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OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing & first impressions

Published on May 14, 2019 126,558 views

Dom goes long on the OnePlus 7 Pro: arguably the first ever proper flagship from OnePlus. Watch him geek out over the lush Nebula Blue finish, the pop-out camera, and that giant 90Hz AMOLED screen.

Shot on:
Canon EOS C100:
Canon EOS C200:

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  • jfigmentnj
    jfigmentnj 1 day ago ooooo I need a new smartphone and this looks awesome!
  • Ghost
    Ghost 1 month ago Didn't expect to enjoy a posh presentation of a phone. Very well spoken, subtle humour & articulate.
  • henry liu
    henry liu 1 month ago There are actually two additional cases in that big box. Just in case you didn't know.
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 1 month ago Yes, I obviously only found them after shooting the video, which is just great - Dom
  • Alexandre Pelletier
    Alexandre Pelletier 1 month ago I wonder how many people threw away the cases
  • Chinmay Thite
    Chinmay Thite 1 month ago (edited) Lol !
  • Adam Hijazi
    Adam Hijazi 1 week ago You forgot to open the drawer in the big box which contains two cases for the phone
  • Indranil Phukan
    Indranil Phukan 1 month ago Surely buying this phone... OP7 pro!!!
  • A Vaz
    A Vaz 1 month ago I'm gonna have to do a sacrifice for many bills I work so hard and I'm using a mi a2 as daily driver... SMH I'm getting 3 months
  • Antti Nรคrhi
    Antti Nรคrhi 1 month ago Came across this channel for the first time and absolutely loved the review and the energy! Liked and subscribed.
  • EchoX860
    EchoX860 1 month ago Are you James Potter?
  • Caspian Majesty
    Caspian Majesty 2 weeks ago sheldon cooper reviews oneplus 7 pro
  • musicISlyf1
    musicISlyf1 2 weeks ago (edited) Damn, this dudes handsome. No homo. Will you be doing any sort of update, month later, sort of video on the 7 Pro?
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 1 week ago Hah, well thank you. I'll take that. And sort of - I'm considering a month-on review, but I'll at least definitely do a tips video which will probably incorporate some of my thoughts on the phone after using it for a while, if nothing else - Dom
  • Erdem Orhon
    Erdem Orhon 1 week ago Great video overall although it'd be better if it was much shorter, liked it anyways. Your voice and face definitely made it smoother, uhm, the video. Liked and subscribed, you good looking lad! :-)
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 1 week ago Hah, well thank you! And believe me, I know this one went on too long, I was horrified when we wrapped and I saw the total runtime - Dom
  • Profive Active
    Profive Active 1 month ago Inside the big red box there has 2 Extra case.. the carbon one.. lots of YouTubers miss it...
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 1 month ago Yup, discovered that after the video was done obviously ๐Ÿ˜’ - Dom
  • RawLu
    RawLu 1 month ago Chinese based company? I don't support Dictatorships if I can help it.
  • OnePlus6t IsBoss
    OnePlus6t IsBoss 1 month ago OnePlus7Pro will be joining my industry leading Note9, OnePlus6t, and Revvl2Plus at home base on May17th can't wait.
  • OnePlus7Pro IsBoss
    OnePlus7Pro IsBoss 4 weeks ago @Tarw Already done.
  • OnePlus7Pro IsBoss
    OnePlus7Pro IsBoss 4 weeks ago OnePlus7pro definitely a great handset Oneplus6t third string now. Awaiting Note10Pro4G in August 1TB version.
  • Tarw
    Tarw 1 month ago Time to update your channel name mate!
  • alan craig
    alan craig 3 days ago Netflix doesn't support HDR 10+
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 2 days ago Argh, god, you're right. I hate the various HDR standards! Yeah, this has an HDR10+ panel, and HDR10 support for YouTube and Netflix. I screwed this up completely haha ๐Ÿ˜ฉ - Dom
  • Safa Dincr
    Safa Dincr 2 weeks ago You forgot the cases underneath the big box๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Tech Advisor
    Tech Advisor 2 weeks ago I knooooow. I found them after the video at least - Dom
  • Ramesh Alla
    Ramesh Alla 1 month ago I like your style...
  • Rahu\_ 0493
    Rahu\_ 0493 1 month ago Love to have one of this but can't
  • iTzu
    iTzu 1 month ago ordered mine on launch day, super excited for it to come in!