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Top 10 Coolest Study Gadgets Every Student Should Have | Part-1

Published on Aug 14, 2017 669,772 views

Top 10 Coolest Study Gadgets Every Student Should Have | Part-1

Students Gadgets Review:

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Best Students Gadgets List:
1. Rocketbook Wave 00:14
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2. Zcan Wireless 02:34
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3. 3Dsimo mini 04:05
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4. ReMarkable 06:57
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5. Pup pocket scanner 10:23
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6. C-Pen Exam Reader 12:26
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7. Lockbook 13:39
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Amazon International:

8. Line Dock 15:45
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9. Bots alive 18:31
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10. FLIPCLIP 20:08
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  • Top 10 Zone
    Top 10 Zone 3 months ago Latest Educational Gadgets
  • Eddie Avinashi
    Eddie Avinashi 6 months ago Best gadgets for students: - Notebook - Pen - Ramen - Hard Work
  • Top 10 Zone
    Top 10 Zone 6 months ago 👍
  • En K
    En K 5 months ago DOUBLE THE RAMEN!
  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 5 months ago You forgot major determination to learn and succeed! ;) :P
  • LIZA LIZA grax Alexander
    LIZA LIZA grax Alexander 4 months ago Nice
  • The Odd Tortoise
    The Odd Tortoise 4 months ago ramen, truth.
  • Oh Yeah Yeah Commander
    Oh Yeah Yeah Commander 3 months ago Adderall,and coffee
  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay 2 months ago Ramen is not ramen without sausage. .bite me!
  • Riot_Pubg Mobile
    Riot_Pubg Mobile 2 months ago You forgot, You need a phone
  • Vinehill Chimes
    Vinehill Chimes 2 months ago @Amy Kay you have been bitten
  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay 2 months ago Vinehill Chimes ouch!
  • lio lai
    lio lai 1 week ago (edited) Where's a BOOK???
  • Jamie Cresswell
    Jamie Cresswell 10 months ago Why on earth would a student need a 3D pen
  • Rawan Yagoub
    Rawan Yagoub 8 months ago donno but i wanna one
  • Brian Mateo
    Brian Mateo 8 months ago Me too
  • En K
    En K 5 months ago maybe their studying industrial design (?)
  • Mahmoud1987Hamada
    Mahmoud1987Hamada 5 months ago To prank the teacher? Maybe
  • Miseon Kim
    Miseon Kim 3 months ago Well in my school's art class lol \\//(ㅇㅅㅇ)\\//
  • Angie Maldonado Ramirez
    Angie Maldonado Ramirez 2 months ago Donno i donno
  • Far2006
    Far2006 2 months ago Architecture students when they're creating a model (cutting foam, boards, 3d lines...)
  • Jeem Pasion
    Jeem Pasion 1 month ago Jamie Cresswell boom betch HAHAHAHAHA
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago it looks like a vibrator
  • Short Stop Motions
    Short Stop Motions 2 months ago My backpack: Laptop Workbooks Rocketbook Microwave
  • Thepraying Mantis
    Thepraying Mantis 1 year ago There are videos in your ads.
  • En K
    En K 5 months ago lol
  • Kahina Kenane
    Kahina Kenane 2 months ago i couldnt finish this videos cz of this many crazy ads .its the most thing that bothers me in all videos and in this one the ads has a video like u said lol
  • Professor Fox
    Professor Fox 1 year ago Who makes tea in a microwave?
  • limited gaming
    limited gaming 10 months ago That person in the video
  • Natsumon T
    Natsumon T 10 months ago I’m make tea in a microwave
  • HannahSwim
    HannahSwim 9 months ago You can warm it up if you forgot about it like I do all the time
  • Animated Mayhem
    Animated Mayhem 9 months ago They were just saying it would take as much time to erase the book contents as it would to make a cup of tea, not necessarily in a microwave
  • تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman
    تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman 7 months ago I do when we run out of gaz 🌚
  • Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate Cake 7 months ago Not me
  • تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman
    تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman 7 months ago @Chocolate Cake Ayy your profile pic is from the webtoon !
  • martina V
    martina V 7 months ago Me
  • R U
    R U 6 months ago I've been told that that's an American thing, most don't know what kettles are
  • Nobita Go
    Nobita Go 6 months ago You can actually. We have that mw. at home
  • En K
    En K 5 months ago I do >o<
  • hi wholikesgaming
    hi wholikesgaming 3 months ago Ik right
  • Riot_Pubg Mobile
    Riot_Pubg Mobile 2 months ago @Natsumon T Oh hi Make tea in a microwave
  • chanter chuchu
    chanter chuchu 1 month ago Meeee
  • Ushermewormy
    Ushermewormy 1 week ago Guilty!
  • k im ron
    k im ron 9 months ago Im supposed to be studying
  • En K
    En K 5 months ago wELL yOuCaNT WIThOuT THEese GAddgettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • anti aliasing
    anti aliasing 5 months ago Me either
  • Favour Odeworitse
    Favour Odeworitse 5 months ago I should be bathing.
  • Riot_Pubg Mobile
    Riot_Pubg Mobile 2 months ago My exams are tomorrow and Im watching😂
  • Prashantha Vespanathan
    Prashantha Vespanathan 1 month ago @Riot_Pubg Mobile same here
  • Mary Brooks
    Mary Brooks 1 year ago Why do students need robot spiders?
  • Invincible YT
    Invincible YT 1 year ago Mary Brooks I find Remarkable the only useful thing on the list and it is still way to fucking overpriced.
  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith 10 months ago Invincible YT I feel like the LockBook, Remarkable and 3DSimo are helpful to me but no way im getting them. Because i live in the UK most of them weren’t actually available
  • Cyndel Salas
    Cyndel Salas 10 months ago We all need them
  • Baron Von Grijffenbourg
    Baron Von Grijffenbourg 5 months ago To fight the giant robot mosquitoes.. Duh.
  • Margarita P. Narenpithak
    Margarita P. Narenpithak 9 months ago (edited) Just buy an iPad with Apple Pencil and you’re all set. Or just buy normal paper, a frixion pen and a scanning app on your phone. Oh and a padlock.
  • Sabahat Gull
    Sabahat Gull 1 month ago That's what I was about to comment
  • Tdenginesyt
    Tdenginesyt 1 year ago The Rocket Book costs $25.00 and you can only erase it 5 times.
  • Nika Savicka
    Nika Savicka 1 year ago Tdenginesyt how do you know?
  • shia kramer
    shia kramer 1 year ago A regular lined nb costs 2 $$ so stupid
  • Alaa Alaaraji
    Alaa Alaaraji 1 year ago The washable can be used unlimited
  • Aniket Vatsa
    Aniket Vatsa 11 months ago Tdenginesyt buy lcd tablets they are cheap and useful click pictures to save notes
  • Trevor Croteau
    Trevor Croteau 9 months ago Tdenginesyt The Everlast is something I use regularly and you clean it unlimited times with a wet paper towel.
  • MidnightFlower13
    MidnightFlower13 9 months ago You can use washable or dry erase markers for it.
  • Mr. Denniz
    Mr. Denniz 8 months ago so i created my own pages free
    ADOLFGANDHI 8 months ago a regular notebook in india cost around $0.4 i can buy a bunch of them and still have money to buy pens and pencils
  • Я Ilan Zatonski
    Я Ilan Zatonski 3 months ago I have the everlast
  • கற்பி அனைத்தையும் கற்பி
    கற்பி அனைத்தையும் கற்பி 2 months ago Plzz indian ruppee vakue
  • Sai Chaitanya Chava
    Sai Chaitanya Chava 1 year ago Remarkable is also Remarkable in its price
  • Felicie Zhang
    Felicie Zhang 1 year ago Chaitanya choudhary OMG right
  • ARMY Jungkook
    ARMY Jungkook 1 year ago yep
  • Rocket Otaku
    Rocket Otaku 1 year ago haha it’s six hundred dollars full price haaa
  • ForbidenNinja
    ForbidenNinja 11 months ago $600? No thanks...
  • Ebi Kua
    Ebi Kua 11 months ago That price, can top up a bit for iPad Pro
  • AnastasiaDraws
    AnastasiaDraws 11 months ago lol 600 bucks nO tHAnkS iLL bUy a yOgA bo0K
  • Darque Ax
    Darque Ax 10 months ago You can see the input lag in the video. It's not worth it
  • Sum Clarisse
    Sum Clarisse 10 months ago Chaitanya choudhary where can you get the REMARKABLE table
  • yun xing
    yun xing 9 months ago You can buy one of those, or like me spend three euro for a deck of printing paper... Never afraid of losing it..
  • TheZints
    TheZints 6 months ago Chaitanya choudhary You’d be better off getting an iPad and Apple Pencil 😂
  • Ashley Dawson
    Ashley Dawson 6 months ago Cough Cough 600 bucks Cough
  • Mcpe Bawono12
    Mcpe Bawono12 4 months ago What if you forgot to charge it? And you can’t use it because you have to charge it.... but all of your paper are already burned... you can’t write anything
  • roosyje
    roosyje 1 year ago Study gadgets every student need! Well, i can't afford it so it's not really true tho...
  • Ty Hoffman
    Ty Hoffman 10 months ago Man the spider will help me so much with my school work
  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 11 months ago So remarkable is a tablet with do not disturb turned on
  • Top 10 Zone
    Top 10 Zone 11 months ago Thanks for your feedback.
  • Awesome Ninja
    Awesome Ninja 3 months ago (edited) @Top 10 Zone it's not feedback you dum dum I disliked your comment so bye you big dum dum
  • Sreejita Bhowmik
    Sreejita Bhowmik 9 months ago remarkable is almost as expensive as Ipad Pro
  • Dhanush raju
    Dhanush raju 1 year ago (edited) remarkable gadget at unaffordable price.
  • Ty Hoffman
    Ty Hoffman 10 months ago If u could cut the remarkable price down to 200 everyone would buy it
  • Top 10 Zone
    Top 10 Zone 10 months ago Hope so
  • رصد اللعب على المكشوف
    رصد اللعب على المكشوف 7 months ago i think it would be more better if it 50 to 150 $
  • Angie Maldonado Ramirez
    Angie Maldonado Ramirez 2 months ago Yep
  • Chu Liam
    Chu Liam 1 year ago i told myself ill think about the remarkable if it is under 100 bucks. then i clicked the link. jeez.
  • galaxy x  oriana OMG
    galaxy x oriana OMG 1 year ago Chu Nicholas Maybe if the remarkable had a better price we can give kids that at school and then we can save the earth😭😂
  • SashaZtoriez
    SashaZtoriez 4 months ago Lots of reviews complained about it too.
  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay 2 months ago Plz notify me when remarkable price is dropped...or
  • Chicken nugget Drobnjak
    Chicken nugget Drobnjak 11 months ago I thought the remarkable Sounded cool. hoping it was at least under 100. because the first thing seemed pretty similar, but then I clicked on the link For the remarkable and it was also remarkable for its price. Yikes
  • Tiger EXO
    Tiger EXO 7 months ago Ana's Adventures Adventures! Ikr, i'd rather buy an ipad