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I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!

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  • sarah boddie
    sarah boddie 4 months ago (edited) 8GB vs 256 GB 😪 we’ve come so far
  • oof_ email
    oof_ email 1 day ago I think you mean 512 GB
  • Polygon Jelly
    Polygon Jelly 4 days ago The new iPad Pro has 1 terabytes!! 😎
  • iihxneyybee -
    iihxneyybee - 1 week ago sarah boddie 8GB vs 512GB
  • Tossy Bros.
    Tossy Bros. 1 week ago Not even 8, 8 Gigabytes is the most Expensive one. 4 Gigabytes was the orgininal one... and we also have 1TB now...
  • Racheal 123
    Racheal 123 1 week ago We’ve even have 512 GB Sorry for my English 😅
  • Dwyane Whiteside
    Dwyane Whiteside 2 weeks ago iPhone got 512 go now with the xs or xs max
  • Colleen Curtis
    Colleen Curtis 2 weeks ago NO 5125
    FMCREPAIRARMAGH 2 weeks ago Aka my android phone has 512gb and a sd card of 400gb so 912gb
  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 3 weeks ago (edited) sarah boddie Apple IPhones: 8GB vs 512GB Apple IPads: 16GB vs 1TB
  • Spill the Tea
    Spill the Tea 3 weeks ago U mean 5GB vs 256GB
  • Maxi
    Maxi 3 weeks ago Ew......
  • jewy Hkane
    jewy Hkane 3 weeks ago sarah boddie 512
  • QuadcoptersNL
    QuadcoptersNL 3 weeks ago 512GB too
  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad 3 weeks ago That's a snoring emoji 😂
  • iPhone Gang
    iPhone Gang 1 month ago sarah boddie 512
  • Dream .
    Dream . 1 month ago wait I thought xr have only 128 gb no?
  • DogoGamer
    DogoGamer 1 month ago (edited) My pc have 600gb xD
  • Sohan Reddy
    Sohan Reddy 1 month ago cvndk123 iPad Pro 2018 has 1 terabyte
  • JamieTheBoii
    JamieTheBoii 1 month ago You mean 512
  • Annoyed Skydiver
    Annoyed Skydiver 1 month ago @cvndk123 That's more than my PC
  • Tiara Forever
    Tiara Forever 1 month ago Now 512 gb
  • Dunja Rakićević
    Dunja Rakićević 1 month ago 4GB vs 1TB 🤭
  • 💎👑
    💎👑 1 month ago 512GB toooo far
  • Dnll Dhn
    Dnll Dhn 1 month ago 512gb Dude you are asleep...
  • a mirror
    a mirror 2 months ago uhhh why a sleeping emoji?
  • Potato Potato 01
    Potato Potato 01 2 months ago sarah boddie there an iphone that has 512 gb
  • Noibat Yayya
    Noibat Yayya 2 months ago (edited) cvndk123 So does ipad pro excluding 1st gen
  • Karadayı Faruk
    Karadayı Faruk 2 months ago @Rammiii well, the S10+ has a version with 1TB internal storage.
  • Max Swinnerton
    Max Swinnerton 2 months ago The Xs max does 512gb
  • sarah boddie
    sarah boddie 2 months ago Mike B I ment 256
  • M B
    M B 2 months ago 246?
  • Rammiii
    Rammiii 2 months ago @cvndk123 well that's with the upgrade but still alot
  • cvndk123
    cvndk123 3 months ago Galaxy s10 has 1TB
  • Matthias Kuusk
    Matthias Kuusk 3 weeks ago why the old iphone have better package and more accesoaries than new iphones??😹😐
  • Armahni Kennedy
    Armahni Kennedy 2 days ago Matthias Kuusk lol ikr
  • Scooby Scoobs
    Scooby Scoobs 1 week ago Cause they actually cared about the iPhone
  • alyssa m
    alyssa m 1 week ago @Harden yt oof.
  • Harden yt
    Harden yt 2 weeks ago Because Steve Jobs was still alive.
  • Kaiamrtnz
    Kaiamrtnz 1 month ago 2007: 1 tiny camera 2022: 10 huge cameras
  • Alex Daly
    Alex Daly 2 days ago They didn’t add two cameras until like 2016 bruh
  • CubeTube
    CubeTube 2 weeks ago Stfu
  • Windows 8.1
    Windows 8.1 2 weeks ago Kaiamrtnz Nokia in 2018 has 5
  • Rand abumady
    Rand abumady 2 weeks ago Lol 😂😂
  • No Videos But 1k Followers
    No Videos But 1k Followers 3 weeks ago Nope
  • Infected Animations
    Infected Animations 4 months ago (edited) Imagine if they brought this iPhone this year and they would call it iPhone Classic...
  • Windows 8.1
    Windows 8.1 2 weeks ago Infected Animations this Phone with A12 Bionic then its iPhone Classic
  • Robert Winter
    Robert Winter 3 weeks ago (edited) I think they should make a new iPhone with the design of an iPhone 4 and call it the “iPhone Classic” but with good specifications like the newer iPhones and running new iOS. The iPhone 4 design is still pretty classic.
  • LunarSnowy
    LunarSnowy 3 weeks ago Hahahahaha
  • James Isaac
    James Isaac 3 weeks ago Don't give them idea.
  • Infected Animations
    Infected Animations 2 months ago well, for the 12th anniversary...
  • White Rose
    White Rose 3 months ago Infected Animations and sell it for 10000000000000000
  • toyla1234
    toyla1234 6 months ago I've never seen so many comments of 11 year olds saying they were born in 2007 lol
  • Jaden Webb
    Jaden Webb 16 hours ago Meeeeeeeee
  • Blonde NinjaChick
    Blonde NinjaChick 1 week ago All the wee lambs! 🤣 I remember when YouTube was barely even used... When you played the Oregon Trail on you parents flip phones... When you waited about 5 minutes to watch a movie because you forgot to rewind the VHS... When you got bored of having to rewind the movie so you went to Blockbusters instead... Ah, the good old days. ❤️
  • Psycho potato gacha Playz
    Psycho potato gacha Playz 2 weeks ago I’m 11 and I’m born in 2008
  • Harini Natarajan
    Harini Natarajan 2 weeks ago And that’s me
  • gacha is life
    gacha is life 2 weeks ago toyla1234 my d of b is 02/09/2007
  • Samantha Flores B
    Samantha Flores B 2 weeks ago Yo my b-day is July 19, 2008
  • Ema Lojpur
    Ema Lojpur 2 weeks ago 2008 but 11😂😂
  • Samantha Flores B
    Samantha Flores B 3 weeks ago toyla1234 Im ten whyyyyyy
  • Robert Winter
    Robert Winter 3 weeks ago I was born in 2008 lol
  • Felicity Littler
    Felicity Littler 3 weeks ago toyla1234 Lo I was born in 2006
  • Glitter Girl
    Glitter Girl 1 month ago I was born in 2007 and I’m eleven...
  • Computer Nostalgia
    Computer Nostalgia 1 month ago Im older than the original IPhone.
  • Thecuz
    Thecuz 1 month ago toyla1234 now 12 year olds like me😖😖
  • Dizzy Stizzy
    Dizzy Stizzy 1 month ago toyla1234 I’m early 2002 when was u born foo
  • May Zou
    May Zou 1 month ago Im 11
  • ItzFares 2
    ItzFares 2 1 month ago Sike! I was born in 1997 just 10 years before iPhone
  • ItzFares 2
    ItzFares 2 1 month ago Endergamer323 well that escalated quickly
  • Kailey Stolte
    Kailey Stolte 1 month ago Joseph Stalin STALIN! In school I had to listen to a slideshow about Joseph Stalin! (U do realize he killed millions of people...)
  • Joseph Stalin STALIN!
    Joseph Stalin STALIN! 1 month ago I was born in 1993
  • Minty Kaur
    Minty Kaur 1 month ago THATS MEH TOO!! 😂
  • Kailey Stolte
    Kailey Stolte 1 month ago Yup, that’s me!
  • Lps Greek Tube Forever
    Lps Greek Tube Forever 1 month ago Really i born in 2007 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jimboiggs
    Jimboiggs 1 month ago Now you mention it I was born in 2007
  • Kacie Wilson
    Kacie Wilson 1 month ago toyla1234 lol I was born in 2006 😂
  • BenG 27
    BenG 27 1 month ago My year of birth
  • Cool guy Samuel
    Cool guy Samuel 1 month ago Lol. Yeah. I am kind of. But I'm am 11.
  • E Waggener
    E Waggener 1 month ago @Cool guy Samuel are you sure cause it looks like your like 8, (although looks can be deceiving) if you were born in '07 your a bit of a late bloom
  • E Waggener
    E Waggener 1 month ago @mya_elaine I'm a year older than you, but I can bet $100 that your taller than me
  • Sihan Ahmed
    Sihan Ahmed 1 month ago Ha jokes on you i was born in 2006!!!!!
  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 2 months ago toyla1234 eleven year olds can be born in 2007. In my class everyone is eleven and 90% of them were born in 2007
  • Aesxop
    Aesxop 2 months ago toyla1234 that's meee but I'm 12 lmaooooo
  • Isabella Dollery
    Isabella Dollery 2 months ago Well I'm 11 and yeah it's annoying when people say OMG I was born when the original iPhone came out well noone cares Jessica
  • Scarlett_ M00N
    Scarlett_ M00N 2 months ago *12 year olds
  • Anja_ peric1107
    Anja_ peric1107 2 months ago I am born in 2007
  • فاطمه مساعد
    فاطمه مساعد 2 months ago Im 11 yyears old
    BOK BOK CHOI 2 months ago It's the baby bloom in action
  • Jenna Roell
    Jenna Roell 2 months ago That’s me!!!😂😂
  • Yugoslav Solider
    Yugoslav Solider 2 months ago lol
  • Max Eagle Studios
    Max Eagle Studios 2 months ago I am 11
  • KittenLover 247
    KittenLover 247 2 months ago toyla1234 meeeee
  • ali Al bayati
    ali Al bayati 2 months ago @buzzle how
  • ali Al bayati
    ali Al bayati 2 months ago I was born 2005
  • Snowflake 4070
    Snowflake 4070 2 months ago toyla1234 I was born in 2007 lol 🤣🤣
  • •Cher ies•
    •Cher ies• 2 months ago toyla1234 That’s Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😂
  • Abigail Morales
    Abigail Morales 2 months ago Kim Adams lol remember back in the day we would ask for a flip phone and our parents why say FLIP PHONE?!?!? MY ASS GO TO YOUR ROOM😂😂😂 idk if it was the same with you but I’m sure every parent would overreact in a way f we asked for a flip phone
  • Shamimara sumi Ara
    Shamimara sumi Ara 2 months ago toyla1234 meeeeee 🤣😅
  • nur syafeerah
    nur syafeerah 2 months ago Meee but this year 2019 im going to be 12 in august
  • Jitter Boi
    Jitter Boi 2 months ago Me :)
  • Adam Payments
    Adam Payments 2 months ago me
  • Steven Griffiths
    Steven Griffiths 2 months ago @Kornæ _ stop talking
  • Steven Griffiths
    Steven Griffiths 2 months ago @Braxley Brezina Stop talking
  • Ona’s cool Vids
    Ona’s cool Vids 2 months ago Hey I’m 12 and I was born in 2007 so YEAH 😂
  • Kornæ _
    Kornæ _ 2 months ago toyla1234 I was born 2007😂
  • Braxley Brezina
    Braxley Brezina 2 months ago I was born in 2003 😂
  • Steven Griffiths
    Steven Griffiths 2 months ago @Andrea Mabunga you are too young, go buy a vcr
  • Andrea Mabunga
    Andrea Mabunga 2 months ago i was born in 2007 too lmao
  • Steven Griffiths
    Steven Griffiths 2 months ago @Corin X Oh god, you are too young to even be using youtube just yet and I feel super old right now.
  • Corin X
    Corin X 2 months ago toyla1234 I was born in 2006
  • Steven Griffiths
    Steven Griffiths 2 months ago that scares me
  • Leotrim Leotrim
    Leotrim Leotrim 3 months ago I was axcaly born in 2008
  • TC Stuff
    TC Stuff 3 months ago MEEEEEEEEE
  • Boss 777707
    Boss 777707 3 months ago I was born in 2007!
  • doylescordy
    doylescordy 3 months ago (edited) Wow I must be the only one here born in the 20th century
  • Caris
    Caris 3 months ago i was born in 2018 🤪🤪🤠
  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear 3 months ago i was born in 2001 so im 17, turning 18 this year
  • Payton Daniel
    Payton Daniel 3 months ago Mee
  • Olive Guy
    Olive Guy 3 months ago toyla1234 I was born in 2006 Lol
  • Can I get 105 subscribers with no videos?
    Can I get 105 subscribers with no videos? 3 months ago 12 actually 😂😂😂😂
    Alice ENQVIST SAMBEVSKI 3 months ago i was born in 2008 and im 11 my first phone was an iphone 5 then a year later i got an iphone 6
  • Gymnastics_forever
    Gymnastics_forever 3 months ago Hehe
  • Gabriella Warner
    Gabriella Warner 3 months ago Yay I’m 11
    NAVYA VARMA 3 months ago One more comment!!!!
  • Aylexis Otto
    Aylexis Otto 3 months ago Is was lol! That may be why I’m like on my phone 24/7 😂
  • Valor
    Valor 4 months ago I was born in 2007 XDDDD
  • Batool Alhamali
    Batool Alhamali 4 months ago im 11 and your SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nepheleh B.
    Nepheleh B. 4 months ago Thats meee