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MOZA MINI S Essential REVIEW - Is This The BEST BUDGET Foldable Smartphone GIMBAL For UNDER £80

Published on May 15, 2019 165 views

MOZA MINI S Essential REVIEW - The BEST BUDGET Foldable Smart Phone GIMBAL For UNDER £80. This is my full in-depth review of the Gudsen Moza mini S essential smart phone gimbal
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And as always

Double press down = sport mode
Triple press down = inception mode
double press left = roll follow - double press again = turn off roll follow
Trigger double press = re centre
Trigger press one & hold = tilt follow
Trigger double press & hold = all lock
When Phone is connected
centre button = start/stop recording
double press centre button = take photo
single press up = menu
double press up = switch video to photo
long press up (3s) = front/rear camera
right long press (3s) = add point for time-lapse
single right = playback - one again back to camera
double right = time-lapse
double press right = stop time-lapse when on

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  • MINTYK86
    MINTYK86 5 days ago Ones in my basket for Glastonbury 2019 yaasssssssssss!!!!
  • BarbsterFilms
    BarbsterFilms 4 days ago YES MATE!
  • Cathleya Alzona
    Cathleya Alzona 6 days ago Hi, first time would purchase a gimbal and so far the moza mini S is the best I've seen and planning to get it. Was just wondering if the gimbal would automatically or would still balance when switchrd on if i have to avoid the circle thing at the back being seen in the shot? I'm using a samsung 8+ and a note 8. Thanks in advance. :)
  • BarbsterFilms
    BarbsterFilms 6 days ago hi there, to avoid the motor being seen it shot you just have to make sure the phone is in the correct place in the clamp like I showed in the video by sliding the phone in the clamp before turning it on.
  • Ian Middleton : Photography & Travel
    Ian Middleton : Photography & Travel 4 days ago I'm stuck between the mini mi and the mini s. I've watched both your reviews and think the only advantage to the mini mi is the wireless charging. Would you agree?
  • BarbsterFilms
    BarbsterFilms 4 days ago Yeah that's the main difference. I haven't used the Mini Mi since the review to be honest but having the wireless charge was good! I am thinking of doing a comparison video as I think it would be good to see the head to head.
  • Ian Middleton : Photography & Travel
    Ian Middleton : Photography & Travel 4 days ago @BarbsterFilms Great thanks. Would like to see that. I like the mini S because it's foldable and the end of the gimble is set back so there is room for my clip on microphone. And it doesn't get in the way of the charging cable, so then it negates the need for the wireless charger. So all that's left really is to know if there is any advantage to the mini mi performance-wise.