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Ticwatch E2 Review - Great All-Around Smartwatch with Wear OS

Published on May 14, 2019 8,306 views

Ticwatch E2 Review - Great All-Around Smartwatch with Wear OS
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  • Stelios Class
    Stelios Class 2 months ago (edited) Tickwatch E2 or Garmin FR 45 for fitness tracking?
  • High End Cheap Tech
    High End Cheap Tech 2 months ago Great video as usual! I nener am more than 10 feet from my phone so obviously I would never consider a smartwatch, But I can see a market for this device!
  • Meet Shah
    Meet Shah 2 months ago Only concern is old 2016, snapdragon 2100 chipset. Otherwise watch is awesome.
  • José Maria Jr.
    José Maria Jr. 2 months ago How does integrating with the Strava app work?
  • Clearance Stock Suppliers
    Clearance Stock Suppliers 2 months ago Great video, is it possible to send WhatsApp voice message? Also does it require constant location services on? Or will it still reconnect if out of range or switched off etc if location is not on?
  • Stylerio
    Stylerio 2 months ago (edited) Does it have a continuous heart rate monitor? And sleep tracking? Thnx
  • sabateesh siva
    sabateesh siva 2 months ago You Can enable continuous heart rate monitor. Also they will put sleep tracking through software updates but its not available now
  • Robert Mata
    Robert Mata 1 month ago Which is better? E2 or S2?
  • Andrei G G
    Andrei G G 2 months ago Hy Linus Please what can you recomand me between Xiaomi redmi note 7, Nokia 8.1, Huawei P30 lite and Samsung galaxy A50? Thank you (and Honor )
  • Dan Bártík
    Dan Bártík 3 weeks ago I would take nokia or samsung
  • Prime Bear
    Prime Bear 3 weeks ago What's your favorite this or galaxy watch?
  • Robotic Nerd
    Robotic Nerd 2 months ago What about NFC?
  • M1S†eR FREE D
    M1S†eR FREE D 2 weeks ago I will wait until they are half as thick, I bet its like wearing a brick, looks ugly.
  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir 2 months ago First
  • Salvatore Vassallo
    Salvatore Vassallo 1 month ago how heavy is it? cant find the info noone...they mention the weight without the strap only
  • Matt Robb
    Matt Robb 1 week ago (edited) Think its 56g
  • Scott Mannear
    Scott Mannear 2 months ago Looks decent for fitness tracking. I've had 4 different smartwatches, and find limited usefulness for me. One will take a Sim and make phone calls, but only @5 hours battery life. I use it only at night if I don't want to carry a phone. One connects by Bluetooth to my phone, so I can discreetly view calls, emails, and notifications, helpful when in a business meeting. One is a waterproof fitness band that also connects by Bluetooth to view same and upload heart rate and fitness activities, but screen is a few lines of LCD, but it has @5 day battery life. Cheers
  • Stelios Class
    Stelios Class 2 months ago A smartwatch is kind of useless to me. I use my phone and very fast indeed. But I like Fitness trackers. They are more specific.
  • Akshay Rao
    Akshay Rao 1 month ago Does always on display show color ? or is it always black and white ?
  • techline - Linus
    techline - Linus 1 month ago it's black and white
  • Adi Opalony
    Adi Opalony 2 months ago Aha
  • ron nguyen
    ron nguyen 2 months ago Bought my 42mm blacked out samsung watch for 175 used. Much better than this cheap plastic.