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Here’s my review of the Moment Anamorphic lens. Beware, I say “anamorphic” a lot in this video! Get yours here:

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  • Adam Kuzniar
    Adam Kuzniar 2 months ago 2:51 this guy will put a black pro mist on everything xD is there a pro mist on your eyes as well ? Good review! I'm not the type of guy who would spend any money on a phone lens, but I really admire what Moment did with the anamorphic lens - it's ridiculous but it also seems pretty fun.
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 2 months ago Adam Kuzniar That’s not a bad idea, Black Pro Mist glasses haha! Seriously though, i do love that filter, like a lot! Thanks! :)
  • Randy Parsley
    Randy Parsley 2 months ago Nice review. Wow that is a wide, wide format! Nice! (and how did you get the lens cap to fall off while you were filming the lens? awesome!)
  • Randy Parsley
    Randy Parsley 2 months ago @Albert Fast Genius!
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 2 months ago Randy Parsley Thanks Randy! I used one of those “blowers” that you use to remove dust from your lens/sensor :)
  • mhs vz
    mhs vz 1 month ago Thank you for the information.
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 1 month ago mhs vz Thanks for commenting! :)
  • blues watchin
    blues watchin 1 day ago Where did you $250 from its $150
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 1 day ago blues watchin Never said that the adapter alone was $250, listen again 👍🏻
  • Dualtrx
    Dualtrx 2 months ago Why would anybody film anamorphic with a phone? ... Makes no sense to me. You shoot anamorphic cuz you want that "film" look. But the sensor of a phone camera is way too low in quality to have that look. Low Dinamic Range, No flat profile, So no good color grading. It records in H264 low bitrate format usualy. So i can't see the applicability of this to be fair. It seems to me it's only a gimmick for that ( anamorphic lensflare ), and that's it.
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 2 months ago Dualtrx You can desqueeze the footage in Lumafusion, which I use to edit all my videos on my iPad. Or you can shoot with the Moment camera app, which desqueezes the footage automatically. I did grade the footage a bit but the flares look like that straight out of camera. The flares are a bit harsh in some shots but overall I think they look good.
  • Dualtrx
    Dualtrx 2 months ago @Albert Fast If it's on a phone. Question is. Can you edit it on the phone? Is there any software that can desqueeze the image? Just curious. Not gonna film ever something with my phone and then edit it in Resolve, makes no sense to me, though. Also the flare lines on 2:04 are very bad, don't you think? It's not soften like it should be, it just cuts through the image. Is that from the grading? Or right out of the phone's camera?...
  • Albert Fast
    Albert Fast 2 months ago Dualtrx Dualtrx Well, of course you’re not going to get the same image out of this $150 adapter as you would with a $1500 adapter. And of course you’re not going to get the same image out of a smartphone sensor as you would with a larger camera sensor. With that being said, what you can achieve with a phone these days are very impressive to my eyes. Sure, some might see this adapter as a gimmick, but I think it looks good. But most of all, it’s fun. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Dualtrx
    Dualtrx 2 months ago @Patrick Tomasso The only interesting thing is the lensflare. You don't get bokeh from an iphone lens, you don't get that character you got with a cinema/camera lens (anamorphic adapter). It's flat. You can easly film 4k in 16:9 and make a crop in (two-four-oh) and nobody will make a difference. Get it? It's only a gimmick. For me though.
  • Patrick Tomasso
    Patrick Tomasso 2 months ago (edited) Because the footage looks cool. Why does anyone film anything with their phone? Steven Soderbergh shot High Flying Bird on an iPhone 8 with an Anamorphic. It looks great. You can also get 200mbps log footage with FilmicPro (also what Steven used). Dynamic range is also incredible in latest iPhones.