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OnePlus 7 Pro: What You Didn't Know!

Published on May 20, 2019 2,903,085 views

OnePlus 7 Pro follow-up: Everything you didn't already know!

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  • Ali A. Blaibleh
    Ali A. Blaibleh 1 month ago One plus 7 pro: 12GB RAM My PC: Wait, that’s illegal.
  • naman
    naman 1 day ago Fuck my lappy only has ram and no rom...
  • Ricco Stewart
    Ricco Stewart 3 days ago I downloaded RAM
  • Lazy turtle
    Lazy turtle 4 days ago Mine is 800mb
  • Ryker Carlson
    Ryker Carlson 1 week ago I’m exactly the 4kth like
  • lolv2019
    lolv2019 1 week ago Mine has either 2 or 4😂😂😂
  • cute duck
    cute duck 1 week ago My phone has 4. My internet is shit so I cant play any online games lol
  • Random Trends
    Random Trends 1 week ago I don’t have pc means 0 ram Does that count?
  • The Gaming Arceus
    The Gaming Arceus 2 weeks ago @Noobies and its about 10× faster
  • The Gaming Arceus
    The Gaming Arceus 2 weeks ago Dont worry, mobile RAM is way slower than PC RAM, it just has the space
  • YoyoIsPro
    YoyoIsPro 2 weeks ago 32 GB
  • Sam Caden
    Sam Caden 2 weeks ago i have exactly 12gb of ram on my pc
  • coolflox 2
    coolflox 2 2 weeks ago I have 4
  • Critical Birat
    Critical Birat 3 weeks ago My PC has. 2gbram
  • Kingsman Gaming
    Kingsman Gaming 3 weeks ago Mine 8
  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 weeks ago @Virtual IT Boy I need a rig capable of scientific research basically. Not a gaming rig, the gaming side of things makes the project a challenge it's like infrared relative to the ultraviolet I need.
  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 weeks ago @Virtual IT Boy constant running and error correction for simulations, errors in data could mean a sim fails due to data instead of an oversight. My designs are comprised of complex systems and mechanics, I need the cores for later on when designs and sims get REALLY complex. I effectively need something that could model on a molecular level (not that I need it for that.)
  • Virtual IT Boy
    Virtual IT Boy 3 weeks ago @Jacob Roberts you don't really need that much power for that. :) if you want to do cad renders that will simply take a bit longer then. I would just buy a rizen CPU then. Why do you need ECC memory? I don't see any need based on what you are mentioning.
  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 weeks ago @Virtual IT Boy I understand that. I'm only just starting to learn about servers. I want a dual socket motherboard so I can run a gaming/streaming vm for my son on a workstation for cad, rendering and sims, if I build one big system (many cores) I can dedicate a few over clocked cores for cad/gaming (good single thread) whilst I can unleash the 2 xeons in rendering and simulations. I don't want to be reliant on an internet connection and need ECC for data correction. So I guess it means living on toast and water whilst we save for about 5 years. 😂😂😂
  • Virtual IT Boy
    Virtual IT Boy 3 weeks ago @Jacob Roberts it doesn't have to, we are running EXSI not windows server. ( that runs on top of it.) and in there they run other virtual machines and docker. :) let's be real cloud based computers are also virtual machines. They only gave it a more fancy name. But yes it is many servers together who operate as 1 machine.
  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 weeks ago @Virtual IT Boy I thought multiple VM's came from one system...🤔 I'm also struggling to understand the 2tb ram... even windows 10 server edition can only handle upto 1tb of ram (dual socket board 512gb ECC registered per socket). Making many smaller systems into a larger one sounds more like cloud based computing. NOT VM'S.
  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts 3 weeks ago DDR2 3gb. I Frankensteined another 4gb (2 × 2gb dimms at a higher frequency) into the system for 6512mb ddr2...I'm still rocking vista (was rocking... I wiped my boot drive accidentally)
  • AbimTheMax
    AbimTheMax 3 weeks ago Pc ram and phone ram is different and pls don't woOOoOOOoosh me
  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 3 weeks ago my iMac Pro has 256 gb's of ram
  • ZerzocktLP      .
    ZerzocktLP . 3 weeks ago aaaaand well my 8kb one is still around here.. ...Somewhere.
  • ZerzocktLP      .
    ZerzocktLP . 3 weeks ago 16 not RGB tho
  • Strogo Poslovno
    Strogo Poslovno 4 weeks ago Mine only 1GB.. :(
  • can we reach 100 subscribers without videos??
    can we reach 100 subscribers without videos?? 1 month ago @Cookies just kidding 🤫
  • Faris
    Faris 1 month ago (edited) guess I'm still safe with 32gb ram :> * next year 32gb op 8 pro *
  • Cookies
    Cookies 1 month ago @can we reach 100 subscribers without videos?? ?????????
  • Cookies
    Cookies 1 month ago @can we reach 100 subscribers without videos?? what?
  • Chethan Raghava
    Chethan Raghava 1 month ago My pc just have 2gb of ram
  • Messi Epic Ronaldo Legend
    Messi Epic Ronaldo Legend 1 month ago @DashGraphics oh I didn't know that... Thanks for clarification tho
  • TheloniousB
    TheloniousB 1 month ago Well I’m watching on a 256GB RAM computer cause I downloaded it for free!
  • DashGraphics
    DashGraphics 1 month ago PC ram is DDR4, smartphone ram is DDR2, PC ram is Sooooo superior
  • Messi Epic Ronaldo Legend
    Messi Epic Ronaldo Legend 1 month ago 4 gb
  • tykey100
    tykey100 1 month ago If you have a 32 bit computer it's technically illegal lol
  • Martins Ndifon
    Martins Ndifon 1 month ago I've got a 16GB Ram, but sadly no PC
  • Hassan Abou El Ezz
    Hassan Abou El Ezz 1 month ago @Virtual IT Boy oh, makes sense. personally, I don't know that many people who actually needs that amount. most of them just look at numbers, at least i know you actually use those 32.
  • Virtual IT Boy
    Virtual IT Boy 1 month ago @Hassan Abou El Ezz it Really depends on your usage. I run lots of virtual machines like F5 and arcsight. Those take huge amounts of ram. ( my 32 GB is actually to little for those machines :) but I cannot upgrade more)
  • Virtual IT Boy
    Virtual IT Boy 1 month ago I have 32 GB at my work they have 2048 GB ( super huge network with multiple machines combinded as a single virtual machine)
  • Axe pro
    Axe pro 1 month ago My black shark 2 🦈 have 12GB RAM pretty close to my DELL G7 laptop with 16GB ram
  • ItsCalypso
    ItsCalypso 1 month ago mine got 24gb
  • guitarwinds
    guitarwinds 1 month ago Still lags 🤣😭
  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 1 month ago @John Johnson hi josh Johnson
  • Fast
    Fast 1 month ago i'm rocking 256MB
  • Hassan Abou El Ezz
    Hassan Abou El Ezz 1 month ago @Sw00zli am i the only one who feels like anything above 16 is just a stretch?
  • Awe Bros
    Awe Bros 1 month ago thE HuMAn eYe caN oNlY seE 28KbS RaM, DownLoAdeD raM dOeSnT appLy To ThiS liMit
  • Sw00zli
    Sw00zli 1 month ago Lucky i got 32gb RAM ^^
  • ThanossGaming
    ThanossGaming 1 month ago John Johnson can’t enjoy his hair if you don’t have enough RAM to load it
  • EfeIzzDa
    EfeIzzDa 1 month ago Mine have only 8gb single Channel haha
  • Filip Drucker
    Filip Drucker 1 month ago Its 4x3
  • rope
    rope 1 month ago OnePlus 7T Pro: 64GB RAM My PC: Wait, you guys can do that?
  • LispyJimmy Is Clickbait
    LispyJimmy Is Clickbait 1 month ago E getting close same for me
  • stein game channel
    stein game channel 1 month ago Noobies mine 1,89gb
  • Max B
    Max B 1 month ago Mine has 4gb, both my OP have 6
  • Son Pham
    Son Pham 1 month ago Ali A. Blaibleh Got 512 GB RAM
  • E
    E 1 month ago 16gb RAM, can't beat me yet oneplus.
  • Fazeel
    Fazeel 1 month ago I don't have a PC :(
  • Lester004
    Lester004 1 month ago @Akarui Playz me too :(
  • Lester004
    Lester004 1 month ago My pc has 2gb ram
  • Florian
    Florian 1 month ago Mine has 8
  • can we reach 100 subscribers without videos??
    can we reach 100 subscribers without videos?? 1 month ago Fuck you guys my pc has doesn't any ram lol..
  • zakaria eddhahiry
    zakaria eddhahiry 1 month ago Mine is 4gb
  • 1 outrider random
    1 outrider random 1 month ago Nice
  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 1 month ago Just shut up ab rams, and other things. Just enjoy the hair of MKBHD!
  • Akarui Playz
    Akarui Playz 1 month ago @Noobies mine has 2gb, yall have to step up
  • Noobies
    Noobies 1 month ago (edited) My PC only has 11.9gb of RAM lol
  • sfsag gsdgsdf
    sfsag gsdgsdf 1 month ago great 1+, i can't take selfie while parachuting🤦‍♂️.
  • Matt Hyde
    Matt Hyde 1 week ago @Monkeyvan show me one person in this thread that got the joke
  • Bill Karoly
    Bill Karoly 1 week ago Question is can you catch your phone when it slips out of your fingers?
  • Christian Jacobson
    Christian Jacobson 1 week ago Yes I agree I always take selfies while I'm falling from a plane 10,000 feet in the air
  • cute duck
    cute duck 1 week ago Imagine turning off free fall and forgetting to activating your parachute.
    E STAR NETWORK 2 weeks ago doesnt work that way, - if you are falling holding your phone the sensors won't be hitting that hard - if your phone falls alone, it will spin a lot from diferent directions kicking the sensors to close the camera
  • Sakshi Anand
    Sakshi Anand 2 weeks ago I know right 😂😂🤣🤣
  • Monkeyvan
    Monkeyvan 2 weeks ago Show me one person who parachuted with his phone . Go buy a gopro
  • Aamir Hameed
    Aamir Hameed 2 weeks ago Lol
  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 3 weeks ago U cant use your phone when parachuting cause number u would totally drop it due to the speed u r moving unless u have proper gear then u can them disable the free fall mode
  • Santhosh Kumar Reddy
    Santhosh Kumar Reddy 3 weeks ago just you.. turn off free fall feature..
  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis 3 weeks ago U can turn off free fall feature, but also you would have to be going much faster than parachuting to make it retract if the feature is on
  • Lajay Chambers
    Lajay Chambers 1 month ago Yes you can just turn off the free fall feature 😁
  • Aditya Nimgade
    Aditya Nimgade 1 month ago You can
  • Jakó Zsolt
    Jakó Zsolt 1 month ago I have never thought about this 😂😂 has anyone tried it?
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 3 weeks ago (edited) You can record using the ultra wide camera Step 1: Go in dialer app Step 2: Type #*#1597#*# Step 3: Go to video and just swap cameras what that does? it enters camera debug mode also like so he can see it
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 10 hours ago I'll just replace it.. ° is * °#°#1597#°#°
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 10 hours ago damn I can't even post it...
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 10 hours ago @TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ uh YouTube thinks I'm highlighting... it's first # twice and then #
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 10 hours ago @TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ it's my fault.. I wrote it wrong.. the code is #*#1597#*#
  • TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ
    TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ 10 hours ago tried it (even called it) but didnt work for my oneplus 7 pro
  • Rοby Rοby
    Rοby Rοby 6 days ago @xOr I did with my 1+7 pro and with my 1+6T
  • xOr
    xOr 1 week ago Cartoon Hindi dubbed You tried it with your 1+7
  • putrandimmuqtadir
    putrandimmuqtadir 2 weeks ago Since i don't have one, i'm gonna assume that you're actually a sweetheart^^
  • Klumsy Kameleon
    Klumsy Kameleon 3 weeks ago IDK if you're trolling or actually smart.
  • Cartoon Hindi dubbed
    Cartoon Hindi dubbed 3 weeks ago It doesnt work
  • PsychicDestroyer
    PsychicDestroyer 3 weeks ago bro ur like mad smart
  • Maksim Buligyn
    Maksim Buligyn 1 month ago Marques talk about Huawei, what's going on in there, i heard they suspend them
  • skies
    skies 1 day ago just go watch unbox therapys second channel lewlater. he has tons of podcasts already going in full depth of the situation.
  • Wal Strom
    Wal Strom 1 month ago He heard you, damn
  • beast mode 070
    beast mode 070 1 month ago It's uploaded
  • Bhagyesh Patel
    Bhagyesh Patel 1 month ago He already upload a video regarding this. Interesting !!
  • pink Fungi
    pink Fungi 1 month ago @Literary Landslide tech altar is boring
  • Mia Anderson
    Mia Anderson 1 month ago No need for marques to make video's anymore, uncle Trump has already chosen our phone for us
  • Dumb Bear
    Dumb Bear 1 month ago huawei is not allowed to use Android system anymore, but it has its own system accomplished and ready to use its original system in the future
  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide 1 month ago I would go to TechAltar, he's the tech company guy.
  • Mathboy
    Mathboy 1 month ago He's gonna make a video, he said so on twitter.
  • JVR Buzz
    JVR Buzz 1 day ago One plus - 12gb ram My PC crying In the background
  • Kindly Tech
    Kindly Tech 1 month ago One plus 7 Pro - 12GB RAM My PC left the chat !
  • Frost Fox
    Frost Fox 3 weeks ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch my laptop has 8gb ram and I have exactly no problem in running all the latest games There is a difference between a mobile's ram and PC's Pc ram have much more quality
  • Pete Setabandhu
    Pete Setabandhu 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch don't have to be so cocky
  • Adhiraj Deshmukh
    Adhiraj Deshmukh 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch People dont play fucking mind numbing games all day like you , some people have real work which doesn't require that amount of ram. You must have a shit brain.
  • AusDaes
    AusDaes 1 month ago Kindly Tech ok I respected you until you used the likes for subs, fuck off
  • Kindly Tech
    Kindly Tech 1 month ago If anyone is reading by. Just consider subscribing my channel
  • Kindly Tech
    Kindly Tech 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch I have a 8GB RAM laptop but actually i bought this year
  • Domagoj Mikola
    Domagoj Mikola 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch no, a solid pc costs 700$
  • M T E
    M T E 1 month ago manufacturers wouldn't have to spend so much money on ram if they fixed the disaster that is android memory usage😭 literally the most powerful phone out right now, the iPhone XS, has only 4GB of ram and outperforms all android flagships. So much savings to be made there
  • Gameboy4u -_-
    Gameboy4u -_- 1 month ago My Asus gaming laptop has 8gb ram .,😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Alex Diduk
    Alex Diduk 1 month ago You guys do realise that 16GB of ram is for very high and laptops? Mid-range ones will have at least 8. Most people own a mid range laptop, and 8GB is more than enough if you’re not playing games or editing.
  • Goutham Surve
    Goutham Surve 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Stop fucking with poor people's emotions!
  • Ayush Paikaray
    Ayush Paikaray 1 month ago Kids these days
  • Guest Eight
    Guest Eight 1 month ago We got another one
  • mzamroni
    mzamroni 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch windows 10 only uses 3GB. So having 8 GB RAM is more than enough to run many apps. Even heavy games can run easily on 8 GB computer
    GJ ROCKS! 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch dude he is joking calm why u so showy
  • Aayush Dua
    Aayush Dua 1 month ago Must be a cheap PC
  • Gagan Sayana
    Gagan Sayana 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch or maybe you are just a fucking nerd who has nothing else than just play video games cause 8-12gb ram is still standard for laptops and pc
  • Ale
    Ale 1 month ago because you're a peasant! in 2019 you should have at least 16gb of ram.
  • Guest Eight
    Guest Eight 1 month ago RIP voxel
  • hhkf ghkl
    hhkf ghkl 1 month ago Kindly Tech I have an ipad pro with 2g and an oneplus with 6 guess whats better🤷🏿‍♂️😂😂
  • Hüseyin Fahri Uzun
    Hüseyin Fahri Uzun 1 month ago @last cigrate no it's not. Android is a memory wasting OS that should be optimized. Main reason is every app is working like a virtualbox clone
  • ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂ 1 month ago @demetre nadiradze apparently, he thinks PC only mean personal computer (desktop)
  • Mohammad M.E.
    Mohammad M.E. 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch The comment on which you replied was a joke. Everyone gets it.
  • z4x tech
    z4x tech 1 month ago Lol
  • DayWalker[MM]
    DayWalker[MM] 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Almost every good pc has 16gb ram, but not everyone has a good pc.
    ÑOVA PUBG 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch if your processor is shit than Ram makes no sense
  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch because you kid?? You don't respect people
  • No ob
    No ob 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch guys he saying money in dollars sooo... must be american, by the way we know americans are dumbshits.
  • H_opexx
    H_opexx 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch lol, this little fuck is gone from here. I'm glad.
  • blabla62871
    blabla62871 1 month ago my 10y old pc has 4gb ram and and everything works like magic
  • Team Tech
    Team Tech 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch many people have 64 gigs of ram u only 16
  • Team Tech
    Team Tech 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch dude are u crazy he is not talking about gaming pc shit normal computer with i3 i5 with 6-8 gigs
  • Anonymous Idiot
    Anonymous Idiot 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch in poorer countries like where I'm from you can get phones with high RAM less than 300 USD. And a lot of people like me are stuck with old computers which we could upgrade if we wanted to but we don't. We simply don't use a desktop a lot. Not even for gaming because the parts used to upgrade here have a very high tax rate and this cost more than in the US. All this while people are relatively poorer. We have 'shit' PC but we only ever use it for typing word documents and only the rich among us can afford gaming PCs. I hope you understand now. Peace.
    LIKITH REWIND 1 month ago I have 2gb ram but I have gtx 1080i
  • Anime Expo-Hindi
    Anime Expo-Hindi 1 month ago My pc has 2gb ram
  • cool killer999
    cool killer999 1 month ago @Kindly Tech iam using 1gb ram some bloody respect
  • Milan Lamichhane
    Milan Lamichhane 1 month ago @aswin aj I said normally not every
  • last cigrate
    last cigrate 1 month ago PC and Mobile RAMs are different. 8 GB PC RAM can be powerful than 12GB mobile RAM.
  • Hüseyin Fahri Uzun
    Hüseyin Fahri Uzun 1 month ago because how shit android is
  • VSR007
    VSR007 1 month ago Yup I hav 2GB ram installed in my 10 Year old PC
  • Boundless Atilier
    Boundless Atilier 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch lol what? 8gb ram is the standard still , 16gb is for gaming, editing and motion graphics
  • aswin aj
    aswin aj 1 month ago My hp pavilion got 16gb ram and 2 tb storage
  • Milan Lamichhane
    Milan Lamichhane 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch normally pc's comes with 8gb ram
  • HerreDePerre
    HerreDePerre 1 month ago Vox3l-Gl1tch why is a pc a hell of a lot more useful. Most people can use there phone for more than a pc.
  • HerreDePerre
    HerreDePerre 1 month ago Vox3l-Gl1tch you are just talking big. Fuck off. If he hasn’t a powerful pc. Who cares!
  • OfficialistNormie
    OfficialistNormie 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Your pretty harsh on every one arent you, it isnt like they want the phone, it may just be that they cant buy it, have you seen anyone in the comment section saying ANYTHING about buying the phone, and a good pc doesnt need 16gb of ram, its only optional for certain types of pc's. You can get a goodish 1050, ryzen 5 1600 or an intel, 12gb of ram pretty much any thing else you want extra amd that would completely backfire your comment
  • Kahung Chim
    Kahung Chim 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tchI forgot about one thing. The reason why PC industries can still keep going on is because of eSports and gaming, but that is not for everyone. I mean like I said, most people just want to Netflix and chill, or maybe a round of PUBG mobile with their friends on the go. So upgrading PCs are not that important for them. (Since the main reason for people to buy a more powerful PC doesn't apply to them -----gaming.)
  • mani kantan
    mani kantan 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch well do u know the difference between a software geek and a hardware person? Software specialists rarely care about hardware capabilities
  • Kahung Chim
    Kahung Chim 1 month ago (edited) @Vox3l-Gl1tch Well average users don't know how to maintain their phone in a good state, so in like 2~3 years they will feel their phone being laggy and they will think the phone is old and shit. (iPhones are more significant. Each iOS update causing the phone being laggier, at least from my experience before iOS 12)So they will buy a new one. Besides, the phone manufacturers know how to promote their new product and let people think their phone in their hands is being old. Also the improvements in mobile phones and very huge between generations. Can you promise your S820 phone can play PUBG Mobile smoothly in medium graphics settings? As for me, I am using an LG G Pro 2 (With a custom Android 7.0 ROM),OP3 and an iPad Pro for mobile gaming. And I find it very comfortable to use, except for the battery life on the OnePlus 3, but still better than my old G5.
  • Omotola Oyeniyi
    Omotola Oyeniyi 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch you are very funny, my pc has 8gigs of DDR4 2133hz ram, Im sure its twice as fast as your new 16gb ddr3 or ddr3l ram u got. Don't be just myopic
  • IQuart X
    IQuart X 1 month ago Vox3l-Gl1tch Not rly, only gaming PCs have that much ram
  • Kahung Chim
    Kahung Chim 1 month ago @mani kantan I don't know how they use that, but no, thats not for me. I need a 16 GB ones XD.
    DEADSHōT 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch I have 4 GB ram
  • BigB0ss00
    BigB0ss00 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch I got 16 inches of ram
  • Antelope
    Antelope 1 month ago Jesus Christ, I’ve lost too many brain cells reading these comments.
  • wasit ali
    wasit ali 1 month ago mine has 4gb. :(
  • EdgySamuraiTTV
    EdgySamuraiTTV 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch My pc is 8gbs of ram and it doesn't matter. Ram is for multitasking.
  • Andreas Thörnblom
    Andreas Thörnblom 1 month ago 12gb of ram doesnt matter
  • pittopit my
    pittopit my 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch u must be your parents glitch
  • Inxpired
    Inxpired 1 month ago yeah for real I am still stuck with 4gb ram
  • Shubham Dixit
    Shubham Dixit 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch why dont you go and ask your PC.. from what i hear its very cool and would probably understand the joke..
  • Jiro
    Jiro 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Oh okay. So your logic is 500 000 people who watched this video will buy the phone? Can we not just watch this because we are interested in the phone and to watch one of my fav tech youtubers? Stop making excuses dumb fuck
  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch People who know stuff about pcs don't buy them and instead build them? Must be unaware of a thing called a portable computer.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Shubham Dixit Seriously, I genuinely want to know what the joke was.
  • Kofi Tuffour
    Kofi Tuffour 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch fair enough
  • Shubham Dixit
    Shubham Dixit 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch ohh.. so his problem is that he cant see jokes.. how sad. Sad, rude, and dumb.. woah what a deadly combination.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago (edited) @Jiro Alright, chill. I thought you were looking at getting the phone in this video, which is usually the main reason why someone would be watching a review for it, so I assumed that you had the money for it and therefore the money for a PC.
  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch lmao a lot of people have 8 still my guy. 8gbs of DDR4 with an okay CPU is more than enough for most people.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Mohammad M.E. What do you mean? I don't see a joke anywhere in this thread.
  • AusDaes
    AusDaes 1 month ago (edited) Vox3l-Gl1tch well, most people actually use 8gb, yes optimally 16gb, but I myself use 8gb and haven’t upgraded because I don’t need it and I use my pc everyday
  • Mohammad M.E.
    Mohammad M.E. 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch What is your problem with jokes?
  • Jiro
    Jiro 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Wow. Unbelievable. Do you blame a homeless person for being horrible with money? Am I horrible with money because my family can't afford to buy these expensive things? The world does not revold around you so grow up and accept that we are entitled and spoiled fuck like you.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Paul Ivan Cool, then just buy a raspberry pi.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Joe no Yeah, might build one with that in the future. Once that becomes a requirement, at least.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Jiro Dude, it's literally cheaper to build a PC. Not my fault you're horrible with money.
  • Jiro
    Jiro 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Stfu kid, not everyone is as spoiled as you and not as "rich" as you so stop assuming that we have what you have. Stop acting so high like "oh i build my pc" Fuck off.
  • Joe no
    Joe no 1 month ago Vox3l-Gl1tch all the cool kids have 32gb now
  • Paul Ivan
    Paul Ivan 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch WTF are you talking about? He's just stating that a phone in 2019 has more Ram than his PC. He didn't even mention buying that phone. Not everybody can easily afford a computer or even if they can, they might not need it. Not every one game or video edit... maybe all they need is to watch netflix and social media.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @mani kantan People who know stuff about PC's don't "buy" a PC, they build one.
  • mani kantan
    mani kantan 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch the greatest of the programmers and hackers used 2gb ram laptop. Only spoilt kids who got no knowledge of the computer would get to buy 16gb PCs atleast at the beginning of their lives
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Kahung Chim It's literally pointless to upgrade your phone though, if you have any modern phone from the past few years or so. It's not as if any programs aren't going to run on older phones, so what's the point of upgrading your phone?
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Kofi Tuffour Dude, a good PC is like $500-$600 to build, cheaper than this phone, and it's a hell of a lot more useful.
  • íamSandíp2 -
    íamSandíp2 - 1 month ago @Hadi's gaming 👍
  • Kofi Tuffour
    Kofi Tuffour 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch yOu MuSt hAvE a ShIt pC ThEn. Just stfu. Not everyone is a spoilt child like you so have some respect for others
  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar 1 month ago U comparing mortal with god
  • Kahung Chim
    Kahung Chim 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch Thats depend on their usage. You can't assume everyone take PC's are very important in their daily life nowdays. Some people use their mobile phones more than using their PC (since they wont need a PC at home for gaming or document processing?), so upgrading to a better phone is more a high piority thing for them compared to upgrading to a PC. Btw in a near future this will be more common since most people back home just want to see netflix and chill on their mobile devices/tv.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Mr. X Parents that don't care about people they don't know, duh.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Sri Krishna Sai Singana Then buy some better ram and insert it into your laptop.
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago @Hadi's gaming Yet they can afford $500+ phones? Yeah, no.
  • Maxbartozs
    Maxbartozs 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch that's actually not true not every good PC has 16gb but most do. A lot more people than you think have 8gb
  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 1 month ago (edited) @Vox3l-Gl1tch this kid don't have respect to another people What kind your parrent don't teach a respect 🤮
  • Sri Krishna Sai Singana
    Sri Krishna Sai Singana 1 month ago Mine (laptop) has only 4gigs of ram but still does the job for me..... So would you still call it crap Surely I would have liked it with larger ram
  • Hadi's gaming
    Hadi's gaming 1 month ago @Vox3l-Gl1tch there are still lots of people using old PC and struggle with their life. Be respect
  • Vox3l-Gl1tch
    Vox3l-Gl1tch 1 month ago You must have a shit PC then. Almost every good PC has at least 16gb of ram, if yours doesn't, it's really old.
  • Wombat
    Wombat 1 week ago 12gb ram, what does Chrome have to say about this?
  • Chill Bill
    Chill Bill 3 days ago Samsung: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!
  • World in video
    World in video 3 days ago Our battle will be legendary !!!
  • Thilak Raj
    Thilak Raj 1 month ago Of course we need the OP7 video. We need to validate the faster under display fingerprint sensor and UFS 3.0 storage and if any specific improvements over 6T 😇✌
  • Adarsh J Prem
    Adarsh J Prem 1 month ago Youtube knows me very well.. I came here to watch one plus 7 pro videos and it showing vivo v15 series ads before and after!!! 😐😐😐
  • 4WerdMotion 1
    4WerdMotion 1 1 week ago I heard when the phone detects a free fall, the camera retracts a bit faster. If you keep doing a control drop the phone will notify you that the motor will wear out quicker.
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago OP: Let's save some cost and skip the IP rating. (A few moments later...) OP: Let's hire RDJ to be our ambassador. XD
  • Ihsan Nurhidayat
    Ihsan Nurhidayat 1 month ago Apple vs Orange
  • Lazy Noob
    Lazy Noob 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer the price of the dongle is still 390/-,No price hike
  • Swapnil Rupanwar
    Swapnil Rupanwar 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer sorry to say that but price is increasing by the US-China trade War & rumours said that price will go up in the future.
  • Harsh Gupta
    Harsh Gupta 1 month ago Giving away ip rating for rdj because no one literally gives a fuck
  • Aviral Sharma
    Aviral Sharma 1 month ago Skipping IP rating saved cost for us transparently. Hiring RDJ didn't directly add cost to OP phones.
  • kristoffer petersson
    kristoffer petersson 1 month ago @fogdood indeed. look at apple and their dumb shit. its so fun when apple and samsung uses complain about a fucking 750 dollar phone having much better speccs and much much better costumer support. as soon as op does 1 thing wrong those idiot try and hang them all. i love watching this it makes me giigle and get all warm and fuzzy. its a flagship phone that crushes s10 camera and s10+ camera in almost all aspects except wide angle and slowmotion. it beats p30 pro in alot of aspects aswell. except in nightmode zoom and battery life. not even worth mentioning xs max that cost twice as much whne in same speccs. im so sick and tired of ppl getting so upset at op for pushing the company forward while samsung and apple get away with murder for twice the fucking cost. s10 models are a fucking joke of a phone. i thought it would be amazing turns out its utter garbo. nothing special about it at all. p30 pro and op7 pro is by far the best phones on the market right now giving edge to p30 pro on camera and battery and rest for op7 pro. same cost. so dont give me this bullshit about op being greedy or wha wha wha wha. good that u also notice that u need marketing. ppl are just to dumb here.
  • Flash703
    Flash703 1 month ago @Jaya Kumar V No its not
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago Jkd ,s,sismo That’s exactly what i thought XD
  • Nilesh Makwana
    Nilesh Makwana 1 month ago That doesn't cost customer, price not going up of op7 hiring him , it's onmarketing 😁😁
  • Rerin Lunghar
    Rerin Lunghar 1 month ago @Aaron Guo lol ur wrong
  • Kunal
    Kunal 1 month ago Lmaoo
  • Davide_Russo
    Davide_Russo 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer really?
  • Jkd ,s,sismo
    Jkd ,s,sismo 1 month ago I read "a few moments later" like the guy from spongebob
  • Neet Balls
    Neet Balls 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer you know, usb-c earbuds are a thing now.
  • J V
    J V 1 month ago @Syukri Bujang robert downey jr if u dont know him just google him
    PUPPER_EMERITUS 1 month ago (edited) @Dr. Superblazer I guess there are third party dongles for lower price. It's not like apple where you're locked into proprietary accessories
  • Isaac Whiteley
    Isaac Whiteley 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer thank the trade war with China for that price increase - it stayed the same in every country
  • fogdood
    fogdood 1 month ago @Mazokki source?
  • Mazokki
    Mazokki 1 month ago @fogdood Actually it has been proven that hiring celebs to market your stuff doesnt pay off. People dont trust them.
  • Bogdan
    Bogdan 1 month ago Does it have video out through usb c ? Like s10 or p30 pro ?
  • Mazokki
    Mazokki 1 month ago @Reyansh Varma I would rather pay few € extra to be sure.
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago Reyansh Varma Man that was just a joke. Stop weighing the benefits here. Everybody knows OP did nothing wrong.
  • Reyansh Varma
    Reyansh Varma 1 month ago Not doing IP rating saved phone's cost which ultimately benefits us not Oneplus
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago fogdood Whatever suits you
  • fogdood
    fogdood 1 month ago @Aaron Guo when you're wrong so you say it was just a joke
  • Joker
    Joker 1 month ago @Syukri Bujang I don't blame you, ignorance is bliss.
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago fogdood Obviously someone one can’t tell the difference between a joke and a scold
  • fogdood
    fogdood 1 month ago You're here from the r/Android circlejerk. You all act like paying an actor is a moneypit, as if marketing the phone is useless. OnePlus probably got way more sales because of RDJ, and made the phone cheaper by skipping the IP rating. But go ahead and keep memeing their marketing strategy.
  • Aaron Guo
    Aaron Guo 1 month ago Syukri Bujang Come on man, Robert Downey Jr. ?Iron Man ? You must know him.
  • Steven
    Steven 1 month ago Syukri Bujang he's talking about Robert (Iron Man)
  • Eitan GULICH
    Eitan GULICH 1 month ago Also dxo mark
  • Syukri Bujang
    Syukri Bujang 1 month ago What do you mean rdj?
  • alexlam24
    alexlam24 1 month ago @Dr. Superblazer The fanboys are ok with it so ...
  • Dr. Superblazer
    Dr. Superblazer 1 month ago Who cares, they didn't even include a dongle for the headphone jack. Assholes even increased the dongle price
  • Jaya Kumar V
    Jaya Kumar V 1 month ago Giving away ip rating for RDJ is a good deal
  • Vaisakh Ramachandran
    Vaisakh Ramachandran 1 month ago Lol
  • Art Cruz
    Art Cruz 1 day ago I like the blue wallpaper. Can you share the link to download. Thanks
  • Art Cruz
    Art Cruz 1 day ago I like the blue wallpaper. Can you share the link to download. Thanks
  • Shimanto
    Shimanto 3 hours ago OnePlus should just make OnePlus 7T like 7 pro with just a little bit smaller and flat display but 90hz.... waiting for that
  • Gabriel chepanski
    Gabriel chepanski 9 hours ago yes but did you know that it scraches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7?
  • Rezai
    Rezai 1 month ago (edited) If you're writing exams, here's a sign, now go
  • Ranjeev Joseph
    Ranjeev Joseph 3 weeks ago Thanks bro. You saved my career.
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    GeoStar 1 month ago @Rezai Im also from SA! Exams just started for us.
  • Rezai
    Rezai 1 month ago @James Davis I'm south African, so I don't know actually
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    Noah R 1 month ago I'm a senior in HS and I don't have to take finals so for once, I don't have to stress about it.
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    Abdullah Ashraf 1 month ago Anatomy stage tomorrow! 😅
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    Sam N 1 month ago 🤣😂😂
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    Henry Ijeoma 1 month ago I've got a Chemistry test tomorrow lol
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    Casius Geiseb 1 month ago I'm going, I'm going 😩
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    Spirit Bond 1 month ago Bro i need a break :P Tomorrow I have exam :D
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    I LightenStar I 1 month ago I don’t have any exams
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    Vijay y 1 month ago @James Davis yes
  • Kiran Reddy
    Kiran Reddy 1 month ago thanks for reminding me satan
  • Frank Russell
    Frank Russell 1 month ago I've studied all day
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    Kira AKN 1 month ago U demonic guardian study angel haha
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    Fortnite pro pro 1 month ago What do u mean by writing exams.. ?
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    TastyBaga 1 month ago History tommorow
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    TrueLojic 1 month ago Syd Bailey lol mine* 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
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    Brokn 1 month ago Ah shit
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    Blzt 1 month ago wtf canadian exams are done in april who has uni until may 😂
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    Fizzi Soda 1 month ago Haha college ended a week ago.
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    Ali Mortada 1 month ago nuuu pls no
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    Fee Fi Fo Fum Fee Fi Fo Fum 1 month ago Taxation exam tomorrow...I’m not even interested in the phone Anything other than studying seems interesting 😂
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    James Davis 1 month ago Is “writing exams” the Indian phrase for taking a test?
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    Myst 1 month ago Maths really do be ruining my youtube life.
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    Syd Bailey 1 month ago @TrueLojic you finished your mom??? What kind of monster are you!
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    TrueLojic 1 month ago (edited) I thankfully finished mine 2 weeks ago
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    Imperial Magic 1 month ago :( why did you remind me...
  • Rudresh Lonkar
    Rudresh Lonkar 3 weeks ago We'd love to see the OnePlus 7 review on your channel!
  • Maaz Azam
    Maaz Azam 1 week ago When can we expect a review on One Plus 7? I've literally been waiting for your thumbs up to buy the phone. Please do a video soon, if possible.
  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh 1 week ago can you make a video one the regular oneplus 7?
  • Daryn Hughes
    Daryn Hughes 3 weeks ago Please review the OnePlus 7 and compare and contrast with the 7 Pro, please! Thanks