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Huawei's OS BETTER Than Google Android!? With Huawei's recent blacklisting / ban from the US, they have decided to go all out to get their operating system HongMeng OS, Oak OS or Ark OS (many names at this point!) ready for the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the flagship which should drop around October! This video is everything you need to know! Would you give it a go? Would you leave Android or iOS? Let me know your early thoughts!

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    ASBYT 1 month ago ➡️ What u reckon guys? Will it be better than Android? 🤔
  • marcx2005
    marcx2005 2 days ago We tired of Microsoft and Google, i ll move to the new OS as soon as possible, security first.
  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube Commenter 2 days ago Clicks generated by ClickFarm®™ for all likes favorable to ChinaTech®™
  • Siphelele Sithole
    Siphelele Sithole 5 days ago (edited) It's quiet possible (and with less spying from entities similar to the American governement on virtually all the users of the Android platform, then definitely).
  • 爱的wjj
    爱的wjj 1 week ago ASBYT the point is that it is compatible with all terminals
  • 爱的wjj
    爱的wjj 1 week ago ASBYT yes
  • Sriparno Baksi
    Sriparno Baksi 2 weeks ago I think not what Huawei is doing not right. 1st think why collision occurred because Huawei uninstall play strore from fr the device they are making and selling their own market to earn via that. Its not a good way to create employment. China population is huge First they have to look into that matter also some other countries. Now why someone saying android is slow, real fact its not. This Oak os concept or pattern also borrow from android os and its showing android lag points. Android is Source so it will never ever been replace, i must say Huawei (China) what doing is not.
  • Peace Dog
    Peace Dog 2 weeks ago I've had it with Samsung and Google and their anti-consumer practices, and am willing to make the switch to a different system as soon as it comes out.
  • michael Lam
    michael Lam 2 weeks ago @N0rdman shortcut in the code :-(
  • michael Lam
    michael Lam 2 weeks ago @SUBZEROUK based on Android but a new os? Is open sourced but not anymore?
  • Anthony Kellman
    Anthony Kellman 2 weeks ago @LiliMarco1 hauwei is a fake copycat company that is operated by the chinese communist party the ban should have lasted at least 1 year
  • LiliMarco1
    LiliMarco1 2 weeks ago It should make fun of Android and iOS 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
  • Indhuraj C
    Indhuraj C 2 weeks ago Yea of course..!!👍👍 And i Appreciate.. As OneKing will not be forever..😎
  • Anthony Kellman
    Anthony Kellman 3 weeks ago @QeKXPfrMl3 i dont have to ..its only fast on paper not for real
  • QeKXPfrMl3
    QeKXPfrMl3 3 weeks ago Search for this video "Huawei's OS BETTER Than Android!?" it will answer your question...
  • Dejan Petkovski
    Dejan Petkovski 3 weeks ago @Mike-Greninja Why you think so? You think that only Americans can make good software?
  • Anthony Kellman
    Anthony Kellman 3 weeks ago no way, its just like believing in space aliens and swamp monsters
  • Mack Jay
    Mack Jay 3 weeks ago im gonne respect the legend mostly people respect the nokia
  • Siamese Cat
    Siamese Cat 3 weeks ago If HongMeng was able to record the internal audio, wouldn't u like that? (Spotify, YouTube, Internet radio, Online courses to MP3). Great feature or not?
    KING CH 3 weeks ago My ps1 is better than android
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago 共黨五毛狗 however, I think over time, it could be quite brilliant. It could be more like Apple because they will be building their own phones, computers, watch and PCs. Thus creating an eco system where all system closely integrates. Something many android users just don’t understand. The issue with a new phoneOS: 1. They will need extensive beta testing (Chinese market/users) 2. They will need big app developers like adobe to fill the void. If the app dev are American, they cannot work with any Huawei products. 3.Global adoption will quite hard outside India and China, look at Microsoft Windows 10 mobile. They tried and failed. Amazon has its own OS and phone, it’s not doing too well. Huawei OS would need to have serious quality control and high security to win the West.
  • 共黨五毛狗
    共黨五毛狗 3 weeks ago Kwarkool You are right. Creating OS is not difficult. The big problem is software environment. Without software support any OS is trash!
  • 共黨五毛狗
    共黨五毛狗 3 weeks ago MCPE Gaming stupid!
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago 共黨五毛狗 all mention app will not be ported to the new HOS because they are American company, so the same ban applies. They just cannot work with Huawei. Even if they could, they would be too busy getting their apps ready for iPadOS
  • 共黨五毛狗
    共黨五毛狗 3 weeks ago BS. which language is used for Huawei OS? LMAO! Adobe and office support it?
  • Rafe Wheadon
    Rafe Wheadon 3 weeks ago yeah? good luck trying to navigate using a chinese map satelite, because they wont have access to the google feature software, like not dying on an escalator or not eating dogss,
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago MCPE Gaming it could be the 💩ist in the world.
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago Sean Burns I am sure it means red dream.
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago Hong Meng OS is going to be in beta for a few years and they will fix it as they go. It will be big in China, because advertising is tightly controlled. Apple has been banned for years in China for Government Officials. There has been Propaganda floated around in China for a long time that Apple has been spying. The government and netizen will be pushing that android is the enemy of China and they should use Hong Meng OS. In short, in China, India and Pakistan its will be huge. However, everywhere else, I am not so sure.
  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 3 weeks ago Mark Burnett Huawei can only do so if they have got F@ck you money.
  • Redtide
    Redtide 3 weeks ago always... they always made things better.
  • Raine Red
    Raine Red 3 weeks ago @SUBZEROUK how can it be based on android but has nothing to do with google
  • PyroRomancer
    PyroRomancer 3 weeks ago well my current Huawei EMUI silently closes apps when theres 25% ram remaining (4gb total) even with power saving disabled. Which is very annoying and unnecessary. Kinda a tell tale sign of prospects of a full huawei os.
  • Eduardo Isai Sanchez
    Eduardo Isai Sanchez 3 weeks ago No. Most chinese OS suck and most of the time
  • AFBCash Unofficial
    AFBCash Unofficial 3 weeks ago Better or not, it is always better for the consumers when there's competition and no one monopolize the market.
  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 3 weeks ago Let's ask a far more IMPORTANT question... when did Huawei get serious about developing an alternative operating system, it certainly wasn't a few months ago... so they've been planning on stabbing Google in the back for a couple of years. That's how the Chinese roll, they shake your hand, smile and say nice things... then STAB! you in the back. You people are utterly immaterial to China, even as many of your are Chinese shills... but you too, will be slammed!
  • bico hengari
    bico hengari 3 weeks ago @Sean Burns 😂😂😂😂
  • _ch.xrry_ sugxrwzffles
    _ch.xrry_ sugxrwzffles 3 weeks ago Probably
  • Roberto Dela Cruz
    Roberto Dela Cruz 3 weeks ago Microsoft and samsung already did make their own OS and failed. Why do think huawei will do any better?
  • Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan 3 weeks ago @sieg wahrheit hell yeah!
  • April Plugio
    April Plugio 3 weeks ago Huawei fan will die
  • April Plugio
    April Plugio 3 weeks ago Huawei will die
  • sWooshArts
    sWooshArts 3 weeks ago I think so but i have an advice Please make the "Credit: Blah Blah" Text much smaler like at mrwhosetheboss
  • David Hynes
    David Hynes 3 weeks ago It will only good in communist China, not the US.
  • John Chase
    John Chase 3 weeks ago Doesn't matter. It's banned in the U.S..
  • Dantedijon1
    Dantedijon1 3 weeks ago @SUBZEROUK you didnt even say which Samsung phone, you just said the company...
  • Dantedijon1
    Dantedijon1 3 weeks ago @Lionel Alva exactly, I been trying to tell people
  • John Mark
    John Mark 3 weeks ago Huawei should hire more 3rd party app developers to support hongmeng os
  • Runhomey
    Runhomey 3 weeks ago It will be a crap
  • L m
    L m 3 weeks ago @Alan Foos i agree i had payed apps and now i cant access them since google locked my account.
  • Alan Foos
    Alan Foos 3 weeks ago I'd like nothing better than to be rid of Google.
  • Magnus Nymoen
    Magnus Nymoen 3 weeks ago Roses are red, Violets are blue, there are always an Asian smarter than you.
  • L m
    L m 3 weeks ago Yes it will be better china never invented something but they refined and perfect others inventions.
  • Pat Zorro
    Pat Zorro 3 weeks ago Absolutely
  • Michael Hammons
    Michael Hammons 3 weeks ago It's STILL android as it's 100% made from the android open source code. And it will be easy for people to load apps by loading Opengapps.
  • Hans
    Hans 3 weeks ago Definetely better.. If you look at how fast HUAWEI became almost no 1 on the hardware, why shouldn't they be able to adapt the same succes on the hardware. One of their reasons for their huge succes, is amongst others, that they actually listen to their end users. Something you can't say either Apple nor Google does.. I just love the continuous innovation and progress from HUAWEI, and I will keep buying the brand as long as they come up with new stuff. Besides that I think another OS would be great for competition, and will benefit end-users in the long run.. Gogogo HUAWEI ❤️
  • benn zhong
    benn zhong 3 weeks ago google may be american company, if somehow they are allowed to have subsidiary in china then maybe ppl can still use android os?
  • Voitto Toikka
    Voitto Toikka 3 weeks ago No. I don't think so.
  • Robert Mackiewicz
    Robert Mackiewicz 3 weeks ago Hello I think you got some wrong information about why huwai made their own operating system in the first place.(7 to 10 years ago) Most big phone manufacturers that use Android platform have their own software as backup. This is simply because Google could stop easily stop support for other devices that's why companies need a backup os. I'm almost certain that big companies like Samsung oneplus and others have their own OS in the making just in case.
  • Louis Kwon
    Louis Kwon 3 weeks ago Yes and no. It will make no waves in the North America or Europe, as not enough Apps and Services will be available. Remember the Windows Phone anyone? As for Chinese market, the Chinese gov't will bend over backwards to have a homegrown OS. So effectively there will be two ecosystems. one for China and one for everyone else.
  • palamida gheo
    palamida gheo 3 weeks ago what "reckon" means ?
  • hari031
    hari031 3 weeks ago nope.
  • Testus
    Testus 4 weeks ago Better or not, I would probably buy it
  • I am No one
    I am No one 4 weeks ago No
  • TewksburiZ
    TewksburiZ 4 weeks ago Mark Burnett if ur not an American il understand but if u do? Shame on that u live the country. So ur not concern at all on what potentially huawei was doing to Americans security? And why the ban is getting bigger now? Competition is great without being sneaky.
  • Vaidas M.
    Vaidas M. 4 weeks ago Almost all android custom roms are much more better, and faster then original android its obvious that huaweis os will be much faster and better
  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 4 weeks ago (edited) @James Robinson I like your superior complex, it have to feel nice. :-) I choose to ignore your insults, they do only go to show your manners and ability to discuss on a normal level. I have now read up upon Intel chips and yes USA do still produce chips there, I was mislead of Wikipedia that wrote (2010-2016) and then 3 Chinese cities. and USA was last present in 2006. You are right in USA not being happy if China is copying American products, but that has never stopped China, just visit Ebay, Amazon and a lot other online shops, or take a journey to China and you will find copy's of nearly every object made in the world. Or you can try to visit any store and count how many products is fram where. You could also read datasheets for components and se where from they come. EDIT: Oh forgot, I do not know if you have seen the video, these comments are under, if not, try to, it may learn you something about where you defiantly are wrong in your opinion.
  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 4 weeks ago @Fried Mule cell phone providers and like 13 different countries will not be able to activate a Huawei cell phone even if it does come out on the market hopefully you don't live in one of those 13 countries. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When you steal use technology and try to rip off the United States companies they kind of hold grudges on you. And you will get what's coming to you. They're not going to be able to survive to make those phones. Even if you are living in a fantasy world. Stop doing drugs go back to school get an education because your utter moron if you think otherwise.
  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 4 weeks ago @James Robinson I believe that China's main industry is? Producing electronic to, among other, USA. I also believe in that about 90% "made in USA" products, is made in USA, of parts from China. But I am wary willing to say sorry for my mistake, if you have any compelling evidence. :-)