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Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet

Published on Jul 10, 2018 11,089,672 views

Graphene is a form of carbon that could bring us bulletproof armor and space elevators, improve medicine, and make the internet run faster — some day. For the past 15 years, consumers have been hearing about this wonder material and all the ways it could change everything. Is it really almost here, or is it another promise that is perpetually just one more breakthrough away?


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  • Verge Science
    Verge Science 10 months ago Which graphene-based technology are you most excited for?
  • Matteo Dotti
    Matteo Dotti 10 months ago (edited) That technology in mobile phones may will reduce insanely their thickness. That may will mean less encumbrance of, yes mobile phones, but also any other electronic device. Awesome! PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian😅
  • NimbleBeard
    NimbleBeard 10 months ago For the past 5 or 6 years I have had the conversations with people about road technology and the lack of innovation we see. Here in MN we say we have two seasons: Winter and Construction. I hate that our roads get so messed up and need fixing every few years and it makes me wonder if it is a big racket. Aren't there people out there building stronger more durable materials than regular concrete? Where's the innovation? If graphene is the solution...I cannot wait for it to be implemented.
  • Tobias 09
    Tobias 09 10 months ago Spintronics
  • Tanmay Sangtani
    Tanmay Sangtani 10 months ago Graphene based condoms *Super ultra thin*
  • Oodle Richhy
    Oodle Richhy 10 months ago Verge Science Flexible smart devices and batteries and construction
  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 10 months ago Supercapacitors!
  • Sam Sharma
    Sam Sharma 10 months ago Verge Science battery
  • netzly
    netzly 10 months ago space elevator or launch loop
  • Ravi Teja S
    Ravi Teja S 10 months ago Graphene smart clothing 👕👖👟
  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 10 months ago Graphene phone chargers!!! 💯 won't need to keep on replacing my phone charger every other day.
  • Alok sheoran
    Alok sheoran 10 months ago sex dolls ;)
  • AngryApple
    AngryApple 10 months ago Really Durabel Pencils 😉
  • Kiruba Shankar
    Kiruba Shankar 10 months ago Batteries of smartwatches that can last a week on heavy usage. 😊
  • Jason Ong
    Jason Ong 10 months ago Verge Science implementation of graphene to main stream. You need to make a similar video of this genre for super capacitors.
  • Jason Ong
    Jason Ong 10 months ago Jonas Dreioee super capacitors please.
  • Jason Ong
    Jason Ong 10 months ago abhi abhi super capacitors please. 😋
  • Leon Stansfield
    Leon Stansfield 10 months ago supercapacitors
  • nachiketa thakur
    nachiketa thakur 10 months ago Batteries with 10 times capacity with 1/10th size and weight and price. It will transform the world. Think about the possibilities, electric cars with 20 times range, affordable human carrying drones, and what not
  • Sandy Sandy
    Sandy Sandy 10 months ago Graphene Super Camera Sensors
  • Skyline H
    Skyline H 10 months ago Batteries.
  • dirty rigpig
    dirty rigpig 10 months ago Verge Science all of it. Graphene gonna change most of what we know on a technological level. Almost everything will eventually be impacted by the introduction of Graphene. Very intrigued by the apparel influence as I’m beginning an clothing line soon, and the possibilities will be innovative.
  • Marc SVX2
    Marc SVX2 10 months ago Advance robotics and green technologies.
  • Eternal Truth The Light That Never Dies
    Eternal Truth The Light That Never Dies 10 months ago In medicine. Possibly applicable as a replacement for traditional skin grafts. Though dont know how it will work.
  • czdaniel1
    czdaniel1 10 months ago I'm skeptical of graphene's battery-shrinking impact. The only part of the battery I can see it shrinking is the barrier-layers separating anodes & cathodes. I can imagine that it's great for batteries releasing higher-energy in smaller space, but not longer energy. Give me battery-life & I will plug in or pay for a portable generator if I really need more power.
  • AgirlKILLEDu14
    AgirlKILLEDu14 10 months ago A shirt that can be used as a defibrillator would be of great use. Patients who are in risk of cardiac arrest could be issued a shirt and the doctor could defibrillate the patient while on their way.
    ASIL TALYANI 10 months ago Graphene have many great application in all field like sensors, medical devices and medicines,transistors ,capacitor,energy storage devices like battery or for making electric energy from solar panels,but I like it to be in my smartphone as a transparent LED display which will be flexible and can be folded like news paper and as a battery which charges in seconds.
  • Luke Wilmer
    Luke Wilmer 10 months ago Artificial muscle, and prosthetics.
  • Samuel Escobar
    Samuel Escobar 10 months ago Verge Science the One we are developing at my lab 🤓🤓🤓 I’ll forward you my paper once I get it out there.
  • shruti jalodia
    shruti jalodia 10 months ago (edited) i'd have to say this massive sensor we were able to develop using graphene, at our Advanced Architecture Institute​ is the most exciting for me! check it out !! :D
  • Hffidn Gxjxn
    Hffidn Gxjxn 10 months ago Badass solor panels Save a lot of money
  • Mike West
    Mike West 10 months ago Condoms, fishing rods, drive shafts and suits of armor.
  • Tech Life
    Tech Life 10 months ago Batteries
  • Erik S
    Erik S 10 months ago How about the fact that MIT has found a way to make graphene sheets via a method that can go to industrial scales! And the source paper:
  • Melomane Nepal
    Melomane Nepal 10 months ago Verge Science wearable technologies 😅😅
  • Rizzzky z
    Rizzzky z 10 months ago Batteries, like in cars and phones. I saw some video covering this currently possible, but only by hand (done by koreans, taiwanese, or chinese i don't remember, don't call me racist plss), not mass produce-scale yet. Same size, bigger capacity, one-fifth charging time. For now, that's insane!
  • War Gamerz
    War Gamerz 10 months ago Verge Science interstellar
  • Sebastien Toussaint
    Sebastien Toussaint 10 months ago Energy Storage
  • Jim R
    Jim R 10 months ago Verge Science A space elevator would be a game changer.
  • Revi M Fadli
    Revi M Fadli 10 months ago Water filtration, superconductors, and construction/mechanical materials
  • Niel Guaman
    Niel Guaman 10 months ago scalable ocean water desalination
  • Andrew Mellor
    Andrew Mellor 10 months ago 100GHz graphene CPUs
  • Callum Fenwick
    Callum Fenwick 10 months ago Batteries, especially in electric vehicles 👌
  • Patricio Bustos
    Patricio Bustos 10 months ago A space elevator in Ecuador
  • Lawrence Atkinson
    Lawrence Atkinson 10 months ago Water desalination
  • Lawrence Atkinson
    Lawrence Atkinson 10 months ago Patricio Bustos that's the exciting one, however . . Reality . . . There are huge technical issues beyond the ones that this material would solve
  • Mr. Deeds
    Mr. Deeds 10 months ago Armor, batteries, conductors, and 3D printed substance in that order.
  • Ed Sipes
    Ed Sipes 10 months ago Can it be made rigid? Can you imagine the damage you could do with a graphene blade?
  • Rainfox Wolfstone
  • Ed Sipes
    Ed Sipes 10 months ago (edited) Also, there was a (Scot?) physicist a few years ago that had started development of a solar cell that worked off the IR bands. The cost was prohibitive but they hoped to bring it down. IR light is always available. Could you imagine a graphene supercapacitor with an always available free power source? That's some real super villain stuff we're talking about.
  • Cosmonaut Crusher
    Cosmonaut Crusher 10 months ago Bullet proof vests maybe
  • Gabe Darrett
    Gabe Darrett 10 months ago Space elevator
  • Turd throwing monkey
    Turd throwing monkey 10 months ago Graphene razors
  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 10 months ago Bicycle racing
  • dekutree64
    dekutree64 10 months ago Nanotubes as a replacement for copper windings in electric motors. Should be much better power to weight ratio, very helpful for aircraft.
  • Shawn Hicks
    Shawn Hicks 10 months ago (edited) ultra capacitors
  • Colleen Forrest
    Colleen Forrest 10 months ago Power storage, water filtration, solar cels, space ships, and concrete
  • FZ Project
    FZ Project 10 months ago processor
  • Boof Timex
    Boof Timex 10 months ago Verge Science - what about batteries or capacitors?
  • John Lacy
    John Lacy 10 months ago Buttons
  • roy romano
    roy romano 10 months ago Verge Science MIT published some research about a month back. They can now create graphene materials with one atom of uniform thickness in unlimited dimention. It's just a matter of industry catching up.
  • Will Oo
    Will Oo 10 months ago Graphene quantum computer circuitry
  • Near Air
    Near Air 10 months ago circuit boards and car/house batteries.
  • Paul Lelyukh
    Paul Lelyukh 10 months ago Graphene is a piece of trash. MXene is 100 times more conductive than industrially scalable graphene.
  • TraileR time
    TraileR time 10 months ago battery
  • Ocean Water
    Ocean Water 10 months ago Bulletproof full body spartan armor. I’m ready for our soldiers to look like halo characters.
  • Paul Lelyukh
    Paul Lelyukh 10 months ago They will crack. MXene is way better than graphene
  • Glupsson
    Glupsson 10 months ago Verge Science antennas for dispersion of electrons from our negatively charged ground in to the positively charged atmosphere as a way of charging large batteries or ultra capacitors. This would be static generators :)
  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 10 months ago I have worked with this Vorbeck company in the past. They are great.
  • gia
    gia 10 months ago sub cutaneous human id tags
  • Cobra Club
    Cobra Club 10 months ago flexible transparent phones
  • S C
    S C 10 months ago Replacing automotive parts for simplifying all electronics by all electric circuits and body panels fused together like Lego blocks .
  • UltMage
    UltMage 10 months ago Verge Science Spider-Man’s spider silk!
  • Graphenich
    Graphenich 10 months ago Water purification
  • Controlledburst
    Controlledburst 10 months ago Higher temp superconducting applications
  • Kevin Miedema
    Kevin Miedema 10 months ago battery and capacitor technology has a massive amount of potential in the near also very excited for the mechanical devices we could build once we figured out a way to make very large sheets of it...... i.e. motors with much higher speeds then a steel, aluminium or even titanium rotor could ever handle.
  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 10 months ago Sorry I already have the patent on that. LOL
  • Usantanker The O2 Lover
    Usantanker The O2 Lover 10 months ago A graphene battery innovation
  • Storm Strike
    Storm Strike 10 months ago Verge Science batteries
  • Illest Visionz
    Illest Visionz 10 months ago Condoms
  • Sudip Chatterjee
    Sudip Chatterjee 10 months ago Verge Science Batteries that can be charged in seconds but retain the charge for days! That would a dream-comes-true for me! Good news is, experiments are already underway for this. I hope that they achieve success soon!
  • Penumarthi Manjunath
    Penumarthi Manjunath 10 months ago Cars
  • Thomas Crouch
    Thomas Crouch 10 months ago Batteries
  • Malcolm Kennedy
    Malcolm Kennedy 10 months ago Car and phone batteries !!!
  • Gee Whizz
    Gee Whizz 10 months ago A vibrating condom
  • Novel Nouvel
    Novel Nouvel 10 months ago The one that not becomes new plastic pollution problem.
  • Dongs
    Dongs 10 months ago 3d printing
  • i. virtan
    i. virtan 10 months ago AI Based US president instead of that current silicone one!
  • Arun Shrivatsaa
    Arun Shrivatsaa 10 months ago Solar panels and battery
  • Yang Guan Tang
    Yang Guan Tang 10 months ago Jonas Dreioee 8
  • Yang Guan Tang
    Yang Guan Tang 10 months ago Road bike
  • Risto Paasivirta
    Risto Paasivirta 10 months ago Pencils :)
  • Tomi Saaranen
    Tomi Saaranen 10 months ago Road and mountain bikes!!
  • Super Noodles
    Super Noodles 10 months ago Verge Science in Manchester where I live there is a building called the graphine building. It's a large building that's only purpose is to research graphine :)
  • klown van damn
    klown van damn 10 months ago graphene condoms
  • Frederick Ekawijaya Ateng
    Frederick Ekawijaya Ateng 10 months ago Battery of course... that old hag li ion has lived too long 😂
  • RandomTechS@#T
    RandomTechS@#T 10 months ago Verge Science Battery and indestructible smartphone screen.
  • LeJimster
    LeJimster 10 months ago Batteries are the obvious choice. Lighter, thinner batteries that can store more charge and charge rapidly. Yes please. I think a technology like this would benefit the electric car revolution as well as the obvious portable devices we use daily.
  • Lucas Porfírio
    Lucas Porfírio 10 months ago processors and batteries
  • Jake Mitch
    Jake Mitch 10 months ago czdaniel1 they can make the anode and cathode out of graphene, one side is graphene and one side is graphene oxide.. so it's possible to make a pretty much all graphene battery except the electrolyte, so it has possibilities to change more then the barrier layer.
  • VRforAll
    VRforAll 10 months ago Ty for this. Never heard of this before.
  • Jose Villalobos
    Jose Villalobos 10 months ago Check Robert MurraySmith 560kw per kilo super batteries
  • ano T
    ano T 10 months ago The elephant in the room is battery tech and super capacitors. What happened? Graphene was supposed to create super caps with instant recharge high speed discharge with battery like power at the same weight.
  • ano T
    ano T 10 months ago Thats an awesome thought.. Can grahene be printed on sight into a super strong structural elements to replace wood or steel ?
  • richard zhagnay
    richard zhagnay 10 months ago Communication like you see in Netflix series Travelers
  • Mostly Useless
    Mostly Useless 10 months ago Bikes specifically mtb because it's already in use in road bikes
  • InfernoCookiez
    InfernoCookiez 10 months ago If it’s strong and light I would love to see armor like halo and other futuristic games made of graphine.
  • LD321
    LD321 10 months ago Tanmay Sangtani your a genius
  • Leonardo Kewitz
    Leonardo Kewitz 10 months ago Graphene recycling and how we're not making the next plastic that will contaminate the whole world.
  • Andreas Hilmersson
    Andreas Hilmersson 10 months ago Batteries
  • xkeepersvk
    xkeepersvk 10 months ago NimbleBeard I'm pretty sure you are right about the racket. For example where I live they use asphalt roadways which deform during summer, there are already techologies used in tropical countries for roads that dont melt in summer heat. Still they dont use them here instead they repair roads every 2-3 years.
  • xkeepersvk
    xkeepersvk 10 months ago Bulletproof clothing
  • Jeffry De Leon
    Jeffry De Leon 10 months ago Verge Science water purification
  • Supporter van de Europese Unie
    Supporter van de Europese Unie 10 months ago Verge Science Ultrathin hammocks for cats.
  • Erudite
    Erudite 10 months ago I think there should be more talk of the potential problems and pollutants so that we can plan ahead of time how to eliminate/contain the problem. I LOVE the things graphene will allow us to accomplish. But it's terribly dumb and short sighted of us to make the same mistakes with it as we did with plastics. Plastic is now one of the worst pollutants killing our sea life, other animals, and even has micro plastics that we aren't even sure their affect on our body!! Think about the potential pollution having tons of pure carbon in landfills and oceans and especially in our body. Carbon is much more reactive too than plastic...
  • Kie Dan
    Kie Dan 10 months ago Verge Science batteries and water splitters
  • ben dorman
    ben dorman 10 months ago been following him for years. Can't wait for the Twizzy to get finished.
  • Convex Cornet
    Convex Cornet 10 months ago PC CPUs and GPUs
  • robert1235421
    robert1235421 10 months ago Graphene based batteries were said to be the big change in energy we need - charging a car in minutes, and your phone in seconds... offering cheaper energy storage from wind and solar.... longer life span, safer - wanna see that happen.
  • omar oyt
    omar oyt 10 months ago not excited for some carbon and who are you to ask that when you use Apple products? xD
  • FreeMind931
    FreeMind931 10 months ago Verge Science I work with heavy industry equipment and I think it's going to be so funny to see the hardened steel being replaced with a such light material
  • Wicket
    Wicket 10 months ago Verge Science none, cause they’ll never come
  • Kartavya Singh
    Kartavya Singh 10 months ago Verge Science [the nuke based missile thrust system]
  • Sean Nickerson
    Sean Nickerson 10 months ago Graphene used as a water filter. Just imagine using the ocean as a source for drinking.
  • GM21
    GM21 10 months ago Verge Science Battery for Laptops and Smartphones 2nd is for renewable energy storage Last on my list will be on vehicles
  • forteracre made
    forteracre made 10 months ago One
  • Armando Gutierrez
    Armando Gutierrez 10 months ago Space elevators for our new space soldiers
  • Brainbuster
    Brainbuster 10 months ago A long sword
  • s. essix
    s. essix 10 months ago Can't wait to see what bicycle companies will do with this technology.
  • Charles Lewis
    Charles Lewis 10 months ago Captain America's shield Jk smartphone and electric car batteries
  • Relco12
    Relco12 10 months ago Fleshlights, onaholes
  • I got 5 on it
    I got 5 on it 10 months ago Verge Science bicycle
  • Sharif Sourour
    Sharif Sourour 10 months ago Extremely light indestructible armour.
  • Walt Sorensen
    Walt Sorensen 10 months ago MIT's Scalable manufacturing process for making spools of graphene is the one I'm most excited for.
  • Unbolted TV
    Unbolted TV 10 months ago Graphene bendable phone
  • Luis Enrique Macedo Orrego
    Luis Enrique Macedo Orrego 10 months ago Graphene printed circuits + quantum dots or organic photodetectors with current adapted display technology could enable medium or large format sensors at low costs...
  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 10 months ago Speaking of headphones, could graphene displace beryllium in terms of quickness and lightness?
  • Hime Naaa
    Hime Naaa 10 months ago if it would me then i want a home materials,
  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond 10 months ago Rockets
  • alephii
    alephii 10 months ago the same ones that carbon nanotubes should fill! graphene will be so useful in 15 years as carbon nanotubes are today! That means: totally useless!
  • iris takenoko
    iris takenoko 10 months ago Verge Science wearable tech !
  • diulikadikaday
    diulikadikaday 10 months ago Graphene buttplugs
  • Syahrul Fauzi
    Syahrul Fauzi 10 months ago pencil ! just you mind these is magic when you go to school put your pencil on just in blink of an eye it perished... still wonder what kind of sorcery is this
  • Daltira
    Daltira 10 months ago Formula 1 cars
  • A. guy
    A. guy 10 months ago circuitry
  • Syahrul Fauzi
    Syahrul Fauzi 10 months ago pencil ! just you mind these is magic when you go to school put your pencil on just in blink of an eye it perished... still wonder what kind of sorcery is this
  • Curiosity 186
    Curiosity 186 10 months ago Graphene cpu's and gpu's
  • JFomo
    JFomo 10 months ago Snowboard
  • Kylar Stern
    Kylar Stern 10 months ago Armour
  • Joshua Mon De Belen
    Joshua Mon De Belen 10 months ago Phone screens! Just in general! 🤣🤣
  • Adolf Hipster
    Adolf Hipster 10 months ago They can be used for sooo many different things including amazing batteries
  • logmover123
    logmover123 10 months ago Graphene paper, is it bullet proof?
  • Ele
    Ele 10 months ago Graphine clothes
  • Mr. Gible
    Mr. Gible 10 months ago Hydrogen storage for vehicles. Electric car can't fill the needs of long distance semi trucks.
  • Rahimat Mohammed
    Rahimat Mohammed 10 months ago Graphene clothes
  • Rahimat Mohammed
    Rahimat Mohammed 10 months ago Verge Science can is be used in tattoos?
  • Alpha_436
    Alpha_436 10 months ago Batteries and airplanes,cars a.s.o
  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 10 months ago Space. Elevator. No other thing compares.
  • pro killero4ik
    pro killero4ik 10 months ago Verge Science pen
  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews 10 months ago Apart from all the amazing applications we were promised, I would love to see/handle a large monolithic sheet of the stuff. Maybe the size of an A4 paper, I think it would be pretty cool for experiments.
  • Barry Tucceri
    Barry Tucceri 10 months ago New wing suits that you don't need a parachute for?