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OnePlus 7 Pro Hands On Review: The Winning Streak Continues

Published on May 14, 2019 13,322 views

OnePlus has delivered its biggest, and fastest smartphone ever in the OnePlus 7 Pro. It’s also more expensive than ever before, with a $750 price tag hanging from the most technically impressive model. The good news is it’s worth the extra, but by pushing up the price and the specs, there is a lot of competition around to tempt you away too.

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  • superstealth
    superstealth 1 week ago OnePlus is not abandoning the 500-600 dollar price bracket The OnePlus 7 for that Would like to see the comparison between the OnePlus 7 pro and 7
  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends 1 week ago We're working on a video for that now!
  • Ewan Whyte
    Ewan Whyte 4 days ago What do notifications look like with the flashing light? I love my small flashing LED.
  • ril850
    ril850 1 week ago Glad they improved upon the haptic engine. It was enough for me to send the 6T back. I'll wait for Pixel 4 and see what Sony comes back with. I like my Pixel 3, I just want a brighter screen.
  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends 1 week ago Thanks for the feedback and analysis!
  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends 1 week ago Thanks for sharing! Checkout more info on it here -
  • Bottlez
    Bottlez 5 days ago Very good in-depth review. Best one I've seen.
  • fancy O
    fancy O 1 week ago But did you mention the price?! hmmmmm nope, unless if I missed it.
  • Mark Cossman
    Mark Cossman 2 days ago Go to the website....low end $669....high end $749 with more ram & storage. 3 options in pricing
  • Rakess. Dash
    Rakess. Dash 4 days ago Where's led notification sir??
  • Andrew Macintyre
    Andrew Macintyre 1 day ago You've probably found out already but there is none. Instead you can configure the edges on the display to light up. Not sure about notifications that you don't clear though as I use that on my phone reasonably often when I can't reply to someone immediately
  • Hicham Gouchida
    Hicham Gouchida 1 week ago cool give me one please
  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 21 hours ago It has gorilla glass 6 not 5.
  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal 1 week ago (edited) Gorilla Glass 5 on this Display? Who’s responsible for it? The camera is also not that good compared with the P 30 or Oppo Reno 10x.Always overexposed. Battery drain with the 90 Hz much faster.
  • Mark Cossman
    Mark Cossman 2 days ago Well the P30 is done in the U.S. Google just announced they are pulling all sevices from no Playstore, no OS upgrades & no Google Assistant.
  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 21 hours ago It has gorilla glass 6. I've been getting 6 to 7 hours on-screen time and I watch a lot of YouTube and movies, camera etc. The camera is good. The iPhone over exposes or under exposes more than this does! I've compared myself and many reviewers fo as well! Any camera or battery issues can be ironed out with software updates! Don't knock it till to you've experienced it!
  • Home Buddy
    Home Buddy 6 days ago Killer mob.
  • Ishan Singh
    Ishan Singh 1 week ago Waah chacha
  • Blaise Heath
    Blaise Heath 1 week ago Really like the videos. You have a new subscriber!
  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends 1 week ago Thanks! We're so glad to read you like our videos. What would you like to see us review next?
  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal 6 days ago Almost all Apps on the market working in 60 Hz not in 90 Hz
  • Gowtham V
    Gowtham V 2 days ago Some other brand fanboy is upset because he paid double the money for a 60Hz display.
  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 21 hours ago It's the refresh rate dummy! That has nothing to do with an app supporting it.
  • 平和
    平和 1 week ago Pros and Cons : ✔OLED Screen ✔OxgenOS with systemwide dark mode ✔Fingerprint reader under the display ✔Pop Out SelfieCam ✔Performance ✔Price ❌No Headphone Jack ❌No Micro SD Card Slot ❌No notchless design for the normal OnePlus 7 ❌No 5.5-inch option ❌No Removable Battery ❌ No IR Blaster ❌A fragile edged display on the Pro version to piss off people who want to use a good hard case
  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 21 hours ago You're describing all flagships nowadays-- minus the headphone jack.
  • 平和
    平和 1 week ago How to Settle : A quick tutorial 1. Remove the Headphone Jack 2. Remove the Micro SD Card Slot 3. Raise the price over 600$ 4. Don't include the notchless design in the normal OnePlus 7 5. Never build a 5.5-inch phone 6. Don't make the battery removable 7. Make a fragile edged display to piss off people who want to use a good hard case 8. Completely forget about the beloved IR Blaster 9. Final step: Act like people actually getting a flawless phone. 10. Congrats, you've just earned your evil phone manufacturer badge.
  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 3 days ago Move over one plus, your not the flagship killer anymore. There's a new sheriff in town. The 500.00 dollar Zenphone6. But if you like 12gb's & 256gb's of storage the Pro is the ticket for a mere 750.00, not bad! Speed demon & Warp charging. Very good display, improved cameras & decent battery. A very good offering!
  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 21 hours ago You still have the OnePlus 7 that's about to come out that is in the same category as what you're talkin about except that this one is (7 pro) is much better than that one! I agree with everything else that you said.
  • Md Nadeer
    Md Nadeer 1 week ago Yo
  • Digital Trends
    Digital Trends 1 week ago Yo
  • Alex Watts
    Alex Watts 6 days ago Oneplus? I never heard of it before ...and they are winning ? first they must win the advertisement section so that people know that brand... Bad PR they have
  • Bottlez
    Bottlez 5 days ago It's the fifth biggest premium smartphone brand in the world, and has been around for years. Weird you don't know it.
  • Mark Cossman
    Mark Cossman 2 days ago (edited) Yeah I think the fact you haven't heard of them isn't a lack of information on their end. Last year they released the 6T & the Macleran edition which had numerous YouTubers doing videos on them.
  • M Riss
    M Riss 1 week ago Based on stolen U.S. IP. Another Chinese company leveraging up from it's stolen goods.
  • Baddog Gaming
    Baddog Gaming 6 days ago What are you on about?
  • MrChibiluffy
    MrChibiluffy 6 days ago What's the stolen part
  • vinu varsidh
    vinu varsidh 1 week ago at 0.28 , did it lag?