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LG G8 vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Which One Should You Buy?

Published on Apr 16, 2019 24,029 views

LG and Samsungs Early 2019 flagships are now both officially available for purchase and if you're looking to upgrade your phone but don't know which one to purchase, this video might help you out!

Samsung Galaxy S10 -
LG G8 -

G8 Wallpaper -
S10 Wallpaper -

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  • hienho15
    hienho15 1 month ago I like this review. It is very objective. Gives both pros and cons to both phones. I like both phones and I like what lg brings to the table. It may be gimmicky and a little inconsistent but I hope LG continue to improve on it. But great job explaining that both phones despite its differences can appeal to buyers. The other big name you tubers were just horrible with their take on the g8
  • klynch572
    klynch572 1 month ago J. William's praised the LG G8, and I think Technically T did as well. So, not all youtubers bashed this phone.
  • MR YUP
    MR YUP 3 weeks ago @klynch572 I watch J Williams too. ..very objective man.
  • guess what
    guess what 2 weeks ago LG is for people that don't like a lot of bloatware, and prefer a more stock android experience, and a quality build. Lagsung is for people that love bloatware, lagging, and that their phone restarts randomly multiple times per day. I've had my share of both LG and Lagsung phones and LG wins in every category for me.
  • hienho15
    hienho15 2 weeks ago @guess what to be fair I like both Samsung and LG. Samsung has gotten alot better with their software and I enjoy using it than LG software.
  • Godwin Jacob
    Godwin Jacob 1 month ago One correction. The g8 have real 3d face unlock
  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 1 month ago One of the few phones to have it, and probably the only one that still has a finger print scanner on back, I wish apple would give us both and let us choose..
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 1 month ago (edited) Huge g8 features not mentioned are portrait video, the amazing Quad DAC, and the wide angle with zero barrel distortion. Add those to the fact that you can buy the g8 for $619 from T-Mobile. Also take an additional $310 off if you add a line, which is what I did. Total paid doe the g8 was $309. The G8 also has a bevy of software tricks and shortcuts which are transformative.
  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss 1 month ago You can buy lg g8 for 550 on ebay.
  • Tony C
    Tony C 1 month ago It's free with AT&T when you add a line.
  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss 1 month ago @Tony C AT&T should be out of stock
  • Bakit Lionheart
    Bakit Lionheart 1 month ago To be fair he also didn't mention that gaming performance on LG phones sucks, which maybe I'm wrong but I think more people would care about that vs a bit better headphone audio. I like LG, I really do, but they need to fix their gaming performance and allow bootloader unlocks.
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 1 month ago @Bakit Lionheart Bakit...Have you tried playing an intensive game on the G8 yet? Would be curious about performance. I'm not much of a gamer...pretty much music, podcasts, talk, text, internet, photo editing and photography. In the week+ with the G8's 855 with 6gb, the performance doesn't seem much better than my previous s8 Plus wjtg the 855 and 4gb of RAM.
  • Bakit Lionheart
    Bakit Lionheart 1 month ago (edited) @Bill Feinberg I don't have a g8 but I've checked a g6, g7, v30, v30+, v35, and v40. All of them really struggle with gaming but it varies a lot from game to game.
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 1 month ago @Bakit Lionheart Guess it pays to do your research when shopping. Gaming not a big deal for me, but snappiness is. That said, the G8 feels no faster than my Galaxy s8 Plus.
  • Bakit Lionheart
    Bakit Lionheart 1 month ago @Bill Feinberg yeah as far as snappiness I found all the LG phone I listed to be just fine but scrolling smoothness is a different story. The g7 was pretty much fine but I had issues with v30, v30+, and v35. I found the galaxy s9+ to be better than all of them in scrolling but I haven't tried an S10. Personally I really like the look, feel, layout, and features of lg's software but they need to fix the performance in games and day to day use. Or just allow bootloader unlocks, either one would be fine with me.
  • Nicholas Greie
    Nicholas Greie 4 weeks ago Could you please tell me what "adding a line" means ?
  • Bakit Lionheart
    Bakit Lionheart 4 weeks ago @Nicholas Greie in this case it means adding a line to your t-mobile account.
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 4 weeks ago @Nicholas Greie Adding a new line of service to your carrier account. If you do that through T-Mobile, they take $310 off the price of the LG G8.
  • fargeeks
    fargeeks 3 weeks ago sounds like I should not bother with this video when i can read more information by you instead
  • Fernando Ocaranza
    Fernando Ocaranza 3 weeks ago (edited) @Bakit Lionheart so weird, I have a V35 and I have played a lot of demanding video games with no problems al all.
  • Meban Nongrum
    Meban Nongrum 3 weeks ago People bash the Lg G8 for the Vein Id, hand gestures and the boombox speaker, like this company is doing something innovative in tech. They would have different opinions if Apple did it.
  • Aryan Jairath
    Aryan Jairath 2 weeks ago Quad DAC is fine but audio sucks for g8
  • Paul Nedoiu
    Paul Nedoiu 1 week ago Also quaddac and boombox speaker with DTS ;)
  • Leesam Spike
    Leesam Spike 2 weeks ago LG G8 for sure. I am loving my one. Best phone ever. I came from s9!
  • Gal
    Gal 2 weeks ago (edited) LG G8 no doubt. LG screen has better viewing angles, it is less curved. You can use LG in a loud environment with the new speaker. You will want to use the G8 gestures when you cook for example (your hands are dirty) or if your hands are wet. LG has much much better night mode. The wide angle lens is better on the G8. LG has million times better camera controls.
  • stefhen jann de leon
    stefhen jann de leon 1 month ago For the audiophile peepz. Quad DAC. Done
  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 1 month ago (edited) I am glad you did not shame the G8 from start to finish like Marques Brownlee, you listed the good and bad of both and compared to like sized devices.
  • Eric Groves
    Eric Groves 2 weeks ago Marques is supported by Samsung that's why he always support their tech no matter what
  • Gabriel Caceres
    Gabriel Caceres 1 month ago LG G8 is the best
  • Random Project
    Random Project 1 month ago G8 for me :)
  • Alexis Rallye 106
    Alexis Rallye 106 3 weeks ago Lg thw Best
  • Niraj Rajput
    Niraj Rajput 2 weeks ago Lg is allways a vest brand as it does not showoff like other brands and has quality that goes without saying
  • Harry Mkandawire
    Harry Mkandawire 3 weeks ago Galaxy s10 is very good but to me LG G8 is the best.
  • Kyle Wright
    Kyle Wright 1 day ago To me s10 has a better display and hardware and my s10 is 8gb of ram lg is 6 GB ram s10 is faster my grandpa has the lgg8 I really don't care for it
  • Awesome guy
    Awesome guy 1 month ago More of the G8 photos look better. It has great detail and resolution, but keeps colors realistic. Not a big fan of the oversaturated colors on the s10.
  • sheacole2
    sheacole2 3 weeks ago in Manual mode on both phones it wouldnt made much of a diffrence
  • neverbroke again
    neverbroke again 3 weeks ago G8 also has higher resolution and wayy higher ppi
  • d clark
    d clark 3 days ago I have a S10+ and have not had any issues with the unlocking using my finger.
  • iSebastian
    iSebastian 3 days ago if you follow the instruction on the s10 you'll have good results. You said it was inconsistent but you were purposely pulling your finger off too quickly.
  • sn3192
    sn3192 3 weeks ago decent review. should have mentioned the hifi quad dac on the g8 though. it is a unique feature after all
  • Prehistoric Gamer
    Prehistoric Gamer 1 month ago my advice, buy the G7.. its very cheap now at 330 euro
  • gamester1416
    gamester1416 1 month ago Got the g8 from T-Mobile
  • Darryl Woodbury
    Darryl Woodbury 1 month ago I'm getting one when I get paid next week.
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 4 weeks ago I did too...for an amazing price of $619. Then I received an additional $310 off for adding a much-needed line. So for $309 I got the G8.
  • Stanc52
    Stanc52 1 month ago LG G8 wins with 2 years warranty.
  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 4 weeks ago I had this T-Mobile Premium Warranty Insurance for $8 a month. Covered the phone if it wasn't working. When I bought the G8 I dropped the insurance. Over a 2-year period I will save $192. Add this to the fact that I'm grandfathered in at $30 a month on the T-Mobile 55+ plan for Unimited Talk, Text & Unlimited LTE Data Plan, it's an incredible deal.
  • Gary Gee
    Gary Gee 3 weeks ago I'm conflicted but historically I've had better luck with LG products in the long run. Samsung mobile products start out great but they tend to become buggy, sluggish, and cant hold their charge worth a damn after a few months. This has happened to me more than once. LG's don't have the same polish but they (with the exception of the LG G5) were better for the long haul.
  • Evan Ganske
    Evan Ganske 3 weeks ago My G3 took care of me. I loved that phone so much. I switched to an HTC One M8 and hated every minute of it and even went back to my old Galaxy S4 Active for a little while because I could hardly stand it. Finally got a G6 when it first came out. I dropped it a few months into ownership and the vibrator motor quit working (probably from a weak solder) and LG sent me a new one. LG recently sent me a brand new G6 (it's black, not the Platinum I had originally, but since it was new and not a refurbished model, I didn't complain) under their 2 year warranty because my fingerprint sensor only worked intermittently. Well, turns out, fingerprint sensors just don't like my fingerprints, so the warranty exchange was useless 😂 I may fork out for a new G8 and keep my G6 as a backup.
    JUSTME 2 weeks ago Got the s9 on black Friday 2018 and by the end of February 2019 my charger shorted out and battery started dying super fast. Also happened with my s7. Hate to do it, but I'm leaving Samsung. I'm trying to find a comparable phone with a lasting battery
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 1 week ago At 3:20,you like how the s10 feels more than the g8,yet earlier in the video you don't like the sharp edges of the s10...which is it?
  • wolf crick
    wolf crick 3 weeks ago lg offers much more is better at half price !!