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Google Pixel 3 XL - THE TRUTH! Unboxing and Review!

Premiered Oct 20, 2018 704,000 views

My Google Pixel 3 unboxing and review!

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  • Brad Power
    Brad Power 8 months ago "Don't let anyone tell you that that isn't something you should like because they don't know you, they aren't you and they are probably just trying to bring you down" - Preach Gurrrl! #WiseWords *High 5*
  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 3 months ago @Juel chakma juel chakms r/choosingbeggars
  • Saanvi Patel
    Saanvi Patel 3 months ago I love you ijustine
  • Juel chakma juel chakms
    Juel chakma juel chakms 5 months ago Please sir give me this phone please. Your all uploaded videos liked me please
  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 6 months ago Even pedophilia?
  • Nabhey Samant
    Nabhey Samant 6 months ago I disliked it cause iphones suck If someone gives me a iphone for free i will accept it sell it and get an Android then invest the remaining amount to something good
  • Aviana Harmony
    Aviana Harmony 6 months ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@rg
  • Timmy the Turtle
    Timmy the Turtle 8 months ago Send me an amibo
  • Timmy the Turtle
    Timmy the Turtle 8 months ago You are the best
  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 8 months ago Also live your best life
  • its S u R i
    its S u R i 8 months ago iJustine you are one of my idols you are awesome keep doing what you do!
  • iJustine
    iJustine 8 months ago Thanks!!
  • Makayla Modricker
    Makayla Modricker 5 months ago (edited) I've had my Pixel 3 XL for about a month now after being an iPhone user for about 7 years. I will never EVER switch back to iPhone. Apple only does minimal changes and you can't customize anything. Why pay more and more for something that hardly changes? Also not fair to compare the Pixel to the iPhone XS due to different price point. The Google Assistant is so much more advanced than Siri. I hardly used Siri but now I use my assistant constantly! ❤️ my Pixel 3 XL
  • Miles Kelly
    Miles Kelly 5 days ago Gay
  • Sanjeeb Phukan
    Sanjeeb Phukan 3 weeks ago Been using both the iPhone Xs Max and Pixel 3XL Almost a year now (8 months) And already my pixel 3XL is slowing down Doesn't even feel like having a SD 845 Pixel phones suck iPhone are much better than pixels At least in terms of OS, Hardware and Software integration and battery optimisation
  • Chanse Ormon
    Chanse Ormon 1 month ago Makayla Modricker I love my iPhone XS Max Gold 256GB I’ve had Android phones before I’m so glad I switched to the iPhone from my old Android Samsung Galaxy S2 And Galaxy S3 with T-Mobile and the S2 was way better than the S3
  • Camilo P
    Camilo P 1 month ago Welcome to Android
  • Mr. Christopher Watts
    Mr. Christopher Watts 1 month ago TRAITOR
    DW GEEK 2 months ago Just wondering how you’re getting on with the Pixel 3? I’m considering moving over from iPhone. Not because dislike Apple, but I simply just want a change and from the looks/sounds of things the Pixel is very good! 👍
  • Ratheesh V
    Ratheesh V 2 months ago KGF
  • Ratheesh V
    Ratheesh V 2 months ago Makayla Modricker KGF
  • UB's tech
    UB's tech 3 months ago Every one has a different point of view Like me,I prefer Siri more than Goole Assistant 'coz I think it's more easy to use and the Google assistant is very clumsy P.S- I am a Samsung user though :)
  • Aarón Padilla
    Aarón Padilla 3 months ago Do not you miss editing your mp3 files on itunes before synchronizing them with the iphone? I like having my music organized and every day I listen to music, that would be the determining factor for me.
  • The Fullest
    The Fullest 4 months ago Wait until the 4 or buy an s10 if ur that desperate
  • N
    N 4 months ago Would you recommend getting the 3 or wait till the 4?
  • bala freakz
    bala freakz 4 months ago I too ❤️ my pixel 3 XL
  • The Fullest
    The Fullest 4 months ago Omg !! What android fans have been preaching for ever now
  • Gurvir Shergill
    Gurvir Shergill 4 months ago WORD
  • Sydney Kennedy
    Sydney Kennedy 4 months ago Ur right omg Google Assistant is so so good
  • Adam Edwards
    Adam Edwards 4 months ago Makayla Modricker same
  • Alissa and Alyza
    Alissa and Alyza 4 months ago I knew it would be great because I went to best buy AND I saw the xl pixel 3 and I was like, "i want this, oh my gosh, it feels and looks good" but I can't get because I have to buy it my own and I'm 15 years old. Never had a phone that could call or text
  • Manuj Mittal
    Manuj Mittal 8 months ago That is actually Night Sight which is not available yet, so maybe its not going to be absurd! They are google afterall, we can have pretty high expectations!
  • Lauren's channel
    Lauren's channel 3 weeks ago I have a pixel 3 and I have night sight o. Mine also I have had the pixel 3 since it came out soooo
  • 86Knightmare
    86Knightmare 4 months ago She is so tainted to Apple. Night sight BLOWS APPLE OUT OF THE WATER. let's see iJustine post an updated video showing comparisons with the photos now that Night Sight is out. Pixel 3 all day. I sell phone for Verizon and nothing compares.
  • The 11th Doctor
    The 11th Doctor 7 months ago Spoiler: It's great.
  • Srivihar Reddy
    Srivihar Reddy 7 months ago It is unbelievably good!
  • rohan thomas
    rohan thomas 8 months ago @Precise Pangolin lol everyone have their own views no need for apologies.😂
  • Precise Pangolin
    Precise Pangolin 8 months ago @rohan thomas I know. I just merely pointed out that specific feature from the camera department, and sideloaded the notch. My apologies.
  • rohan thomas
    rohan thomas 8 months ago @Precise Pangolin I deny that claim, although night sight is one of the best features Google is bringing with the Google pixel 3, it is in no way the only feature.
  • Precise Pangolin
    Precise Pangolin 8 months ago Yep, Night Sight is the one thing Google has done marvelously for the Pixels, especially in the 3 & 3 XL. Brilliant. Just lose the notch, please Google. Okay? Thanks.
  • rohan thomas
    rohan thomas 8 months ago @Hari HK yeah they look amazing, waiting for the official release by google
  • Hari HK
    Hari HK 8 months ago (edited) @rohan thomas I'm rocking the Night Sight mode as well on my Pixel 2 and the results look amazing.
  • rohan thomas
    rohan thomas 8 months ago Yeah actually XDA developers have a ported Google cam with night mode, and I would say night Shot is amazing, it's just like the one shown on the comparison.
  • Mirza Wafi
    Mirza Wafi 8 months ago up this post!
  • Adam182
    Adam182 8 months ago Yeah how did she not realise this?
  • Omar Abdelwahed
    Omar Abdelwahed 7 months ago 5:58 busted!!! Night sight is out and it is crazy!!
  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna 3 months ago @zippodk lol sad.
  • zippodk
    zippodk 3 months ago She is blonde give her a brake.
  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna 4 months ago Yes
  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 5 months ago @Qwerty Qwerty Have you tried night sight? I have pointed it into pitch black and what I see is amazing. It is completely out of this world. I have no idea how it does it but it works all the time and is absolutely phenomenal. Keep calling it BS but people will still use it.
  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty 7 months ago She should do a blind test and all the bs will reveal itself
  • jamardoogle2 jones
    jamardoogle2 jones 5 months ago Gotta say google assistant is miles ahead of Siri and others
  • Danny D
    Danny D 8 months ago (edited) The night pictures you compared is actually a feature not available yet. Night shot comes out later in the year. Let's see if it's actually that good
  • Lauren's channel
    Lauren's channel 3 weeks ago My pixel takes night sight soooo
  • Ratheesh V
    Ratheesh V 2 months ago Danny D 📴📴📳📳📳📴
  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 5 months ago I have the Pixel 3XL and can confirm is that good.
  • Kalyan M
    Kalyan M 7 months ago Update: hey all of you ignorant peeps, check this out Night Sight is legit and no, google didn't fake the comparision. The scene was actually that dark, pixel with night sight managed to capture so much light. Look for the comparision yourself.
  • Chris Bevacqua
    Chris Bevacqua 8 months ago @Bryan Miller have you seen the pictures with it? It's not a lie.
  • Sergey Zakharov
    Sergey Zakharov 8 months ago APK is actually out. You can search for it in the internet, it's called smth like NightEnabled P3 Camera. I tested this feature on my Pixel 2 XL and it's so good. Sometimes camera catches more details than my eyes.
  • Steff
    Steff 8 months ago 1. the night shots she gave us with out that feature were still better yan the iPhones 2. the shot google compared in the keynote was complete bullshit, they lowered the exposure to make the pixel look better, I own an iPhone x and can tell you that it does not take that bad of photos even in low light. They made the phone focus on the sky which darkened the bottom half.
  • Grandmaster Oh
    Grandmaster Oh 8 months ago What do you expect from a clueless tech reviewer.......
  • Tom Alawatte
    Tom Alawatte 8 months ago She was talking about the iPhone XS photo Google was comparing to their "Night shot" feature on Pixel 3. iPhone photos cannot be that bad, no way. Maybe the night shot is something like Huawei's long exposure feature. IDK but we'll see....
  • Michael
    Michael 8 months ago Also, this from a google photo engineer from over a year ago has me hyped for nightshot, it may actually be that good!
  • chris
    chris 8 months ago Uh that picture that Google used, it wasn't even night. Look at the sky, it's bright with sunlight hitting the buildings. It more of a sundown photo. Google lowered the exposure in the iPhones rigging the comparison
  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 8 months ago @Bryan Miller not if Google was using the night shot software on it when they took the shot.
  • Pavlo Razumovskyi
    Pavlo Razumovskyi 8 months ago Check out this ML technic - Night mode definitely possible with ML.
  • norturko291
    norturko291 8 months ago Danny D I agree with you. The feature isn't out yet, but I still do think there's at least a little bit of an exaggeration with that photo comparison. If you lock exposure to the highlights the shadows are definitely going to come out that dark. So yh.. let's wait for the update for the final verdict.
  • carver 9
    carver 9 8 months ago That iPhone picture seem accurate
  • Michael M
    Michael M 8 months ago @Bryan Miller the Pixel is already better. To think another feature coming out will make it better. That's scary. For Apple. They better step up their game.
  • djweston4
    djweston4 8 months ago The photos that Justine was saying where darker on the pixel were all day time shots not night time. For the night shot photo at the keynote Google would of taken that with a version of night shot that they have access to that we don't until later in the year. Regardless with out night shot the pixels night photos still looked better to me in this video
  • Sergio Fratto
    Sergio Fratto 8 months ago @Bryan Miller it will be better. Haven't you seen what crazy things can Google make with their AI, Software and Hardware
  • Kalyan M
    Kalyan M 8 months ago (edited) @Bryan Miller You can't definitely say that. May be the photo they showed in the keynote was shot in way darker situations than what Justine showed us in the video. Only way to tell is to wait and see.
    DHILIP KUMAR 8 months ago Noob Justin
  • Vanny Wu
    Vanny Wu 8 months ago @Bryan Miller how is it a lie when the feature isn't out yet? They explained in the pixel reveal that night mode would come out later in the year.
  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller 8 months ago Danny D it’s still a lie about iPhone taking that low of light pictures just to try making the pixel look better
  • Runcorn Physio
    Runcorn Physio 8 months ago Justine, all Pixel phones DO have face unlock, you just need to enable it, it's called Smart Lock.
  • DarkPlayer
    DarkPlayer 5 months ago They deleted it dir the pixel 3 for safety
  • Micah Vanderweide
    Micah Vanderweide 5 months ago @Frank Sz all facial id/unlock is software based
  • Micah Vanderweide
    Micah Vanderweide 5 months ago Finally someone else who knows
  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 5 months ago I thought to be exact same, coming from a 2XL to a 3XL I’m disappointed to report that the 3XL does NOT have face unlock.
  • MarkDaNerd
    MarkDaNerd 5 months ago Have you used the pixel 3 or 3xl?
  • Jamir Maharjan
    Jamir Maharjan 7 months ago It was available in pixel 2xl but not in 3xl.
  • Runcorn Physio
    Runcorn Physio 8 months ago That's why you use finger print unlock to make payment if the face one wasn't secure enough.
  • Frank Sz
    Frank Sz 8 months ago Well, it also have the on-body detection and area-unlock, just like all androids with Oreo, but this facial unlock isn't as secure or good as a hardware based one.
  • Bamboo Dood
    Bamboo Dood 7 months ago (edited) I really want a google pixel 3 xl
  • Imtiaz Taibi
    Imtiaz Taibi 5 months ago @Angel lopez almost every top end OLED display phones have that I guess just don't buy anything ?
  • Angel lopez
    Angel lopez 5 months ago Trust me u don't. Not for the price. This phone display panel has Black Crush. Dude that is a big deal.
  • Imtiaz Taibi
    Imtiaz Taibi 6 months ago I got mine it's nice get it
  • candy cane
    candy cane 7 months ago Gerardo Jr Its a really great phone! 👍
  • Raph Ocehcap
    Raph Ocehcap 4 months ago Phone-$500 Apple Logo-$1,200
  • Spencer DeMera
    Spencer DeMera 2 months ago Pixel photos > iphone photos iphone video > pixel video
  • Lokesh Garg
    Lokesh Garg 8 months ago 6:00 that picture was shot with night sight mode on the pixel. Which isn't out yet. #ClassicCarelessJustine 😂❤️
  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 7 months ago @Sergey Zakharov hey Bill Paxton
  • Derek Furst
    Derek Furst 8 months ago @Sergey Zakharov and she wasn't using it
  • Sergey Zakharov
    Sergey Zakharov 8 months ago APK is actually out in the internet
  • Anish Somawar
    Anish Somawar 8 months ago Pixel takes true to life photos whereas iPhone takes true to life video. Don't know why both can't excel at both photos and videos. iPhone photos look so oversaturated and over-processed in a bad way whereas the white balance in the Pixel's video is meh.
  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 7 months ago well said
  • Mars Nel
    Mars Nel 3 months ago (edited) I laugh at the people who get upset over someone's else opinion 😂
  • Hawaii Lin
    Hawaii Lin 5 hours ago The iPhone Xs not as smooth a Google Pixel 3 xl
  • Antiseptic Eye
    Antiseptic Eye 8 months ago I like the natural look in on the pixel 3 xl
  • Hawaii Lin
    Hawaii Lin 5 hours ago I like the Google Pixel 3's camera
  • Zeh Palhares
    Zeh Palhares 4 days ago for sure organized ijustine didnt swap iphones pictures with the pixel 3 pictures
  • Zavier
    Zavier 5 months ago I like her because she's not technist (she doesn't only like Apple or only like Android), but she needs to chill out 😂
  • nap
    nap 8 months ago Jenna: which one do i look at?? also has on huge glasses so no one will be able to see where her eyes are looking 😂
  • Luis Segarra
    Luis Segarra 8 months ago I like your videos girl. I also like hi ow u take jabs at the phone Everytime u mention something good about it your to much of an apple fan girl you shouldn't be allowed to unbox other real phones
  • Ah 7
    Ah 7 8 months ago KATXNAP Bree
  • icycoldfire4
    icycoldfire4 8 months ago I think she was talking about her other sister
  • Ozaias Nunes Barbosa
    Ozaias Nunes Barbosa 5 months ago Good afternoon... I did not know your work ... I really liked your video was very good. They are two incredible smartphones each with its qualities and limitations ... the technology is really amazing. Congratulations on your always exquisite work. You are a beautiful, engaging, high-spirited person with a strong personality. May God continue blessing your life and dreams ... big hug and kiss in the heart.