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OnePlus 7 Pro review: The best Android under $700

Published on May 14, 2019 111,081 views

The new OnePlus flagship is finally here! More @


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  • Zach Carmichael
    Zach Carmichael 1 month ago (edited) Man, how spoiled are we in a tech society when a 20 minute to 50% charge feature is considered a downside.
  • Colin Beaton
    Colin Beaton 1 week ago #1stworldproblems
  • Vineet Kamble
    Vineet Kamble 2 weeks ago So true...
  • Everything Compilations
    Everything Compilations 1 month ago Are you joking?
  • C B
    C B 1 month ago (edited) Mr. Mobile: Photos are oversaturated. Android Central: Pictures are dull and need more color. Mr. Mobile: A day and a half battery life. Android Central: Struggling to get 4 hours screen on time. Wow this phone is just an enigma
  • Jed Cutler
    Jed Cutler 4 days ago That's why I don't rely on these tech "experts" when buying a phone. Test them all if you can😁
  • Ronal Singh
    Ronal Singh 3 weeks ago Lol. So true. Confusing.
  • daddy
    daddy 1 month ago @Adnan i think most reviewers share this one problem which leads to people not choosing a phone on their own saying wether or not they would use the phone MKBHD especially has this problem lets be honest, a lot of people are sheep and will just pick a phone based of what youtubers say instead of their own preference other then that most youtubers reviews are pretty good, i would just like to hear less opinion and more facts
  • The One
    The One 1 month ago Tyrone Ward A topic of wonder and curiosity
  • The One
    The One 1 month ago Adnan If that was true, then they would all be using it
  • Alberto Mejia
    Alberto Mejia 1 month ago This phone is a beast IRL period.
  • Tyrone Ward
    Tyrone Ward 1 month ago @Nagy Márton what's an enigma?
  • Ocaz
    Ocaz 1 month ago software will even out the experience for all
  • Slixbrah
    Slixbrah 1 month ago Go to gsmarena for the battery tests
  • Sneaky Gweilo!
    Sneaky Gweilo! 1 month ago not really an issue once some awesome developer gets Gcam ported ;)
  • Adnan
    Adnan 1 month ago My man,if it was Samsung,they would say perfect. No matter what. That's why I hate all of those influencing shit reviewers. They don't do this for the consumer,they do it for money. Cunts
  • rambot670
    rambot670 1 month ago @Nagy Márton Haha! Long time since I heard this...let's see who replies asking what it is...
  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant
    Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant 1 month ago I'd love a Google Camera port to compare.
  • Nagy Márton
    Nagy Márton 1 month ago you mean ligma?
  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez 1 month ago Well that's all because android centrals crituiqe was an opinion. They clearly want the hyper saturated colors you get on a galaxy. Mr.Mobiles critique is an objective one. He shows a side by side using manual mode to prove it.
  • Wi COSA
    Wi COSA 1 month ago Yes I agree wth
  • Chongo Shula
    Chongo Shula 1 month ago They are very confusing
  • I am Chris
    I am Chris 1 month ago Wow. People are different. They have a different experience with a product. Impressive, amirite?
  • Eh Reth
    Eh Reth 1 week ago I see people hating the curved screen, i personally think it makes the phone look more premium
  • Able Simhalan
    Able Simhalan 1 month ago Going to buy this when Oneplus 8 pro releases 😊
  • Mark Cossman
    Mark Cossman 1 month ago But how long will they support Android updates & how fast??
  • Sharpeye Films
    Sharpeye Films 1 month ago I’m dying to see the ideas they have by then
  • daddy
    daddy 1 month ago got some bad news for you buddy, oneplus phones holds their value pretty well its been a year since the oneplus 6, and the value only seemed to drop less than 100 dollars 2 years for the 5, and the value only dropped a bit more than 100 dollars it is gonna be cheaper, but according to patterns waiting a year just to save 100 dollars isn't really worth it unless you really need that money best bet is to buy used
  • Robotic Venom
    Robotic Venom 1 month ago @TheLegitBrown This one costs 669 lmao, it'll be in the 500's when the next one comes out dumbass
  • TheLegitBrown
    TheLegitBrown 1 month ago @Anubhav X its already 750 dollars u tramp.
  • Sudhan PaapZ
    Sudhan PaapZ 1 month ago It will be discontinued and unavailable 🤣🤣🤣
  • Anthony Root
    Anthony Root 1 month ago Should be an amazing upgrade.
  • Anubhav X
    Anubhav X 1 month ago Nice plan. It will be cheaper then.
  • Anthony Root
    Anthony Root 1 month ago When is Android Central going to get 18:9 aspect ratio videos for my flagship Android Phone?
  • Alexandre
    Alexandre 1 month ago hopefully never because i still watch on 16:9 phone, laptop, and TV.
  • Shaun Sommer
    Shaun Sommer 1 month ago switch to dark mode...that will help battery a bit
  • Kiam Kweli
    Kiam Kweli 1 week ago First thing I did when I upgraded to this device from the 6t. It definitely helps in this new phone and the previous generation.
  • Heem
    Heem 1 month ago for my oneplus 5 dark mode on all apps and system and even youtube(via xda devs) helps battery alot. increases battery life to around 8-10 percent and that means alot.
  • iAMGabGab
    iAMGabGab 1 month ago @Mr. Grumps The Asus ROG Phone also has amazing battery life. I also changed my opinion after seeing a review, definetely gonna buy it.
  • iAMGabGab
    iAMGabGab 1 month ago @Mr. Grumps I dont think so. The Razer Phone has 120hz and still offers great battery life. Its QHD and tge size of the screen maybe...
  • iAMGabGab
    iAMGabGab 1 month ago @Webster Kollie 3-5% are 20 Minutes so actually its a bit
  • Webster Kollie
    Webster Kollie 1 month ago Shaun Sommer honestly not that much. Probably 3-5 percent more battery life
  • Robert Blair
    Robert Blair 1 month ago One plus for president 2022💪
  • Daudh Rai
    Daudh Rai 1 month ago Such a great video thank you I enjoyed a lot
  • Jayatu Barua
    Jayatu Barua 3 weeks ago 2:05 I am watching the OnePlus 7 pro with the 6T on the screen on a OnePlus 5
  • Viktor Norgren
    Viktor Norgren 1 month ago If it only had a flat screen 👍
  • King. Jonesy
    King. Jonesy 3 days ago then go for the oneplus 7 and not the pro
  • GRV91 VR
    GRV91 VR 1 month ago Then i had bought it. Now i dont
  • Dr. Jé
    Dr. Jé 1 month ago I read in a review T-Mobile removed some features and digital well-being. Why no video shown off the side notification lights is a missed opportunity
  • Mike
    Mike 1 month ago (edited) Best android phone so far.
  • Eurovision Euphoria!
    Eurovision Euphoria! 1 month ago They're selling the OP7 Pro @ $699, how come in Europe for the same Nebula Blue 8 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage @ a whopping price of EUR 749?!?
  • Dillon
    Dillon 1 month ago US Tax that isn't included in the price tag, forgot about it myself
  • Motanul Distinct
    Motanul Distinct 1 month ago Disable Digital Wellbeing and switch to dark/black mode for better battery backup. ;)
  • Victor Nazar
    Victor Nazar 1 week ago I don't think they will make OnePlus 7T pro because the name is so long like my grandmother's Age 🤗
  • That Flyin Ryan
    That Flyin Ryan 1 month ago Bought the phone Friday night 8pm est I agree about the battery iv charged it 4 times now since I've had it it's Sunday morning now 8am
  • TankQ
    TankQ 1 month ago So fast? I tot it's still live streaming
  • Shaun Pierce
    Shaun Pierce 1 month ago (edited) Sounds amazing, I'm just not keen on the idea of a pop-up camera, I'm also not a fan of curved screens.
  • curt2g1998
    curt2g1998 1 month ago It has HDMI out support, also. That would've been nice to know, before I purchased a Mate 20 X.
  • Tyrone Ward
    Tyrone Ward 1 month ago Also USB 3
  • De Techie
    De Techie 1 month ago ASUS ROG phone is the 1st company to adopt 90Hz OLED panel
  • Insert name HERE
    Insert name HERE 1 month ago Non-gaming phone.
  • Robin Halldin
    Robin Halldin 1 month ago He just missed to mention QHD. This is the first QHD 90hz Amoled display.
  • Robotic Venom
    Robotic Venom 1 month ago Yeah but that's definitely worse then a LIQUID AMOLED... And nobody is raving about that phone?
  • Kamran Kambang
    Kamran Kambang 1 month ago Is it oled?