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AGM A9 Review - Great Budget Rugged Phone!
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  • Dmitry Malyarov
    Dmitry Malyarov 5 months ago AGM X1 has no support, we remember! AGM never more!
  • Stanley Grant
    Stanley Grant 3 months ago yes they dont offer support i had the x2 and it was horrible lasted only 5 months
  • T. Nova
    T. Nova 2 months ago @Stanley Grant Agreed, non-existent support or upgrades makes for a useless phone.
  • robotcop
    robotcop 2 months ago Did you made the waterproof test with the rubbed protection for the USB port?
  • Noor
    Noor 3 weeks ago The new ones has JBL logo embedded on the back now.
  • Ariel Rommel Briones
    Ariel Rommel Briones 5 months ago Will you pls review the ulefone armor 3 or 3t
  • AirForce01
    AirForce01 5 months ago Thank you so mich for the great video 👌
  • S A
    S A 5 months ago confused to see the picture quality is good, while reviews on the more expensive x3 complain about poor picture quality
  • ChigonTech
    ChigonTech 5 months ago Its hard to configure camera on snapdragon 845 , they are working on updates to improve camera.
  • Юрий Чесалин
    Юрий Чесалин 2 months ago Прошлый век эти смартфоны, тонкий как банковская карта, эластичный и водоустойчивый, будущее
  • Christopher Gronseth
    Christopher Gronseth 2 months ago (edited) Idol 3 had JBL speakers too and the sound was very good also. Too bad this is missing basic features.
  • Shauni Gothic TV
    Shauni Gothic TV 5 months ago Excellent review.
  • pupinder pabbla
    pupinder pabbla 5 months ago (edited) SD 450 👎u can get better in same price
  • Peanut YT
    Peanut YT 5 months ago Lol be grateful its not for gaming this is for work dumbass
  • tech plus-reviews and gaming!
    tech plus-reviews and gaming! 5 months ago @Peanut YT yes I agree with you.i can't deny the fact that most people from my country(India) are always this stupid.
  • gizmochina
    gizmochina 5 months ago AGM has better quality than other rugged phones, it's the manufacturer of CAT rugged phones.
  • pupinder pabbla
    pupinder pabbla 5 months ago @tech plus-reviews and gaming! Who ask for gaming n work, I think u both wana use it as a dildo