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The True Cost of the iPhone

Published on Mar 15, 2019 2,312,061 views

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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter 3 months ago After you check out Brilliant: don’t forget to watch Dave’s excellent video here:
  • daniel hoover
    daniel hoover 2 days ago @Colin Miller Talking about phones and along comes the fucking IDIOT that just has to throw TRUMPS name into to the mix for attention. WoW
  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 2 days ago PolyMatter Thankfully it’s Not Trump
  • whiteknight7 Wayne
    whiteknight7 Wayne 3 weeks ago My focus is business and learning it was a great marketing insight. Well presented!
  • daniel hoover
    daniel hoover 3 weeks ago Maybe you missed it but Apple is only changing the looks of the phone every 3 years now.
  • Cosmin Turian
    Cosmin Turian 1 month ago i just hope u die. clickbait video. 0 information, stupid looking guy , boring voice. go get a job
  • samu1508
    samu1508 1 month ago u watsed over 10minutes of my life you twat!!!
  • Tech UnBolted
    Tech UnBolted 1 month ago Great understanding and an amazing video ! Which software did you use to make the video ( the graphics part) ?
  • XArtfulX
    XArtfulX 2 months ago I learned more here. than I ever think I'll learn in school
  • andreasaa2000
    andreasaa2000 2 months ago Software updates speeding up your device? fam your sources are trash. They overheat the processor and cause your phone to lose the ability to connect to wifi. Thats what the software updates have done.
  • Xtaker of lifeX
    Xtaker of lifeX 3 months ago PolyMatter i came up with a solution apple adds a way to use google play store so when you start your phone you can decide if you want google play store or app store or both
  • Xtaker of lifeX
    Xtaker of lifeX 3 months ago PolyMatter androids you can do way more Iphone a bunch of parents ruined the appstore
  • zFg Ragnarok
    zFg Ragnarok 3 months ago Quit the seamless plugs you mad lad
  • zFg Ragnarok
    zFg Ragnarok 3 months ago @Gate of hell Heaven bridge No you idiot it costs apple maybe 200 dollars to make the iPhone x and maybe 230 for the iPhone xs what he said was correct
  • dylan desautels
    dylan desautels 3 months ago Liar. It is well know that Apple sends updates on older models to slow them cause they want you to buy a new one. I guarantee that next year's model will look the same as all their previous devices.
  • Zilas0053
    Zilas0053 3 months ago You said Apple was the first trilion dollar company, what about the Dutch East India Company?
  • be n
    be n 3 months ago J
  • superjare23
    superjare23 3 months ago @Gate of hell Heaven bridge Have you looked at the price of PC parts recently? An iphone is basically a PC. The prices have dropped significantly. There isn't a reason samsung can make a $750 phone with similar capabilities to an $1400 one.
  • darknessblade
    darknessblade 3 months ago the real reason that apple ISHIT does not loose much value is because I-IDIOTS think their items are still 120% value of their original price. thus they ask bullshit value's for their ISHIT
  • RedeemlessKills
    RedeemlessKills 3 months ago PolyMatter $8 and Steve Jobs peed on every one
  • thishadowithin
    thishadowithin 3 months ago (edited) I hate to burst your pessimistic bubble, but we're living in an age of the fastest technological advancements due to competition! Most of the common features are improved, but now they can work on features like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, a foldable phone (my most anticipated one). I'm also looking forward to having full control remotely with a Tesla Model S and many other features I haven't listed!
  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 3 months ago PolyMatter OOF
  • oldi184
    oldi184 3 months ago Nothing last forever.
  • Julien Roy
    Julien Roy 3 months ago I was really expecting a video about production cost and how they are making bigger margins per phone. Not selling me how much they are nice because you can pay for their services and maybe resell it better on Ebay...
  • Shane
    Shane 3 months ago s10 plus prolly costs $100 to make lol
  • OjoRojo40
    OjoRojo40 3 months ago The true cost is in all the exploited workers and polluted lands.
  • greatidea11
    greatidea11 3 months ago I'm slowly getting pissed off by 'anything Apple' on this channel
  • trollbreeder
    trollbreeder 3 months ago Compare the iPhone to your car. You're happy with the speed, design, and storage space of your current car. That's kind of what's happening to the iPhone. You're happy with what you got, you dont need it to go faster or have a "better" design.
  • Gumer Zambrano
    Gumer Zambrano 3 months ago I'm getting the S10+!
  • Harsh Deep singh
    Harsh Deep singh 3 months ago Xs max ... $2000+ in India.. wtf apple
  • TheBomiheko
    TheBomiheko 3 months ago I like how you integrated your sponsor in your video. Great job!
  • Chuckles Nuts
    Chuckles Nuts 3 months ago I seen an LG G4 in this video... RIP I miss that phone.
  • Shaque Johnson
    Shaque Johnson 3 months ago It costs under $400 about $20 more than what it costs for Samsung to make one. I knew this for a couple years now....
  • Shaque Johnson
    Shaque Johnson 3 months ago But my earbuds cost more than airport and I plan on getting the S10+!
  • Mellowtonin
    Mellowtonin 3 months ago 3:48 UwU