Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Ti" /> --~--
Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Ti" /> --~--
Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Ti" />

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Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Tips and Tricks.

A quick guide highlighting the special features in the Huawei P30 Series phones.

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  • Sagres d'Amor
    Sagres d'Amor 1 month ago I've bought one regardless of the Google issue. Hands down the best HW out there. It is an amazing phone. I stuck Nova Launcher on it and its done.
  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri 3 months ago I'm sure the P30 and P30 Pro users will definitely enjoy this video, great job bro!!
  • Elle Odoba
    Elle Odoba 2 months ago Vishal Girl your comments are always on point 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Willow McGregor
    Willow McGregor 3 months ago Nice one David, useful as ever. I ended up getting the p30 Pro, your other video regarding the camera review influenced my decision. Glad I went with it. 👍
  • Btekt
    Btekt 3 months ago Love it! Glad it helped out. Cheers Willow.
  • David Coe
    David Coe 1 month ago Does anyone know how you can listen in the background to a video on an app like showbox / cyberflix on my P30 Pro?
  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 3 months ago The phone transfer thing is a life-saver!
  • Neihana Cross
    Neihana Cross 3 weeks ago I got a p30 coming from a OnePlus it's pretty good , notice the speeds not there but its smoother and I prefer to game on p30 just cus the OnePlus get power hungry especially in it's gaming mode
  • Pink Sparrow
    Pink Sparrow 3 months ago Got my p30 today so happy 😊
  • TheBlaggert
    TheBlaggert 3 weeks ago Had a P30 Pro for 3 weeks now after using HTC for the past 10 years. Amazing piece of kit
  • Am Singh
    Am Singh 3 months ago Great tips 👍
  • Btekt
    Btekt 3 months ago Cheers Am
  • Lichtschutzfaktor50
    Lichtschutzfaktor50 2 months ago Is there a quick menue i can open from the edge like on samsung?
  • d henwood
    d henwood 3 months ago Great video, got to ask where did you get that awesome trek clock theme? Was it the facer app?
  • Ahmad Kaddoura
    Ahmad Kaddoura 3 months ago thanks for this well presented video...can we have a video on using the huawie (sms - notes - calendar) navigating between screens / apps ... i'm an iphone user and really impressed with what huawie is offering...thanks again
  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 1 week ago I totally agree with the camera part.. My 4year old asus selfie with 13mp front cam can take way much much better pictures than my p30 pro which has 32mp. And the video for front cam is also quite disappointing.
  • Graham Clark
    Graham Clark 2 weeks ago Nice . Liked the calorie counter , my daughter scanned her food while cooking on the stove and it gave her the calories. Didn’t know what a Pringle was though......
  • Dusan Peric
    Dusan Peric 3 months ago which is this font,thanks
  • Zaben AlEid
    Zaben AlEid 3 months ago Really digging that black color. Looks so elegant and classy. I picked the breathing crystal, it was so mesmerizing. Great video man!
  • Azku
    Azku 3 months ago @Zaben AlEid of course. Hahaha
  • Zaben AlEid
    Zaben AlEid 3 months ago @Azku I still think we got the best color in Breathing Crystal. Its an eye catcher for sure.
  • Azku
    Azku 3 months ago I picked the breathing crystal too. Yeah that black colour looks classy.
  • Martin Mendoza
    Martin Mendoza 3 months ago (edited) You can't sign in with Google account. I tried and I was told to "associate your Google account with Huawei account." At least this is my experience.
  • Martin Mendoza
    Martin Mendoza 3 months ago @Zaben AlEid Cool
  • Zaben AlEid
    Zaben AlEid 3 months ago Hey bro. I signed in with mine. I also used the Huawei phoneclone app. Im still signed in with my old device too which is weird. But it's working as normal
  • TK Music
    TK Music 2 months ago Thanks for the great video. What launchers are you using here? My P30 arrives this week.
  • Btekt
    Btekt 2 months ago Just something I downloaded from the Huawei themes app. I'm sure it was a free theme, check it out when yours arrives.
  • B L
    B L 2 months ago TK Music I did see but my dads paying it so it’s fine
  • TK Music
    TK Music 2 months ago @B L better to go unlocked, very low prices on eBay!
  • B L
    B L 2 months ago TK Music I got mine for £25 a month for 24 months 5gb data unlimited text and calls it’s coming tomorrow
  • Zedd H4d3S
    Zedd H4d3S 2 months ago Cool vid man !
  • Rahu\_ 0493
    Rahu\_ 0493 3 months ago Awesome