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OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing + Review!

Published on May 14, 2019 240,841 views

Unboxing and testing out the new OnePlus 7 Pro phone!

Snapchat: iJustine


Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:


#oneplus #oneplus7Series #unboxing

*Not sponsored, but OnePlus provided this phone in advance of the launch for review purposes*

  • Wyatt K.
    Wyatt K. 1 week ago (edited) Who is being slammed with one plus 7 pro videos?
  • Josh Ramasawmy
    Josh Ramasawmy 1 week ago Wyatt K. I definitely am
  • LT
    LT 1 week ago I got iJustine, UrAvgConsumer and everything apple pro in a row
  • Fidel Castrosolis
    Fidel Castrosolis 1 week ago Wyatt K. Nixe right
  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma 1 week ago Me
  • AlphaMax
    AlphaMax 1 week ago Me lol.
  • Zachary Shaul
    Zachary Shaul 1 week ago I got Austin Evans, Linus Tech Tips and obviously iJustine
  • Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs
    Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs 1 week ago @Zachary Shaul me too :)
  • Daniella Rose
    Daniella Rose 1 week ago Wyatt K. Meeeeee
  • Owen Wilhelm
    Owen Wilhelm 1 week ago Me
  • Dax Frost
    Dax Frost 1 week ago Me, and I love it.
  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 1 week ago meeeee
  • RawLu
    RawLu 1 week ago Chinese based company? I don't support Dictatorships if I can help it.
  • Tyler Epler
    Tyler Epler 1 week ago i had linus justine and austin back to back lmao
  • Dax Frost
    Dax Frost 1 week ago @RawLu cool, you should never own a Smartphone again, then. Literally every single smartphone on the planet is largely built by hands who live under dictatorships. Cute thought, though.
  • Lamar Taylor
    Lamar Taylor 1 week ago All these smartphone companies know how to snowball YouTube. They make sure all the popular streamers all post the same day to create the snowball. It's a form of manipulation on YouTube to create hype
  • Leony lee
    Leony lee 6 days ago Definitely me
  • Jonatan L
    Jonatan L 6 days ago I got 10 at the same time
  • Riverdale tales
    Riverdale tales 6 days ago They should of just added a headphone jack ,
  • Jessica Murillo
    Jessica Murillo 6 days ago Me
  • Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving 6 days ago Then stop subbing to so many damn tech YouTubers. Get a hobby! Jk. I'm also subbed to like 6 other tech channels 🤪
  • Dax Frost
    Dax Frost 5 days ago @Lamar Taylor marketing is literally manipulation. I admire the tactic. Marketing is a form of art, and OnePlus KILLS it. Look at companies like LG, their product is fine but my God they suck at marketing.
  • Rudus 1978
    Rudus 1978 3 days ago Wyatt K. Me
  • reena kataria
    reena kataria 2 days ago Me too
  • Aman chib
    Aman chib 1 week ago Nebula blue How about gomora green And thanos purple??
  • Xenofere
    Xenofere 1 week ago THANOS PHONE! I'll leave.
  • Gruff speaks!
    Gruff speaks! 1 week ago Lol
  • Chronocide
    Chronocide 1 week ago Thanos Purple? How about Ant Man Rectal Red?
  • The Tribute Who Was a Potterhead
    The Tribute Who Was a Potterhead 1 week ago And wasp yellow
  • The Tribute Who Was a Potterhead
    The Tribute Who Was a Potterhead 1 week ago And star lord red And mantis black And groot brown And drax peach
  • Shashidhar NaNdA
    Shashidhar NaNdA 1 week ago Widow black
  • balaji abbishek
    balaji abbishek 1 week ago @Shashidhar NaNdA lol 😂
  • Sagar Bhusal
    Sagar Bhusal 1 week ago Would have been . But Marvel will sue their ass 😂😂
  • Bryce Mautino
    Bryce Mautino 1 week ago I literally was just typing that in and then I saw this lol
  • Putri Milyani
    Putri Milyani 1 week ago Hulk green🤣
  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 1 week ago How about Hotel? Trivago
  • Steve Calvin
    Steve Calvin 1 week ago @NabilRider555 x
  • Love Deshwal
    Love Deshwal 6 days ago Omg lol
  • MAKstyles
    MAKstyles 6 days ago Really so this comments are gonna be liked on every single unboxing channel over youtube
  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar 6 days ago I would rather like Iron Man Red
  • Pankaj Kapri
    Pankaj Kapri 6 days ago No gomora green i want hulk green
  • sonu Sondhiya
    sonu Sondhiya 6 days ago Gamora green would b would resemble huawei mate 20 pro..
  • Prasoon Kumar
    Prasoon Kumar 6 days ago Spiderman Red...
  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES 6 days ago Correction Gam"O"ra green
  • Gaurav Jha
    Gaurav Jha 6 days ago Wasn't Thunder ' Thanos ' Purple already an option ..??🤔
  • Taylor Schwartz
    Taylor Schwartz 6 days ago What if you snap the screen of the thanos phone?
  • Gaurav Jha
    Gaurav Jha 6 days ago @Taylor Schwartz Oh.. you should have gone for the "pop - up" head instead...🤯😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣🤣😅
  • woficnwoap ohyeayea
    woficnwoap ohyeayea 6 days ago Aman chib bruce green and iron man red
  • Rajdeep Dey
    Rajdeep Dey 6 days ago (edited) How about Batman Black
  • k 5
    k 5 6 days ago and Drax ugly colour
  • Louana Rose
    Louana Rose 5 days ago Aman chib Or Iron Man!!!!
  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 5 days ago Joke thief
  • saroj chib
    saroj chib 5 days ago @Thomas Anderson jokes are meant to steal😂
  • Basit Manzoor
    Basit Manzoor 5 days ago Lmao. Top comment mate. 😂
  • Arun K P
    Arun K P 5 days ago Some youtuber called the oneplus 6T thunder purple thanos purple when it was released. I forgot who it was.
  • Aryan Vyas
    Aryan Vyas 5 days ago Randi chod
  • Val Garcia
    Val Garcia 5 days ago Rip tony stark
  • md tubeaccount
    md tubeaccount 5 days ago I read that as ghonnorea green at first glance
  • Vishal 1102
    Vishal 1102 4 days ago Thought about drax? He's invisible!
  • Ethos Nomine
    Ethos Nomine 4 days ago Stark Red
  • Emaan Arora
    Emaan Arora 3 days ago i am seeing the same comment in every oneplus 7 pro unboxing/review video 😆
  • varun singh
    varun singh 2 days ago A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Where stars are formed
  • Emaan Arora
    Emaan Arora 2 days ago @varun singh yeah, they did't know it
  • MathiasAidsShow Official
    MathiasAidsShow Official 1 day ago Aman chib lol
  • MathiasAidsShow Official
    MathiasAidsShow Official 1 day ago (edited) Aman chib Thanos purple should be called: “Infinity Purple”
  • harsha kukreja
    harsha kukreja 18 hours ago 😆😆😆😆
  • Don Alarcon
    Don Alarcon 1 hour ago How about why Gamora Green.
  • Ammari Yosri
    Ammari Yosri 1 week ago Suddenly my youtube became talk just about oneplus 7 pro
  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 5 days ago OnePlus sent every famous youtuber a review unit. That's why.
  • Ashish Kulkarni
    Ashish Kulkarni 1 week ago No mention of display curves,resolution and 90hz? What
  • M G
    M G 1 week ago It’s like a race to see which tech Youtuber will post a OnePlus 7Pro video first
  • AEon Fluxer
    AEon Fluxer 1 week ago No not first. Best
  • lazypassion
    lazypassion 6 days ago Doesn’t matter who uploads first, I’m always gonna watch MKBHD’s first and go down from there haha
  • AEon Fluxer
    AEon Fluxer 6 days ago @lazypassion he's just another millennial tech trendy. Not much brains. I recommend Linus, Tech of tomorrow, gamers Nexus and much more
  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 6 days ago @AEon Fluxer MKBHD is tech world's darling cuz he has true heart , he is not cunning thats why people like him , not cuz he has some special knowledge .
  • AEon Fluxer
    AEon Fluxer 6 days ago @Supreme Leader He's just another trendy.
  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 5 days ago @AEon Fluxer also since he was way early in the business , helped him greatly . brand building .
  • AEon Fluxer
    AEon Fluxer 5 days ago @Supreme Leader Brand building no. Linus did brand building....NCIX, NEWEGG, Tiger Direct, Asus, Intel, AMD, PC building and much more. Linus is one of the forefathers of tech news, Tech enthusiast and Unboxing of YouTube. I love MKBHD too but he was just a kid in is home doing his great thing at home and wasn't associated with any kind of Company in his early days.
  • Rogit sudarsan
    Rogit sudarsan 4 days ago M G Mrwhosetheboss has the fastest intrrnet connection FACTS
  • Arkie Ryan
    Arkie Ryan 6 days ago I think you miss the extra two hard cases, just under the big box.
  • Reuben W
    Reuben W 1 week ago One plus phones are the only ones I’d switch too if I wanted to have an Android
  • Bozica
    Bozica 1 week ago Uploaded exactly at the same time as EverythingApplePro about the same phone. 😂
  • Jayson Domingo
    Jayson Domingo 1 week ago Bozica ikr
  • Stephon
    Stephon 1 week ago destiny😍😍
  • Eddy Drouet
    Eddy Drouet 1 week ago Embargo lifted
  • Gregory Gold
    Gregory Gold 6 days ago Everybody did - but her's wins <3
  • Jean Camilo
    Jean Camilo 1 week ago "in case you're taking an emergency selfie" 😂😂😂😂
  • Gaurav Jha
    Gaurav Jha 6 days ago Considering her..a very apt emergency 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  • CR
    CR 1 week ago Why didn't you mention the 90 Hz display
  • Ritwik Reddy
    Ritwik Reddy 5 days ago She doesn't know it
  • Hassaan Khan
    Hassaan Khan 3 days ago @Ritwik Reddy 🤣
  • MrMegacurie
    MrMegacurie 3 days ago cuz it's not from Apple
  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 1 week ago Anyone get all of the notifications at the same time, like unbox therapy, and etc.?
  • BOSS
    BOSS 1 week ago (edited) if your considering giving away the oneplus 7, im right here. 😁
  • Judah Marcus
    Judah Marcus 1 week ago BOSS yes I would love a giveaway ijustine if ur listening I think it would be great for u to do a giveaway
  • Rogit sudarsan
    Rogit sudarsan 4 days ago (edited) It looks like thanos purple got faded And the gamora green has forgot everything..... Nebula is the only one survived RIP IRON MAN
  • Ashen Hewavithana
    Ashen Hewavithana 1 day ago how can you forget the main feature of the phone- the 90Hz display
  • D R
    D R 1 week ago Camera man - let me record you. I Justine - let me record you. Repeat!
  • stev6963
    stev6963 1 week ago Literally all my favorite tech reviewers released their videos at the same time lmao. iJustine Unbox Therapy Marques Brownlee Flossy Carter Uravgconsumer Zoneoftech
  • datkinson1980
    datkinson1980 1 week ago Its yo boy Floss!
  • andrew lowe
    andrew lowe 1 week ago Give it a month and this will become insignificant as everyone will have moved on.
  • a1ch3mist37
    a1ch3mist37 1 week ago Glad you have Flossy in your list, fam
  • Hassan Rehman
    Hassan Rehman 6 days ago (edited) You must watch Mr.Mobile he is one of the best tech YouTuber
  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant
    Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant 4 days ago (edited) @Hassan Rehman David Imel, who's at Android Authority, is very insightful, and very underrated, as is Juan Bagnall and TechAlter, who are more commentators than reviewers.
  • Ronnie Schulz
    Ronnie Schulz 4 days ago Mr.whosetheboss🔥
  • Akash Gaming
    Akash Gaming 2 days ago Technical Guruji😄😄
  • Ace Coordinator Mary
    Ace Coordinator Mary 1 week ago (edited) I love that the iJustine is so chill and NOT toxic.
  • NukDuk
    NukDuk 1 week ago Ace Coordinator Mary who will tell her ?
  • Ace Coordinator Mary
    Ace Coordinator Mary 1 week ago @NukDuk ....tell me what? WHAT HAPPENED?! lol
  • Game links
    Game links 1 week ago I am gonna assume you’re new cause the tech community is a lot of things including very toxic, get an android fanboy and an isheep in the same room
  • Ace Coordinator Mary
    Ace Coordinator Mary 1 week ago @Game links ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea yea yeah like that whole twitter for android thing lol. I just mean the tech reviewers themselves are not toxic. great.
  • Kevin
    Kevin 1 week ago I dont wanna tell u the facts, because than il seem like ass
  • saamerr samer
    saamerr samer 1 week ago Oh you mean the beuati community hahahahaha😂😂🤣🤣💔💔🔥🔥🔥
  • Kenzy Lee
    Kenzy Lee 1 week ago Correction, iJustine is so chill and not toxic
  • Ace Coordinator Mary
    Ace Coordinator Mary 1 week ago @Kenzy Lee duly noted and edited lol seems like i'm a newbie to the tech community lol I'm a vet in the beauty community and girl.....GIRL. Yikes. Why is it only the beauty community that's sooooooooooo BAD hahaha
  • Dahlia
    Dahlia 1 week ago It's called being a professional.
  • Can't think of a name
    Can't think of a name 1 week ago @Dahlia Oh, you're talking about you-know-who right?
  • Ace Coordinator Mary
    Ace Coordinator Mary 1 week ago @Can't think of a name shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XD
  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 1 week ago Why be toxic when she making cash lol
  • Mike-dub- 27
    Mike-dub- 27 1 week ago I'm very toxic but only on Twitter 😎
  • LáSt ŪçhïHã
    LáSt ŪçhïHã 6 days ago Who told u that?.. she a apple Creep .. watch her previous vids.. she a pyscho with apple products 😂
  • Spanz Klyde
    Spanz Klyde 6 days ago Too bad she's an Apple sheep though, living in a tech bubble.
  • Gaurav Jha
    Gaurav Jha 6 days ago @LáSt ŪçhïHã Very True ..Apple Creep Sheep ...😅
  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant
    Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant 4 days ago @LáSt ŪçhïHã Then why are you here?
  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant
    Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant 4 days ago Justine's got great energy, but there's a lot of toxicity in all YouTube, the whole James Charles vs. Tati controversy in beauty, Sony, Nikon, FujiFilm, and Canon fans arguing about who's the sheep in photography, the whole Brittney Dawn scam in fitness. It's full of grifters, scams, and insecure people arguing about what tech is best or shit.
  • Kenzy Lee
    Kenzy Lee 2 days ago @Ace Coordinator Mary The beauty community especially after all of the recent drama...yikes! The tech community from what I've seen can be bad, but in general it seems pretty relaxed
  • Pranay S
    Pranay S 23 hours ago She is with those cringey iphone reviews 🤢
  • pratheek j bhat
    pratheek j bhat 5 days ago iJustine plays a "little" skateboard board . Meanwhile Snapdragon 855 am I a joke to u ...:)
  • Skyblazed Tarabay
    Skyblazed Tarabay 1 week ago Bro time 2 hours ago I Justine Unbox therapy Everything apple pro
  • suresh vpack
    suresh vpack 1 day ago Most helpful information front camera audio quality explanation....Good job...very good...