes just giving his honest opinion? but agree it is nice to hear something different other than just praises but you gotta admit though most of his complaints is size related
  • Lambros Vasiliou
    Lambros Vasiliou 1 month ago That's cos he has more sponsors than just Samsung so he is not affraid to say it how it is
  • bryantshaw24
    bryantshaw24 1 month ago Watch flossy Carter
  • anghus
    anghus 1 month ago He's too whiny for my tastes. Sounds like an entitled white woman
  • Timber land
    Timber land 1 month ago MKBHD only cares about sponsors, and to keep your sponsors you can not tell bad things about it.
  • Pavol Duplinský
    Pavol Duplinský 1 month ago yea, it's always less educated from the engineering standpoint .
  • Estethicc Frocc
    Estethicc Frocc 1 month ago MKBHD is just for basic hipster
  • J Ball
    J Ball 1 month ago Linus' reviews are literally all about how he uses and views the device. You're watching a review based on how one person uses a phone. At least MKBHD gives you the basics and says "alright now you get to choose if you like this or not".
  • moviemuncher1982
    moviemuncher1982 1 month ago He's a Apple-sheep. I am all for reviews that are honest. But in every video from Linus, he makes some comments that shows how much of a true Apple-fanboy he is.
  • Noah Kamara
    Noah Kamara 1 month ago asianskywalker not criticizing something that isn’t different from before? Wow he must be payed by apple😂
  • Noah Kamara
    Noah Kamara 1 month ago Informative Gamer S he already said this in a video but ok. He says that everyone looks for something else in a phone so he just talks about it as objective as possible. Things like the notch or hole-punch are personal preferences and don’t really matter in a neutral review
  • Glanced
    Glanced 1 month ago @asianskywalker linus still gets paid
  • codycast
    codycast 1 month ago Should we know what/who “MKBHD” is?
  • Joshua Day
    Joshua Day 1 month ago (edited) MKBHD is a fucking joke lol. Dude has no balls to call out anyone on anything. All he does is show specs and tests the cameras and shows flash cut scenes.
  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 1 month ago @Joshua Day His videos are to showcase the products, not really to criticise the devices. He literally says that we should decide ourselves on what we like or don't like. Which is why I prefer watching other people for reviews, but MKBHD for what I should expect when I already know what I want 🤷‍♂️
  • TheRicky114
    TheRicky114 1 month ago I think Linus is super practical and actually gives his experience based on usage. He doesn't just read specs and say it's great, he actually uses the thing and tells the truth, the real truth.
  • L S
    L S 1 month ago I had to stop watching his stuff for a while. his older content was much better before he was commercialized. @Informative Gamer S
  • Decimo10X
    Decimo10X 1 month ago @Joshua Day That's what a reviewer is suppose to do you freaking IDIOT, you aren't suppose to give your opinion just show the stuff. He acts like how a news reporter should not giving their opinion just the facts.
  • Decimo10X
    Decimo10X 1 month ago @asianskywalker So you watch a review for ranting? another person's view and opinions? are you a sheep?
  • OneGoogleUser
    OneGoogleUser 1 month ago @asianskywalker no, actually linus is a fucking hypocrite LMAO, the other day he said he doesn't like motorized pop up cams, then in this video: "Samsung belly flopped face first when their chinese competitors already made a full screen" And most of those "chinese" competitors use motorized cams, except for some slider phones, but all of these slider phones usually have small battery 🙉🙉🙉🐒 Excuse me, what the fuck
  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier
    9 year old epic gamer soldier 1 month ago @Tony Ngwenya Yes he's definitely the best phone reviewer out there
  • mel pe
    mel pe 1 month ago that's because MKBHD sucks apple's nuts all the time
  • Jonathan Behrmann
    Jonathan Behrmann 1 month ago asianskywalker He rarely talks about Android’s lack of updates either. He just tries to make his reviews like an average consumer.
  • kuddus reza
    kuddus reza 1 month ago Eli different is not always great......
  • Zane Miracle
    Zane Miracle 1 month ago MKBHD is more of a mediator so he plays at seeing both sides unless he thinks one thing is just objectively bad. Linus hates the hole punch and MKBHD doesn't particularly like it but he acknowledges some people may have a thing for it and notes why they might. Rogerian vs Aristotelean if that reference makes sense to you.
  • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T
    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T 1 month ago @asianskywalker I don't really watch MKBHD videos if you watch flossy Carter review on the new Apple airpods, he said the only thing they good for is phone calls. Flossy said they sound the same as the original airpods.
  • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T
    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T 1 month ago @Joshua Day MBKHD didn't have no problem calling out HTC over that HTC U ultra in 2017 where he was talking about hashtag wasted space. Some gadget guy call MBK HD out on that saying well you help tank HTC with the whole wasted space thing, but you didn't say wasted space on any of the iPhone with their big huge bezels. Also some gadget guy also said MBKHD is not going to say wasted space on that Samsung Galaxy fold with a small 4.5 inch display on the front with all that wasted space on the front.
  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 1 month ago His reviews are actually good.
  • TRSstuff
    TRSstuff 1 month ago Linus just has a very bad taste when it comes to aesthetics. Him Zack (jerryrigeverthing) just want more and more features whether they will use it or not.
  • Travis Ryno
    Travis Ryno 1 week ago @J Ball Thats not a review you are describing. Thats just sort of an overview, where they just describe it for you to decide on... A review is always subjective.
  • Travis Ryno
    Travis Ryno 1 week ago @Noah Kamara ...he doesn't even use a Macintosh, just an iPhone sometimes... and he sure was praising this (not-an-apple) product, ....Idk, maybe I just don't know what a fanboy is....
  • Travis Ryno
    Travis Ryno 1 week ago @Michael Lim Finally a intelligent comment that doesn't compare apples to oranges for their applesauces
  • Travis Ryno
    Travis Ryno 1 week ago @OneGoogleUser GASP! ! ! Speaking in relative terms?? Good God!
  • The trolling BANANA
    The trolling BANANA 5 hours ago The hole never bothered me When you are watching a video, the hole punch won’t bother you, unlike apple notch
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago I've stopped buying into new phone and tech hype a while ago. If the device you have does what you need it to do, then it's still a good device and worth using still. PERIOD!
  • John Gilbert
    John Gilbert 1 month ago Agree completely.
  • GargaM channel
    GargaM channel 1 month ago yea thats true but in modern society people like to buy the newest devices just because its trending just to show off like some kind of flex or something wich is kind of dumb in my opinion :/ I have had the same smartphone for 4 years now but im going to buy a new one because mine is broke and isnt working properly :(
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago GargaM channel Well, there you go. Enjoy the new one. (:
  • Bill A
    Bill A 1 month ago (edited) Egg-zactly! ... If it ain't broke don't fix it yo! :D
  • GargaM channel
    GargaM channel 1 month ago @ricky v thanks!
  • XtremeOne12
    XtremeOne12 1 month ago @ricky v off topic but you're the first I've seen with a (: smiley face. It's usually:) xD
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago Bill A I liked the “yo” at the end there. LOL
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago XtremeOne12 Yes, and that’s why I do it. To draw attention to myself. You all are welcome to subscribe and follow me along on this YouTube and life journey. (:
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago (edited) man look at my example. I am watching this video in 1080p and typing this comment on Lg Optimus G Pro. That phone came out in May 2013. 6 fucking years ago. Meanwhile on the same device, a vpn client is enabled, 4 torrents are downloading in the background. Everything fucking flies with speed. 5.5 inch screen 1080p resolution, no notches, no deformed curves, just a nice normal, beatiful display. Why the fuck would I buy something else if I dont fucking need it and why would I if it looks that retarded.
  • Prashant Balhara
    Prashant Balhara 1 month ago Very well said
  • Harry Labita
    Harry Labita 1 month ago I still have Oneplus 5T. I don't get why people want the onscreen fingerprint when it only make it slower. Pop up camera for. Oneplus 7 sucks so that's why imma stay to 5t and wait for a bit.
  • Riley Peek
    Riley Peek 1 month ago exactly this is why i still have a 1990 nokia
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago Vitez od Vozdovca I f’ing agree with you G0) D@mn i+. LOL, why so much vulgarity? LOL
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago Riley Peek ROFL, that’s keeping Old Skool. Real Ol’e Skool.
  • Miz
    Miz 1 month ago @Vitez od Vozdovca Damn, you should be proud OMG u can have a VPN to?? 1080 P and torrents??? That's old technology that we can't do anymore! Do you use a ray tube as well?!
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago (edited) @ricky v cause its getting irritating listening to someone trying to convince me that I need 6 gigs of ram in a bloody phone. I dont need that in a desktop nor will I ever need it in a fucking PHONE
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago (edited) @Miz @ricky v Yeah man its unbelievable I thought it would be impossible but go figure, it seems there is no discernable real life difference in performance between 2013 and 2019 "smart" phones. But yeah, now you can give google all your body data, irises, fingerprints, shape of your face plus your thoughts to store you in some shady database. While you get to - UNLOCK YOUR FUCKING PHONE. Plus you get a deformed curved screen with a HOLE in it. Thats 2019 innovation right there. I mean how more retarded can humanity become in 6 fucking years.
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago Vitez od Vozdovca Right, I understand. But, “WHY” all the vulgarity?
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago (edited) @ricky v trust me Im pretty PC outside of youtube. At least here people can still say whatever they want how they want it. Or till someone writes an algorithm for that as well which will be pretty soon seeing how things are going
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago @Vitez od Vozdovca My question about "Why the vulgarities?" Is to understand the mind of the speaker. What is causing such actions? Why, all this emotional venting? I figured there was a moment in life when a person speaking vulgarities didn't do that. Either way, thank you for sharing. You were heard on here.
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago @ricky v Well thank you for your interest. I appreciate it.
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago @Vitez od Vozdovca You're welcome.
  • Marcus Todd
    Marcus Todd 1 month ago Yo real talk the phone is awesome. Battery, screen, & speed will all amaze you, definitely worth the upgrade.
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago @Marcus Todd but the screen is deformed and curved. And it has a hole in it. It looks retarded, not worth using for anything.
  • Citta Vijjo
    Citta Vijjo 1 month ago yes it's all bullshit.
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 month ago Citta Vijjo Thank you for adding to this space. (:
  • Citta Vijjo
    Citta Vijjo 1 month ago v  since Edward Snowden revealed the NSA could hack in to everyone's phones, all phone manufacturers were ordered to make phones with non removable batteries. so it's clear to see they are full of shit.
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago (edited) @Citta Vijjo Exactly. That is my main reason for not buying a new phone for the last couple of years. For as long as I know I liked to carry a spare battery with me. I despise power banks and cables, wireless chargers are damaging the internals and swapping bateries should be a basic comodity for the past 50 years or so in ANY mobile device. A nice straight 16:9 rectangular screen with square edges is also a must. As is a micro sd card slot. Besides that, I really do not care about RAM or CPU trends nor should anyone at this point as all phones were more than capable to do anything for the past half decade. And 2019 phones miss absolutely all of those mentioned features, so they all fail in my eyes.
  • Citta Vijjo
    Citta Vijjo 1 month ago @Vitez od Vozdovca yes. isn't it suspicious that all reviewers fail to talk about these real points? they casually accepted nonremovable batteries and the fallacious reasons given for example. the reviewers are part of the problem in that they divert attention
  • Vitez od Vozdovca
    Vitez od Vozdovca 1 month ago @Citta Vijjo They get money and royalties from smartphone manufacturers. They get a lot of money and career benefits for hyping these phones up. Things like first row seats at the unpacking events, exlusive news coverage and of course free devices to test and keep for themselves. So its not so easy for them to be honest. At least Linus went ahead and was honest about the hole in the screen. 2019 phones are a step back. 4-5 years ago you could still buy Lg G3 or 4 or even 5 and buy 2 or 3 batteries for it and a couple of microsd cards. Load it up with a lot of media and what else could you ask for. It was a complete freedom.Nowadays Google is able to steal all privacy from people. There are fingerprint scanners hidden behind the screens, you dont even get to CHOOSE when to scan the fingers. They can take all the data with no questions asked and store it for their use. While we get to - unlock our phone.
  • Citta Vijjo
    Citta Vijjo 1 month ago (edited) @Vitez od Vozdovca yes these reviewers are sell-outs, pieces of shit. do you think it would be possible to get a phone made privately in Shenzhen? For example: 16:9 Flat FHD screen (don't need higher res) SD855 8GB RAM 256 ROM 3.5mm jack micro-sd card slot 2 sim slots Bluetooth 5 4G network 4500mAh removable battery stereo speakers non waterproof and non dust proof (don't need it) no fingerprint scanner no iris scanner 20mp single rear camera 10mp front and even make the processor and ram upgradable?
  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox 1 month ago Vitez od Vozdovca yeah and what’s most sad is the way people over which new phone is if they all don’t do the same basic shit. [Run out and buy the new s10, brag to iPhone Xs users how much better it is, then proceed to do nothing but go on social media lol] Gee wow, you really showed that iPhone user who’s boss, didn’t you!
  • Barny Miggo
    Barny Miggo 1 month ago I used HTC Desire 310 since 2014 and bought a Samsung A6+ a few months ago because the HTC finally broke. That thing only had 2gb of space and I had little to no problem with that, I still had tons of photos and videos, only had to delete some of the apps cache every week or two. If I knew about the shitty UI that got updated recently by Samsung, I would've probably bought any other phone.
  • stockjonebills
    stockjonebills 4 weeks ago Exactly..
  • Luis Noriega
    Luis Noriega 3 weeks ago Lol foreals im watching this on my s6, the battery life is not the best and runs alittle slow but it gets the job done 100%
  • 1234Colt
    1234Colt 3 weeks ago I agree too. I have a note 9 and I don't see any reason to update. Manufacturers seem to dump more and more features on phones that I think most people don't even need. The note 9 has everything I need and more.
  • GangstaPichu
    GangstaPichu 3 weeks ago I have a Galaxy S5 and now replacing it. It's really bad off now. Really need it. Still going for the s10 despite some minor things.
  • Giovana Samara
    Giovana Samara 3 weeks ago I only upgrade for a better camera. (And, yes, I know there are cheaper "real" cameras out there - I own a couple, but it's so practical to have an amazing camera in your pocket at all times).
  • Misirlou 13
    Misirlou 13 3 weeks ago @GargaM channel or or some people just like, appreciate, and want to try out new phone
  • Lelouch vi Britannia
    Lelouch vi Britannia 2 weeks ago @GargaM channel I would do it because the new features not because of trends, the people who follow trends buy iPhones not samsungs
  • GargaM channel
    GargaM channel 2 weeks ago @Misirlou 13 well, if you want to try a new phone why dont you just go to a samsung store and try it out? instead of wasting money? i mean if you already have a perfectly good phone you dont need a new one
  • First Name
    First Name 1 week ago True I use GS7
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 week ago @First Name That's still a great phone. (:
  • First Name
    First Name 1 week ago @ricky v :)
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 week ago @First Name You're welcome.
  • Luka
    Luka 1 day ago Honestly yeah. I have the S10 but I upgraded from an iPhone 6s because the battery was busted and I wanted ot move away from Apple. I get a new phone every 3-5 years depending on how well its holding up and I can't understand people that get the new model every single year.
  • ricky v
    ricky v 1 day ago @Luka Why did you wish to move away from Apple's ecosystem?
  • taief miah
    taief miah 1 day ago @GargaM channel it used to be more focused around your car (still is, not as much) but it's a lot easier to show off the newest high end phone by placing it on the table and people see whatever notch or camera setup, or odd physical "feature" they have.
  • DerSpieloGraph DSG
    DerSpieloGraph DSG 1 month ago I don't know what you have done with your S10/+...but my Selfies on it looking quit awesome.
  • shane baruth
    shane baruth 1 month ago Same bro my s10 plus pics are amazing
  • Olly Pearce_NZ
    Olly Pearce_NZ 1 month ago Bet they aren’t good on insta or snapchat
  • No
    No 1 month ago @Olly Pearce_NZ ( I have the s9+ and it's not a whole lot different) my pictures on my camera are great but snapchat makes my pictures look like they're taken on a 2003 flip phone
  • Ali Banga
    Ali Banga 1 month ago @No same with pretty much every android phone except the Pixel
    XXXTENTACLES 1 month ago snapchat does not even use the camera. they screenshot so it can support more android phones. thats why iphones have better quality with third party apps.@Olly Pearce_NZ
  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox 1 month ago How do they look when uploaded and on a different screen tho? How an s10 photo looks on your s10 screen isn’t a very thorough metric to judge.
  • Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting
    Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting 1 month ago @XXXTENTACLES Exactly. A 12MP image is roughly 4000x3000, while the S10's display is 1440p+. Neither of these qualities are bad but the camera's resolution is vastly superior to the display's. When Snapchat takes a SCREENSHOT of the camera feed, it effectively kills and details that the stock app would've captured.
  • usernamegold
    usernamegold 1 month ago @ChrisJ Fox yeah it is, why wouldn't it be. the s10 screen is pretty color accurate
  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox 1 month ago usernamegold the screen being color accurate has nothing to do with the compression characteristics of the actual photo, as in, when you send the photo to someone else.
  • usernamegold
    usernamegold 1 month ago @ChrisJ Fox i mean that's pretty obvious of course if it's not the same image file and it goes through some sorta compression like facebooks or any of those messenger apps it won't have the same quality, that applies to every phone tho, what's your point
  • Cash Ash
    Cash Ash 1 month ago That’s because you’re not looking at the picture, you’re looking at yourself.
  • Dennis
    Dennis 1 month ago @XXXTENTACLES so does it record screen when taking videos? Would be pretty bad for people with limited data as well if snapchat photos were 2 or 3 megabytes
  • SYFICO •
    SYFICO • 3 weeks ago (edited) @Olly Pearce_NZ Snapchat's shit when it comes to save quality. Don't you ever wonder why these celebreties take shit photos on their XS Max's while I blow out the competition with my ol' trusty a5 2017 just by not posting them there.
  • New Pera Hotel
    New Pera Hotel 2 weeks ago sure in perfect lightning, but how bout indoors?
  • olivier __s
    olivier __s 1 week ago I have the S10+ to and I'm saying the same the pictures are awesome He don't know how to use this awesome phone he is to stupid 💁‍♂️
  • New Pera Hotel
    New Pera Hotel 1 week ago @olivier __s if you need to use 1200$ phone 10th generation of that line in a near perfect condition lighting then that phone failed, do not get me wrong i love samsung and i am proud owner of S8+ who luckily didn't upgrade to 10. Cheers
  • Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting
    Leo Takacs // Scam Baiting 1 month ago You'd be the only one having issues like this.
  • Merker Jerker
    Merker Jerker 3 weeks ago Fück yöü Zionist
  • TsunaXZ
    TsunaXZ 2 weeks ago What do you expect? He's Linus
  • First Name
    First Name 1 week ago True
  • Mario José Bp
    Mario José Bp 1 week ago Well what the f do you want if the f phone has an ugly hole
  • Filatuss
    Filatuss 1 week ago Haha no he is not.
  • Eurostar 07
    Eurostar 07 10 hours ago Also, motorized pop-up cameras come at a price. They do not guarantee fully water proof device, because water can get inside the gaps if you pop out the camera in the water. If you read the fine print on those devices it does not guarantee damage-free from underwater use despite being waterproof. Pop-up cameras also have more moving parts, which can cause more malfunctions. If you said headphone jack is becoming obsolete, i would agree with you, because more people are using bluetooth audio devices which have great quality, but a cutout for a camera being obsolete? I expected more from a tech "expert", and i expected said expert to actually think of things at many possible angles and not complain about something that is merely cosmetic.